Will the North Korea missile test be another Aquino failure to launch?

The United States, Japan, South Korea, and other nations in the East and Southeast Asia region are recently showing increased concern for the scheduled missile test that North Korea is planning in the middle of April.

The situation is a lot more complicated than it seems. North Korea has planned a series of events, which includes the launch of the ballistic missile, to mark the 100 years since the birth of its founder, Kim Il-Sung. The ballistic missile is, according to the DPRK, merely carrying a weather satellite into space. The United States and other nations, on the other hand, believe it to be a test for improving their long-range weapons accuracy. Adding more problems is the fact that ballistic missile tests by the DPRK are explicitly forbidden in the UN resolutions.

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Although Pyongyang has claimed that the missile debris will land in waters between the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia, that is absolutely no guarantee that Philippine territories will be totally safe. At least the Japanese will be able to shoot the missile fragments down if necessary; question is what can the Philippines do should the missile fragments land squarely on the island of Luzon?

If North Korea has continued to defy some of the most powerful nations in the world, do PNoy and his flunkies actually think Pyongyang will listen to them?! From the way events since the 1950’s have turned out, it is apparent that the DPRK’s closest ally in the region is China. Yes, we are talking about China, that very country PNoy lost face with when he bungled the Mendoza hostage situation. He crossed a government whose people do not forget history and do not forgive incompetence easily. Therefore, what are the chances that PNoy can ask Beijing for help? Practically nil. He has no leverage with the Chinese government, especially now he is practically on his knees begging them not to go near the Spratlys.

Nice going, PNoy; your mother and her cohorts sent the US bases away in her time, now you are practically begging them to come and rescue you from the DPRK. You allowed several Chinese tourists to die on your watch and turned into a sour relationship the one with the country that has the best chance of making the North Koreans stand down. Looks like Cory’s mistakes, and now PNoy’s, are coming back to bite us in the ass, again.

Events like this show just how ridiculously incompetent the Aquino government is at diplomatic relations. In the arena of world politics and saber-rattling PNoy is carrying a banana. Granted, China is a challenge even for the United States because their policies are ever changing and evolving. North Korea, on the other hand, is just too darn unpredictable. They carry the threat of nuclear weapons as a trump card. If they wanted to storm into South Korea the poor hapless soldiers at the demilitarized zone (DMZ) can only stand by and get trampled over.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Aquino government is planning to deport all Korean nationals here in the Philippines back to North Korea in an attempt to appease them. After all, he couldn’t make the distinction when he had Taiwanese nationals deported to China. Oh wait, they’re South Koreans, can PNoy tell the difference? If he cannot, he can kiss Grace Lee goodbye.

Maybe the Philippine Government should look into making a public safety video similar to the one below:

Duck and Cover – Defense against the H-bomb

No, this is not an April fools’ joke. We have yet to see the depths of stupidity that the Aquino government is capable of plunging into.

36 Replies to “Will the North Korea missile test be another Aquino failure to launch?”

  1. I fear you make it seem simple and binary, Aquino vs. rationality. But the eviction of U.S. troops was hardly an Aquino initiative. It was deeply discussed at the time and views were hard. The base removal just occurred under Cory Aquino’s watch.

    Indeed, anti-American feelings were also running high under the Arroyo administration due to the Nicole incident. I recall Senator Santiago exclaiming “the humiliation, the humiliation” regarding the VFA. Now the good Senator is quiet about it because circumstances have changed. The Philippines wants to explore for oil and China wants them not to.

    That is not a function of the President, no matter who it is. Indeed, foreign policy is, in my opinion, one of the Aquino strengths. I’m sure that will get the GRP dogs out. But Mr. Rosario has articulated a fine line, firmly against China’s claim to land in favor of UN guidelines, whilst continuing to work FOR constructive overall relations and trade relations. Mr. Aquino has met with leaders throughout Asia to open pipelines for discussion. Also, the relationship with the U.S. is well-balanced. No bases, but we welcome your ships for service. Joint exercise, joint discussions on arms.

    North Korea is a problem for everybody, and to lay problems on Mr. Aquino is a little . . . well, binary.

    1. You are right of course, Joe. Whether it is moronic anti-Americanism or the politicians who pander to it, ultimately all we see today is a product of the collective thinking applied by a society of people who are pathetically untrained and therefore ill equipped to deliver the sort of careful and intelligent discourse required by their chosen form of governance.

      Noynoy just happens to be the most striking singular embodiment of that renowned character of da Pinoy psyche.

        1. Joe, I think it’s more about Aquino vs reality. Take the Philippine defense modernization program. Where is the rationality of acquiring old, downgraded Hamilton cutters? No harpoon anti-ship missiles, no SAM and limited AA capability.

          Forgive the observation. I think these ships will not stand a chance against a Chinese or North Korean aircraft or missile boat. They are widow makers.

          Is it rational to acquire defense items which are old and downgraded? Is it rational to disregard the importance of integrated defense systems? Why scatter gun acquisition?

          Mr. BS Aquino should be rational enough not to engage in sabre rattling. He did this to China and might do the same to North Korea. What is needed is skillful diplomacy, building the economy and industries, strengthening or entering into alliances and a genuine defense modernization program.

        2. Der Fuhrer

          The rationality is to be found in how to get from A to B on a tight budget, where A is no jets or heavy navy boats. I don’t think the aim is to win a war with China, but to show a firm presence if China continues to bully Philippine oil survey ships. With a few ships and a few jets, the Philippines can be “on scene” in force. With the US as the big dog in the background, available “on call”.

          I suspect “B” in the plan has not been defined clearly, but would be the Philippines armed with missiles and more effective fire-power. The problem for the Philippines do you spend money on guns or butter. Or schools.

          Getting to “B” will take several presidential administrations.

        3. Added thought to your comment. I don’t think President Aquino is “saber rattling”. He is standing firm. Not rolling over to China’s “nine-dash map” bullyism. And working stepwise toward a better ability for the Philippines to represent itself, rather than have to lean on the U.S. Meanwhile, efforts to maintain constructive dialogue and improved trade continue.

        4. Then I can say Mr. BS Aquino has an ineffective Defense Modernization Plan. He has the budget to acquire Hamilton Cutters. The tip of the spear should have remained upgraded and the Harpoon Anti-Ship missiles retained. SAM launchers can be installed. The Phalanx Gun System was removed. This would save lives. Acquisition of old F-16’s is in the works. The fact is he has a lot of savings in unspent liquidity. I will not discuss anymore his shortcomings in so many areas. His view of reality is beyond rationality.

      1. The president is supposed to represent his people. And yes, Noynoy represents the Filipino people better than anyone else before him.

        As to anti-Americanism, I don’t really get why this sentiment exists so much when a lot of people here actually worship American products (hello Apple!).

        1. It is love-hate for sure. Generally in the Philippines I get better service and treatment than do Filipinos. Behind my back . . . a different matter.

    2. All policy development emanates from the head of state. It is the responsibility of his alter egos to recommend courses of action and implement policies towards this end. Thus foreign policy is molded. Policy development is also influenced by international and domestic events.

      Mr. BS Aquino has so far not shown any stellar performance in connection with foreign policy. Skillful diplomacy remains to be seen. Attempts to secure strong alliances as a deterrence against China’s strong aggressive position should be realized ASAP. Mr. Aquino has not accomplished much in his domestic affairs.What more in foreign affairs. His poor performance speaks for itself.

      1. I read about this missile, and it seems to me North Korea is just mnakig more threats and demands in order to start a war. That way, it puts NK’s opposing forces across as the bad guys. Until then, no missiles will be fired on either side.I’ve done a lot of research into whether China would back North Korea, and I can safely conclude that it wouldn’t. For one thing, China has North Korea on a pretty tight leash it supplies its oil at below-market prices, and it has a very big influence on the countries decisions. China does not want to go to war with the U.S.A either, because their exports to the US practically keep the country running. There’s no way China could finance a war without U.S money from exports. Plus the fact that China condemns North Korea’s nuclear tests, saying that they are a threat and China will always play a “constructive role”, meaning that no wars will be started.I think Japan is becoming a lot like the western world in its policies and way of running the country. Japan isn’t exactly very friendly with North Korea right now due to multiple missile tests into the Japanese sea. Plus the fact that North Korea has refused to pay certain things to Japan, which it still owes, and Japan spends US$50 billion for military expenditure, whereas NK only spends US$5.5 billion. South Korea will not help because it desperately wishes for peace between the two nations, but if North Korea becomes even more tyrannous and begins an invasion the South will fight back.Unfortunately I think the USA would be alone in this war. The UN would certainly get involved, as would NATO, but they would merely get politically involved, not go over there and sort them out physically. China would demand peace and negotiation on both sides, and Britain will not get involved in any sense apart from politically, it’s such a far away war to begin with, and due to it’s current economic climate. The War on Terror is really thinning troops out too, nevermind sending them to North Korea Iraq and Afghanistan are still being dealt with.China is North Korea’s ally, but as I explained it’s like a father-son relationship. NK depends upon China to tell it what to do in many ways, and China has the power to stop it doing certain things if it really wants to. Was this answer helpful?

  2. “No, this is not an April fools’ joke. We have yet to see the depths of stupidity that the Aquino government is capable of plunging into.”

    Granted, that is a given FallenAngel… He’s a bad joke turning real sour if you know what I mean.

    Now, no missile batteries here existed in the Philippines(I’m just extrapolating here, but there might have been a remote possibility that some had been positioned back then in Clark AFB and Subic Bay Naval Station; some US Navy ships also have anti-missile capability so they are capable of prosecuting during their temporary stays here, the logic following that these are strategic American military installations and they will provide the minimum safety requirements for their assets), but for those hardware under the command of the AFP? Fat chance. I believe no missile battery operator then and now exists in the AFP, since we never had the hardware to begin with. That’s how provincial and backward thinking the AFP is for you. They couldn’t even procure something like this and have it outfitted for our F-8 Crusaders or F-5 fighters when they were still operational: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASM-135_ASAT

  3. Red China and North Korea are known allies. Both are nuclear weapons capable. China has shown a very strong interest in trying to make inroads into the west Philippine sea.

    The islands and reefs within Philippine territory are being claimed by the Chinese as part of their sovereign territory. This is mainly due to the discovered presence of strategic resources in crude oil and natural gas. They have built structures in selected areas. They appear as the dominant aggressor and pose a real threat to the shipping lanes and interests of all stakeholders.

    We so not know the intentions or disposition of the North Koreans on this issue. Will the North Koreans support China? Will they play a supporting role in the event of a flash conflict? Will China share strategic resource exploitation with its ally?

    China is fully capable of provoking a short duration tactical naval and air confrontation. The possible intention is not to escalate the conflict but to re-enforce her alleged sovereign territorial claims to strategic resources exploitation. A gunboat diplomacy scenario is entirely possible.

    Any acts of hostility in an “isolated” conflict is very possible. One skirmish incident may occur given China’s past history. Will the US presence be continuing or sporadic? Is this show of support sufficient to act as a deterrence against Chinese intentions? Is the present administration prepared to deal with the developing situation?

  4. If North Korea has the capability to launch an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile…it can hit the United States. They have nuclear weapons already. They have the technology to put it on the ICBMs….So, it’s a very deadly nuclear scenario, we have in South East Asia. North Korea is a government, we don’t even know. The Country’s leadership is unpredictable. Headed by a young, Kim Un Son…we don’t have any defense on this…I hope the debris of the Test Missile will land on the head of Noynoy Aquino and his YellowTards…this will awaken them.

  5. This looks like a page out of the Dick Nixon playbook: when things are going badly on the domestic front, try to make a splash in the foreign policy pond. Only difference is, Nixon was actually fairly good at it.

        1. I just read his fine article about the 10 Commandments, and then I read this, and your remark, and I wonder if y’all are just flapping your gums and have no discipline or compunction to understand and adhere to principles of decency, for the common good. As a Filipino. Representing the Philippines.

        2. i see you think you found a new weapon, joe. fortunately other readers probably already know your (long) online history of being phoney and your using manipulative tactics to drive your aquino-apologist falsehoods forward and fool the impressionable. you’re not on any higher moral ground to presume to champion the commandments.

        3. Ouchh!!!!!

          It’s like saying FallenAngel here does not walk the walk, just talk the talk.

          Also, those who can, does. Those who can not, teach(or in this case, write articles)

        4. Those who can write can do it without any effort while excelling in their day jobs. Those who can’t write have no choice but to stick to quoting lame one-liners 😉

        5. “Those who can write can do it without any effort while excelling in their day jobs”

          A little too generous on the word “can” I think. It’s crude to see the same word used twice in a sentence unless of course you can not do it without, what is it you say?….any effort? 🙂

        6. @Parallax

          It’s just one of those things that make you go hmmm…

          It’s so obvious that some people who don’t agree with or those who can’t comprehend the message of GRP articles focus instead on attacking the writers. They are too dense to realize their actions reflect badly on them.

      1. two words: double entendre

        In this case, the anatomical meaning is the more obvious one. Why some of the commenters got stuck there is beyond me.

        1. The Pinoy mind can only deal with single entendres. That’s because their thinking faculties are so one-dimensional that multi-layered humour tends to sail clear above their little pointed heads.

    1. So in essence it’s another distraction. You almost have to admire his resourcefulness and stubbornness in making excuses and distractions. Pity that those traits are wasted on petty whims…..

  6. They can send Binay to NK and convince their leadership to stop the launch. I for one won’t mind if they throw him into one of their gulags.

    And come launch day, I’m expecting the CBCP to pray like nuts that the rocket won’t land on any part of the Philippines. If it blows up because Seal Team 6 rigged it with C-4, the CBCP will condemn Uncle Sugar for “perpetrating an act of war.”

    1. Korea does have the balls to fire a weapon! Just hink about it and do your reecsrah! Their leader is a compleate pshyco! He is very sick and is gonna die soon! He wants to leave with a bang. Which is sending a bomb over to the US! Even though they dont have the technology to fire one .. theyd stilll do it just to do it! I also believe that some middle east countries such as Iran and Iraq would supply N. Korea with more advanced wepons. Becuase they all have somting in common! They hate the US. Now on the allied side! France, Russia, Canada, and Germany may potentionally back us up! Definent countries such as Britian, S. Korea, Japan. But if it came down to the wire and it was a matter of the world exisiting or not which is unlikely, Mexico and China would help the US out. I know this because, Chinas income would go down by over 50% because we by everything from them and they cant afford the US being gone. and we have Mexico on a leash . they do everything we say! And another thing about th nukes, if N. Korea wer to launch one, surrounding countries would shoot it down because if it fails which it more likely will, it has a great pottential on hitting another country such as Japan and Asia, possibly even Europe! So dont worry! We are fine no need to worry! One more thing i would have to add is if The US was desperate for more troops and stuff like that, they would have a draft and tennage boys 17 and older would be drafted into the army if you make the physiacal requirements! Was this answer helpful?

  7. Da secret weapon of da Pinas are the 12 apostle -to whom sees to it there is no need for the Americanos who don’t know how to play chess. With their pride-rice armaments whose capabilities will depend every Penoys as they are the shield that will protect da Pinas, all they have to do is open their mouths and da enemy is depeeted!….;-)

  8. Why do we have to worry? President’s got everything under control. We have a battleship donated by the U.S. In last year’s SONA, he assured us we cannot be bullied because we have this new battleship guarding our territory. Plus he practices shooting with his friends from time to time so we’re assured he can aim. We’re safe!

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