Congress destroyed Corona and further damaged fragile Philippine institutions

Kicking a horse when it is down. It’s an idiom for what a person does to his opponent. The Urban Dictionary describes it as when someone breaks up with their girl/boyfriend and continues to bitch about them with their friends weeks later. It’s the same as when someone beats his opponent to a pulp even when the latter had already been trampled to the bone. That was exactly what the prosecution team was doing to Chief Justice Renato Corona during their press conference after the closing arguments of the impeachment trial. It could also be said that this is what most Filipinos want to see them do because the prosecution is comprised of members of the House of Representatives — public servants who represent the Filipino people.

It seems the prosecution were not satisfied with all the violations they committed against Corona’s right to due process and his right to privacy before and during the course of the entire trial so much so that they just had to continue badmouthing him outside the courtroom. It’s as if the prosecution wanted to satisfy the bloodthirsty crowd who couldn’t get enough of the gory stuff inside the arena so they had to bring the fight outside.

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The prosecution’s behaviour in the press conference proved that they wanted to destroy what little dignity Corona had after his humbling experience during his testimony. In their attempts to demonize Corona though, the prosecution team only proved that they were foul-mouthed, ungentlemanly and unsportsmanlike, indeed. Leading the charge was Congressman Rodolfo Fariñas who acted like the leader of a pack of wolves. He got high-fives from his supporters who thought he was “the man” for his use of the word “palusot” in describing Corona’s testimonies.

The prosecution were feeling proud of themselves and didn’t bother hiding the feeling of pleasure derived from the misfortunes that they have bestowed on Corona. A lack of quiet magnanimity spells an indictment of their character. The braggarts and show-offs were too full of themselves and totally oblivious of the fact that contrary to what they think, those who enjoy someone else’s misfortune actually have very low self-esteem. As pointed out before, according to a recent study by scientists in Leiden University, the Netherlands, “when you have low self-esteem, you will do almost anything to feel better, and when you’re confronted with the misfortune of others, you’ll feel schandenfreude.”

The English word for schandenfreude is gloating and it means “to observe or think about something with triumphant and often malicious satisfaction, gratification, or delight”.

One can be forgiven for thinking that the rest of the prosecution team must have low self-esteem because it seems like they feel a strong sense of schandenfreude or pleasure at seeing Corona and his family suffer.

I can understand why prosecution members are boasting about getting the result they wanted. From Day One of the trial they have been outclassed by the defense team and been berated by some of the more rational Senator Judges for their incompetence and defiance of the court rules in the last five months. It is quite unfortunate that the majority of the Senators apply excessive “liberality” to regarding the prosecution’s violations even when the proceedings have become a joke.

The defense team and Corona’s mistake was in trusting that the prosecution and the impeachment court would eventually realise that they had to do the right thing and grant Corona due process. The defense didn’t realise that they were dealing with a bunch of lawbreakers not lawmakers. For the prosecutors never planned on upholding the law from the very beginning. They had a single purpose and that was to get rid of Corona by all means even to the extent of betraying the Constitution.

In retrospect, it seems that the prosecution just wanted to humiliate Corona in front of the public when they compelled him to testify against himself. Once at the witness stand however, the prosecution wasn’t even interested in clarifying any of the allegations they forwarded to the court. They didn’t want to give Corona an opportunity to clear his name because they wanted the public to continue thinking that he stole money. It was too late when defense lawyer Dennis Manalo finally highlighted this during his closing arguments. It was futile to ask the prosecution to explain why they didn’t ask Corona all the questions they needed to ask while he was on the witness stand. By then, the public couldn’t have cared less about what Corona had to say anyway. They already wanted to crucify him.

If anyone ever thought that the Philippines is already run like hell, they haven’t seen the consequence of all the branches of government bowing down to the executive branch yet. Yes, the mighty members of Congress are patting themselves on the back for a job well done and thinking about putting their feet up now that the destruction of our institutions’ system of checks and balances is complete. They just want to land one last punch on Corona’s face before going back to their “House”.

118 Replies to “Congress destroyed Corona and further damaged fragile Philippine institutions”

  1. Well, Ilda, there’s not much I can say anymore. You spelled it out so well. The verdict today is predictable: Innocent but GUILTY. If there is something that I may add, the impeachment court headed by JPE is as much to blame for the behaviour of the prosecutors, it tolerated their lack of respect for the rule of law. I DREAD THIS DAY.

    1. Im so happy about what the president is doing for our country, upholding his agenda to remove corruption in our country. It started with Merci, the Arroyos and now Corona. Now justice is served.

      1. Now that “justice” has been served, so to speak, the President should roll up his sleeves and start working by lessening unemployment, providing job security to workers, bringing down prices of oil,basic commodities and electricity, putting up a decent healthcare program so that ordinary Filipinos can afford hospitalization at optimum medical service, bring down the taxes of the working class, solving criminality and a hell of other problems that I, a Filipino taxpayer from the working class, am worrying and suffering right now! Noynoy has no excuses left as to why he cannot fulfill his campaign promises!

        1. The problem that Gloria and left when her term was over was very large so it will take time.

        2. ^ But are you sure that Corona’s conviction will make this country progress? Or something that BS aquino said to you?

        3. it will. The confidence of businessmen will return, and knowing Gloria will be jailed.

        4. Meh, we all know that the 20 senators were paid by the Bald dictator.

          Seriously? Impeached by an UNIMPEACHABLE OFFENSE?

          SENATORS, Y U NO USE LOGIC????

        5. Then why is he convicted when its an unimpeachable offense? And they are not paid but they were just saying what the public wants to know and thats the truth.

        6. There you go again with you epic fail delusion. If this country will never progress after that impeachment brouhaha and GMA torture then consider yourself as one of the reason why this country is still in deep hellhole. Corona, GMA and us are not the ones actually destroying this country. You are and the rest of the malicious and vindictive failipinos.

        7. @ fishball

          Noynoy is 1/3 into his term. He should have already laid the groundwork of his campaign promises- and I am not just talking about his going after his political enemies- in the first two years of office. He claimed to have already known about the problems our country is facing back in 2010, he had a so-called platform during the campaign period and in fact, presented himself as the “Messiah” that will save the Philippines. So using the lame excuse that GMA-left-so-many-problems-during-her-administration-and-I-have-my-hands-full-in-solving-it is NOT acceptable.

      1. @JCC

        Looks like you are gloating. Careful, careful. Remember what the article said:

        “As pointed out before, according to a recent study by scientists in Leiden University, the Netherlands, “when you have low self-esteem, you will do almost anything to feel better, and when you’re confronted with the misfortune of others, you’ll feel schandenfreude.”

        The English word for schandenfreude is gloating and it means “to observe or think about something with triumphant and often malicious satisfaction, gratification, or delight”.

        1. not actually ilda… i simply see myself as better equipped on how to do political analysis. i alo see myself as better equipped to weigh into the process of impeachment, and that truth is not about obscuring it with technicalities… i see myself as echoing that ‘folk wisdom’ you would want strip of them and give it to lawyers whom you have ‘ennobled.’ in short, park your blog somewhere, you are becoming irrelevant. forgive me if have to be ascerbic sometime. peace. 🙂

        2. A lawyer who does not want to uphold the rule of law. No wonder you were disbarred.

          Manong JCC, I hate to say this but in a few years from now, the Philippines will still be the same if not worst off because of CJ’s conviction by the Kangaroo Court. Unfortunately,your lack of foresight is blocking you from seeing that far into the future.


        3. @ilda, hehehe…. ayan ka naman, opening your mouth without checking your facts… go to supreme court website, look for the roll of attorneys and you can stillsee my name there… 🙂


          i am glad that broad-minded people like you cannot even predict the guilty verdict.. 🙂

        4. Actually, Mr jcc, you had highlighted an even bigger tragedy — that a licensed attorney such as yourself actually thinks the way you do. I look at Tupas and then at you, and suddenly everything makes sense. 😀

        5. @JCC

          My bad. You were only suspended by no less than the Supreme Court for misconduct. No wonder you hate the members of the SC. Tsk tsk tsk.

          You should be disbarred for not upholding the rule of law.

          BTW, you are gloating too much. You could be suffering from low self-esteem. Read the article 😉

        6. read my comment again jcc. I did not say anything about the verdict being unclear before yesterday.

          What I was implying was that not everything is solely about winning or losing.

          And if your idea of folk wisdom involves things other than the rule of law and facts and evidence, meaning kuro-kuro, haka-haka, hearsay, gut feel, or native emotion, than I’m glad I don’t have that folk wisdom. 😛

        7. @ilda, et. al;

          you have not done your research far enough. i was suspended from the practice of law for one year without giving me “due process of law” which you flaunted so much about. i was in america already and the SC and the IBP made a ruling behind my back without informing me of those rulings. they come up with a ridiculous finding/recommendation that i have breached my oath of office and the vicious SC took it hook line and sinker without my contrary input. you can say i was ‘railroaded’ to the gallows. now your bleeding hearts cry for cj corona who was given the opportunity to hire topnoth lawyers to defend himself and the jurist himself appeared to explain his side twice at the ic. i was never given that opportunity.

          i filed two motions after i came much later that they had already suspended from the practice of law and the SC was too lazy even to read my two motions. i was a victim of injustice and yet you would not want me to fight for my case because i was nobody – but you were indignant because cj corona was denied of his ‘right to due process.’ oh please!

          benign0; at least tupas and me were able to predict what was coming to corona… while you were ‘lawyering’ for his acuittal and consider him a victim of a kangaroo senate court…

          you love the Supreme Court so much whose members deliberate in their secretive hall and you would defame the findings of the impeachment court whose proceedings were open and in full view of the public and consider it malicious because ordinary people weighed into the process and that the senators do not have the legal thinking prowess of the lawyers who alone must weigh into the process. you have ennobled so much the lawyers and would deprive ordinary folks of their wisdom -ordinary folks who fought the trenches so the bigshots like you can live in freedom. no sir — i am a common man and i see their views as valid as the views of those who perched in the ivory towers you want ennobled because they studied the law.

          and you have forgotten the caveat of thomas jefferson – they can also pervert the law!

        8. Lol! @jcc so you think being able to “predict” the outcome of a trial is the whole point of
          all this writing? Kawawa ka naman. 😀

        9. @JCC

          Whaaaatever! The bottom line is, you have an axe to grind. You already damned all the members of the Supreme Court including Corona because of your suspension. Corona wasn’t even the CJ then. Gees.

          You’ve got a nerve calling us bias when you are the one who is. There are two sides to every coin. You simply can’t tell the whole world that your suspension was unfair and expect everyone to believe you. And since you claim to be a victim of abuse of power by SC, then you should actually become an advocate of due process. You are doing the opposite instead. I find that really odd.

        10. So apparently, jcc hasn’t “moved on”, and he wants to see the Supreme Court burn just because of his little personal grudge. Petty.

        11. it just happened that i believe the SC is corrupt, before and now… under makasiar, fernando, ruiz castro, fernan, narvasa, davide, puno, and corona.

          none of you i think have dealt with the supreme court up close and personal, and therefore you were looking at the judiciary from an ideal prism, or perphaps you view the court from the literature you read from your high school political science textbook, full fiction and short on realities. hehehe.. 🙂

          hehehe…. to say that vizconde should not talk about rapists and criminals because he has an axe to grind against rapists and criminals only shows how petty you are. 🙂

        12. @JCC

          There you go again with your assumptions. When did we say that the judiciary is not corrupt? But just because one thinks it is corrupt it doesn’t mean one can throw the rule book out of the window. You can’t even see that upholding the law is what makes America work. Nakatira ka pa naman dyan.

          Mr Visconde has nothing to do with our discussion. Your logic fails again.

        13. @ilda,

          if you admit that the SC is corrupt, then you admit the possibility that it can issue a convoluted decision, as in my case. i was a victim of injustice, and therefore that makes me more competent to talk about injustices committed by those who are supposed to uphold the law. like vizconde who is very much competent to rage against the rapists and the criminals because he personally experienced the full naked measure of those evils.

          what was your interaction with the sc that makes you competent to talk about ‘due process’ and ‘rule of law, vis-a-vis, the litigants they processed in their majestic chambers? NADA! I have done it many times. I am talking from experience while you talk out of thin air.

          but as inasmuch as you recognize that the sc could be corrupt, welcome to the club. at least now you admit that the SC after all is not infallible. and here is kahlil gibran for you.

          No one hears the cypress saying
          “This act is versus law and right.”
          Like the snow, our Human Justice
          Melts from shame in warm sunlight!

        14. @JCC

          When did I say that the SC is corrupt? Please be specific. The problem with you is that just because you experienced what you perceived to be an unfair act, you already condemn every member of the SC. You are not being objective. Their decision might not have been favorable to you but that doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything right. It seems like you just want to get rid of the entire justice system altogether because you will always see them as corrupt no matter who sits as CJ.

          You are not the only lawyer in the Philippines. There are those who still believe in the system and would like to make it work. The only way it can work is if everyone followed the rules of the court.

        15. Allow me to break down that failure of logic from JCC.

          Mr. Vizconde talks against rapists and murderers because they have no duty and authority to rape and murder. On the other hand, JCC talks against the Supreme Court even though the SC has the duty and authority to judge and then suspend lawyers they deemed to have erred, such as JCC.

          Think of it this way, JCC: in the Senate Impeachment Court, the Senator-Judges have the duty and authority to judge and then unseat public officials they deemed to have erred, such as Corona.

  2. Its the beginning of the end for the republic we are witnessing is the birth of an empire headed by the current president.

      1. Hehe, the country is still going down if PNoy isn’t doing his job, unlike GMA.

        So sino ang sumira sa Pilpinas? E di IKAW. And your fellow Yellow zombies.

      2. Why is everything Gloria Arroyo’s fault? Do you seriously believe and drink the yellow kool-aid PNOY gives you?

        You should try to at least give credit where credit is due. The 10 years of her term may not be perfect nor clean, but we were spared by the economic crisis the rest of the world is experiencing. This is because of her economic policies, which your beloved PNOY IS MERELY CONTINUING. Heck, he even discontinued some of the relevant projects that President Arroyo had left for him to continue for his own good.

        What’s happened to your beloved PNOY’s PPE? Dead in the water. Additional jobs and other milestones, dreadfully padded and exaggerated. Even the gains that we are now experiencing because of the measures taken during GMA’s term, they take it as if they worked hard for it.

        This event is his only milestone….and a poor excuse of a milestone at that…compared to Arroyo’s many milestones…which people hardly appreciate because we only highlight the negative.

        1. @Ismelina
          There is no use reasoning with this yellow idiot. He is too sick with too much yellow in his sick little mind.

        2. Actually, Fishball is almost like the people who blamed Gloria Arroyo for everything; those who have squatter mentality. Those idiots believe that if someone is ‘corrupt’ will be put to jail will lead to progress. That mindset also happened during Cory’s rule, vehemently blaming Marcos all the time. Just look at what happened: rampant corruption, coups, you name it.

          Oh yeah, I wanna ask idiots like Fishball this: is there any constant brownouts during GMA’s time? I bet he would say yes. 😀

        3. We’ll wait and see what happens next but I believe that in the end…

          It wont END well for PNoy and his KKKK

        1. Step 2, rehabiitation of corrupted minds by painstakingly teaching them to unlearn distorted thinking that oftentimes fails the test of logic and common sense.

  3. Ipagsigawan bang magnanakaw si Corona with matching halakhak? Yan ang prosekusyon.. bunganga ang pinaiiral.. wala pang galang sa konstitusyon. Kung makapanghusga, parang convicted na kagad si Corona kahit hindi pa nadedesisyunan ng Senado. Utouto nalang ang maniwala dyan. Pero sa tingin ko MAS UTO UTO ang media na biased – gustong patalsikin ang CJ. Kapag na convict si Corona, ewan ko nalang.

      1. Yes the CJ has been convicted. Can you now stop with the Gloria thing. GET OVER IT and start doing what is NECESSARY to help our country move forward. I’m sure this will be the center of noynoy’ws sona-disgusting!

      2. Meh, hindi mo nga mai-explain ang 7.6% GDP increase in her admin as opposed to 3.4% during PNoy. Ano’ng klaseng logic iyan?

        IKAW ang sumisira sa Pilipinas because what you prefer is a CAHOTIC and MEDIOCRE life. 😛

  4. The verdict – on the senators

    Pia Cay. – running on empty. Tries to be vogue on the outside, but is vague on the inside

    Lapid – took a vow of silence instead of an oath of allegiance

    Drilon – hypocricy personified. No integrity, and no doubt the turncoat already brown nosing president elect Binay.

    Santiago – love her or hate her the woman has passion, intellect and independence. Her decision will be the right one

    Revilla – without someone giving him a script he is just an extra

    Alan Cay. – turns a simple question into a confusing monologue

    Legarda – ‘just for clarification’ i postulate the she understood nothing and contributed even less

    Estrada – nearly as narcissistic as his father

    Vic sotto – good job batman

    Enrile – 1st half very good – 2nd half seemed like mr hyde appeared.

    Escudero – good questions. Has potential but also an achilles heel

    Trillanes – a soldier! Did he ever fight in battle, or just dress up.

    Lacson – likes to lead by bringing up the rear!

    Angara – just wants to hand over the family business to his son

    Pimentel – impossible to take seriously. Little boy lost.

    Guingona – not exactly the sharpest tool in the box.

    Pangilinan – Must be a masochist the way he kept getting slapped down by cuevas.

    Osmena – who? – instantly forgettable

    Arroyo – an old warhorse but needs to be put out to pasture soon, or out of his misery. The joker has lost his smile

    Marcos – at least not as objectionable as the rest of his family.

    Honasan – a follower, not a leader

    Recto – just makes up the numbers. an empty vessel

    Villar – the man with no neck kept his head down. what does he know about corruption!.

    are these the best of the best! paragons of virtue who put country and honor before self-interest.

    they are the guilty ones of ruining a once prosperous country. shame on all their houses – declared and undeclared

      1. It was shining day for ‘good government.’ The nation is grateful to the Senate which rendered a guilty verdict for Chief Justice Corona. He has a lot of explaining to do to his ‘apo.’ I hope he explains it right this time.

        GRP, s always on the wrong side of history. They want Villar for President, GMA a heroine and Corona as CJ.

        1. “History is written by the victor. History is full of LIARS. All you need in order to change the world is one good lie and a river of BLOOD.”

          Well, GRP says this: the ultimate loser here is Da Pinoy.

        2. sorry but I’m only grateful that it is finished. polticians are polticians. and personally, I don’t expect too much on them.

        3. @JCC

          They want Villar for President, GMA a heroine and Corona as CJ.

          You are too funny. Proof, please. 😉

        4. @JCC

          We were right about PNoy and we are right about upholding the rule of law.

          Sorry to say that railroading or ignoring individual rights will not become official thanks to the Senators who made it possible.

        5. JCC,

          Of course, narrow-minded Pinoys like you think only in terms of winning or losing. “Di pwede malamangan.”

          OK fine. Even if the outcome was acquittal, the Filipino citizen would have still lost. And we have a lot of explaining to do to our apos on why we would circumvent the law just to put away a man we “feel” is guilty.

  5. I CALL IT HUBRIS…what this government thru its prosecution team from the house of representatives has displayed pure unadulterated HUBRIS…in the UGLIEST sense of the word.

  6. ACQUITTAL FOR CJ CORONA…yun ang tama, pero unfortunately hindi tayo kasama sa botohan…baket ganun? akala ko ba para sa taong bayan…ano na?!?!?!

    1. Sabi nga ng mga senadaor who did not base their verdict using their own brains, it’s is democratic to convict the CJ as it is the call of the people. pffft!

  7. I found Lito Lapid’s statement to be really unnecessary and stupid. He just showed why he isn’t fit to be a senator. That said, I believe Corona is not guilty.

  8. Impeachment trial – the verdict

    The yellow carpet event was graced by wannabes – notably, roy orbison impressionist chavit singson, and needle pusher to child stars vicki belo.

    The fireworks were provided, unsurprisingly, by miriam santiago, who put a rocket up the well padded posteriors of all and sundry, and then stood back to watch the explosion.

    A class act and a brilliant speech before she leaves for pastures anew. The only true judge in the room. Bon voyage.

    Others were predictably boring and hypocritical, with alan cayetano, also unsurprisingly, making the most cringe-worthy election campaign speech.

    As they party afterwards at the p-noy funded events they will no doubt congratulate themselves on their service to the country, and be quick to hide payoffs in anything but dollar accounts. Delusion and hypocricy is a necessity in philippine politics, together with no understanding of the law.

    What next
    Cojuangcos seek an SC reversal of hacienda luisita decision.
    KKK can continue their unbridled theft and corruption.
    The left take another step towards autocracy.
    40% still sleep on empty stomachs.
    25% still dream of jobs.
    Foreign investors boycott philippines for its continued oligarch policies.
    Foreign governments condemn the continued human rights violations.
    P-noy fails to achieve even 1 of his 102 campaign promises.
    Binay keeps a low profile – not presidential material, but then that is the whole problem – nobody is, as they pass the country’s ATM pin number from one inbred family to another.

    no passion, policies, or political ideologies, just endless parties – preferably with drink and young girls.

    In short – the decline continues.

    1. On the bright side, more and more people will soon get angry at the government’s inaction to fix the country’s problems even after corona is convicted.

      1. I don’t know if that would be true (but I still hope that it would), with the Filipinos penchant for trivializing matter of little importance, I really wouldn’t bet my life-savings on it.

  9. P-noy – ‘this makes up for jessica sanchez losing american idol, and shows that we are world class when it comes to corruption’

  10. Enrile – shouting does not make your erroneous interpretations any more legally acceptable.
    Harvard alumni are appalled that 3rd world people are given a chance to learn and then ride roughshod over basic legal principles.
    P.s. Give my regards to your senator son jack. That should cover your pension.
    Once corrupt, always corrupt – a leopard does not change its spots.
    A sad day for enrile and the country.

  11. ang nasikasihan paggagawad ng hustisya ngayong araw ay nagpapakita na ang demokrasya ay maniba na, ilang panahon nalang ay matitikaman na ng mga mamamayang pilipino ang paghinog nito.

    the real rule of law prevailed and justice been served.

    1. Hindi pa rin. Cory claimed it but things grew worse.

      Don’t tell me that the ‘real’ rule of law is the RULE OF YELLOW, isn’t it?

      Oh yeah, Corona will still be investigated since there are many loopholes in the verdict, if you know what I mean.

      1. rule of yellow? nah… senators of different colors who voted for the removal explained their vote very well.

        yes, the impeached chief justice will still be investigated, and criminal cases will be filed, if you know what i mean.

        ‘wag masyadong bitter katsu 🙂

        1. Not being bitter, but being realistic. The question is, “What’s next?” Worse things will come, if you know what I mean.

          ENJOY HELL. 😀

        2. They did artcilate their reasons but utimately the decision is a poltical one. Whether you admit it or not.

        3. “what’s next?”…. mag ipon ng batong halos bilog na bala sa tirador, mag hasa ng itak, at patulisin ang mga sibat… parating na ang mga tsekwa, kaya’t sa ayaw at gusto nyo, tayo’y mapapalaban sa dimaan. wag mag alala sa mga armas nila,… sigurado ako hindi aabot sa pilipinas ang rocket nila dahil

          MADE IN CHINA!


          thats good, be realistic, wag maging plastic!

        4. @bujad: Ikaw nga ang plastic, hindi realistic.

          The worst is yet to come, believe me.

    2. Tama, demokrasya sa oligarkiya, sa mayayaman at nasa kapangyarihan. Pero sa mga maliliit na Pilipinong kagaya ko, mananatili itong isang pangarap lamang. Akala ko nakamit na natin ang demokrasyang sinasabi mo nung mawala si Apo, pero bakit parang lalong naging masama ang sitwasyon. Ang demokrasyang sinasabi mo ay makakamit lamang ng isang pangkaraniwang Pilipino kung siya ay nasa ibang bansa na permanenteng naninirahan o nasa hukay na. Buti pa rito sa Saudi, kahit hindi demokratiko ang pamamahala dito, mas mayaman pa rin sila kesa sa atin. At nanggigitata din sa korapsyon dito.

      1. ‘wag namang masyadong deperado kaibigan, kung di mo man nararamdaman ang demokrasyang sistema sa ating bansa ay umasa ka na ito’y darating din, di man sa panahon natin, sa darating pang mga henerasyon.

        ang kabulukang sistema at maling paniniwala sa demokrasya na nag-ugat pa noong nawala sa kolonyal ng kastila at amerikano ang siyang pumipigil sa pagtayo at pagusad ng ating bansa.

        at maging hanggang sa ngayon, dahil sa dami ng mga magagaling at nagagalinggalinang, may pangsariling layunin lamang, na siyang dapat na naninilbihan sa pamahalaan, ay pangungurakot at pag abuso lang ng kapangyarihan ang ginagawa, kaya’t heto, hirap pa din si juan at pedro…

        ang kaganapan sa senado bilang impeachment court ngayong araw ay maaring maging hudyat ng pag papatibay ng hedikatura at at ng iba pang ahensya ng pamahalaan na naatangan ng pagpapatupad ng batas upang itaguyod ng mga ito ang tunay at pantaypantay na pagpapairal ng batas.

        ang kaharian ng saudi arabia ay hindi naghihirap gaya ng pilipnas dahil sagana sila sa itim na ginto, kung saan ay sa kanila nanggagaling ang ikatlong hati pangangailan ng langis ng buong mundo. kaya’t maging talamak man ang kurapsyon jan ay di gaanong mararamdaman ng mga mamamayan.
        ang kaharian ay nag bibigay ng ayuda sa mg mamamayan nilang walang trabaho na nagkakahalaga ng 20,000.00 pesos bawat ulo buwan buwan, galing po ito sa pinaglakuhan nila ng langis. ang turing nila sa kanilang lahi ay mas angat sa mga tagaibang bansa tulad mo kaibigan, kaya’t may agwat ang sahod ng katutubong arabo at ng isang pilipino na may pareho silang kategorya ng trabaho. ang mga imported na kalakal jan ay walang buwis kayat mura ang mga bilihin jan, walang buwis dahil kayang may sariling pinagkukunan ang kaharian jan ng kanilang pondo, ang itim na ginto.

        ngunit pansinin mo, sila ay takot sa mga taga kanluran.

        samantalang ang pilipinas, sagana man sa yamang kalikasan ay mas namuhunan sa yaman tao, na kung saan, tulad mo ofw, ang siyang nagpapaikot ng ekonomiya ng bansa… at ang mga naiwang magagaling na namumuno sa bansa ay walang inatupag kung di ang magpakasasa sa yamang ipinapasok nyo, ni hindi nag iisip nang alternatibo pagkakakitaan ng bansa, pagpapakinabang sa sariling likas na kayamanan. kung meron man makaisip ng isang pang matagalang proyekto, ang susunod na administrasyon ay ititigil ito, kasi ang isip ng pumalit, ay mas magaling sila… mantaking mo simula ng umalis si marcos ay wala pang naipapatayong ospital ang mga pumalit na namuno sa pilipinas, walang naitayong gusaling paaralan, walang naipundar na sariling armas para sa siguridad, walang prudoktong sinoportahan para matawag na sariling gawang pinoy, walang pagaaral upang paunlarin ang sakahan at palaisdaan, walang plano para sa food security gayong walang tigil ang pag lago ng papolasyon… marami pang iba kaibigan.

        nawa’y ang sinimulang palilinis ng hedikatura ng pilipinas ay mag tuloytuloy na at bumalik ang desiplina at respeto ng bawat isa.

        nga pala kaibigan, pasalamat ka at ang mga katutubo jan ay tamad at tanga, kung hindi kabilang ka sa milyong pilipinong wala matatag na trabaho, sa sarili niyang bansa.


        1. Still missing the point. The fact is you prefer mediocrity than progress and you’re just here to TROLL and not come up with intelligent arguments.

          TBH, we still have no idea what democracy is. You’re telling me that THIS is democracy? We will never have true democracy if we will just resort to mob rule; I say this because thanks to Cory, we treat democracy as a spectator sport. It seems you like the decision of the senator-judges on bringing the guilty verdict because you love it that way. And it’s not good. Democracy my arse. 🙂

          Cool story on blaming America and Spain for the problems of our country. In fact, it was the Spaniards who brought brought the Catholic religion, embrace it as the national religion but still find ways to screw its concepts up. Still, the Americans are still one of the countries with a good economy where its citizens with their own ethic and ideas can find their own opportunities to fulfill their personal dreams.

          Marami sana tayong mga resources pero palpak ang logistics, leading up to mismanagement. Why there are OFWs? Lack of opportunities here. If we allow foreign investors here, then many Filipinos will have jobs and we can be competitive like other nations. Blame the crappy economic policies that the 1987 Constitution grants.

          Cory has cancelled all of Marcos; projects. PNoy does the same thing when he cancelled almost all of Arroyo’s projects. And when he accomplished something, he takes all the credit even though it was an Arroyo project.

          “nawa’y ang sinimulang palilinis ng hedikatura ng pilipinas ay mag tuloytuloy na at bumalik ang desiplina at respeto ng bawat isa.”

          So what you are trying to say is to let the executive (including the president) control all branches of the government. What you actually wanted is to make this country into a gulag, were all people will be tried with charges of corruption without any concrete evidence and use their ‘feelings’ as a drive, just like what happened to Corona. Hindi iyon paglilinis sa hudikatura; iyon ay isang paglilinlang sa bawat isa at pag-uudyok sa lahat na ang disiplina ay ang paglabag mismo sa batas para makuha natin ang sinasabi na hustisya. Hindi naman ata tama iyon. Parang gusto mong magsunog ng sarili mong bahay para hulihin ang daga. Disrespect is the new respect. Kahit nga ang mga utak-squatter ay ayaw ng disiplina at respeto ng bawat isa; they will all just resort to ‘Mahirap lang kami.’

          Not being bitter. But playing the victim card is much more worse than being bitter. And if something bad happens after this so-called ‘triumph’ which you and your fellow mobsters call it, just don’t bite your tongue when you try to laugh and choke back those tears.

        2. katsuuuuuu…

          your just afraid of the changes that the impeachment process will bring, a strong judiciary, professionalized law enforces and the like, which in a way will help remind us that there is a law, rules for us to follow, specially those who are serving in the government and somehow uplift the life of the majority… ika nga, don’t be like a stone, for you’ll sink to the bone.. time they are changin.

          masama lang ang loob mo kasi ang napipintong pagbabago tungo sa kagandahan ng buhay ay di ayon sa paniniwala mo. pagbago ng sistema na inihahalintulad mo ng magiging ang pilipinas kung ito ay gagayahin… gagayahin…. gagayahin…. ano ulit un… gagayahin… sa ibang bansang mauunlad.

          eh bakit hindi ang sistema ng intsik na komonismo, maunlad din ang bansang tsina… o di kaya imperialismo… maunlad din ang bansang hapon… o di kaya manarkismo.. tulad ng bansa saudi arabia… at marami pang iba.

          because your mind is set to believed that the only way the philippines will rise from poverty is to change the system of government… change the system of government? and run by the same traditional politicians? i dont think so…

          the current system is not effective simply because there is no respect and discipline … respect and discipline of people working in the government, thus unprofessional. and in return, most of the people have no respect on the government…

          abuso na katsu ang mga nasa gobyerno… no not the president. let start fron the barangay level… tanod, barangay official, municipality/city officials up to the mayors… from the rank and file of police/military personnel to its commission officers, government agencies and departments, education, health… ano pa.. lahat ng isipin mong nakapailalim sa payong ng gobyerno ay may talamak na sakit ng lipunan…

          kaya’t kahit ano mang sistema ang ipalit natin kung di natin gagamutin ang ang kanser ng lipunan ay wala din tayong patutunguhan.

          am not against your wish, i also long for the betterment of our tomorrow but changing the system of government for me will take much of my time, di ko na aabutin, sabagay para sa mga anak ko nalang ay pwede din, kaya mas naging pabor ako sa paglilitis na naganap thou you call it a mob rule of law… mob rule of law… why not, right. the law of the land is being abused by those who are in power or those who are simply employed in the government… a businessman bribing a politician para makopong nya ang negosyo sa isang komunidad… a politician who take 25% of on government project for the boys… a traffic enforcer who hide behind an electric post para may huli at may makotongan… a business inspector who will clear a business applicant if the price is right, an airport police who will let an illegally recruited pilipino or a drug mule pass by him without checking his/her papers for how much… 30,000.00 php… a police drug enforcer an nag bebenta ng kalakal nila… bakit nagkakaron ng tiange ng droga… wag mong sabihing walang nakakaalam nya kung di mga durugista… dami pa…

          ang akin katsu, mob rule man ang nangyari noong mga nakaraang apat mahigit na buwan, may magandang kinahinatnan naman… tama na ang paggamit sa kapangyarihan para sa sariling kapakanan.

        3. @bujad: Like I said, please choke back on your tears if I am right all along.

          Stronger judiciary, my a$$. I must remind you that a PNoy-appointed CJ will have a conflict of interest since Carpio and Serreno are Aquino allies. Even though Corona will be removed, it will never lead to change on having a strong judiciary if citizens can never follow simple guidelines. So what’s the difference? I’m sure you’ll be happy that innocent people will be killed if the Hacienda Luisita case will be reversed in favor of the Cojuangco clan. Also, the inability on disclosing his SALN is not an impeachable offense but those senators made it one in order to save their arses from the angry mob. In other words, it’s all politics.

          You’re totally wrong on China; they’re only a Communist country in name but they were one of the rising economies in the world today. They opened their economy, letting foreign investors in, and they became one of the leading countries when it comes to the industrial part. And that is because
          of Deng Xiaoping’s economic policies. And they saw Singapore as a model for progress. You’re also totally wrong on Japan; they’re government is more like a constitutionial monarchy with a parliamentary form yet there is no culture of mediocrity in them unlike Da Pinas and they are an economic superpower in Asia. And you’re also totally wrong on Saudi Arabia; even they have oil as a resource, they have good relations with the U.S. and I don’t see them supporting Islamic terrorists or any anti-Israeli sentiment (yes, Israel is a prominent country with the U.S. as a big supporter; telling me that we should join the Arabs on ‘destroying the Jews’). So I don’t see what you’re talking about.

          On changing the form of government, why not? I think that a parliamentary form will suit well because it can prevent airhead, incompetent politicians. They only select the BEST and not who is popular and such. Now tell me: why the hell an incompetent arse like Noynoy was put into office by 15 million idiots?

          It’s ineffective because most Filipinos have the kind of dysfunctional way of thinking. Not only many Filipinos have no displine and respect, but they hate both. Worse, they hate critical thinking smart people. Most of them have no respect for the government because they treat democracy as a spectator sport. Oh, don’t get me on that stupid ‘culture of entitlement’ crap. It sucks. Sa akin, culture change starts first then government change.

          Abusado nga ang nasa gobyerno ngayon, e bakit sina Corona at GMA ang nakataga sa papel mo na parang sila ang puno’t dulo ng korapsyon? Corruption starts on the bottom, not on the top. Parang ginagawa mong tanga ang sarili mo. The Filipino Dysfunctional Culture is the root of the problem in our society, not corruption.

          Still missing the point; at least Bongbong has a very reasonable point on his vote: the senators should vote w/o any fear or favor. Unfortunately, the senators are voting with favor instead of reasonable judgment. That’s Filipino intetellect, I tell you: masa-level. The mentality of a mob rule is in that level. And saying ‘Why not?’ is just plain crazy. So you’re ok that PNoy will break any rule to get what he wants in the name of anti-corruption and you’re ok on how he bribed the Congress on Corona’s impeachment, which it was a success thanks to the senators on voting the guilty verdict. So wala pa ring mangyayari if we still focus on one or many people than seeing the big picture: our dysfunctional culture.

          It seems that you have good points, but what I’m saying of a mob rule is like this: “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes CHAOS. I’m an agent of CHAOS. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos, it’s FAIR.” That is what is happening and you have the balls saying that ‘may naidudulot naman din’? At sa tignin mo sina Noynoy hindi ginagamit ang kapangyarihan sa sariling kapakanan? THAT is what he is doing nowadays. No wonder why we are Asia’s basketcase. Your comments are full of trolling since you’re playing the victim card. We will never move forward if most Filipinos will play victims.

        4. “…to save their arses from the angry mob.” — from the angry mob!!! and you think that the mob will just let the president and/or his family use their political power to reverse the supreme court decision in their favor…? no can be katsu, believe my friend, you have not yet seen the worst of the rule of the real mob 🙂

          parliamentary…. ok…, now who will be the best among the best or rather, who will select the best?

          filipino dysfunctional culture — the root problem, right? and as per your intelligent reasoning, it can be solve by….?

          and i also like to hear your friend domo’s reasoning, ok…

        5. @bujad: You’re also totally wrong on that. “People Power” (which is actually a mob) have put Cory Aquino into office. They worship the Aquinos as demigods so Noynoy’s move on reclaiming the Hacienda is a-ok for them since they’re gullible fools who believe that the Aquinos are clean. One Yellow Zombie retorted: “Hindi magagawa ni Cory iyan!” when she was asked about the infamous Hacienda Luisita massacre 6 years ago. So what do you expect?

          Honestly speaking, the votes are on the corresponding party. I believe that Gordon will be a great PM if that is to happen because of his credentials and experience. The best thing about that form of government is we will never see the likes of Cayetano, Estrada, Trillanes and even Lapid in office. No cool faces and artistas this time around.

          Oh yeah, years full of mediocrity began when Marcos left. In any case, Mahathir’s example should be followed.

      2. Well Daido the moronic bujad wants to break rules only to destroy his enemy like a bloodthirsty murderer and to make himself feel better. But like I said before:
        “You are remembered for the rules you break. Not the rules you follow.”
        -Gen. Douglas MacArthur
        It’ll be him, the yellow nazi zombies and other irresponsible moronic flips’ fault if this country becomes as worst as somalia. Since they’re clueless on what we are talking about to them, I hope they’ll suffer the consequences of their mob rule they support and weep with despair like a baby.

      3. am not referring to the yellow mob 🙂

        di ka naman siguro kamaganak o kapartido ni gordon…. anyway, i also believe that gordon will be a good leader with an iron hand.

        expound and impart your vision not only here in grp page, less insults and arguments will help solve dysfunctional culture.

        good luck katsu… kita kita tayo sa finals! 🙂

        1. Like I said, “If someone will educated Filipinos, then someone will take it as an insult to their intelligence.”

          Ang hirap sa maraming Pilipino is that instead that they want to change, they want to remain in the status quo. Even those who are blinded by the media also joined the Yellow mob thanks to their demonization against Arroyo and Corona, if you know what I mean. 😀

          And please stop being so EMO. 😛

  12. He may have lost the battle, but not the war.

    Before the administration diverts to other issues, i hope the people won’t forget what they have asked for: transparency from our public servants. They have said it so, “Convict Corona and the others after this.” But we can expect the government to cherry pick who is “corrupt” and who is not.

  13. Corona is a certified liar. It is good that he is now convicted because he is unfit for the position Chief Justice.

    1. But does that make you an honest person? You’re exactly what Miriam Defensor Santiago said on her acquittal reason.

        1. As much as I want to believe you, feeling ko it will be the Filipinos who will get punished and continue to be punished for voting self-serving politicians like these 188 congressman, Noynoy and his ilk.

    2. Oh yeah, tell that to the prosecution, which is they are LYING in the first place.

      Please tell that to the senators who voted for the guilty verdict and all government officials. 🙂

    3. What about the broken promises of the President? If that’s the case, using your own logic, then N/A is also unfit for the position of the President. C’mon, what good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

    4. Oh please Yellow Zombie…. Wake The F… Up!!! How much propaganda did the Yellow Army put inside your head?! Maybe you’re related to those ignorant people who celebrated CJ’s conviction without knowing the true nature of the incoming political situation following the conclusion of this political drama.

  14. @ilda,

    the politicians simply hearken the call of their constituents and believed in their ‘folk wisdom’ that truth-seeking is not the prerogative of the lawyers you have so ennobled.

    1. it’s appalling that their sole existence relies on securing that they will still be voted on by those constituents whose “folk wisdom” was used upon to reach their verdict.

      how is that a conscience vote? it’s not. it’s pressure…and it’s fear and favor…exactly what marcos has been referring to.

      people are not after the truth, they are after a fall guy…and that’s CJ CORONA.

  15. “People Power” = “Justice”

    “Congressional Investigations” = “Justice”

    “The People’s Voice” (media) = “Justice”

    “Impeachment Court” = “Justice”

    Sadly, the rule of law, the rules of evidence, the rule of procedures don’t seem to equal “Justice”. The Bill of Rights seems to also have been discarded.

    A slippery slope indeed…..

    1. Trillanes wants to disregard “legal technicalities” so that now “no one is untouchable”.

      Sounds appealing.

      Until he comes after you because you have something he wants…..

      Then who will stop him?

      And people wonder why foreigners hesitate to invest here while the rest of Asean reaps the windfalls…..

  16. If Rule of Law was followed, the verdict should have been immaterial. Alas, the Yellow Army had its way: GTFO Corona.

    That leaves three things which are certain, viz:

    1. Corona has been GG’d.

    2. Enter Carpio.

    3. The Luisita Farmers… are effed.

    1. You have to disabuse yourself from the notion that only the Hacienda Luisita farmers are screwed in the aftermath of this affair.

      First of all, you should realize that the Cojuangcos are open to giving up their hacienda… but at the right price. So, the farmers will be appeased with little parcels of land and the Cojuangcos will get their multibillion-peso payoff… at the expense of Filipino taxpayers.

      1. Are you kidding? The Cojuangcos will never give up the land through that subtle approach of high prices and stock distribution(which, as of now, has been nullified for a while because of the SC decision lowering the price unless such decision will be reversed). No ordinary farmer can buy the land through the price that the Cojuangco family wants, since the price was high. As such, the Cojuangcos will keep their land, not because they won’t sell it; but because, even if they want to sell it, no farmer can buy it(the only potential buyers will have to be their fellow breed, who are equally rich).

  17. At the end of the day, it still takes weeks to secure an SSS ID card; the NBI office will still tell you to go get a court clearance from a place in the Philippines you have never been just because your name is shared by a wanted criminal; jeepney drivers will still play loud music and honk at everyone through overspeeding; and security guards will still pretend to check your bags before you ride the trains or enter the mall. No significant change in daily government, they just put one guy away, and the citizenry will be no less ill-disciplined.

    1. Its has been a historic day in the Philippines and now as we move forward will we get more of the the same or this country is heading into a different direction my gut tells me it more of the same old same old .

  18. This impeachment, well, according to a legal luminary –

    “There should be no debate that impeachment is a recognized constitutional process to uphold public accountability and sanction the excesses of high government officials like the President, Vice President, Justices of the Supreme Court, Members of the Constitutional Commissions and the Ombudsman.


    …NONETHELESS, THE RULE OF LAW, NOT THE IMPORTUNING OF THE MOB OR THE OBSESSION OF ONE MAN, must be ascendant in all the phases of the impeachment process. It is a political undertaking circumscribed by due process and the tenets of fair play. (See any similarity?)


    The Senate should have motu proprio prohibited and sanctioned print media for publishing self-serving full-page paid advertisements which tend to influence Senator-Judges and calculated to sway public opinion (take note yellow suckers, JCC to be specific) on which some Senator-Judges announced they would base their decision.”



    Well the yellow suckers can gloat about the decision. They can also gloat about the next in line Supreme Court Justices who are all GMA appointees as Tupaz has promised after Corona.

    According to the yellow suckers, they don’t have to fear anything, even the impeachment, if they don’t have anything to hide.

    Question – if suddenly, those SC Justices voluntarily waive their bank deposit secrecy right as a preemptive action (without waiting for impeachment case), provided Tupaz et al do the same,would Tupaz et al also voluntarily do it for the sake of transparency? Tupaz et al should have nothing to fear, isn’t it?

    IMO, nah. Tupaz will say, for Corona, he was the one being impeached, and for these SC Justices, they’re the ones being investigated. He will declare they will finish these first and then our waiver. The scenario I’m seeing.

    Thinking aloud, if Corona has this lots of undeclared bank deposits and they’re ill-gotten, I could surmised it’s not from jueteng or illegal drugs or kidnaping for ransom crimes.

    Probably, it’s something that has to do with his job as a private lawyer, then a judge, then a supreme court chief justice.

    Question – Why was nobody volunteer to be a a direct or indirect witness for these “corruptions” related to him being the chief justice or as a private lawyer?

    I’m sure they will be right away covered by all sorts of legal protection for being a voluntary witness.

    From this one, doubting commenters here can postulate their own.

  19. The behaviours of the prosecution team, can work against them…filipino will remenber them, when election will come…It can work against Noynoy Aquino and his party…remember there is an end to everything…

  20. Ang sabi ni CJ:

    1. Wala akong dollar account. Yung pala meron. Siya ang nagamin.
    2. Noong tinanong siya ni JPE kung matagal pa yung kanyang opening statement, sabi nya sandali na lang. Ayon inabot ng 2.5 hours yung sandali nya.
    3. Sabi nya sa opening statement nya, wala kaming hilig sa mamahaling bagay. Kaya pala sya may Bellagio, The Columns and iba pa.
    4. Sabi nya wala syang alam sa “asset-debit”, pero Master degree holder ng Ateneo at Harvard at nakapagtrabaho pa sa banko at SGV.
    5. Sabi nya nagpagamit daw si Ombudsman sa gobyerno. Sino ba ang nagpatawag sa Ombudsman para tumistigo?
    6. Noong umaga bago siya unang tumistigo, sabi nya wala syang kakaba-kaba. Pero ang pasulot nya noong nagpakita sa uli ay hindi sya nakatulog, hindi kumain at kinakabahan.
    7. Sabi nya hindi sya nakikialam sa sigalot ng BGEI. Pero ang sabi ng testigo nila na si Atienza, ilan beses nya nakausap si Corona.

    At marami pang iba.

    Ano ang tawag sa taong ganito?

    1. 3.1 Ayon sa liquidation nya ng allowances, preferred ni Corona at asawa nya ang more than Php24,000.00 peso single meal atsaka ang binili nyang gifts nung xmas nasa Php 100,000.00. Simpleng buhay daw yun.

      8. Sabi nya wala syang inapi, pero may tinutukan sya ng baril at mayroon pa itong affidavit na sinulat ng biktima nuong nabubuhay pa.

      9. Sabi nya wala raw silang katulong, pero pinapalaba nila mga damit nila. Ano yun? hindi ba katulong yun?

      10. Sabi nya kay Morales, mag-resign daw. Sya, kahit katakut takot na ang mga isyu laban sa kanya (bukod pa kasinungalingan nya), nakadikit pa rin sa pwesto hanggang sa huli.

      At marami pang iba.

  21. In the final analysis… It is the Filipino people who are the losers. Will legitimate public dissent rise after the dust of the political farce has settled? Will the silent majority strike back in the coming elections? Only God knows.

    1. Unfortunately, the violations during Corona’s trial will continue to haunt Filipinos for a long time. Until the Filipino people learn to respect the rule of law and the country’s institutions, the Philippines will not achieve real progress.

      1. Because guess what trollfag. jinggoy admitted that they were given 50 million pesos to those senatongs who will impeach Corona. Sino ngayon ang niloko mo indio de trapo?

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