Crowdsourcing Raissa Robles’s shoplifting allegations

Recently we exhibited the most current case study of the banal bias that top-dog Filipino media network ABS-CBN consistently applies in its “news reporting” when it featured as its top headline a blog post by “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles on the alleged vast United States property portfolio held by Chief Justice Renato Corona.

According to Robles, the information that went into this “report” was obtained “through ‘crowdsourcing’ in her blog”. By this, she means that she was given “leads” by a mob of readers and commentators who follow and participate in the “discussion” on the comment threads of her blog — a self-styled “Plaza Miranda” of Filipino “netizens”.

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For those who are not familiar with the buzzword, “crowdsourcing” is turn-of-the-century consultingspeak for the process of obtaining the sort of information Pontius Pilate worked with when he had Jesus Christ crucified. In short, it is not a new concept. Like the good consultants that concocted the Y2K scam that built the tech carpetbagging empires of the late 1990’s, Robles merely applied a glossy coat of tech-speak over a medieval approach to inquiry. She follows the tradition of other famous atrocities that justified themselves on groundwork laid by “crowdsourcing” — the Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, and the Holocaust to name a few.

But then

Crowdsourcing is a distributed problem-solving and production process that involves outsourcing tasks to a network of people, also known as the crowd. This process can occur both online and offline. The difference between crowdsourcing and ordinary outsourcing is that a task or problem is outsourced to an undefined public rather than a specific other body.

Mmmbut of course it is, Moneypenny.

To be fair, perhaps we live in a society where the mantra “if we can’t beat ’em, join ’em” has proven to be an excellent survival strategy. Indeed, Philippine politics and governance is built upon that elegantly simple philosophy. So let’s apply a bit of Robles’s investigative expertise to our own mini-Inquisition on the perceived “fairness” and “objectivity” of some Philippine media honchos, shall we?

Since Robles is in the habit of using only one “crowd” as her “source”, perhaps we should also lazily confine our journey to a single crowd as well — the netizens of pioneering discussion forum (PEx). In the thread titled “On Karen Davila, Raissa Robles, ABS-CBN, Inquirer and other members of Yellow media”, the crowd has spoken. Tele-journalist Karen Davila is perceived to be “neutral” though one commentor called her “an airhead” who only speaks English with the right accent and tends to disproportionately agree a lot with “Senator” Antonio Trillanes. Former vice president Noli de Castro is also perceived to be neutral (perhaps a tad critical of the present administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III), though some call him Noli “Kabayad”.

One commentor came to Davila’s defense (responding to the “airhead” dismissal) but also provided a counterbalance to his/her said defense…

She’s probably a good person, and is one of the most well known news readers sa Pilipinas, pero di ko talaga gusto style nya [“though I really don’t like her style”].

Parang medyo mababaw ang pinag huhugutan, at medyo forced ang style nya na gawing [“A bit shallow and rather forced in a way that makes…”] more important and historic and earth shattering yung news than it actually is.

But it seems that there is consensus that Conrado de Quiros, Ted Failon, Rene Saguisag, Willie Esposo, and of course Raissa Robles are biased in favour — perhaps even under the payroll — of the ruling Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan. Some words used to describe them include “ultimate Aquino Apologist”, “real yellow media zombies”, “Noytard”, etc. The “crowd” there was also quite convinced that “social news network” is as Yellow a media operation as yellow gets. Reacting to the way Davila retweeted Robles’s tweet, “Pls. compare Villaruz’ testimony with my piece interviewing Dumayas. He signed actual tax declaration 4 Corona condo”, a PEx member there observed:

umepal na naman sa Twitter ang Yellow zombies na sina Karen Davila at Raissa Robles. here’s a Tweet of Yellow Zombie Raissa that was retweeted by fellow Yellow Zombie Karen … [above quote of tweet followed]

Translation of Tagalog parts: “Yellow zombies Karen Davila and Raissa Robles are grandstanding on Twitter again…”

…which was followed by a query on whether both (or maybe just Robles) wrote for — it seems, a natural assumption considering that is seen to be “so yellow [too]”. As another observed while, at the same time, indicting veteran tele-journalist Cheche Lazaro as another one of them “yellows”: “Cheche Lazaro is, if i’m not mistaken, one of the founders of Rappler. we all know what Rappler’s real color is.” It seems that many in the “crowd” mistakenly consider Robles to be a conscript as one observed that “naglalabas ng lagim ngayon ang since nawasak ang prosecution” (“The gloves are off at now that the Prosecution case had been demolished”) in reaction to the posts “hindi pa rin nagbago itong si Raissa Robles” (“Raissa Robles still hasn’t changed”) and “ginagawa lang ni Raissa ang trabaho na ipinatrabaho sa kanya” (“Raissa is just doing the job she was commissioned to do”).

Some of the dynamics between supposed “Twitter friends” Davila and Robles raised eyebrows

Just in DZMM.

Reporting about the alleged properties.

Vic Lima: Who’s Raissa Robles??? Blogger ba yan?

Karen Davilla: (quiet, no answer)

I find it odd that they “seem” to be “acting” that they don’t know her all of a sudden. Aren’t Karen and Raissa twitter friends? I find it hard to believe that for once Karen has no comment nor a backgrounder on said person.

It seems the “crowd” had noticed the way Davila suddenly distanced herself from Robles after her status as a blogger (given undue profile by Davila’s employer) came to light.

And this

Anthony Taberna just now stated on air that Raissa Robles is a contributing reporter for ABS-CB[N].

Um. Didn’t Vic Lima and Karen Davila [get] a memo/notice about their co-worker?

Quite peculiar indeed.

The plot thickens as another member of the “crowd” noted just yesterday, the 27th March that “Karen just confirmed that she does not know Raissa ‘personally’ and that her work is ‘balanced journalism’. Let’s hold on to this.”

Most intriguing of all was a post as of 3:22 am (Philippine time) today, the 28th of March…

gash! is it also true that Raissa Robles is a KLEPTOMANIAC?!

She was caught in a posh botique shop somewhere in greenhills (one of my amiga personally know the owner of the shop and we have shops in greenhills din no, so ang news madaling kumalat yan! hahaha!) and her husband only arranged to the owner of the shop not to file charges as an exchange she will undergo a psychiatric evaluation!

As of this time, that piece of information remains unverified. But then, hey, if über network ABS-CBN News is in the business of publishing “unverified” reports delivered to them from “investigative journalist” wannabes, then I suppose there’s no harm in highlighting a few choice gems from the PEx “crowd”, right? What was the term again? Oh yeah, crowdsourcing.

Well there it is. To give credit to myself, I used a “crowd” for my sources that is not directly affiliated with moi. Can’t say the same for some “investigative journalists”.

259 Replies to “Crowdsourcing Raissa Robles’s shoplifting allegations”

  1. Ok then, let’s “crowdsource” Raissa Klepto, oops, Raissa Robles. Play her game. Tits for Tits, oops, Tit for Tat.

    Great article, amigo. Keep it up!

  2. very interesting. that puts these non-journalists in their place – at the bottom of the pile.

    robles seems unbalanced not just in her writing but now clearly in her head. shoplifting and lying are cries of anger. very revealing.
    no wonder her husband alan lives in brussels, with his ‘friend’, according to sources.

    and shame on karen davila – but she sold out a long time ago. – follow the money.

    they are too unethical to even feel shame about how they poison young uneducated minds with their partisan reporting.

  3. may ibedensia ba kayo sa nangyari sa greenhill baka naman naiinggit lang kayo .dahil madalas na siyang na babalita sa gmanews

    1. Hindi porke naibabalita sya eh reliable source/resource person na si Raissa. Take Madam Auring for example 😉

      And no, it’s not out of jealousy but journalistic responsibility. I’m glad someone like Benigno/GetRealPhilippines have the guts to write something that goes against the common (albeit mediocre) mentality of the masses.

  4. BenignO

    Kleptomania is defined as “an obsessive impulse to steal regardless of economic need.” So, I don’t think Robles falls under the “economic” aspect of that mania, but she might very well qualify instead as a shoplifter or even a pickpocket, the professional kind you regularly meet “sourcing” among the sidewalk crowd.

    There’s also this “admitted rumor” that Robles was seen walking with a limp sometime a few weeks back which may have a direct connection with this other event–or may be spun to have.

    Thus, the “unverified” part of this Robles-seen-limping tale that any weaver of takes should pursue further with earnest is that there may have been a “mild” scuffle during the discovery of the “obsessive” act before the husband could butt in that prompted store guards to react violently while pursuing the fleeing theft and, well, perhaps explains the limp.

    So, who’s next in line to be “verified”?

  5. this is in response to what she is also doing… crowdsourcing… naniwala sya sa mga sinabi ng kanyang mga supporters “kuno” so why not believe in this too? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Sabi nga nila kung ano ang itinanim mo sya ring aanihin mo. Mararamdaman din nya kung ano ang pakiramdam ng ginagawa nyang paninira sa kapwa nya. Wala sanang masama kung may patunay sya kaso crowdsourcing lang e, parang “mob”.

  6. let raissa robles come clean about her statement of working for the times of london and the BBC. (they have standards she would never understand, or remotely achieve) – the truth – she never did, but she carefully says “pieces for”!. what is that – a street interview.
    clearly likes to embellish/distort the facts!
    failed journalist seeking attention and wants/needs money for old age. a presstitute.

    1. what is alarming about this “blogger” is the fact that she doesn’t know when to stop. I stopped visiting her site because as I read comments, they are up to something that I really cannot comprehend until this time. One thing that I can conclude though is that they are harassing Charina by going into every small detail of her life. Can they not spare the poor Charina with this? If they hated the CJ, then at least they give the children the benefit of the doubt. Unlike rich children who choose to stay in the country, put up their own business, she chose to work abroad and live a quieter life using her educational qualifications. I am not pro-CJ, pls don’t get me wrong, I am for the rule of law to be observed in this kind of proceeding.

      1. yayet totoo bang you stopped visiting the blog of Raissa? ang kapal mo at napakasinungaling mo lol bagay ka kay thief justice corona LOL pareho kayo sinungaling!

        Yayet says:
        March 29, 2012 at 8:48 am
        As they say, this is sui generis, quasi judicial, quasi political. So whether we agree or not, this is in reality a numbers game. They are predicting that it is easier to get 7 votes for acquittal than it is to get 16 votes for conviction. 7senators are obviously pro-pnoy, and obviously again, these are the LP senators. The porksecutors need 9 additional votes on their side for conviciton. On the other hand, of course there are the 4 to 5 senators who are, let me put it this way, anti-Pnoy and need only, take note, ONLY 2 to 3 votes for an acquittal. And remember, what if some senators will abstain? Then the more difficult it is to complete the 16. No amount of lobbying can help the prosecutors because the senators have categorically stated that they do not entertain lobbyists on this matter. In this case, no lobbying for the Enrile bloc whose votes people see as sway votes. Have you prepared yourself for a possibility of an acquittal? What is next if CJ will be acquitted? Will they file another impeachment complaint next year? Are we willing to spend more millions for another impeachment? Have you prepared yourself for a possible conviction? Will you be willing to be blinded by realities happening in the government? Will you be willing to play deaf to the millions of Filipinos moaning and suffering due to government negligence?

        1. Oh, kailangan pa bang imemorize yan? Kabisado a. Obssessed much? Defensive much ata ang mga desperate followers ng Plaza miranda. Yayet hinay hinay ka lang kasi, baka ipa impeach ka nila sige ka. Hwag na patulan yan. Wala namang alam gawin mga yan kundi purihin mga sarili nila sa mga pag-iimbestiga nila “daw” sa mga issues tungkol kay corona. Investigative ba ginagawa nila o in layman’s language CHISMIS lang. MABUHAY ang mga CHISMOSO at CHISMOSA.

  7. At the end of the day, benign0 can simply say:

    “No, I’m not saying that Raissa Robles tried to rob a shop in Greenhills. Heavens, no.”

    Crowdsourcing, as she is bound to realize, ultimately yields quantity of data with very little quality (substance). And Filipinos are suckers for this.

  8. nag-improve na nga konti miss karen davila,dati kung magtanong yan sa mga guest nya walang sustansya,but regardless of that improvement,I still think they art in cahoot with this destroy the CORONAS.a very big SHAME ON YOU yellowtards!

  9. what’s wrong with the crowdsourcing idea? I don’t know why you would want to hit ms. raissa robles and her blog post. She simply asked other people to fill in information about the truth on links to CJ or relatives having property abroad? What’s wrong with that? She never accused CJ of having property there outright. It’s the other Corona-tards who are insinuating that. If you want to do crowdsourcing, you might want to do that too. Just my two cents.

    1. because of forums like this, madaling ma-debunk kung hindi totoo. Like yung sinabi sa blog post na ito shoplifting daw si Robles, madali lagyan ng “ebidensya” na nagpapatunay, madali rin ilagay na ganun sa title post, pero pag hinanap mo hindi naman pala. Madali din i-verify kung totoo o hindi, salamat sa internet. Sa kaso ni Robles, napaamin pa nya si CJ na totoo may property anak nya sa States, salamat sa nailabas na ebidensya ng readers nya. So verified nga totoo. Kung hindi pala totoo, lalabas din yun…

      1. madali lagyan ng “ebidensya” na nagpapatunay, madali rin ilagay na ganun sa title post, pero pag hinanap mo hindi naman pala.

        Aha! Now you know what Raissa is doing to Corona. 😉

        1. so nag-shoplifting ba si Raissa? Your crowdsourcing miserably failed. Unlike ung evidence ni Raissa, napaamin nya si CJ.

  10. why shoot the messenger? instead of a shoplifting allegation, why not try to refute her article? siguro dahil hindi na maikakaila ni cj. huwag ibahin ang usapan!

    1. I believe you are missing the point, my friend. This article merely demonstrates the dangers and lack of credibility of “crowdsourcing.” It has the potential to be informative, yes, but it’s a very questionable source to use when you’re a journalist who publishes news.

      If we only argue within the context of “crowdsourcing,” the assertions of this article are factual. But of course it is only rational to question this article’s findings. Which means it is also rational to question Robles’ findings, which are firmly based on “crowdsourcing.”

      Simply put, the message to be attacked in this article is Robles’ credibility as a journalist. I hope I haven’t confused you. ^^

    2. @perfectlyhuge

      ‘… refute her article’

      guess what, they already did. Kindly read the other GRP articles

      ‘…shoplifting allegations’

      it’s called a dose of her own n0ytard medicine.

      ‘huwag ibahin ang usapan’

      gawain ng mga yellowtards yan

        1. It can be based on hearsay.

          Old news: PNoy and his supporters always use ‘tsismis’ to back up their claims.

        1. Some writers do get the facts, but they can always manipulate the story and give half truths. Raissa Robles exposed about the US properties, but CJ said it wasn’t his. It is owned by his daughter. It may be true or not, but a real journalist gets all the angles and SHOULD, by ethics, give both sides. She’s just a pseudo journalist. I wrote a comment on her blog and she only posted my comments which can be attacked by her “Raitards”. Anyhow, I was successful to let her post this site in her blog telling the people to read other blogs, too. By the way, She’s a graduate of “Creative Writing” She may have gotten units for journalism, but 4 years of journalism and field practice make a real journalist. She’s just a Yellow-paid hack.

    3. Raisa Robles is not the messenger. She is one of the mischievous “IMPLEMENTERs” of this child king who hides in comfort behind TV monitors doing things that are not part of his job description.

  11. well, a couple of phone calls and it is clear that the mainstream journalists want nothing to do with raissa robles, hence they have not picked up on/developed her story – other than the obvious abs-cbn-inquirer.
    the general concensus is that she can call herself a blogger but never a journalist. they see that as an insult to the few independent professionals left. as such she is regarded as an irrelevance.
    that sounds about right.

  12. Hwek hwek. On her blog she says she majored in “imaginative writing.” So, her first love is fiction, second is gossip. She puts those two together under the guise of “investigative” journalism. Hwekenanginah.

  13. Posted a comment on her blog to ask for her reaction, comment wasn’t allowed. I guess I’m not allowed “free speech” the way she exercises “free speech” against the CJ?

    1. Oh, hindi ka nag-iisa kabayan. I also posted exerpts of this article, and it was never released. She is the moderator so of course, she will be biased in her own site. What do we expect?

  14. Why blame Raissa. Why blame ABS-CBN.Truth remains that Corona is corrupt and liar. It’s just right to remove him from office.

    1. TROLL.

      Your truth is a fabricated one in order to make yourself feel better. Corona’s removal will never benefit the Filipino people; only the feudal Aquino-Cojuangco clan

      So YOU are corrupt and a liar. Bobo ka lang. 😛

        1. Then he will replaced by ANOTHER lapdog that is favorable to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan.

          You want another Mendiola Massacre to happen, eh? You’re a murder and like your Tito Abnoy, wala kang malasakit sa mga magsasaka.

      1. actually if ever corona gets the guilty verdict based on all evidence presented, the decision can help make a better Philippines because govt officials will have to be more prudent in disclosing their TRUE assets. If ever they lie about those assets it can be grounds for impeachment / removal from office. That also includes PNOY if you hate him that much. Get real.

        1. That’s funny. The trial or the blatant persecution of the highest officer in the Supreme Court does not even compel the other Congressmen who have not filed their own SALN to publicise their SALN. What makes you think they will be honest after the trial?

          You are saying PNoy is trying to make an example out of Corona? Why him? What has he done? Ahhh…Hacienda Luisita.

          You forget that Erap was already prosecuted and convicted but it did not work as a deterrent. You know what is going to work? When the majority of Filipinos stop turning a blind eye to all the shenanigans of every public sevant.

        2. No, YOU’RE FUNNY. That’s right, based on his SALN, Corona should be made an example so that other politicians’ corruption can be exposed that way thru their SALN. Get real girl.

          And your last statement, it’s true, every Filipino should not turn a blind eye on corruption. That includes your pathetic idol CORONA too. 🙂

        3. But why are you turning a blind eye to the corrupt activities of PNoy and the congressmen who signed the impeachment complaints against CJ? And I’ve got news for you: corruption doesn’t just come in the form of stealing.

          Sige nga, can you enumerate Corona’s alleged crimes. 😉

        1. Mali ang term mo, bord. Pwes hindi ka makikinig because Yellow Zombie ka.

          You and the likes of Raissa Robles are the ones who is spouting hearsay and yet you didn’t even know the difference. ‘LUL.

        2. Nah, only dumbasses like you vincenzo listen to “hearsaid”

          You are just wasting your time here trolling. Go get yourself a real job for f**ks sake. You are clearly not getting paid enough by carandang to attack this site.
          Go home and f**k yourself you retarded schmuck.

    2. So-called “journalists” like Raissa is part of the reason why the Philippines remain backward. Her articles are full of “unverified” information. She shouldn’t publish it until she has verified it. She’s just poisoning the minds of her readers.

      1. Maybe it is you that this country keeps going backward? Why support a lapdog of Gloria which is known to be corrupt? Raissa is just telling what God told her,

        1. And whose God is that? Sorry, but you’re worshipping the god of mischief and not the true God.

          Even God is disappointed on you. Did you know that SLANDER is also a sin?

          Yes, PNoy’s lapdogs are much worse. Corona is just a small fish.

        2. And who is this “god” you’re talking about? An idol? God Himself is laughing at you now delusional flip.

      2. This so-called “journalist” seem to act with impunity, has no one try to sue her? In the US you can expect a suing with that kind of idiotic article.

  15. I have personally rebutted Raissa Robles’ article on her website that I share with you at the end of this comment. Just to let you know, Raissa Robles and her communist yellow-tard comrades replied on my rebuttal with nothing but personal tirades and cannot dispute my rebuttal point-by-point as I have disputed her chimis that RC owned the Tampa, FL and Roseville, CA properties. Here you go:

    Arkangel says:
    March 25, 2012 at 3:34 am

    This is mockery at its best perpetuated by the Aquino media machinery. Don’t you forget that there are a lot of spanish and latinos in United States and Pilipinos have spanish names also that is why our names are not exclusive to us (pilipinos). Go to and type in any name even Benigno Aquino and you will get a lot of records there too. Most importantly, public records are not limited to property ownership. It also includes, cases like divorce, and even if you have a utility bill in your name (like Telephone, electricity, internet account), your name will appear on public record. In my case, I don’t even own a property in the US, I just have a telephone account in my name and a divorce case and my name, birthdate, telephone no., city and state I lived appears in any internet site that can pull public records. Pilipinos (especially actors and actresses) who file a divorce case in the US (even though they are not US citizen) will have public record in the US and their names will also appear on people search, intellus or intellisearch. Try it. If you know the legal name an actor/actress or any famous personality who filed a divorce in the US, their names will appear on the search.

    raissa says:
    March 25, 2012 at 7:35 am

    This is NOT the Aquino media machinery in action.

    This is people power in action. We want the truth. Intiendes?

    Arkangel says:
    March 27, 2012 at 3:31 am

    You are a mother of all liars Raissa. I am working in a Real Estate company here in the US and I have access to the database of all property title reports and it’s history and I’ve checked this 1401 Bayshore blvd. address that you have posted in your gossip blog and it is in the name of a certain Venerando and Maria Segunda Batas. If I will not be fired from my work if I release this document, I will release this and from now on, rest assured that I will do my best to verify all the lies that you and your cohort here in the US are concocting just to put your name on all news to make yourself popular at the expense of innocent people.

    raissa says:
    March 27, 2012 at 8:24 am


    I never said that was owned by him.

    Come back here when you know how to read English.
    ernie says:
    March 27, 2012 at 10:01 am

    sorry maam pero di na juornalism ginagawa nyo pero ginagamit nyo na political immaturity ng maraming pilipino sa yong sariling interes.
    raissa says:
    March 27, 2012 at 10:56 am

    journalist ka ba?

    Arkangel says:
    March 27, 2012 at 3:45 am

    Raissa, I am not like your cohort here in the US that need to pay to order report on the internet that he himself don’t understand what it contains. I have personal access to this database and I read the property history and there is nowhere there the name Corona. Bring it on Raissa, release all the US addresses that you alleged to be owned by a certain person and I will tell the people that you and your cohort are lying.

    raissa says:
    March 27, 2012 at 8:23 am


    1. Proof that raissa has a squatter mentality for being ignorant to your evidences. Daig pa nya si I R Baboon e. Paano na lang kaya kung ibuking sa buong mundo yung pinakamalaking sikreto ng buhay nya. That will make her so pitiful and be brought to a mental hospital from her deep depression.

    2. Wow, what a nice rebuttal, “journalist ka ba?”

      Very applicable question to the one asking, if I say so myself.


    3. I saw your post. I already knew how unfair she is even from the very first article I read from her site. I even made some comments against their work ethics as journalists. Her husband, Alan, posted some personal attacks on me, too. And they never posted 4 of my very long comments/replies about being a responsible reader who should read both sides and weigh things out. I used to be pro-Aquino, but I realize that he’s really going above the law. It would be very dangerous for us common people.
      Anyhow, what she did was to post only those that her other minions or her other pseudo names can attack… Pathetic writer. She even claims that she writes for PCIJ. I told her she is just a contributor and she’s not a regular writer. With her style of writing, she wouldn’t even reach being PCIJ’s correspondent.

      By the way, his husband used to be an editor of a long dead newspaper owned by the Lopezes. Now, there’s the loyalty! ^^

      Here’s the link:

  16. Linalangaw… saan na ang mga commentors? Punta ka sa blogsite ni Raissa, you may be able to convince some of the visitors there to read your post.It is only very difficult to connect to the site because of heavy traffic. I heard she has at least one visitor for every 5 seconds coming from all parts of the globe.

    1. 24 oras ka ba dito sa GRP kaya mo sinabi na nilalangaw na? Why? To make another hostile comment to the authors with your “breaking news”?

    2. JohnPaul

      What do you expect? They discuss “tsismis” there while GRP people discuss ideas. Obviously gossip sells more to shallow people 😉

      You can’t even discuss your own ideas here. You just keep harping about how many visitors her site gets every 5 seconds. BTW, you don’t have access to her site stats, right? You said so yourself.

      1. Mas madali kasing mag process ng tsismis kaysa ideas. No need to think. As easy as trolling VBA style.

        Also, not all GRP readers comment. Most prefer to lurk.

        1. Ganyan din ka-sikat ang Barrio Siete nuon. Puro tsismis and pinag-uusapan. Back then they were busy trying to badmouth the other presidential candidates. Now it’s Raissa’s turn to shine because of the impeachment trial. I hope she enjoys her fame while it lasts.

        2. Agreed. I’ve been reading articles from GRP, and I rarely comment.

          I love lurking, though 🙂

    3. Tama si Ilda, bord. I pity you because you believe more in tsimis than facts.

      “Dumb people talk about people. Average people talk about events. Intelligent people talk about IDEAS.” -Eleanor Roosvelt

    4. I don’t have problems connecting to Raissa Robles’ site. But true that the thread is long but not comments. They just scratch each others back and fool each other and taunt and insult those who try to reason with them. When you look at their threads (including that of PDI and PhilStar), you will start to think that NCMH had provided their patients in pavillion 1 & 3 a computer and internet connection that’s why their patients are able to blog :).

  17. didn’t CJ grudgingly admit the property after initially claiming that they’re just renters? that’s not just an idea, that’s a fact.

    why did he not say at first that it was her daughter’s? his backtracking and ‘palusot’ doesn’t look good. it made him look na talagang may itinatago.

    if he can’t face the IC, maybe he can call a press conference and answer all the questions that people are asking.

      1. Alam nyo wala naman patutunguhan ang pagtatalo niyo eh, pro corona at anti corona, ang mga senador pa rin ang magdedesisyon, ang hahatol ng guilty or not guilty, sa palagay niyo ba boboto sila ng patas? Oo may ilan sa kanila, pero yung may mga ambisyon pang manalo at makapwesto sa mas mataas, ano sa palagay niyo ang pakikinggan nila ang pulso ng masa, kung saan sila mas makikinabang. Ako naniniwala ako na guilty si corona, naniniwala ako na di siya karapat dapat na manatiling cj, pero di ko na kailangang makipagtalo sa inyo, sumulat ng mga salitang nang uuri at nang huhusga ng kapwa. Presidente ang pinakamakapangyarihan tao sa pilipinas, sa palagay niyo ba papayag siyang matalo ni corona? 23 senador lang ang kailangan niyang suyuin at hindi ang lahat ng pilipino. Sayang lang ang mga ideas nyo, whaah!

    1. what? we are talking of two different properties here. CJ admitted renting the Florida property. Besides, the article was focusing mainly on the Florida property. The Roseville property was dug deeper after the blogger uncovered it through her mob. Susmaryosep, pagtugmatugmahin nyo nga naman ang detalye nyo.

      1. Yayet, I have a copy of the Title Report and history of both properties and as I said, none of it is owned by the Coronas.

        1. I know. These people can’t even connect the dots they themselves created. Gosh, they are all pathetic… To the extent of even making conclusions that the Corona children were once TNTs here, that Carla was on MEDICAID when she gave birth in SFO, that Charina is so poor can’t even afford to buy a house worth $200K on a 30yr loan… what else will they dig? that Mrs. Corona’s dog is a female and not a male? To me, I see this as plain and simple harassment especially to the children. I do not even know if indeed the CJ is guilty or not, what I am saying is, I don’t like this demolition job that the admin is using. I have seen it before and I am seeing it again. They did the same thing to then presidentiable Villar and they succeeded. Used the same dirty tactic to Merciditas Guttierez, Lo and behold, it worked again. They did not think that CJ will fight till the end. The man could just have taken the short cut to save himself especially his family from public ridicule, yet, he fought it out saying he is ready to lose everything for as long as he is at peace with himself knowing that he fought for his principles. Un ang naka touch sa akin.

      2. Read this comment that I also made yesterday:

        Raissa Robles is the mother of all liars. On March 24, 2012, Saturday, she insinuated that Renato Corona own a property in Tampa, Fl. but she know that it’s not true so immediately the next day, she DRAG Charina’s property in Roseville, CA into the issue to divert the attention of the public away from her lies and deceit about the Tampa, FL property. But as a true liar, she again insinuated a false pretense that Charina bought the property in Roseville, CA and The Fort 22 days apart. FYI, the record date on the Roseville, CA property was SEPTEMBER 10, 2008. The RECORDING DATE usually takes MONTHS AFTER the close of escrow. As per my review of the title of Roseville property, it was bought with a 9.03% down payment (to be exact) and the rest of the $269,500 purchase price is a loan. If the purchase is loan, the escrow usually takes 30-90 days. So if the recording date was September 10, 2008, the truth is Charina bought the Roseville property 4-6 months before she bought the condo at the Fort not 22 days. With regards to the Roseville, CA property being Charina’s sole and separate property despite being married, is another bad insinuation because a lot of people in United States does that for many reasons primarily is their Credit Ratio. If the husband and wife’s credit records shows too many loans, their credit score will go down. That is why there are a lot of Spouses in the US that separates their ownership of their properties especially if it is loaned/mortgage. Also, in United States, you can put the name of any person in your property even if they are not related to you AS WELL AS ASSIGN THE TITLE OF YOUR PROPERTY TO ANOTHER PERSON WHOEVER YOU WANT. If the Corona’s are hiding something, they can just easily put a name of an unknown person in the title, not Charina’s, so people will never know whose property that is.

    2. didn’t CJ grudgingly admit the property after initially claiming that they’re just renters? that’s not just an idea, that’s a fact.

      Are you talking about the property with the same address? Isn’t the property owned by the daughter on a different address? Please check your facts before insisting Corona lied.

      I bet the stuff that Raissa Robles and her “fans” are talking about won’t even get admitted as evidence in court. Puro “haka-haka” lang kasi.

  18. JohnPaul’s right, has many Filipino and foreiGn visitors, different politicAL views. People here in this website are m0stly lapdogs of Gloria, paid o my uTang na loOB lang.

    1. Both of you are wrong. Even one commented about Robles’ lying.

      Accusing us of being GMA’s lapdog are a proof of squatter mentality. W/o knowing it JohnPaul and Vincenzo are the cancer killing the Failippines.

      1. no this blog is just attention seeking, not necessarily from GMA / Corona camp but riding on the coattails of Raissa Robles’ success in informing the public about CJs daughter’s property in the US bought 22 days apart from the declared property in the Phils. It’s newsworthy. This blog post isn’t.

        1. Newsworthy because the favorite pasttime of the dysfunctional Filipino is ‘tsismis’ and many, inlcuding you, got caught on it.

          Don’t compare this blog to Robles because we are anti-stupidity.

    2. Oh really? Regarding your comment on Raissa’s site – sure, lots of visitors. But sadly, you forget to mention or observe that the only welcome comments there aren’t exactly “different political views.”

      About your comment on “people in this website” – what a pathetically naive generalization.

      1. No one writes here about Arroyo corruption. Look at the case of Mikey Arroyos political suicide, parang npkalinis ng tao kht multi milyon ang naipon nya sa iilang taon lamang.

        1. @vincenzo: you gullible yellow zombies are already doing it. the writers here most probably have no desire to echo your mindless (pun not intended) pro-kamag-anak inc. anti-arroyo drivel.

          and besides, placing pnoy the pbrain under a microscope is a lot more fun. viewing his brain requires an electron microscope.

        2. Parallax, do electron microscopes have the power to magnify something that small?

          Vincenzo, your brain is even smaller, by the way. Your masters have not been able to prove anything done by the Arroyos. EVER.

        3. Can you read? don’t you see that this thread is about the lies and deception of Raissa Robles and not about Arroyo’s?

    3. Sure, more visitors. Nobody’s denying that. Different political views? Please. All I saw there was a long wall of text full of commenters either patting each other’s backs for a “job well done”, or personal attacks on the commenter who has different views.

      People here are “paid o my uTang na loOB lang”?
      This made me laugh.

      1. haha, u observed it too? Napansin mo din ba na nagpapagalingan silang lahat tapos may aamin na nagkamali sya ng interpretation sa document? which means, mali sya ng feed kay blogger. evidence that crowdsourcing is never reliable.

    4. HA! You Vincenzo are the typical “trollermancer” who serves the King in Yellow, beacuse if we disagree with your master you label us as servants of the CJ. I know your works trollomancer, they are so transparent, you muddy up the true issue of right or wrong ethics.

  19. Breaking news… (‘tsimis’ to some)

    “In the SWS survey conducted from March 10 to 13, 73% of respondents said they want Corona convicted.”

    Your honor, People of the Philippines rest their case.

    1. Does the survey say how many of those respondents follow the trial and know what is going on? It’s obvious that even you do not understand what is going on. Otherwise, you would share your own “ideas” and not just copy and paste stuff from mainstream media.

    2. “But when asked about their trust that the Senate will issue a fair verdict, 51 percent said they were unsure, 30 percent said they had much trust, and 19 percent said they had little trust in the chamber.”

      I’m confused, how can 73% say that they want conviction if only 30% trusts the tribunal? Are they waiting for a mob ruling?

        1. Maybe he just wants the statistics and get away with it. I emkan, can he go into more-in depth aside from the headline?

      1. Since when the public (who are either ignorant of the law, idiots and collaborators) decide the verdict? Why do even wonder that some decides to ignore the rule law.

    3. Funny how “73% of respondents” is erroneously taken as “73% of the Philippine population 😀

      C’mon, 73% of 1,000 respondents equals 730… versus the almost 100 million Filipinos.

      But then, that’s from the “majority” who love to believe more in “dissenting” opinion.

    4. “Your honor, the survey was illegally obtained and as a proof, it shows signs of tampering and was handed by an invisible small lady that nobody can prove she really exists”.

      Judges and the people: “Agreed, case dismissed”. You prosecution wasted time and money of the people”. You should be ashamed of yourselves and hereby being ordered you to reimburse all the expenses that this court incurs plus interest and penalties and ordered to seek psychiatric help so this will never happen again.

  20. Another truth ferreted from “crowdsourcing”

    Rene Santayana, Corona’s classmate at the Ateneo, comes forward; confirming the Chief Justice to be a pathological liar. Santayana laments on how Corona has lied about his academic honors at the Ateneo: “The point is … why lie about it? There are more than a hundred of us classmates—surely a large number will recall what really transpired in school? What a blatant display of arrogance and contempt! This I take personally because it touches me and it violates whatever small personal unsullied space I can still cling to in this life. I cannot stand idly by and allow myself to be made complicit in this.”

    Another victory for “crowdsourcing”

    1. Source?

      You’re also a pathogical liar. In fact, you wanted to destroy this country by preferring ANARCHY and CHAOS in hoping that Corona will be ousted.

      Sarap maging delusional, right? I just hope I’ll kill you right away, tsismoso.

      1. Pathological liars are, in essence, people who lie more often than they tell the truth, usually for self-serving purposes. They’ve discovered that they can get what they want more easily by telling lies, and they do it so often that lying becomes a routine behavior. Unfortunately, many pathological liars suffer from other psychological illnesses, such as personality disorders. They cannot be trusted. In a nutshell, the Renato Coronas of the world.

        1. Wow, that was an awesome jump from one point to the other! So, based on your amzingly superfluous argument, how did you derive the conclusion that your so alleged “Renato Coronas” are liars? 🙂

        2. Corona quoted this in his speech

          “When someone tells a lie many times, then many will believe it’s the truth.” He is quoting Joseph Goebbels. Sad to say, you are a part of this dysfunction, only fools will take hearsay and conspiracy theories as truth.

          You keep on telling us the ‘truth of a lie.’ Unfortunately, most of squatter mentality Filipinos like you, in a nutshell, are the Joseph Goebbels of the world. Taga-Ateneo ka, utak squatter ka naman. 😀


      There’s this story going around as told by a Mr. Santayana about his classmate,CJ Corona.

      A better story was told me by classmates of Mr.Santayana.

      Mr. Santayana, apparently was the treasurer of the homecoming class of Corona in Ateneo, (which Corona was president of, obviously his classmates put him in high regard for some reason contrary to what Mr Buencamino and Mr. Santayana are peddling). Mr. Santayana hoodwinked his classmates by using the homecoming fund to pay his credit card bills and his office rental payments. This was found out after Corona was forced to subject their finances to an external audit after Mr. Santayana’s vehement objection. The audit did push through and the entire class and the rest of the Ateneans found out what a crook this Mr. Santayana was.

      The shame of it all must have been too much for Mr. Santayan that’s why it caused him great pains to decide to send out his letter. Ha ha ha.
      Crap in crap out.

      a repost: CORONA’S HONORS.

      “I’ve read and reread the accusations, the CV and the SC website.
      Yuvienco, and Cabreros seem to be confusing a gold and silver medal with a valedictorian and salutatorian award.
      My son has a first honor award yet he is not ranked number one in class. It pertains to getting within a range of grade point average which qualifies him as “first honor”. A lower range of grade point average qualifies for a “second honor”.
      Nowhere did Corona say that he got the top ranks, just the honors. Shame on these people for imputing dishonesty where there is none.”

  21. lol now the yellow-tards shifted their strategy to accusing Corona as a pathological liar lying about his honor Lol. Didn’t you said the same about Marcos’ medals and honors. Oh well, that’s how LOSERS behave. They themselves can’t achieve anything for themselves so the best thing that they can do is pull down other people who have achieve so much. What’s the next Chismis are you going to spread after that? let me suggest something, that Corona is a Trans-gender? LOL.

    1. Come on.from the very start of his term as chief justice via being a midniGht appointee of Gloria, everyone kn0ws that he will serve her. Tgnan m nung tatakas si Gloria, sya may pakana n0oN kSi my impluwensya sya sa hudikatURA.

      1. Sorry, Yellow Troll. But the ‘midnight appointee’ issue was resolved since it was the JBC who made the decision of selecting Corona as a replacement for retired CJ Reynato Puno and the 90-day ban on appointing officials prior to the elections doesn’t extend to the judiciary. PNoy and his minions are putting up on that issue.

        Bobo ka. 😛

  22. nagpopost ako ng comments sa blog ni raissa, pero tulad ng inaasahan ko, mas maraming yellow zombies doon na close minded, TRUTH daw yung inilabas ni raissa. natatawa na lang ako sa kamangmangan nila

    1. You kn0w why becAuse youve never felt the injustice Gloria brougHt to this country, ang mga p0ndoNg dpat nsa tama, mpunta sa bulsa nya. At ngayoN ramdam pRn ntn ito ky CoroNa by letTing her escApe

      1. have you nothing else to say except this repeated-to-death yellow crap? naka-detain na si gloria. all you are proving is that you yellow chickens are wimps for never owning up to accountability and pinning all blame on those who aren’t fighting back.

        but then, it’s simple: the chicken leadership is a reflection of its chicken coop. you seem to be having a blast laying eggs for your noynoying master, mmm?

  23. People who have achieved so much, especially in a short time, are WINNERS and BLESSED by God. While people who have not achieved anything for themselves are LOSERS and cursed by God. That is why the LOSERS ENVY THE WINNERS just as Satan envy Adam and Eve (Genesis) because God gave everything to Adam and Eve and nothing to him. So all this time, Satan lure and deceive man to commit sin and insinuate hate, envy and war among people exactly what the Aquino’s (Ninoy, Cory and Noynoy) have been doing to Pilipinos, insinuate hate, libel people, malign people, scandalize people and concoct malicious sentiment, all to promote hate and war among Pilipinos while in the midst of chaos, seize power for himself (SATAN).

    1. @Arkangel

      The Filipino nation is in deep gratitude to you for boldly pointing out that Renato Corona has adopted the ways Satan: “So all this time, Satan (Corona) lure and deceive man to commit sin and insinuate hate, envy and war among people … insinuate hate, libel people, malign people, scandalize people and concoct malicious sentiment, all to promote hate and war among Pilipinos while in the midst of chaos, seize power for himself. “

      You are a noble man Arkangel. Thank you for your brave honesty. Thank you for the Truth.

      1. Your taking Arkangel’s comment out of context. The bottom line is it shows how desperate you are.

        Thank you for your blatant idiocy. It shows us the fact that it was idiocy is killing our society, not corruption.

      2. @John Paul

        Big Lie principle! Thank you for validating the fact that you employ black propaganda and trial by publicity. You twisted the facts and the truth in demonizing Chief Justice Corona.

      3. @JohnPaul, you are so desperate, the NTUzi I was referring is Aquino and his minions including you. The Aquino camp is the one in power and the one abusing his authority against his own people (the Pilipino people). You persecute your “kapwa pilipino” (not just Arroyo and Corona) because you know that you cannot control them. You are only comfortable with people who will never say no to you because you are a control-freak communist who cannot respect other people’s opinion. We on the other side are just waiting for your Master Cult Leader Ab-Noynoy Aquino to give you and his army an order to commit mass suicide just like Hitler and the rest of cult leader that emerges in the past who all committed mass suicide.

      4. @JohnPaul, thank you for your comment. You just showed the public how twisted you and your group are as if the people does not know and see where this issues are coming from. GMA’s term as President (and reign) was over 2 years ago and your still trying to paint the present as if GMA is still the most powerful person in the country LOL. The reason why think that way is because that’s how much hold Aquino have on you. You know how Aquino controls you that’s why that’s how you look at Corona LOL…. “your vision of the world is the image of yourself”

  24. Corona is a big thief and a liar. To all his supporters: Accept the fact that his days are numbered. The jail is waiting for him with open arms.

    1. Maurell is a big thief and a liar. To all vindictive and malicious trolls: accept the fact that we are going to ANARCHY. CHAOS is waiting for you with open arms.

    2. don’t worry, maurell. when pnoy is no longer the president, there will be enough prison space for him too. and it will be painted all-yellow for a comfortable, pleasurable experience. the only problem is that by then, they’d be using taxpayers’ money to buy his tofranil.

    3. LOL to you he is. Unfortunately for you. YOU ARE JUST 1 OF THE 92,000,0000 PILIPINOS. Thanks to Corona. Had he not stood his ground against the Aquino’s communist oppression, your camp’s true color will never be revealed.

    1. The problem of the likes of you is using half-truths and hearsays as facts. Sadly, that is the favorite pasttime of the dysfunctional Filipino.

      Even Raissa Robles’ blog is also flawed. In denial, you simply resort to looking for another more convenient “truth” in order to make yourself feel better. It’s horrible, really.

    2. For all those who have lost minutes of their lives they’ll never get back reading Raissa Robles’ lies, deceit, fabrications and hallucinations:

      Please check out the following post (which solidly differs from JohnPaul’s recommended showbiz chismis balita because this one could actually be substantiated, a concept completely alien to yellow idiots).

      JohnPaul passing around unverifiable, unsubstantiated hearsay – isn’t that a form of being a habitual moron?

      1. @Think First

        I totally agree with you, this awful truth about Corona is indeed very offensive to one’s sensibilities.

        Anyway, in behalf of the Filipino youth, we thank you for being a courageous “truth seeker”. Our nation needs more citizens like you.

        Have a blessed day.

        1. Again, your taking his comment out of context. You’re like PNoy na namimintang ng walang patunay. You just love bullying.

          Thanks for trolling overnight. It proves how stupid you are and I’m very disappointed.

        2. One does not simply misunderstand my comment. I am a truth seeker and I found your comment offensive. Clearer?

          Oh, the country needs more thinking citizens. Not just like me, but thinking, rational ones.

          Please don’t speak for the Filipino youth, you’re insulting us.

        3. @Think First

          Dear Think Rirst, the “truth seeker” :

          Thank you for making your stance on the issues clearer. I concur with you that we should persistently state our comments on the offensive behavior of Renato Corona; be patiently vigilant in upholding a clean and honest government.

          Also, I apologize for speaking only for the Filipino youth. I should have spoken for the entire nation. Being the patriot that you are, it is very understandable that you felt insulted.

          Finally, I was so much inspired by your words of wisdom: “Oh, the country needs more thinking citizens. Not just like me, but thinking, rational ones.”

          Have a great weekend. You deserve it.

        4. @JohnPaul:

          Again, you’re taking Think First’s comment out of context.

          Is that what a resident moron does?

        5. Mr. ThinkFirst

          I just wants to correction. I copy and pastes your saying “Oh, the country needs more thinking citizens. Not just like me, but thinking, rational ones.”

          Did this means you are you does not think and is also a irational? I sure you are not.

        6. Mr./Ms./Mrs. theenglishpatient
          I did not see the correction. Where is it?

          “Did this means you are you does not think and is also a irational? I sure you are not.”

          Does it? I believe you understand the word “just”? Did my statement logically ruled me out of the “thinking, rational ones”?

          I believe not.

          Mr./Ms./Mrs. JohnPaul
          Sure, sure. Yada yada. Offensive offensive. Filipino nation? Are you like Edwin Lacierda who speaks for all the branches of the government?

          It’s “First” though. Have a great weekend as well.

        7. @First Time, my regrets for the typo.

          Thanks for wishing me a happy weekend. Don’t you wish that Corona and his cohorts unburden themselves of the all the lies they carry; so that like us, they too, can have a happy weekend?

          Have a blessed and spiritual holy week.

        8. @JohnPaul:

          And I hope that you’re having a happy weekend, trolling everyone with your comments full of lies and hearsay, dwelling on your delusions.

          You’re just like PNoy: accusing every political enemy without any solid evidence. You’re becoming stupid each and every day.

        9. is ThinkFirst seeking truth or what? do they know not that in looking for truth he/she have to see every and all point of views?

          and to Mr. Parallax, i am not very clear to your statement. your parallax is getted from Green Lantern cartoon movie right? It is these ones who are feed on fear right?

          What does you make of mine?

      1. To John Paul…
        I’ll share to you what I do to research or cross check infos on the web…i-google mo any names na connected sa issue. Let’s say..Corona’s academic records. Makikita mo dun, yung iba kinopy and paste lang ng ibang blogger. Makikita mo,, Inquirer, ABS, then yung mga small bloggers lang na copy and paste lang eh pabayaan mo na. Pag-aralan mo ngayon ang connection nila sa current Admin. ABS-CBN, media tool ni P-noy, Raiza, ang asawa niya worked for the Lopezes during Marcos times (Niresearch ko yung complete name ng husband niya at voila!). Rappler, Maria Ressa, Head ng News and Current Affairs ng ABS-CBN noon, Inquirer, print tool ni Abnoy…I mean Aquino (kelangan bang imemorize yan?). Hello! Conrado De Quiros!
        Pag wala kang nakitang ibang big media outfits na nagsulat niyan like GMA, Manila Bulletin, etc., ibig sabihin may flaw yang story na yan because sa journalism both sides ang kelangan mong ipresenta. At kung lahat ng articles eh walang ibang further investigation, that means it’s not a good news to dwell on because baka naverify na ng ibang journalists in the end na di totoo kaya hindi nila pwedeng ipost yun dahil pwede silang kasuhan ng libel or oral defamation ng mga accused.Journalists need to investigate and give new and true details about that issue kung totoo ngang may foul dun sa news na yun or else ang editor might just trash the news. |Wasted ang effort ng writer. Nasa ethics ng journalism yun para di ka ma-filan ng libel…but di pwedeng magcharge ng libel against online publication. Tinagalog ko para mas maintindihan mo. Huwag kang masyadong nagbababad sa site ni Raisa.Nakakabobo dun. Hindi logical magreply mga tao dun at like I said, she’s a creative writer. Ilda, on the other hand, is a lawyer, so she can write her points of view as a lawyer and as a Filipino. What’s wrong with Raisa’s blog is she’s claiming that her blog is in line with investigative journalism…NO, it can never be because she writes one sided stories at rules ng hard news writing and magbigay ng both sides ideally. Yes, she investigates, but may loopholes ang story niya. Sad to say not all journalists responsible writers, but editors, are obliged to check their writer’s articles. I practiced journalism for just 3 months, OJT lang yun because it’s really a tough job and I realized na I don’t want my life to focus on looking for bad news all the time. So, mas masaya kc ako sa pagteteach kaya ganun. I’m sorry to say but the world of media is dirty. I’m just happy na meron pa namang totoo like GMA. Kahit nga yung ABC 5, fair naman magdeliver ng news. Yung ABS, yun tlga. Black propaganda na talaga halos lahat ng news story for CJ.

        1. @Bea

          This is a great dissertation.

          You definitely have the qualities of a “true journalist”, the likes of: Raissa Robles, Conrado De Quieros and Maria Ressa. Why did you leave the profession? Our country needs journalist like you to vigilantly expose the evils of the “Renato Coronas of this world”

          Wishing you the best in your current chosen field of endeavor.

        2. @JohnPaul:

          Sorry, uneducated, stupid little troll. Raissa Robles, Conrado de Quiros, and Maria Ressa are all known for their one-sided stories and they were not true journalists.

          I’ll keep exposing that you are a black propagandist who loves to demonize those who were against the Aquinos. Wishing you the best on living in your dreamworld. I can’t believe that people are so stuoid these days.

      2. @Ilda

        All are facts, clearly and concisely articulated. BTW, have you read the article yet? If not, I strongly recommend that you do so. Again, you will see here “crowdsourcing” in action ferreting out the Truth.

        “The Truth shall set us free”

        Have a great day, my friend.

        1. I don’t read “hearsays”. I’d rather wait for the trial to start again because none of Raissa’s exclusives ever made it as evidence in court anyway. She’s got no credibility to me.

        2. @JohnPaul, you, the communist Queen blogger-Raissa Robles and the rest of your gang, can USE the word TRUTH all you want but you can never change it’s meaning.

    3. @John Paul, that Mckinley transaction is beyond the comprehension of poor people like you who don’t have rich parents to provide you what you need and support you so you can get what you want in life. So don’t try to be smart on something you don’t know and can’t even have a grasp of.

      1. @Arkangel

        Yes, yes Arkangel, the illegal means by which Renato Corona transacted the Mckinley property is beyond comprehension. Why drag his own daughter, Charina to this heinous crime?

        Charina’s parents, Renato and Cristina, have enriched themselves by blatantly taking advantage of the unsuspecting poor people. Corona thinks he is smart, he thinks he is untouchable being the Chief Justice. As you stated, he does not grasp the concept that God is the “ultimate Chief Justice”, who on the day of reckoning shall have no choice but to find him GUILTY.

        Arkangel, continue your fight for the Truth. We are behind you.

        1. Actually, he opposes the likes of you so stop being so vindictive. You have no idea that it may happen to you, hypocrite.

          Reality check: the ‘truth’ that you want to seek is what you chose to believe that is true. A fabricated truth. A truth that will make you something better. You’re guilty about it, right?

          TROLL HARDER. 😛

        2. @JohnPaul LOL to you, then your prosecution division should have filed an ill-gotten wealth case instead of mini MINI CASE OF MISDECLARATION of SALN. Your concept of Corona obviously came from Tagalog Movies that you are watching too much. GO OUT AND GET A REAL JOB. So you can get a hold of reality.

    4. LOL @JohnPaul, go back to school. #1 Charina is no longer a child to qualify for “Child Abuse” LOL. Further, the blog you are referring only proves how Communist Queen Blogger-Raissa Robles manipulate you. First she said that the Tamapa, FL property was owned by Corona that she knows is NOT so she immediately switched the issue to the Roseville, CA property, that she also know has nothing to do with Renato Corona because it is a legitimate property of his daughther. Then “PARA LALO KANG MALITO” she directed you toward the Mckinley property which was already discussed in the hearing but she publish it in her communist funded site as if the people does not know about it yet and now your are trumpeting that blog again as if the people here don’t know about it yet. Hey, keep in your tiny mind that your camp is not the only one who can research and investigate.

        1. Because most of them are deluding themselves. Bravo for your sheer idiocy and ignorance.

        2. @rolly, you are only fooling yourself when you’re saying that you and your group are enlightening the people. A lot of people are far more intelligent than you and your group and does not need your input. We know that you are not only lying but your and your group are just propagandists and scam that is why we “the common people” are standing up against you and your group. You were able to fool the Pilipino people from the time of Marcos and we will do our part so it will not happen again. We will correct the mistake that happened in 1986 so Philippines can move forward to peace and prosperity.

    1. @Maurell

      Sieg Heil for John Paul! Truly a Nutzi follower of the Nutzi Great Lie principle! A true follower of the great Nutzi Yellow race and its Nutzi genius Fuhrer EvilNoy!

      1. @der fuhrer. Pretending to be german. Lol. You got the same insane brain as adolf hitler.. You don’t belong in this world. You’re as evil as your thief corona. Lol.

        1. And you obviously think he’s pretending to be German only because of his name? Do you know the word sarcasm?
          And that’s you. That’s how malicious and vindictive you dumb flip are with your pathetic squatter mentality. You’re just like one of the Mexican rebels in the game Red Dead Redemption.

        2. @Maurell

          You got it all wrong. Der great Nutzi Fuhrer EvilNoy has got the same insane brain as Adolf Hitler. Besides he has a psychiatric history. Now, now don’t use the Nutzi Great Lie principle. I am not evil. I am trying to poke fun at Nutzi followers like you.

        3. Fact: those who are blind followers are those who who wanted to believe in a so-called ‘truth’ in order to make themselves feel better.

          You don’t deserve to be free.

      1. @Nutzi Maurell

        This is for your continuing education as you are obviously an ignoramus. We know your Nutzi propaganda style. The Nutzi Great Lie principle in Black Propaganda is explained as repeating a great lie over and over again until it is believed as the truth. Thus lies against the perceived enemies(i.e. CJ Corona)of Der Great Nutzi Fuhrer EvilNoy are made to appear as truth, while truth revealed against Der Fuhrer EvilNoy is made to appear as lies. You sure like Nutzi Trial by Publicity too.

    1. @Arkangel

      We all agree with you Arkangel. This NUTzi-like manner Corona in running the Judiciary should be stopped. The people join you in preventing another Hitler (aka:Corona) in taking over the country. We don’t want another Holocaust to happen among our countrymen,

      You are a hero Arkangel. You make the Philippines a safer place to live in.

      1. Ah, wala na ‘to. This is now a TROLL post since your comments are out of context and all are nosensical. The ‘NUTzi’ term is attributed more to PNoy and his minions than Corona.

        Wait a minute, what Holocaust? Did Corona statrted it? Corona is more like a victim than the villian due to the fact on the SC order on the Hacienda Luisita case. Hey hypocrite, you want another Holocaust where innocents will be killed for the 3rd time (remember the Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita massacres).

        Stikk, Arkangel is a hero. A hero who opposes vilifiers and trollmongers like yourself. And we are proud of him. And it shows how thoroughly insane are you.

        Please delete his spam comment.

        1. 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis because of who they are. If you to brand Marcos as one, think about it. Ang mga pinapatay ni Marcos ay mga lumabag sa batas. Samantalang si Cory, pinapatay niya ang mga inosenteng magsasaka. Kawawa naman…

          The Holocaust is real. Since you’re a typical Yellow zombie, the Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita massacres are a myth and they don’t exist, do they?

      2. @JohnPaul

        Very unoriginal in copying my Nutzi write style. You are validating the fact that you are part of the Black Propaganda Machinery of Der great Nutzi Fuhrer EvilNoy. The greatest Nutzi genius of the master orange(yellow/red) race. The blame game against CJ Corona by way of trial by publicity is very apparent. Study the rule of law and separation of powers. The judiciary has no great powers like the Executive Branch led by the dictator you adore and worship! In Pilipino. Binabaliktad mo and katotohanan.

    1. You’re resorting to ad hominem attacks now because you can’t even bring up a good argument. Utak-squatter talaga.

      Actually, you can’t even accept the fact that what we have said is true. And you cited your sources from ABS-CBN, Inquirer and even Raissa Robles’ blog. Vindictive and malicious minds always lose.

    2. @maurell: branding him a she-man only makes you a dumb bigot.

      der fuhrer is a decent, thinking individual whose sexual preference is irrelevant in this discussion.

    3. @Maurell

      Your personal insult does not affect me. I am secure in the knowledge that I am a real man.

      Permit me to answer… You have the psyche of a mental hermaphrodite with less than cutting intelligence or wit. Touche!

      1. been gone for a while and have missed reading and posting…i see that we have additional yellow turds posting in here. did VBA send for reinforcements?

        1. @JohnPaul:

          You just want to humiliate yourself over and over again. Sorry, but that’s true.

      2. @Der Fuhrer

        Don’t feel bad.

        There is nothing wrong with being gay. Times have changed. The world is now more open to accepting people like you. God has created you this way for a reason. Embrace it. Be proud of it.

        1. @Nutzi JohnPaul

          As I said before… I am secure in the knowledge that I am a real man. I was a leader of men a long time ago when you were still in diapers or short pants.

          You like to spread lies about people. That validates your black propaganda and trial by publicity conspiracy in this site. Oh by the way stop the pretense of being Christian in a very subtle attempt of taking the name of God in vain.

          You adore and worship an iconoclast in the palace by the river. You and him are a member of the tribe of the people of the goat.

        2. @Der Fuhrer

          My dear friend,

          Choosing to remain a closet queen is your right. We respect your decision.

          May God guide you as you traverse the path that you have chosen.

        3. Humbly requesting GRP admin to place JohnPaul’s comments in the spam folder.

          None of his comments contribute to the discussion.

          Thank you.

  25. Breaking news … (‘tsimis’ to some)

    “Senator Santiago backs away from threats to cite polling firms and students for conducting surveys related to the impeachment trial. Santiago also echoes pleas of fellow senator-judges for Corona couple to testify before the Impeachment Court”

    Is she now switching sides? Can we now expect a vote of conviction from her?

    1. Nope, she is not. She wants to save herself from the hypocritical angry mob, which you are part of.

      I’ll just wait for the trial to resume. I guess your sources came from Inquirer. They’re also biased. So this is ‘tsismis’ and the gullible majority believed in it.

    2. @JohnPaul

      Breaking news … (‘tsimis’ to some)

      “Senator Santiago backs away from threats to cite polling firms and students for conducting surveys related to the impeachment trial. Santiago also echoes pleas of fellow senator-judges for Corona couple to testify before the Impeachment Court”

      Is she now switching sides? Can we now expect a vote of conviction from her?


      Trying to persuade the gullible and less principled by resorting to cheap ploys like this can get pretty old.

      To independent thinkers—i.e. to those who are truly free, due process transcends the preferences of either the masses or any particular senator-judge. No amount of defamation or public mis-perception could change the fact that an innocent man is simply innocent regardless of the trial’s outcome.

      1. “No amount of defamation or public mis-perception could change THE FACT that an innocent man is simply innocent regardless of the trial’s outcome.”

        Like hell yeah!!!!! And you said you guys are pro-procedure. Hypocrites!!!!

        1. @shssss:

          Number one rule:

          “Innocent until proven guilty.” Not the other way around.

          So who’s the hypocrite now? Fact is you have squatter mentality. 😛

        2. “No amount of defamation or public mis-perception could change THE FACT that an innocent man…”

          (1) Where did you get your “facts”? You haven’t established any facts. What Corona says he, readily contradicts the morning after, hehe.

          You want facts, these are facts:
          dollar accounts, seven year UST requirement completion as opposed to five to merit honors, existing affidavit of now dead caretaker specifically saying the CJ pointed a gun at him, midnight appointment,the 90-year old nun’s testimony,blah blah blah blah….

          (2) Pro-procedure you say? “….is simply innocent REGARDLESS OF THE TRIAL’S OUTCOME.” Hypocrites.

          Even your “head of the defense team”, Sen. Santiago is telling him to take the witness stand. Even the cj said he would take the witness stand. Ngayon ano? Takot kasi baka magkalat, di na niya malaman kung paano pagtatagni-tagniin yung mga kasinungalingan nya?!

          Imagine, CJ, takot idepensa sarili nya? Baka mapahiya?! Meron pa ba syang dapat ikahiya?!

          Mas kaya nyo pa syang idepensa sa korte kaysa sa sarili nya and he prides himself that he represents the Judiciary. Nakakahiya talaga. Ang tanong bakit? Kasi baka mapahiya…….. sobrang kapal na ng mukha nya pwede nang gawing gulong ng eroplano.


        3. @shssss:

          Fact: You get your sources on ABS-CBN, Inquirer, and even Raissa Robles’ blog so those are nothing but lies disguised as ‘facts’; you just want to make yourself feel better.

          As from someone who is stating ‘facts’ your EMO is showing full force. @$$hole. <_<

        4. Maybe you are Renato Corona disguising as Daido Katsumi.

          You can always sue your detractors if they are stating untrue claims like what your wife did with the Basa’s.

          So why chicken out now? Because you will put yourself in deeper shit now that you are under the scrutiny of the enraged public.

        5. @shssh: Thanks to your stupid post, you have proven that you belong to the enraged public, which is the angry mob. People who love to eat each other, seeing hearsays as ‘facts’ and preferring ANARCHY & CHAOS in order to seek the truth.

          Vindictive and malicious minds like your would never succeed. Because you are unleashing… HELL.

          *thumbs down*

        6. @shssss

          Like hell yeah!!!!! And you said you guys are pro-procedure. Hypocrites!!!!

          Hoist…Tanga ka ba?

          I was making a general statement. Not because the words “the fact” were mentioned in that statement that I’ve made meant I was already making premature claims specific to Corona’s ongoing or any particular trial. Only the prosecution and their yellow supporters are into that habit.

          Totoo naman eh…
          “No amount of defamation or public mis-perception could change the fact that an innocent man is simply innocent regardless of the trial’s outcome.”

          Such assertions may apply to any case, not just this impeachment trial.

          Comprehension nyong mga yellow supporters talaga o…tsk tsk tsk—‘Happens to yellow supporters especially for being overzealous at protecting their skewed convictions. Your degree of conviction BTW doesn’t turn a falsehood into a fact—Only fanatical terrorists, Talibans, etc. believe so. Also, not because a particular regime or leader has been voted or “most popular” in a society means that the leader is right—Look at Iran—the Philippines became like Iran in choosing a twisted leader. Moreover, this leader is equally dictatorial in wanting his tentacles spread out to control all branches of government.

        7. Your first sentence was flawed therefore your conclusion is flawed.

          O sige, what flaws? Let’s see.

          Get it, nincompoop?!

          lol…no amount of expletives can hide the embarrassment you’ve brought upon yourself. You’ve misunderstood and overreacted. Plain and simple. Why deny it?

    3. @Nutzi JohnPaul

      Speculation is the mark of an amateur. You are proving yourself as a mediocre black propagandist. This is seen as lies made to appear as the truth. Your credibility is way below zero.

      1. Yellow is the NEW dark. Miriam is too intelligent on doing that if you ask me. She is even pissed about the prosecution’s incompetence, eto pa kaya?

        Fact is this is ‘tsismis’. Yours is PURE TROLLING.

      1. “Is Santiago finally seeing the light? Is she abandoning Corona and his camp?

        Even Arkangel admits, “… yes she is…”

        1. Nope, what Arkangel said is TRUE. IN YOUR DREAMS.

          JohnPaul admits, “Yes, I love to destroy this country. I love to abuse my freedom…”

        2. You’re just good at spamming, trolling and promoting your Yellowshit. I’m not as good as everyone when it comes to things like this but obviously it is you who keep on lying the most.

  26. @JohnPaul

    You’re dreaming, your mind is full of yellow, baka me hepatitis ka na, hindi pa kayo nahihiya sa ginagawa ng idol nyong Abnoy kaming nagtrabaho dito sa labas hiyang-hiya na dahil nitong sinto-sintong nasa malakanyang.

  27. Breaking news… (‘tsimis’ to some)

    “ Sen.Escodero and Fr. Bernas criticized the defense team for beating around the bush. Both are in the opinion that the defense should just directly answer the charges against Corona.”

    One by one, known Corona supporters are starting to join the “73% of the Filipinos who would like to see the Chief Justice convicted”. First it was Enrile, followed by Santiago. Now, we see signs that Escodero and Bernas are joining the bandwagon, too.

    Is Joker Arroyo next in line?

  28. BeningO

    Here’s the latest crowdsourcing “news” from crowdfunding Raissa:

    Section 14 (2), Article III of the Bill of Rights provides that:

    “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused … shall enjoy the right to be heard by himself … to meet the witnesses face to face, and to have compulsory process to secure the attendance of witnesses …”

    Upon resumption of the Impeachment Trial during the first week of May, 2012, the accused CJ Corona will invoke his right guaranteed under Sec. 14 (2), Art. III (Bill of Rights) to secure the attendance by compulsory process and meet face to face for a one-on-one his principal witness and accuser: PNoy.

    Rep. Pacquiao will act as the third man in the ring during the 1 week championship bout at the floor of the Senate. Senator Enrile will act as ring announcer ala “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”!

    1. Hey Mr JohnPaul

      You and the likes of Raissa Robles are the ones dragging Corona’s children into this. They have not been in the limelight until you guys started spreading all kinds of gossip about them.

        1. “If a lie was told many times, then many people will believe it’s the truth.” -Joseph Goebbels

          I believe in an absolute truth. No compromises. Well, you have compromises.


        2. @JohnPaul

          You really come across as someone who won’t even recognise the truth even if it hit you on the face.

  29. @JohnPaul, did you delete your false accusation I quote: “Manila, Tuesday, April 3, 2012 – A group of US-based concerned Filipinos, believed to be active “netizens” of Raissa Robles’ blogsite: Inside Politics and Beyond, is in the process of sifting through and verifying ‘crowdsourced” documents before submitting them to the U.S. Internal Revenue System (IRS) . The documents will serve as evidence for a tax evasion complaint to be filed against the Corona siblings. The official stand of the IRS on keeping offshore assets is: “while there are legitimate reasons for maintaining assets abroad, there are reporting requirements that need to be fulfilled. U.S. taxpayers who maintain such assets and who do not comply with reporting and disclosure requirements are breaking the law and risk significant penalties and fines, as well as the possibility of criminal prosecution.” http://******v/newsroom/article/0,,id=254501,00.html Naku Corona, patay kang bata ka… Kasi naman, pati mga anak idinamay.”

    You are also a liar and a fraud just like Raissa Robles and your Master Communist Cult leader Aquino. You thought that we will not know that you edited the wordings on IRS regulations to serve your purpose? The “ASSETS”. You replaced the FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS into Assets to serve your purpose. YOU ARE A MOTHER ***** LIAR that’s why the likes of you are just lurking in the web because you cannot show your faces in public as you know what the people will do to you if they know who you are MOTHER ******* LIAR ASS.

    1. Arkangel

      JohnPaul’s posts end up in the spam folder due to excessive links. He needs to stop posting links of dubious sites in GRP.

      1. @Ilda, the wanna b lawyer:

        hehehe … ikaw pala ang PIKON. Akala ko pa naman astig ka.

        Wala kayong binatbat. Kayang kaya ko kayong lahat, kahit mag-isa lang ako. Bakit kaya ganoon? BECAUSE I AM ON THE SIDE OF TRUTH

        1. @Nutzi JohnPaul

          Tsk, tsk… picking on Ilda now and taunting her and the other posters. What a pathetic braggart. You are just a mediocre black propagandist. Critters like you love to tell lies in statements like “because I am on the side of truth.” Lies appear as truth and truth appears as lies is your motto.

        2. What makes you think you are winning the argument? You can’t even use your own words. Without using the quotes from Raissa Robles and other articles from mainstream media, you can’t even defend yourself.

          Spamming your links will force you to think. 😉

        3. Resorting to ad hominem attacks are a result of your insanity.


          Those who are siding with their own ‘truth’ are those who love to abuse their freedom.

        4. One could say that I am a calm and collected person, but what profoundly irks me is the shameless declaration that one is on the side of the truth.

          In a rational debate, nobody’s entitled to the truth. The truth is the goal of debates. It is not a weapon or an asset one could use at his own disposal. The truth is pursued, not exploited for one’s interests.

          To naively assert that you own the truth is to display your utter ignorance of what it means to be rational. To shamelessly declare like a religious zealot that you own the truth is to betray your inability to assess things in a scientific manner.

          I would strongly suggest that you be cautious of your manners. Your recklessness might prove to be your undoing.

        5. @JohnPaul, Kayang-kaya mo lahat na ANO? to blog as long as you want? yeah right you can because that’s what “INUTIL” does, you can’t get a legitimate job that’s why the only job you can get is to blog for pay by the Aquino-Cojuangco.

  30. Thats true, ilda is a wanNaBEe lawYer and wanNaBEe journalist. You cant change the c0untry when u are oN the wr0ng side (Gloria and Corona)

    1. That’s false. Vincenzo is a brainwashed idiot. You can’t change the country when you are on the wrong side (mediocrity and stupidity.)

  31. @JohnPaul, here is my reply to your fraud and deception regarding the IRS you pathetic liar:

    You are also a liar and a fraud just like Raissa Robles and your Master Communist Cult leader Aquino. You thought that we will not know that you edited the wordings on IRS regulations to serve your purpose? The “ASSETS”. You replaced the FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS into Assets to serve your purpose. YOU ARE A MOTHER ***** LIAR that’s why the likes of you are just lurking in the web because you cannot show your faces in public as you know what the people will do to you if they know who you are MOTHER ******* LIAR ASS. Here is the original of that IRS paragraph under a periodic TAX TIP publication of IRS:

    Dirty Dozen Tax Scams
    Special Edition Tax Tip 2012-02, February 17, 2012

    While there are legitimate reasons for maintaining FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS abroad, there are reporting requirements that need to be fulfilled. U.S. taxpayers who maintain such accounts and who do not comply with reporting and disclosure requirements are breaking the law and risk significant penalties and fines, as well as the possibility of criminal prosecution.

  32. @JohnPaul, here is my reply to your fraud and deception regarding the IRS. YOU PATHETIC SCUMBAG:

    You are also a liar and a fraud just like Raissa Robles and your Master Communist Cult leader Aquino. You thought that we will not know that you edited the wordings on IRS regulations to serve your purpose? The “ASSETS”. You replaced the FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS into Assets to serve your purpose. YOU ARE A MOTHER ***** LIAR that’s why the likes of you are just lurking in the web because you cannot show your faces in public as you know what the people will do to you if they know who you are MOTHER ******* LIAR ASS. Here is the original of that IRS paragraph under a periodic TAX TIP publication of IRS:

    Dirty Dozen Tax Scams
    Special Edition Tax Tip 2012-02, February 17, 2012

    While there are legitimate reasons for maintaining FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS abroad, there are reporting requirements that need to be fulfilled. U.S. taxpayers who maintain such accounts and who do not comply with reporting and disclosure requirements are breaking the law and risk significant penalties and fines, as well as the possibility of criminal prosecution.

  33. @Ilda, hi ilda, i want to send you some documents. you know my e-mail address right? Send me a private message so I would know where to send the documents I would like the world to see to rebut the liars lurking in the web.

  34. Looks like I have to list people who should be shot if Stalin is alive(incomplete list):

    Vincenzo B. Arellano – TOP ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!
    ana marie beleganio(the one who wrote PINSA)
    John Paul
    ReturnOfTheComeback(from AP)
    nelson ongpauco

    *to be updated(depending on future circumstances)

  35. Your brain reveals your sheer idiocy and ignorance. PNoy will possibly be incarcerate due to his defiance of the law.

    Unfortunately, there is the biased media who does the job for him.

  36. LMAO. Missed this yellow pawnage here. Will there be a follow up article? Looks like we have a bunch of mental nutcases. Have a nice day.

    (inabot ako ng madaling araw sa mga posts ng mga n0ytards na ito.)

  37. Raissa peddles lies and innuendos and she gets paid for it…that is also a form of theft.
    in the states its called that “Theft By Deception”

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