The fate of Philippine democracy is in the hands of the Senator Judges of the impeachment court

This is it. This is what some of us have been waiting for. No, it’s not really the much-anticipated appearance of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona in court. Okay, yes. We are going to be glued to the tube when he finally testifies, indeed. But at the back of our heads, the long wait has always been for the Senator Judges of the impeachment court to finally grow some balls.

Up until recently, the Senate court has been bowing down to the pleasures of one man and his cohorts. But recent developments indicate that there are senators who are finally speaking out against the tyranny of the mastermind behind the impeachment of Corona. Who he is and what his motives are is not really a secret. In fact, emphasizing it has become a bit boring because the whole country already knows how much President Noynoy Aquino hates Corona. Even before he was inaugurated, PNoy already made it very clear that he didn’t want to recognize former President Gloria Arroyo’s appointee as the Chief Justice. Why the Senators ignored this from the beginning is mind-boggling to say the least.

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Unfortunately for the Senators, indulging PNoy’s obsession with Corona these past few months is finally taking its toll on their workload. The real issues plaguing the nation have taken a back seat just because PNoy wants to fast-track Corona’s removal from office. More importantly, the Senators now realize that “Aquino may do the same” to them if they ever find themselves on his bad side — and it doesn’t really take much to get there.

It’s quite insane that they didn’t see this coming. Talk about lack of foresight! They should have known this could happen as soon as they received the badly written impeachment complaint from the House of Representatives. It had to take another violation of the Constitution for them to finally say,“What this government is doing is alarming and worrisome”.

Senator Bong Bong Marcos had to contradict defense lawyer Dennis Manalo’s notion that there is a “grand conspiracy” to oust Corona because it appears that persecuting him has already become “a public, state-sanctioned policy” under the Aquino government:

“What grand conspiracy? There is no mystery there,” Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. told the Manila Standard.

“There were not even false pretenses. The grand conspiracy has become public policy. The entire administration is not bothering to hide it anymore that nothing is more important to them than the impeachment trial and the conviction of Chief Justice Corona. Everything takes a backseat.”

If only the Senators listened to us earlier on. Quite a number of us have been expressing our disgust towards the Aquino administration’s lack of respect for the law just to get their way even before the buzz about the impeachment complaints was conceptualized. Senator Jinggoy Estrada had this to add:

The scheme that the entire government machinery can be used against just about anyone without regard for the law makes the perceived enemies vulnerable to attacks.

Imagine: the Ombudsman can just ask, without a court order, the Anti-Money Laundering Council to obtain the chief justice’s accounts? And who else prepared those PowerPoint presentations? The Ombudsman and the Commission on Audit? The documents came from AMLC. Everybody is into it.

If they can do that to the chief justice, then all of us have a reason to worry. Even if you have nothing to hide, they will throw everything at you.

It seems that the simple concept of upholding the rule of law is not just difficult for the average Filipino to understand; it is also a bit alien to some of our “distinguished” lawmakers. It’s like they had to learn the real meaning of democracy the hard way. The consequence of this farce of an impeachment trial is damaging to our democracy, to put it mildly.

I cannot emphasize it enough that what happens during Corona’s trial will set a dangerous precedent for future court proceedings. We might even see the slow descent of our society into anarchy since respect for the law is being progressively disregarded. If the senator-judges allow the violations by the prosecution and their collaborators including the office of the ombudsman, then they will have sealed their own fate as well.

[Photo courtesy Southern Leyte Times.]

Let’s hope though that the Senators are thinking of the protection of the average Juan de la Cruz in advocating changes in the laws, and not just themselves. One can’t help but think that some of them are just trying to protect their own asses when they showed their concern over this latest violation of the Constitution. In what Senator Sergio Osmeñia III is suggesting, it seems he can recognize the flaw in the impeachment proceedings but he failed to mention Corona as the victim of what can be described as “political pressure” or “blackmail”:

“I am not a lawyer but it seems that this is a good time to introduce amendments also to safeguard the rights, as pointed out by the distinguished Majority Leader (Vicente C. Sotto III) wherein certain issues might be used, timed properly or timed improperly and put certain people at a disadvantage,” Osmeña told reporters on Wednesday.

“I would suggest that we craft already our proposed amendments to the Ombudsman Act and to the Anti-Money Laundering act (AMLA) so that we can also limit the type of information and the use of that particular information,” the senator added.

Osmeña said R.A. 6670 could be amended and clip the power of the ombudsman by:

(1) Allowing the ombudsman to inquire from the AMLC only if he or she had already established probable cause on crimes enumerated in the AMLA;

(2) Disallowing the ombudsman to file a case less than one year before the elections;

(3) Limiting the access of the Office of the Ombudsman or any other agency to AMLC data only when the council specifically knows that the case deals with a crime that is one of the predicate crimes mentioned in the AMLA; and

(4) Limiting Ombudsman’s access to AMLA data on cases involving impeachable officials.

Osmeña’s proposed amendments to the law limiting power of the ombudsman seem self-serving. And any changes to plug the loopholes won’t make a difference if it is ignored. This brings us back again to the Filipino’s consistent failure to repect the rule of law. It doesn’t really matter if the law is perfect, if it is not adhered to, then it is useless.

Why can’t Filipinos follow the law? As I’ve pointed out in the past, Filipinos in general tend to put their own interest first before other people. It is difficult for most Filipinos to uphold the rule of law because of this baseless sense of being more important than everybody else. This attitude is manifested even in the simplest form from disregarding the road rules to the complicated like railroading the filing of an impeachment complaint.

This sense of being more important can be a double-edged sword, really. On one hand, it can prevent our Senator Judges from thinking about what Corona is going through but on the other hand, if they think hard enough and put themselves in his shoes, it might help them decide that they are better off acquitting Corona lest they go through the same public persecution one day.

48 Replies to “The fate of Philippine democracy is in the hands of the Senator Judges of the impeachment court”

  1. It is now an instrument of national policy to promote the following acts against the perceived enemies of the dictator wannabe. To wit:

    1. Hate-think
    2. Demonization
    3. Character assassination and besmirching of reputation.
    4. Trial by publicity.
    5. Black propaganda
    6. Railroading of cases.
    7. Fabrication/falsification of evidence.
    8. Use of anonymous sources.
    9. Misuse and abuse of the machinery of state.
    10. Prostituting sectors of media and personalities.

    Add your own observations….

    1. 11. Abuses on human rights.
      12. Social and information engineering.
      13. Justification of the above-mentioned atrocities through propaganda. (Ends justify the means)

    1. hindi importante kung 82 O 3 ang dollar account .ang importante ay kung may dollar account sya …ang sabi niya ay wala dollar account ang sabi ng depense atty ay wala tapos ngyon ay 3 lamang hindi 82 o ano ang masasabi ninyo sino ba ang nagsisinungaling ..akala ko ba ay bobo ang mga prosecutor at nag pifishing lang sila at walang ebidensia pero ang bobong depense kinagat ang pain ng prosecutor eh di lumabas ang ibidensia ngayon naman wala daw dollar account pinainan na naman sila ng presecutor pinatawag si morales at amlc huli nanaman tanga si cuevas dahil ang akala niya ay lulusot ang manga palakasan niya sa mga senator akala niya puwede ng puwede ang I object wrong !!!! alalahanin ninyo malapit na ang election gusto na ng senator na matapos na ito para makapagkompanya na sila kaya ayaw na nila ang delay tactic ni cuevas …magagalit ang mga tao sa maling desisyon na gagawin nila tigilan na natin ang mga law na sinasabi ng mga depense dahil wala namang sumusunod sa batas ng pinas sino ang mga senador ,pulis ,military ,judge ,goberment employee na sumusunod sa batas ..sino ang tao na hindi umiihi sa pader ..nagtatapon ng basura sa karsada..sino sa mga politiko ang hindi mayaman na ng unang kumandidato ay mahirap lang pero ngayon mayaman na sabihin ni nyo …..mga sinungaling kayo …diba bawal ang midnight appoinment bakit pumayag siya na ma appoint ni arroyo …dba may batas na hindi puwede na umalis ng bansa ang tao may pending case bakit gusto ni arryo na umalis ng pinas ??diba hindi niya pinyagan na umalis yung babaeng maysakit na gustong magpagamot sa america bakit sabi ng isang attorny niya ay hindi tama ang batas na yon ngayon sino ang sumusunod sa batas si arroyo at corona sila ang sinungaling …

      1. IKAW ang sinungaling because all this are pure rhetorics and tsismis. Worse, your EMO is showing full force.

        Pending ang mga charges against Arroyo? E saka na lang siyang sinampahan ng kaso after de Lima imposed a travel ban against her. And no charges were filed against her since 2010. I’ve pointed out the stupidity of the present administration. Why didn’t they do that in the first place.

        Mas sinungaling ka because you prefer to lie in order to get to the truth. So ang problema talaga ng bansang ito is the dysfunctional culture and the mediocrity which idiots like you prefer to. Stop focusing on TRIVIAL issues like this.

      2. Bulag ka ba?


        Eh kasi, ang english ng kotse ay car…Boom

        Seriously, sana ay intindihin muna natin ang mga isyu ng magkabila. Hindi natin makukuha ang hustisya kung isang panig lang ang tinitingnan. Maging mapanuri, saka tanggapin kung ano man ang magiging hatol. May kasabihan…ang hindi lumingon sa pinang-galingan hindi makararating sa paroroonan, pero kung lingon ka naman ng lingon sa pinangalingan nasa kanal ka na hindi mo pa nalalaman.

      3. Tama ka! PERO kung tatanggalin si Corona gawa ng mga dollar account niya na hindi niya nilagay sa SALN? Dapat tanggalin lahat ng mga public official na hindi din nag lagay sa SALN ng dollar account. AGREE?

        GARAPALAN lang din naman ang gusto nung garapal na punong kapural. Konti na lang ang matitira sa gobyerno natin pagnagkataon.

      4. @nelson ongpauco

        ang sabi niya ay wala dollar account ang sabi ng depense atty ay wala tapos ngyon ay 3 lamang hindi 82 o ano ang masasabi ninyo sino ba ang nagsisinungaling

        When did the defense say that Corona does not have a dollar account? Please show us a link to the video or news article that will support your claim. I have watched the trial since Day One. I never heard them say Corona does not have a dollar account.

        diba bawal ang midnight appoinment bakit pumayag siya na ma appoint ni arroyo

        Paulit-ulit na lang. It was the JBC who submitted the names of the nominees to GMA. Corona’s appointment was deemed constitutional even by constitutional experts:

        “Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) that “unanimously” agreed to start nominations prior to the 2010 elections for the replacement of the country’s outgoing Chief Justice Reynato Puno. And they did so citing Section 4(1), Article 8 of the constitution – which mandates that a Supreme Court vacancy should be filled within 90 days once the position remains vacant.

        and this:

        GMA was even compelled to pick a new judge by the JBC out of an urgent need to do so because “historical events dictated the post should be vacant no more than a day”. Here’s what the SC had to say about the controversy at that time:

        The SC said there is no provision in the Constitution providing for designation of a temporary chief justice during the vacancy because the post is crucial during election period since the high court acts as the final arbiter under the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET).”

        dba may batas na hindi puwede na umalis ng bansa ang tao may pending case bakit gusto ni arryo na umalis ng pinas

        When GMA attempted to seek medical treatment abroad in November 2011, she wasn’t charged with anything yet. It was the reason why Leila De Lima was cited for contempt. Don’t forget that she barred GMA from leaving despite the TRO from SC to lift the travel ban against the former President.

        1. @Ilda and Trosp

          nelson ongpauco reminds me of our favorite Nutzi Vincenzo. Just give the guy enough rope to hang himself. His very apparent lies are the SOP of the Communications group and the yellow zombies. Repeat black propaganda and trial by publicity. Ilda please give us a hint when this batter troll will strike out. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together!

      5. gamitin ang utak at hindi ang emosyon. gamitin ang batas at hindi ang kapangyarihan. in short, ikaw ay hindi nagiisip.

      6. “hindi importante kung 82 O 3 ang dollar account .ang importante ay kung may dollar account sya”

        Are you implying na bawal magkaroon ng dollar account ang isang public official na gaya ni Corona?

      7. I have a bad feeling. If there’s another impeahcmennt case, it’s deja vu all over again. This kid of talk will again surface and will pribaly won’t go that far or deep.
        It seems everytihng is recycled. I guess there’s no hope for some in case of realization.

  2. Corona set the example of breaking the rules when he manipulated to courts which were under his jurisdiction to hand over the Basa Guidote Corporation to his daughter. This blatant use of power under the disguise of the law should be exposed and dealt with. “Delicadeza” your honorable (sic) Supreme Court Justice…

    1. @Len

      Please cite specifically what law he allegedly violate in doing that.

      What year did he commit that? Was he already a CJ?

      When did the prosecution find out about that? Is it part of the impeachment complaints?

      If he did violate a law, does that justify all the violations committed by the prosecution and the Ombudsman?


      1. Clearly, this ogags are just hitchhiking in the bandwagon of those proclaiming they’re in the higher ground of morality.

        And when you prod them of their misguided principle, what is their reply?

        Pwe (TM)!

        1. Well they are getting desperate because the last two weeks of the trial has been really bad for the prosecution. They are coming out with their guns blazing. Unfortunately, they are shooting blanks.

        2. Desperation is clearly materializing.
          The stupid yellowtards are getting more retarded like the mindless zombies that they are.

    2. And you’re justifying the prosecution’s incompetence and even PNoy’s childish whining?

      The joke is on YOU then LOL.

      1. “And you’re justifying the prosecution’s incompetence and even PNoy’s childish whining?”

        Ano po ang kinalaman nyan sa post ni len? Pakilawakan naman po ang utak nyo?

        1. Uy, Len said that Corona is bending the rules daw while his accusers are playing dirty.

      2. eto ka nanaman si pinoy nanaman ang sinisisi mo wala kanabang masisisi kung hindi si pinoy si arroyo hindi mo sisisihin sya ang nasimula nito kung hindi niya inapoint si corona ay hindi ito mangyayari tanga si corona dahil tinangap niya kahit bawal ang midnight appointment …edipensa mo nalang ang 3 dollar account ni corona..

        1. TROLL. It wasn’t Arroyo who started it and the ‘midnight appointee’ issue is resolved. The Judicial Bar Council made the decision on selecting Corona as a replacement for outgoing CJ Renato Puno, who announced his retirement during that time. The 90-day appointment ban didn’t extend to the judiciary. Arroyo didn’t appoint him personally so his appointment is LEGAL.

          Even a PNoy-appointed CJ will have a conflict of interest. Mag-isip nman ang iba dyan. Tsk tsk.

          Troll comments arriving in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

    3. Translation- I know nothing about CJ and facts of the case except things i watched on TV and read in papers.

  3. I was reviewing the video of the “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich…” It’s the same tactic Adolf Hitler used, after he burned the German Parliament. He threw, members of the German Judiciary in Concentration Camps…so ordinary Germans were forced to :”Howl with the Wolves”…We are all in dangerous situations. The utilization of Ombudsman Justice Morales, as a political prosecutor is a dangerous precedent…

    1. kung naatatandaan ninyo noong si arroyo ang presidente ang lahat na kaso laban sa kanya ay ayaw palusutin ni gutierrez dahil kaibigan sya ni arroyo …nilulto nila sa umbudsman nayon tabla na huwag na kayong mareklamo magantay na lang kayo kung guilty or not guilty..nag desisyo ng mga senador tandaan ninyo eleksion na maling desiyon hindi kayo iboboto ng mga taong mahirap na magagalit sa inyo..tandaan ninyo ..masmarami ang taong mahirap kaysa taong mayaman ….

      1. Kawawa ang mga taong mahihirap. Ang mga mahihirap ay ang mga taong gustong manatiling maging mahirap at aasa sa government. At ang mga sinasabi mong mahihirap ay ang mga taong mga tambay at nanonood ng Wil Time Bigtime na napadala sa emosyon at nauto ng media so ang gusto mong mangyari ay ang iboboto nila ay ang mga artista at lomedyante kesa sa mga taong karapat-dapat.

        Maraming mahihirap = maraming uto-uto. That’s the sad state of the counrty. Although I’m glad na may mga mahihirap na pinili nilang hindi maging mangmang.

        1. hindi ko sinasabi na iboto ang mga artista baka ikaw ang bumoto kay pacman dahil nasa pilipinas ka ang ibig kon g sabihin ay yong mga pilitiko na balimbing na doble kara .traydor.walang ginagawa kundi ubusin ang porkbarrel sa sarili gaya ni corona na ang pera na ibinigay ng world bank ay idiniposito sa bangko para patubuin at pagtumubo ay kinukuha ang tubo at idinidiposito sa ibang bangko kaya nag karoon siya ng 82 account …labas pasok ang pera para hindi malaman ng gobyerno pag hinanap ..pero tanga si cuevas dahil pinatawag niya si morales para tumestugo kaya nabuko kaya tuloy dinala ang listahan ng amla ..kailangan nalang ay si corona ang magpapaliwanag ng dollar account to bad kinalaban niya si pinoy gaya noong si arroyo ang presidente magagawa niya ang gusto iya daahil sya ang maykontrol ng porkbarrel nagaya ni arroyo noon

        2. Another troll comment, ladies and gentlemen.

          BTW, does a chief of staff has control on pork barrel? Please elaborate because it was nothing but conspiracy theory crap.

          Oh,you’re ok on PNoy’ bigger pork barrel. What an idiot.

      2. Translation- the senators will decide in favor of incomplete and inaccurate evidence and that’s ok with me

  4. I think people should stop going on and on about the “CJ is a midnight appointee” issue because the leading authority/governing body for it has already ruled it legal. Therefore, in terms of legality, there is no issue. And I don’t think there is a moral issue connected to that so there is basically no reason to keep bringing it up.

    If you are trying to bring up Basa Guidote “unclear” issues into the mix of the discussion, then I suggest you step back on that for the meantime. Have you not tried to think for once, if there were some irregularities within the said corporation by certain incorporators/partners that they should have either settled it amicably internally or a case should have been filed already to dispute claims, actions etc. Why hasn’t there been one or at least not one has been brought up or shown? Think about it, a partner sells one of the company’s land assets and is now developed and no one from any of the partners/incorporators even took note that they were not party to the discussion/agreement? And it is an entirely different issue. If it is a rift within the family corporation, then you can’t really say anything can you? It is like meddling in someone else’s personal affairs which do not affect you in any way.

    So I think these two issues should already be shelved unless something new comes up and we can discuss that, but not fixate on it as they have no new evidences presented yet.

    1. I would like to emphasize, what is unique about Basa-Guidote issue as we all know of it at present is that it is a family corporation which look to have internal issues between families.

      As such, if there is something wrong in the course of action one of the families takes the corporation, the other family/families can certainly take legal action if need, as long as there is basis.

      Do not immediately think that the other don’t file a case because the one in question’s husband is the CJ. Does it go directly to the SC I ask you? I think not. Can he influence the decision of that lower court? I don’t really know. It is possible, but why jump to conclusions now just because he can doesn’t mean he will.


    2. Why should we NOT question the legality of the Chief Justice’s midnight appointment? The Supreme Court should set an example by affirming that it abides by the law, and is NOT positioned above it!!! And who ruled that the midnight appointment ban does NOT apply to the judiciary? Isn’t the judiciary itself which made that self-serving declaration?

      Why didn’t Corona declare his dollar accounts in his SALN? The fact that he’s using the banking secrecy law to his defense will only embolden other politicians to hide their assets into their dollar accounts. After all, if Corona can do it, why can’t other public officials do the same? Then, SALN’s will be useless if assets can be hidden in dollar accounts!!!

  5. Remember if Corona is removed because of stupidity and conspiracy it means no one is safe.

    Now let it sink for a moment, which will matter for a senator judge(especially yellow aligned): their own hides or DAANG MATUWID

  6. When the head of state shows no scruples in going all out against his perceived enemies then there is something very wrong. His extreme obsession against his perceived enemies is his Achilles heel. Many higher officials in the co-equal branches of government have already taken notice of his convoluted straight path mantra. Mr. BS Aquino should be aware that his very obsession will boomerang on him when the time comes. He sets the example in even claiming that he will never pardon Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Jesus Christ forgave but he claims the extreme opposite. He judged already many of his perceived enemies as guilty before trial. This has not gone unnoticed by the men and women who are for democratic government. Mr. BS Aquino should be very aware of the repercussions of his acts. The use of the machinery of state is one. The use of character assassination and besmirching of reputation is another. The tools of this dictator have been already noticed. Beware the boomerang when it returns to the source of extreme injustice, inequity and dictatorial control of the branches of government. Truly no one is safe from his political madness!

    1. Isn’t karma a b##ch? Didn’t GMA do the same thing to Estrada????? Were you protesting vehemently then????

      By the way, it is possible to forgive someone, but NOT eliminate the consequences of the offender’s wrongdoing. For instance, when someone commits adultery and gets pregnant out of wedlock, God forgives the adulterer, but she still remains pregnant.

      For forgiveness to be complete, doesn’t it require the offender to ask for forgiveness?

      1. Isn’t karma a b##ch? Didn’t GMA do the same thing to Estrada????? Were you protesting vehemently then????

        The records show that GMA only took over after the successful people power revolt led by no less than People Power icon, Cory Aquino, Cardinal Sin, et al. The Supreme Court had no choice but to swear the then vice president as the new President after the second popular uprising dubbed Edsa II. So you should blame the Aquinos again.

    1. I forgot to add. Mr. BS Aquino can also do the same thing he has done( as he did to his perceived enemies)to his political allies, cronies and friends. As of the moment he has not made accountable or touched anyone in his KKKK. Beware the man who would be dictator without firing a shot or declaring martial law! Divide and conquer of the different co-equal and co-independent branches of democratic government is the name of the game.

  7. This article lost me when it quoted Bongbong Marcos, son of the late and unrepentant dictator Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the Philippines way past his constitutional mandate by declaring Martial Law and abolishing all semblance and functioning of a democracy. The fact that the Marcoses are crawling back into power shows a principal weakness of Filipinos: FORGETFULNESS!!!

    Accordingly, let’s not forget that the Philippines was SECOND richest country in the Far East when Marcos became president in 1965. When he was finally booted out of power in 1986, the Philippines was the “Sick Man of Asia”.

    It’s ironic that now PNoy is the one being accused of harboring dictatorial intentions. These false accusers will eat their words when PNoy willingly surrenders power in 2016 to his rightfully elected successor, just like Cory did in 1992. Where were these accusers when Ferdinand Marcos was in power?

    1. @Juan_Carlos

      It doesn’t really matter who said it as long as it makes sense. Isn’t it ironic that BongBong Marcos, the son of the dictator makes more sense than PNoy, the son of People Power icon? 😉

      Besides, the son should not bear the sins of the father.


    2. “It’s ironic that now PNoy is the one being accused of harboring dictatorial intentions. These false accusers will eat their words when PNoy willingly surrenders power in 2016 to his rightfully elected successor, just like Cory did in 1992.”

      Harboring dictatorial intention has nothing to do with succession of power. We still do not know what he will do in the future. You can only speculate.

      At present, Penoy is dictating the senate that he will accept anything less than Corona’s conviction. That is not an speculation. It’s a fact.

      Nobody has to eat his words based on that fact. One has just to just face what is the reality at the moment.

      1. orrection –

        “Penoy is dictating the senate that he will accept anything less than Corona’s conviction…”

        to read –

        “Penoy is dictating the senate that he will NOT accept anything less than Corona’s conviction…”

  8. What Mr. Ferdinand E. Marcos did in the past is already history. What the dictator Mr. BS Aquino is doing in the present is worse as this control freak tries hard to destroy the principles of separation of power and checks and balances.

    His initial assault on democracy and freedom resulted in the “capture” of the bow well movement 188 who in turn were mere puppets in the signing of the defective articles of impeachment. The evil examples of this dictator are public knowledge. The truth is his creeping dictatorship is being implemented without firing a shot or imposing martial rule.

    His scapegoat blame games on perceived enemies is a distraction to the corruption he tolerates. His cronies in the KKKK are untouchable. Their mansion building, shenanigans and opulent lifestyles beyond official scrutiny. The dictator BS Aquino continues to use black propaganda and trial by publicity through mass media to destroy his perceived enemies. He continues to use the machinery of state against them.

    Are we a police state? Do not dare say he is not a dictator as many luminaries called him as he is today. Even senator Joker Arroyo called him an autocrat. I researched the tagged hero father of the present iconoclast of democracy and freedom.

    Look for Lisandro Claudio of GMA news in the enemy of the state communist Jose Maria Sison’s website. This so-called hero Ninoy Aquino networked with the reds. He had an informal alliance with Sison. He allowed them to enter Hacienda Luisita. Ninoy gave arms, money and medical assistance to the NPA. He was told not to attend the Liberal Party rally in Plaza Miranda prior to the grenade attack.

    The present dictator tolerates communists and so-called socialists as partners in power. Research the Marxist model of socialism and their misleading terminology. His liking for participatory socialism makes him a very dangerous man. You can never make me believe in the sincerity of BS Aquino. His evil has begun and it is destroying institutions, society and dividing the nation.

    His extreme obsession against his perceived enemies includes those who oppose him. I will not touch on his indolent negligence of his duties and responsibilities in running the affairs of state. It speaks for itself. As I said before, the worst is yet to come.

  9. I agree when you said that the suggestion of Sen. Osmena to limit the power of the Ombudsman is self serving. This is to protect themselves from having the fate of CJ Corona.Now, the people should demand the CJ’s waiver challenge. The people should be more vigilant now to make sure that the Hacienda Luisita is paid for the amnt decided upon by the SC and not by the price (Billions) dictated by the Cojuanco-Aquinos specially when they finally remove all of the justices suspected of being allies of PGMA

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