What does the acronym AI signify to you as a Filipino?

All right, all right. American Idol is yesterday’s news. Jessica Sanchez lost. Pinoys still suck, and they’re still stuck with the government they deserve whatever the outcome of the circus, I mean, impeachment trial is. Plus, Manny Pacquiao has a fight coming up in about two (2) weeks, so I don’t think that will be enough time for Pinoys to learn their lesson about false Pinoy pride.

In light of a comment made by the user Impaler Triumphant, I thought about it for a while, then decided that I want to ask you, our readers, what you think the acronym AI signifies for you as a Filipino. So basically, this is a crowdsourcing exercise.

The instructions are simple: When you comment below, kindly include a line in there providing a definition for the acronym AI. Explain as necessary. Our theme is the following: What is the Filipino obsessed about? What should the Filipino be focusing on to improve? What is the Filipino known or infamous for? As a Filipino, what do you take seriously in your life?

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There is no right or wrong answer. It doesn’t matter whether your comment is negative or not. But do remember our guidelines for commenting. And we highly discourage copy-and-paste answers.

Let me start with a few examples to get the ball rolling…

Absolutely Irrelevant – refers to the points Pinoys often bring up in “debates”.

Appearing Intelligent – Pinoys are so obsessed with giving the impression that they know more than they actually do, so they act maboka and madaldal hoping to fool a few people.

Aquino’s Incompetence – Enough said.

Always Inutil – Filipinos have been offered numerous opportunities to dig themselves out of the pothole the country occupies but they let the Pinoy in them consistently make the wrong choices.

Apathetic, Indefinitely – Pinoys “go through the motions” of electing leaders come election time. Whether they ask for a platform or vote by name-recognition is obvious. When things go wrong, they blame it on the politicians, and not themselves for voting them in.

Here’s one out-of-the-box example for you guys:

AI – love, in Mandarin Chinese, or Japanese. Filipinos are obsessed with love songs. We are hopeless romantics and cling to an ideal notion of what love is.

Start getting those creative juices flowing, folks. Props to those who can relate AI to the impeachment trial.

14 Replies to “What does the acronym AI signify to you as a Filipino?”

  1. Absolute Idiocy – We are abundant of information through the advent of the Internet and we’re still idiots.

  2. Advocacy Illusionists -there is a growing number of Filipinos coming up with different advocacies and causes which they think are worth fighting for. However, they are what they really are : Ilusyunado.

  3. Artista Infatuation – demonstrating many Filipinos’ penchant to living vicariously through someone else’s life, often a celebrity whether big or a 5-minutes-of-fame celebrity.

  4. Annoyingly Ignorant.

    Idolizing and/ or electing the likes of Erap, BS Aquino, Kris Aquino, Richard Gomez , FPJ , Willie Reviliame does not speak to our efficient utilization of grey matter.

    The practice of telling everybody else to vote only for our race and ignoring all other candidates and more importantly not learning from other cultures also speaks to that A.I. Also the many instances of double standards we apply to other cultures and not to our own. We saw that double applied to defense and not prosecution with hardly a protest. True lack of critical thinking. Ignorance is truly bliss.



  5. On a completely unrelated note:

    AI – That boring movie that starred that kid from Star Wars: Episode I

    There, I said it. 😡

  6. AI – Artificial Intelligence, based on computer science context. AI could also pertain to manufactured intelligence–an intelligence derived from raw ingredients. “Artificial” could also pertain to ‘false’; like how robots emulate the complex human logical reasoning.

    Taking the context, we can look at Peenoy’s politics as a factory of such artificial facts. The summation of those facts (more or less) make up what we can call the artificial intelligence that Pinoys lap from the country’s oligarch media. Artificial. Emulated. FALSE.

    We all get the drill.

    A little OT: how do you write an article in GRP, FallenAngel? I plan to write about the sorry state of Pinoy love life, now that you mention the Chinese Ai; and remembering the President’s love life and the OPM songs I keep hearing on FM radio all the time.

        1. The comment tickers on the left and the Twitter following portion of this page, home page, and all.

    1. And it was exactly your AI comment back in the other article that inspired this one 🙂

      Answer to OT: please contact webmaster benign0 regarding writer privileges. You will find the how-to in our terms of service above. 🙂

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