I Love Jessica Sanchez!!!

I was browsing through Facebook yesterday morning when I read several update status about the results of American Idol. It was just a spoiler, having been used to watching AI on a delayed basis via local cable. The results revealed that Philip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez survived the final cut and are going to the grand finale. I immediately stood from my seat and went to the next room and made a formal announcement to our employees. I also called via intercom and delivered the news to the others at the other office. I thought they will all cheer and make some sort of revelry from hearing this news. All I heard were short bursts of laughter, not even happy laugh, but just plain we-heard-you-but-honestly-we-don’t-give-a-crap-about-that laugh.

[Photo courtesy The Christian Science Monitor.]

How could they? How could these people not care? Did they not realize Jessica Sanchez has achieved something no one with Pinoy descent has ever done before? Did they not realize what a momentous, glorious; golden age has dawn to our race? Jessica Sanchez, on the verge of becoming an American Idol, a great honor to the Philippines, and yet they seat there, in front of their computers and don’t care?

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Fortunately my officemates do not represent majority of Pinoys here and abroad because majority of us recognize what a distinct honor Jessica Sanchez had brought and continue to bring for our country. Fortunately, majority actually do give a crap. Twitter and Facebook is abuzz over her. All mainstream media covered her, even locating her former nanny and her cousins in Bataan to get their reactions. The Palace and the Veepee gave their warmest congratulations. The surge of national pride is just electric! I could almost scream: “I love Jessica Sanchez”!

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if last night many mothers prayed to dear Lord that their daughters or their sons would also become rich and famous through their singing and dancing like her or Charice P. There would have been little girls yesterday who looked at the mirror with comb in hand, singing “I don’t wanna miss a thing.” In their hearts, they wanted to become Jessica. Children across our land wondered when will the next audition for Pinoy Big Brother, Will Time Big Time, It’s Showtime or Eat Bulaga. Some teens would have checked the audition schedules of up-coming talent searches like Pinoy X Factor and Talentadong Pinoy. Here is Jessica Sanchez, reaching for her dreams. If it was at all possible for her, surely it will be possible for them as well.

So Jessica Sanchez and the local media frenzy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have again reinforced the fact that the business of song, dance and acting is viable and lucrative, albeit at times dangerous (as Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago would attest). Thank you for bringing to life thousands or even tens of thousands of dreams within our young people’s heart. Indeed before them lay a path to stardom, out of poverty and escape from the drudgery of academics. Your success will make the deceptive lure of the showbiz spotlight even brighter. Now, our local talent shows will have longer lines as before. Our voice teachers and dance instructors will experience increase in clientele.

And the world need not worry. While there are only several generations of engineers, scientists and non-nurse professionals left in our country’s workforce, they will continually be available for your economies. You can take them all if you can. But be ready, we will be producing ten to fifteen generations of Jessica Sanchezes and Charice Pempengcos who will dominate, and win every talent show you can think off. When the Chinese finally invade our shores, fear not. Do not even bother to send the US 7th fleet. Our song and dance numbers shall protect our cities from destruction. Our pop stars will distract the Red Army in their advance and extend them world-class R&R when they have finally conquered.

28 Replies to “I Love Jessica Sanchez!!!”

  1. Don I made a remark on another article about Sanchez, it went like this ,,,, I really think she needs to win AI too ! Then we can send her to Scarborough Shoals to sing the Chinese back to China, but it went over everyones head! Not one of the folks on that blog had anything to say about it one way or the other!

    1. Hi Bill, I have not read that article, but that surely is a clever way to send Red China’s ships back to Beijing. The challenge is her citizenship. An attack by her and her vocal cords might be construed as an attack from the US. Maybe DND can talk to Jed Madela instead. Regine is a new mom and Ogie will definitely not agree if we send her.

      1. Just to add my two bits in on this small discussion:
        Aren’t the Chinese, or at least some reporter, claiming that Sanchez is one of them?

  2. This was a definite pleasure to read. Quite refreshing compared to all the other things I hear and read about her. Personally I’d like Philip Philips to win.
    Jessica Sanchez is a centavo a dozen, and I heard or read from somewhere that she doesn’t even actively recognize that she is half of what We are. She just actively recognizes that she’s half-Mexican I believe.
    Sure I can feel some pride for one of my half-sisters’ accomplishment, but at the same time I give thanks, praise, blessings, and prayers to and for those others that should bring equal pride to our nation, which is all of the other workers in and from our nation.
    I greatly applaud this masterpiece and shall attempt to share it with the rest of the flock.

  3. I see what you did there.

    Very clever!

    You even went as far as sprinkling in some grammatical error and misspellings. Way to commit to the bit! Very awesome indeed!

  4. May nabasa ako na pambansang tinig daw si Jessica Sanchez accdg to Sen Revilla?
    It’s true ! The Philippine is still US territory :p

    1. I don’t think we ever really truly and wholeheartedly left the reign of our American colonists.
      We still remain to this day their little brown brothers (though some see us as less than even that).
      Also, unfortunately, my English is better than my Filipino, Tagalog, Ilonggo/Bisaya, and Cebuano, combined.

  5. A simple test to find out whether a person likes Jessica Sanchez for the right reasons: have that person listen to an MP3 of one of her songs without telling him/her who made the cover.

  6. “When the Chinese finally invade our shores, fear not. Do not even bother to send the US 7th fleet. Our song and dance numbers shall protect our cities from destruction. Our pop stars will distract the Red Army in their advance and extend them world-class R&R when they have finally conquered.”

    If this happens, she’s going to be even better than Lynn Minmay of Macross fame.

  7. after reading the article, i am reminded by a headline yesterday (the story i did not bother to read) about ogie alcasid saying something like this is a big boost to opm or something to that effect. the first thing that entered my mind was “hay naku, nakisawsaw na naman”. while the kid is talented, i doubt if opm had anything to do with her success.

    i said it before, i’ll say it again: showbiz is truly the new opium of the masses.

    i love the sarcasm. thank you for the article don!

    1. Boost to OPM? I call bullshit.
      Not to be insulting or disrespectful to other Half-Filipinos out in the world today, but what about her, aside from her blood heritage, makes her Original? Wasn’t there a Jasmine Trias or something in one of AMERICAN Idol’s first seasons? Charice Pempengco can be considered as OPM…maybe…but she too is more of an AMERICAN brand name or icon than a Pilipino one.
      Jessica Sanchez a boost to OPM? I don’t think so.
      A boost to the hope that others may achieve their dreams? Possibly, actually that’s more of what she is. She is a symbol that dreams can come true, with either luck, in her case, or hard work, in the case of other artists that spent blood, sweat, tears, and years to get to where they are now. Like those greats that have left this world, most recent of which being Donna Summers and the Bee Gees guy (can’t recall the spelling of his name though, sorry).

      1. just something I forgot, that part about Half-Filipinos was a disclaimer or something to that effect in case I offended anyone.

  8. Just to be sure, I’m now switching my name to Hugh. This particular Don didn’t make write the excellent article above (wish I did though).


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