Serafin Cuevas: Why Filipinos think he is the new role model


Being “cool” is not about wearing the right clothes or having the latest gadgets. Being cool is about having the right attitude. Take the case of former Supreme Court associate justice, Serafin Cuevas. Cuevas is not what most people would consider a poster boy for GQ magazine. If you bumped into Cuevas on the streets without knowing who he is and what he represents, you probably wouldn’t even give him a second look because he looks like everybody’s grandpa. It is not because Cuevas is not a looker in his own right. It is because in a world obsessed with youth, most people would dismiss someone his age as irrelevant. But at 83, his age is actually part of the reason a lot of Filipinos think he is so awesome.

Let’s face it; a lot of people are afraid of the thought of getting old. Apart from the fear of looking like a dried prune, there’s this misguided notion that once you reach a certain age, you should be taking a back seat. That’s because every year, one younger-looking hotshot or another who thinks he is brighter than you comes along more than eager to replace you.

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Just to give you an example of what some people are willing to do in order to remain relevant in society, British supermodel Agyness Deyn had until recently, pretended to be six years younger than her actual age. She had to admit that she was already turning 30 not 24 after some of her former high-school classmates created a Facebook group called “Agyness Deyn You’re not 18”. In her confession, she said that lying about her age was the only way she could get signed up by modeling agents when she decided to be a model at 18, an age that is already considered too old in an industry obsessed with youthful looking people.

That is the harsh reality model Deyn and a lot people have to deal with in an industry where people have to maintain a certain image just to look fresh and give the appearance of “cool”. Of course the environment in the fashion industry is not exactly the same as that in the professional services industry. It may not be as glamorous but at least in the professional services industry, those who have been in the business longer than everybody else are seen to be the ones possessing the wisdom and expertise to know exactly what they are taking about. And I can be sure that this is the reason why Cuevas does not have to pretend he is 18 just to get some respect as a lawyer.

It is no secret that in the Philippines, most Filipinos would rather idolize celebrities like Kris Aquino and professional athletes like Manny Pacquiao. We all know that idolizing the wrong role model has resulted in the dumbing down of our society over the years. Recently, however, octogenarian Cuevas who was virtually unknown to Filipinos who are under the age of 26, has given young Filipinos enough reason to idolize someone outside of the showbiz industry. This is encouraging news, indeed. And the former associate judge is the kind of person Filipinos should be looking up to.

Cuevas owes his return to the spotlight to the televised impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. Despite being retired from practicing as a lawyer, the daily telecast of the proceedings from Monday to Thursday has endeared Cuevas to the public. Some even now refer to the trial as the “Serafin Cuevas School of Law” because he often ends up giving a lecture about the rules of court during the trial. His impromptu lectures are mostly for the benefit of the prosecution who he says still acts more like students than lawyers. It is hard to imagine that in just a few weeks time, Filipinos had learned to appreciate those who were otherwise long forgotten. Cuevas at his age even had to open a Twitter account and a Facebook page just to accommodate his new fans who want to know more about him.

Just like a revival of an old song, the new generation is dancing to the new version of an old hit. It’s not hard to explain why. A lot of educated Filipinos have for so long been disillusioned with the crop of leaders the country has had so far. They have been consciously and unconsciously looking for someone with conviction to turn to for real leadership. Most of the country’s public servants who include President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy), have not demonstrated enough statesmanship; they have not inspired greatness in the people. All of a sudden, an old man wearing a shiny white suit and a distinguished hairstyle blew Filipinos away with his sharp wit and wisdom. None of the hotshot wannabe lawyers who are half his age even come close to the way Cuevas presents himself.

There are those who try to question Cuevas’s credibility but fail because they use flawed logic. One of them is so-called “investigative journalist”, Raissa Robles. Ms Robles managed to unearth some pieces of information on Cuevas then desperately tried to insinuate that he was once a rule-breaker — her “proof” being that Cuevas swore into office former President Ferdinand Marcos’s Vice-President Arturo Tolentino after Marcos fled to Hawaii in 1986. In short, Robles would like us to believe that Cuevas in his capacity as a Supreme Court Judge, did not recognize the Aquino government and took it upon himself to attempt to right a perceived wrong. And if we need to be technical about it, Cuevas was actually following the rule of law then because the Vice President naturally takes over in the absence of the President of the Republic. Since no court has proven the allegation that the election win of Marcos-Tolentino was fraudulent, it means that it was the Cory Aquino government that was illegitimate.

Robles even tried to make a big deal out of Cuevas’s association with Senate President, Juan Ponce Enrile who he defended after the latter was implicated in the August 1987 coup attempt against former President Cory Aquino and charged with a “rebellion-complexed-with-murder” case. Her inclusion of this information in her so-called blogsite simply fails the “So what?” test. Cuevas was a lawyer and Enrile was his client then. You could say that it is indeed, a bizarre twist of fate now that the two are back in the ring wearing different hats. In any case, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as the two stick to upholding the rule of law. It’s unfortunate that so many Filipino journalists who claim to be after the “truth” are spreading irrational drivel instead. What’s worse is that so many Filipinos believe them.

Fortunately for Cuevas, many young Filipinos nowadays who did not witness the 1986 Edsa revolution are not beholden to the Aquinos. They can see through the propaganda being spewed by journalists who appear to be allied with Philippine President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy). Thanks to the dawn of the age of social media, people who are open-minded enough can easily get both sides of the story from the Net. And that is exactly what some Filipinos are doing. Never before has an opportunity been available for everyone to see what the so-called “yellow-magic” is all about – nothing more than a big fat lie.

Now that the prosecution has finalized the presentation of their case against Chief Justice Corona, the coming weeks are going to be more exciting than the past several weeks. Filipinos will finally see more action from lead defense counsel Cuevas who in the past had been limited to voicing his objection to most of the prosecution’s childish violations.

It is easy to see why people can’t get enough of Serafin Cuevas. Some members of the prosecution particularly Congressman Niel Tupas, Jr have become laughingstocks because of their cockiness. They have annoyed people from both the pro and anti-Corona camps. In contrast, Cuevas looks very relaxed and unperturbed by all the fuss. He can be the poster boy for Zen.

Cuevas also appears to be very comfortable in his own skin and unlike some members of the prosecution team; Cuevas does not need to use stunts to get respect. He is certainly not afraid to be different even while just being himself. One can be forgiven for saying that he might be cooler than the father of cool, James Dean — because Cuevas still rocks at his age.

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87 Replies to “Serafin Cuevas: Why Filipinos think he is the new role model”

  1. I’d like to think that Raissa is like a driftwood. No emotion.

    As for getting old, well, IMHO, it’s not the age but it’s the performance.

    1. Relentless is the word that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter to her if what she is presenting is not even admissible in court as long as she can put a spin on it. I don’t know why she refused to become a witness if she has all these so-called evidence. I think what she’s doing is very irresponsible.

      1. Then why does her articles have 400+ comments most agreeing to her? Dont call her irresponsible because what shes doing is right and many believe to her. Bka ikw ang irresponsible ksi lagi m0ng sinisiraAn si Tito Noy na ibinoto ng 15M na katao?

        1. Because, like all people, there are those who agree with her, just like the people here in GRP who love to put you down.

          That’s how it is in this life.

        2. i don’t think you get it.. .just because 400+ peeps comment on her page with, according to you(i don’t read her.. .did a couple but found it not worth my while),mostly agreeing with her, does not and i mean does not make her right, let alone credible.. .for if it were just a matter of numbers.. .it would be so easy to make murder a heroic act.. .numbers do not make a standard or virtue, neither is it an irresponsible act criticizing an overrated, irresponsible spoiled and rotten brat of a president.

        3. So you wants us who agree with Miss Ilda to disagree with her even if we agree with her articles? Well in case if you have forgotten we here have an small but significant thing called “free-will”.

        4. Di ba gawa naman ng Malacañang yung pagpost sa comments section ng mga blogs and social networking sites praising their incompetent boss? So what if there are 400+ comments praising Robles? We can also post 1M comments here praising Ilda’s point of view! So if you can’t handle the posts and comments here, wag ka magbasa, period!

        5. Kagaya mo rin sya Kuya kaya nagkaintindihan kayo. How 15M from 95M filipinos. Riassa is TRUE IRRESPONSIBLE and dying Yellow Zombie Journalist…Estudyante ni Ninoy si Riassa noon..remember kuya Ninoy is Journalist and Riassa is his minion.

        6. @Nutzi Vincenzo
          That is your opinion and belief. Your great leader has mesmerized you with the subliminal effect of his words, speeches, slogans and famous quotes. He even now believes there is a brewing coup against him. I think he might launch one against himself. Plan B may become Oplan Baliw. 15M voted for him? What is the total population of this country? Assuming it to be in excess of 90 million… minus the 15M. How many did not vote for him? Do your math kid.

        7. @Vincenzo

          I have articles that have 1000+ comments. If we follow your logic, it means I am doing something right. 😉

          You really need to get a life because you have too much time to monitor the comment section of Raissa’s blog.

          FYI, there are more gullible people in this world so don’t be surprised if blogsites that cater to people who are too lazy to think are more popular than GRP.

        8. “bgo sbhan ng irresponsible ang isang taong mtgal at kilala na ng mrami sa knyang larangan?”

          Si Raissa na pati release date ng PSP ay ipinaglalaban kahit mali siya?

          Si Raissa na nagtanong kay Gloria kung madalas sila nagsesex ni Mike Arroyo?

          Si Raissa na tinanong si Noynoy kung anong games nilalaro niya?

          Sa mga tanong pa lang hindi na dapat seryosohin tong babaeng to eh.

        9. I thought this dud does not even know how to count. How can he count more than his fingers in his hand.

          It’s a miracle!

        10. Those 400 are part of the pnoy armies tasked to write pro-pnoy comments everyday…

          I asked Raissa if she has an article on the HISTORY of hacienda luisita. She writes back and directs me 2 articles—bereft of her instrospection and analysis. And then she asks me to stop insulting her!

          She can go after CJ Corona but Cojuangco Hacienda gets a measly 2 articles? Those articles are not even “investigative” reporting!

          What a sell-out!

          She is an investigative reporter?

          No different from those people from tabloid Pnoy-Dictated Investigation (PDI) and ABiasCBN.

        11. i think maybe they delete the comments not agreeing with her?..oh the things a yellowtUrd would do…:D

  2. Lets admit it AJ Serafin Cuevas and JPE belongs to the old Gentlemen league. they have seen,lived and survived the worse time.

    1. my fear is that it may take a while before the Philippines once again is in possession of men of their caliber. I don’t see anyone in the near horizon. hopefully, I’m wrong.

      1. So true. I have been observing some of the younger Senators but none of them come close.

        I hope the other members of the defense team run for public office. Tranquil Salvador seems like an ok guy.

      1. @Ilda That would be a big sensation if is so, but the problem is unlike nowaday politicians they are too private. But still, one thing for sute their legacy will be in our history.

  3. Tupaz and company is what congress is all about. Arrogant, incompetent, all air no substance, and most of all, as what a columnist have said, “Benignoramuses”.

    1. They are thick. If majority of them are like that and remain in public office, we can forget about the Philippines joining the ranks of Singapore in the near future.

      1. Excuse me for being for my negativeness, but when haven’t begun that journey much more the means to do it.

  4. Nice article once again miss ilda.

    raissa robles is the mother of all trolls ,she looks like one too, (heard she injured herself and on crutches right now.. could it be the universal law of retribution working slowly into her wicked yellow journo life? ) Her attempts to demonize Cuevas fell flat tho.

    1. Nice article once again miss ilda.

      Thanks koikoikoii

      I don’t know about Raissa’s looks because I haven’t seen her and don’t really care to. I don’t really go to her blogsite unless someone shares a link to one of her articles that seem to ignite controversy. I think she needs to work on her site. It could use some improvements.

      Yes, her attempts to demonize Cuevas was lame.


    I’m quite surprised that Cuevas was also the legal counsel of Former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez. Too bad, she gave up on him when she finally resigned last year, otherwise we might’ve seen Tupas and Cuevas on the Senate Impeachment Trial that was supposed to happen, haha.

  6. raissa robles seems not only myopic but full of hate.
    an example of how not to write. and she is clearly a propagandist not a journalist.
    i dont think anyone in the ‘industry’ takes her seriously

  7. Cuevas is not a role model because he sided with the corrupt, may kapalit ang kanyang pagdepensa kay Corona dhl hndi gnoong kadali kpag ikay nasa bad side. Isa pa, siya pala ay nging traydor din ng pmhalaan.

    1. Nagturuan na naman ang isip batang si vincensus ignoramus. And so as your precious president by giving more pork barrels to his congress mafia for that nonsense impeachment.

    2. @Nutzi Vincenzo

      Please show concrete evidence that Atty. Cuevas is corrupt or that he sided with the corrupt. I suppose benIgnoranus rex is so clean and so unpolluted in your mind? It is very apparent that you adore and worship him like a god.

    3. Blah blah, is that all you can say vincenzo the tw@t? Still uttering the same “pnoy is my god and you are corrupt” crap.
      When will you ever learn?

    4. Vincenzo B. Arellano aka the troll from Malacañang…since you enjoy going against the beliefs of intelligent, discerning, and thinking people like us here, go ahead. But you cannot stop us from showering you with insults as well. Sorry but I am not one to mince words and to tell you honestly, I am not in the mood to tolerate yourB***s**it today. Bring it on!

      1. Oooppppsss….. You have not proven that yet. Baka gamiting ebidensya kay Corona yan 🙂

        For all it’s worth, Cuevas is the epitome of coolness and humility.

    5. @vicenzo

      ui batang isip! anong alam mo sa pagtatrahidor ni ginoong cuevas sa bayan? alamin mo mo ang totoong naganap na ang lolo mo, lolo ni tito noy mo ay isang MAKAPILI!

  8. why bother with the likes of vincenzo? he is pretty much like tupas and quimbo, makes you wanna puke. sorry. .

  9. waiting for his dark past to be dragged out like what the Pnoytards are doing with JPE and MDS. Martial law ties? Duh.

    1. kawawa naman ang mga taong lumalaban para sa karapatan ng mga Pilipino… buti nga may mga taong lumalaban para sa bayan at kalayaan natin…

      1. You can find them in this blog. Kawawa nga kami. Dito lang kami pwedeng ilaban ang karapatan ng kapwa Pilipino.

        You can also find those hypocrites here in this blog.

  10. I believe that age is like vintage wines; the older they get, the better they become…the young has no role models for the past 30 years of Aquino regime…
    We have a whore: Kris Aquino, who is a slut, inserting herself to be a role model of the young…Part of her acts is to sell her family/ herself (?)to voters for political office…we have the boxing champion, Pacquiao. Some singers, Show Biz personalities…We have also Revillame, who got us into the brainless, Wowoowee generation, where the people, morphed into clueless YellowTards…From our role models; we voted Show Biz personalities, as our political leaders. Hoping their talents/ good looks, ability to gyrate, and heroism in the film stories, would translate into realities in our political leadership…We found out these people who have talents/good looks; have empty brains…
    Now being Smart is on the forefront again. Thanks, to Atty. Cuevas…We are now on the right tracks. This is a Bonus from the Justice Corona impeachment. Some good came from it…
    The good Lord really works in a mysterious ways, indeed…

      1. Religion is derived from the word: “religio” which means, “to bind”. To bind to what? If a religion, would make me find the truth about myself, about life, or, make me conjoin with God. Then, I am all for it. If a religion, would make me abide to certain dogmas, certain group mindset, or to put a political leader in office. Or, to engage in politics, like the Ayatollahs of Iran…then, I don’t think, I would let myself be bound…

  11. p-noys puppets like to play dare – how mature!, but if they want to reduce things to that level, and since p-noy has denied any psychological reports exist, then will he commit to resign if an authentic report can be produced. i dare the palace.

  12. Cuevas:Did you order the code red?
    PNoy:You’re goddamn right I did!!!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

    Atty Cuevas is about to show us how lawyering should indeed be done. Some things just don’t diminish with age.

    Raissa Robles, on the other hand, can keep on digging dirt all she wants but she won’t find the link that she imagines in her mind.

  13. Impeachment aside. I cannot help but think about why the silent, sleeping president cried coup. One Senator Trillanes confirmed this as true despite the AFP denying it. Might I point out that Mr. Trillanes is one former leader of the red infected Magdalo Group. The same group that had an alliance with the CPP-NPA. I still remember the capture of Lt. San Juan that led to the red alliance disclosure. Could this coup scenario be part of an expanded administration plot? Is it now an integral part of Plan B? Mr. BS Aquino is even bent on acquiring a new armored and bomb-proof vehicle. What do you guys think?

    1. Cuevas is like a boxer in the ring teasing the prosecution for weeks with powerful but elegant jabs and now he is getting ready for the knock out. This is going to be fun!

  14. pinakamayabang at bastos na terrorista etong trillianes kaya, hindi ko na eto iboboto. sagad sa boto ang bitterness nito at ngayon nasa senate na sya wala pa nmn etong nagawang mabuti eh, kundi ang manumbat sa kapwa nya sundalo at wala pang respeto sa dati nyang mga pinuno. nakakalungkot isipin na magiging ganito ang asal nito ngayon na sobra ang angas? dapat paalalahanan na eto ni spiderman, “great power is great responsibility” ika nga. sir, maari po ba eh senador na po kayo…kung ayaw mo nmn magbago eh kung talaga matapang ka nga eh bahala ka sa buhay mo, mamatay ka rin.

  15. Watchout it seems Noynoy has a new political target.

    “The BIR wants to investigate 33 tax records, including Pacquiao’s annual income tax return in 2010, his book of accounts, list of assets, as well as his earnings from his fights against[b] Antonio Margarito and Joshua Clottey.[/b]”

    Is someone’s earnings abroad taxable in the Philippines? If Manny is being taxed for his earnings here in the U.S., isn that double taxation? And are OFW’s being taxed the same way? If so that sucks for the OFWs who get taxed in the country they work in and their country of origin.

    To me it seems Pacquiao is on Budoy’s cross-hairs for having allegiance with former President Arroyo. Also Pacquiao has been opposed to his political policies. Pacquiao was against the RH bill, Abnoy was for it (to his credit, Pacquiao argued that giving everyone free condoms would be costly to the government, rather than just arguing religious, moral reasons). Pacquiao voted no on the impeachment of Corona as well, unlike the rest of the tongressmen who didn’t even read the articles of impeachment. As a result Pacquiao’s porkbarrel, which he was planning to use to build a new hospital in Sarangani was cut down by the Penoy. Now they have filed criminal charges against the Pacman with a possibility of putting him in jail for 2 years.

    Pacman is now the dicktator Budoy’s next political target. He will use his allied media ABIAS-CBN to tarnish Pacman’s image so that the public may turn on him. Maybe he heard Pacquiao was going to run for president in 2016 and his para-NOY-a kicked in?

    1. “Is someone’s earnings abroad taxable in the Philippines? If Manny is being taxed for his earnings here in the U.S., isn that double taxation? And are OFW’s being taxed the same way? If so that sucks for the OFWs who get taxed in the country they work in and their country of origin.”

      Actually, yes. One can be bound to pay US and Philippine taxes, and double taxation won’t apply. There ae 2 taxing entities: US and Phil. Manny pays US taxes because he got the money from the US, and he pays Phil tax because he’s a Philippine citizen.

      OFW’s are treated differently; they don’t pay Philippine income tax because the Tax Code exempts their OFW income from taxes. But if said OFW has any income in the Philippines, that one gets taxed.

      Reasonably, it is a safe presumption that every form of income every Filipino has anywhere in the world is subject to tax. And that rule is so tight, that unless the Tax Code says so, there are no exceptions.

      As for N/A going after Pacquiao, there could be no harm there. That is part of N/A’s job description, Pacquiao after all is massively rich, but might not really be paying the right taxes. Look at it as Tweedle Dum sucker-punching Tweedle Dee. Not that N/A is out of my shit-list, since it’s already almost 3 years into his term and hasn’t done anything but maintain a court of jesters for a cabinet.

    2. I’m curious as to exactly how ConPac has been able to benefit Sarangani since he got elected. What little I’m hearing is leaning toward good but I can’t be sure.

      1. naging congressman dahil binili ang boto tingnan ninyo noong una syang kumandidato talo sya kahit anong sikat niya may sira na ang ulo nito ngayon naman nag miministro na at nanggagamot pa ng taong maysakit .yung taong gumaling daw yan ang mga palabas nila subra na ng laki ng ulo kanta ng kanta akala mo maganda ang boses niya kung kumanta ay bisayang bisaya ang aksen.mga tanga lang ang taong nakikinig sa pagkanta niya hindi lang sya ang champion na boxer ng pinas

    3. taxasable yan dahil kumita sya sa USA bayad sya ng tax ,pilipino sya bayad sya ng tax sa pinas lahat ng tao sa america gaya ng las vegas pagnanalo ka sa sugal pagkuha mo ng perang napanalunan mo bawas na ang tax ganyan dito sa america tuwing huhugutin mo ang pera sa bulsa para gastusin bayad ng tax lahat ng binibili at nererentahan bayad ng tax yan ang ginagaya ng pinas maiba tayo papaano dapat hangaan si cuevas eh ang parati kong nakikita ay your honor I object at dahil kaibigan niya si enrile ay pinapayagan sya kung talagang magalin g sya payagan niyang lahat ang mga evidensya at depensyahan niya hindi I object ayaw niya gamitin na witness si corona at ang asawa nito na kung wala silang itnatago ay magwitness sila .bakit ayaw nilang maging witness young madre dahil mabubuko sila na sinungaling sya sa ginawa nila sa basa company .wala akong pakielam sa mga politiko sa pinas ang kailanga natin ay malaman ang totoo.

  16. hi guys! i’m new here. would you know kung sino ang nagbibigay ng funding para sa site na ito? may bonus kasi kami sa teacher namin pag nasabi namin. please help! 🙂

  17. Several years ago, a Singaporean told me, “EDSA cost you Filipinos more than you can ever imagine.” His reason was, Marcos was actually on the right track preparing the country for industrialization. The export processing zone in the Philippines was among the first and we were ahead of most of our neighbors. There was even a nuclear power plant ready to be turned on which can supply the power demands of electronic factories cheaply. But we kept protesting. So, instead of establishing the Philippines as a manufacturing base, most US companies invested in Singapore instead. For example, Seagate which was the major hard drive manufacturer in the 1990’s supplied more than half of Singapore’s income for more than a decade, . He said, Philippines could have been the Singapore of Southeast Asia. Philippines could have been the rich guy in the block. But lucky for Singapore, we Filipinos kept protesting on the streets, while they limited their disagreements in the comedy clubs.

    1. totoo yan dahil sya lang ang presidente na marami ang nagawa sa pinas na pinakikinabangan ngayon sa pinas gaya ng tulay building lrt .at wala pang bayad ang mga karsada sa hiway at wala rin vat tax ngayon saksakan na ng mahal ang bayad sa koyente marcos ay makamahirap maraming tao na tanga na naniwala na paalisin si marcos na pagtinanong mo ngayon ay masgusto nila si marcos dahil ang pumalit sa kanya ay masgrabe pa ang ginawa …ang mgva mayamang negosyante ang nagfunding para mapaalis si marcos dahil hindi sila kikita ng malaki pag hindi naalis si marcos at tinaraydor sya ni enrile at ramos ..ano na ngayon hindi na mapigilan ni pinoy ang mga komunissta panay nanaman ang bombahan tapos puro tourism ang pinagaaksayahan nila ng pera .

    2. Very true, we keep protesting against the Bataan nuclear plant but we are surrounded by countries with nuclear energy that we would be affected if something wrong happens. Our laws are against foreign investments because it is designed to favor a few elites. Besides why would our politicians give tax incentives to foreign investors? The government now doesn’t care about us common people.

  18. I’ll be honest, while I think it’s nice that we’re starting to see an appreciation for people like Cuevas, I’m also seeing a correlation to an increased appreciation for Marcos.

    For sure, rose-tinted glasses are the last things I would look at both Aquino administrations’ records with. But one clan’s sins should never excuse or absolve the sins of the other and vice versa.

      1. That’s why I take the Parliament argument with a pinch of salt; the “musical chairs” mechanic falls in sync with the “revolving door prime-minister” thing that Peter Wallace mentioned once.

        1. kaya nga daming balimbng when pres gma steps down lipat agad ng partido…in the congress madaming ganyan. wala na kc pakinabang. keep it up ms. ilda and god bless

  19. former justice serafin cuevas slams sen. recto…tama lang naman gawin niya yon. ano ba pinagmamadali ni sen. recto, obvious naman na side lang ng prosecution ang tinitimbang lang niya eh wala pa nga halos yung side ng defense tapos he’s making a jumping to conclusion basis. which is a no-no in court proceedings…that is why justice cuevas almost loss his cool. we’re behind you justice cuevas together with my family ang relatives, we believe on your wisdom and righteousness. god bless po…

  20. Eventhough their Client “CJCORONA” was convicted , I still high respects for Justice Serafin Cuevas, he did a well and fair fight…. I am against Corona, but I still believe in the credibility of Cuevas… He fought fairly…..

  21. Hindi nga ba suhol, lagay, o padulas yong DAF na ibinigay sa mga senador na bumoto laban kay CJ Corona… kung wala sanang isyung ganito malinis sana ang konsensya ng bayan, walang pagdududa sa sarili mga Pnoy Supporters maging ng mga Corona Sympathizers, bakit kaya hindi ito ang tutukan sa imbestigasyon kung malinis nga ang pagkagastos ng mga ito para walang dudang hindi nawaldas sa pagpapaikot ng isa pang tulad Napoles na style ng panguingurakut ng mga opisyal na nasa likod nito.

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