PNoy is just being himself when he is Noynoying

I have been writing about President Noynoy Aquino’s lack of vision and substance even before he got elected. Back then there were only a handful of political pundits who where vocal about his competence levels. And back then, it was so hard to convince Filipinos in general that he didn’t fit the image his public relations machine was projecting him to be. Who would have thought that giving a catchy name like Noynoying to describe PNoy’s work ethic would help convince people not to vote for a dud? I should have realized that marketing gimmicks always work well with most people. I suppose it is easier to give it a name nowadays. After two years in office, the results can speak for itself. The lack of progress under PNoy’s watch is undeniable. There are now quite a number of people who would readily agree that PNoy is slow or doing nothing to face the country’s problems.

It’s hard to tell though if there are indeed more Filipinos who have finally realized that PNoy is not fit for the job. I get this feeling that some are just riding the bandwagon after Noynoying became the trend in various social network sites. These people may not even know what the concept behind the name is about, which is why it is still better to call a dud, a dud. So instead of feeling glad that Filipinos may be starting to demand more from the government, I am feeling a bit wary that this is just another one of those things that make you go hmmm

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To be honest, I feel a little bit annoyed that it is only now that the idea is catching on — the idea that PNoy is not The One. I guess it is easier to deal with this phenomenon by accepting that there are only a small number of people who have foresight. And in the Philippines, that number is even smaller as evident in the number of times Filipinos have been duped into voting the wrong candidate.

Foresight is having the ability to see the consequences of doing something by analysing it first before actually doing it. It’s the ability to plan for the future. Obviously in the Philippines, foresight is not yet the trend. Most Filipinos are only capable of hindsight, which is basically useless especially when you are already stuck with a leader for a good number of years. While most of us already knew from the beginning that it was just a matter of time before the true extent of President Noynoy Aquino’s incompetence was revealed, many, if not all of his supporters are genuinely quite surprised by PNoy’s falling out with the voters. The reason for the falling out is quite simple: PNoy never really had essential leadership and diplomatic skills from the very start. Forget his acing the popularity surveys they keep harping about, because there is only one way but down for this government if they do not listen to their critics.

It’s the people’s fault.

It’s not really fair to expect much from PNoy now. It’s like the idea of someone who marries a bum then expects him to change after the wedding. One can’t really expect that to happen considering that the bum might have been expecting his spouse to accept him for who he is. In PNoy’s case, there were so many signs he wasn’t going to live up to people’s expectations. How could his supporters have missed his reluctance to carry out playing his role? First, staunch Aquinoist supporters had to beg him to run for the presidency. Second, he was averse to joining public debates or forums and even lost his cool when asked complicated questions by moderators or reporters. He always gave the impression that he would rather be somewhere else. This almost always caused him to have a negative mental attitude.

You can’t blame this entire Noynoying fiasco solely on PNoy. The people around him and those who supported his candidacy are to blame too. Like what I have said in the past, there are many ways to try and talk with President Noynoy Aquino’s supporters. Unfortunately, none of them works. They are so caught up with their own narrow view of what is good and evil that they cannot see beyond their flawed reasoning. They did not listen when economists from Bloomberg predicted that Noynoy won’t be good for the economy; they even ignored TIME magazine when they painted a not so good picture of Noynoy when they said that being part of the oligarchy makes him part of the problem; and they definitely ignored bloggers who warned that we might become the butt of jokes if Noynoy gets elected. They definitely came across as anti-intellectual.

Staunch Aquino supporters did not even give PNoy time to grieve after the death of his mother, former President Corazon Aquino. We recall that immediately after his mother’s funeral, Aquino supporters pleaded with him to run for the highest job in the land even without consideration for his own personal needs.

PNoy’s supporters are very difficult people to deal with. Like cult members, they just kept chanting yellow slogans like, “Noynoy has integrity” or “Noynoy is not corrupt” over and over. No one from among the true Aquino supporters or even those who voted for him because of his high ranking in the surveys heeded the warnings given by genuinely concerned citizens about the risks of having him in Malacañang. Like someone who had been possessed or been under a spell, PNoy’s supporters bought the story line that “The presidency is Noynoy’s destiny” — a belief perpetuated by none other than Noynoy Aquino’s handlers themselves.

In PNoy’s case, he allowed himself to get bullied into accepting the nomination to run. He probably felt he had to live up to the image of his own parents and fulfill the expectations that the people who surround him want him to step up to even if these are beyond his capacity or not in line with his personal wishes. Now he is suffering the consequences of his lack of foresight by being the butt of jokes not just in the Philippines but also coming from international pundits.

Since those who voted for PNoy never really asked him prior to voting him in how he was going to manage the economy, the energy crisis, the population crisis, the environmental crisis, and all the other crises facing the country today, they really can’t do much now but make some noise — noise they should have been making prior to the election. Had they asked all the candidates to come up with a platform months before Election Day, they would have gotten an idea of who best can deal with the problems.

It’s not hard to avoid another PNoy from being voted into the highest position in the land. We just need to plan and think ahead. One can think ahead by asking our candidates to come up with a platform. In the lead up to the 2010 presidential election, blogger Benign0 already came up with an approach to developing one. He outlined the process by using simple terms:

– Understand the situation.

– Take a position.

– Articulate actions.

– Compile into a coherent framework.

Roadmapping 101 for Presidential Candidates

How hard could it be, considering that one would at the very least expect a bit of executive management chops in the various characters who are vying for the highest executive position in the land? If we are to expect Filipinos to courageously rally around a serious effort to become a better country in the foreseeable future, it would help to see a leader who has it clear in his or her mind how to get us from A to B.

Fortunately the answer to the above question is a resounding NO. It is not hard.

Coming up with a roadmap that befits a presidential candidate can be described in several easy steps:

STEP 1: Understand the situation and state relevant issues associated with key aspects of the situation.

For example:

– Widespread poverty

– overpopulation
– lack of employment
– lack of skills

Often a statement describing a “situation” sounds like a description of an “issue”. In the case of the above example, it can be argued that “widespread poverty” is an issue. Thus for the purpose of this exercise we make the following proposed differentiation:

A situation most closely expresses one of a handful of key metrics that quantify or qualify the headings in a platform summary matrix.

An issue describes complications in factors that contribute to a situation. It more closely approaches a challenge that implies a specific solution that would yield specific measureable results. These results in turn contribute to changing the stated situation.

STEP 2: Take positions on relevant issues.

Candidates should state in precise terms how different the parts of the world affected by an issue would look when their envisioned position has been achieved.

For example:

– Overpopulation

– Reduction of birth rate

Note in the above example that the difference implied by the position stated is a lower birth rate compared to the galloping birthrate that describes the situation in the Philippines today.

STEP 3: Articulate actions that can be implemented to achieve the stated position.

For example:

Position: Reduction of birth rate

– Mount campaign to de-stigmatise birth control
– Distribute affordable contraceptives.

A statement of action should allow identification of clearly-defined deliverables (e.g. information campaign or condoms supplied to Barangay (community) Health Centres) and outcomes (e.g. positive public response to condom distribution).

STEP 4: Compile and describe a platform in a coherent and internally-consistent framework.

The following diagram illustrates how the examples used above form just a small subset of what should be a comprehensive roadmap for change that a candidate — or political party — should bring to the table.

The principle of MECE (mutually-exclusive, collectively-exhaustive) should be evident in how all the elements of the platform/roadmap are stitched together. This involves careful thinking-through. As such, considering that Filipinos are not known for thinking things through carefully, a politician that is at least able to come up with such a framework that stands up to the standards described here already demonstrates that he or she is different from all the rest.

The challenge, Mr./Ms. Politician is quite simple, reallyâ„¢.

An inability to describe one’s vision beyond quaint slogans and tired platitudes simply highlights the kind of intellectual void that has characterised Philippine politics for the last half-century. The results speak for themselves — in a muted tone that is, considering that there are no results.

I suppose we should all be happy that Noynoying is all the rage. We should see this as an opportunity for all Filipinos to unite. It is an opportunity for everyone to turn their backs to decisions that are just shots in the dark — like that of electing someone who only has a popular name (like “Aquino”) to his credit. It should be plain obvious to us now that PNoy’s lack of experience or expertise does not help him make the necessary decisions in critical situations. As the head of state, experience is not something that can be served on a silver platter to PNoy when he needs it.

68 Replies to “PNoy is just being himself when he is Noynoying”

  1. The sleeping president was caught many times on videos, pictures and in news write-ups. His famous quotes are a fascinating study of his thoughts and mindset. The portent of things to come started in a past time frame. Review the tragic Luneta Hostage Crisis and you will understand what I mean. His lack of leadership, refusal to take command responsibility(even when it attaches), designation of unqualified/unskilled subordinates(who were never made accountable), lack of planning, organizing, directing and controlling in crisis management resulted in the deaths of innocent tourist hostages from China. This triggered an international incident. Fast forward the present time frame and he still shows his incapacity/incompetence to act or analyze crisis situations that need immediate problem solving. This lack of foresight(through media or official reports)of the Mindanao blackouts was conveniently blamed on the past administrations. What then was he doing in 2010 and 2011? Lack of empathy shows in the non-action on the almost daily fuel price increases, LPG price increase, tuition fee increases, transport fare increases and of course, the rising prices of basic commodities. Negligence is now synonymous to crisis. Inaction and problem solving now seen as the way to better credit ratings. My lamentation on this. What happened to the brilliant men and women in government? Why is there no management crisis team? His games in the palace by the river are seen as effective distractions. The leadership is the problem not the solution.

    1. It’s either they are not being transparent about how they are going to fix the power problem or they do not know how to fix it. Either way, it’s not good.

      1. i read from headlined “P-Noy sees no need for emergency powers” : “At this time I’m not sure if emergency powers are what are needed,” the President said in an ambush interview yesterday. Furthermore, he added, The President said it was clear that even before he assumed office in 2010, there was already a power shortage in Mindanao. Lastly, he said : “Nobody took care of it. We are taking care of it now but it will take 30 months to put it back up and increase the generating capacity,” he said.

        1st, he’s not sure at all about having more powers, i guess he has no idea what to do with it. 2nd, so it was clear that before 2010 there was already a problem, did they do something about it??? 3rd, and clearly not, to my 2nd point, because he said that they are doing something NOW. after 20 months in office, they are doing something about it now, and rehabilitation would take another 30months, just in time for the 2016 elections? hmmmm

        1. It’s going to be someone else’s problem by then.

          The people of Mindanao are also to blame for not asking him what he would do about the problem prior to voting him.

          They should ask the candidates next time.

    2. Assuming all these are true (and I believe they are)…. then the question we fear to ask is… who, then is running our country?

      1. Duh… KKKK Incorporated must be running the country. This is done through delegation of power/authority, delegation of management functions in designating his boys and girls to perform in his name. Shhh! This is a State Secret and a convenient excuse to reduce the sleeping president’s very heavy workload.

      2. Assuming all these are true (and I believe they are)

        I am not in the habit of making things up. His reluctance to run was highly documented not just by bloggers like me, but by the mainstream media as well.

        Who is running the country? Well PNoy is just a figure head. The system in place seems to work to a minimum degree but the checks and balance does not work well, which is why corrupt activities among our public servants is still high.

  2. Hearsay: there were stories about employers being forced to wear yellow armbands and campaign for Noynoy or else they will be banished to hell err… from the company pala. Hehe.

      1. @Nutzi Vincenzo

        The opposition to your Tito Noy started just about the time of the Luneta Hostage Crisis. My tagging him as the sleeping president has not gone viral like “Noynoying.” There is already social unrest. Your evil will not prevail over the goodness of those who exposed his double standard, corruption and very apparent continuing subtle attempts at dictatorship. Freedom and democracy can never be destroyed by his evil deceit, disinformation, manipulation and cronyism.

  3. I think the reason why there are very few candidates who plan an effective platform is because the average voter does not care about platforms. All they seem to care about is the popularity of a candidate, so that is why all of the PR machines are out to turn their candidate into a saint. The average voter is incapable of understanding economic terms, political terms, laws, etc. and once a candidate starts talking about their road map and plans for the future, they become intimidated and think that the candidate is far too smart and dissimilar to them. Voters tend to vote for the candidate which is most like them.

    It is too much work for a candidate, and the most of the voters wouldn’t even listen or understand it.

    1. Dont underestimate the Filipino voter. Hnd nman popularity ang tntgnan ng tao at ang tntgnan nya ay kung sinu ang nrarapat.

      1. @Nutzi Vincenzo

        From the opposition point of view… “Dont underestimate the Filipino voter! It is sad that you do not realize that artificial or spin created popularity blinds the ignorant and the gullible to vote for incompetent duds. Ask your dud uncle. What is your definition of who is the right choice? You seem to be ignorant of the real world.

      2. Very delusional.

        Kaya lang nanalo si Noynoy dahil lang sa pangalan niya. At least I choose Gibo because he’s a hardworker and that is what the country needs.

      3. we will have a better election if;

        -we wont have block voting by religious groups
        -the illegal settlers won’t be allowed to vote.
        -we wont vote people from a political dynasty.

    2. Election in the Philippines is a joke. If you can pay for survey firms, you might have a chance of leading the polls. And if you are perceived to be leading the polls, religious groups like Iglesia ni Cristo will automatically vote for you. There’s no need for a platform. It’s all about popularity. The voters don’t even realise that they will pay for the consequence of not asking a candidate for a platform.

      1. i beg to disagree, INC vote for candidates with (seemingly) good platform. like Corona, INC is always portrayed as a villain without people really understanding why and how they do things. Choosing a candidate entails numerous consultations and considerations, but well…we all make mistakes, and i think they realized that already..unlike the yellowtards, who cannot admit to their mistake…but yes I agree with you, election in the Philippines is a joke.. we will not amount to anything unless some of us would stop being “emotional voters” ….:(

        1. i beg to disagree, INC vote for candidates with (seemingly) good platform.

          Proof of my claim: they voted for PNoy.

        2. Wrong. I had an argument before with a friend in office who happened to be INC. We disagreed before during the hot elections on why he voted for Erap (an eventually Erap won the presidency). Because it was decided by INC, as what he mentioned to me.

          Good grief. Is that what you call intelligent voting and entailed numerous consultations? You know that every vote is sacred and is done as individually and not influenced by a big organization or group of people. It’s your decision who you vote based on YOUR OWN analysis, not by others.

          God I love the Filipino people, really… 😛

  4. I was amused no end when they published a picture of the Noynoy inside his office holding several folders in one hand while reading some documents. His information officers do not even have the kind of imagination to effect damage control that is believable. 🙂

    1. They are getting desperate. Unfortunately, it backfired. Goes to show that he needs to replace the people in charge of his PR.

      1. Are you sure that was intended as PR?

        To me, that’s political sabotage, it’s insulting the intelligence of 90 million Filipinos.

        1. And just to be clear, I mean they’re sabotaging themselves.

          I wanted to write political suicide and I didn’t realize and don’t know why I wrote sabotage

        2. We see it that way but his staff don’t. The way they think is really so bizarre. It’s like they won’t even know what hit them one day.

  5. The most one can do is to offer some constructive criticism. There is not much to be done. I have always maintain the position that the problem of the Philippines is that we have not really found and selected the right leader for the country that will bring us to better quality of life.
    Yes, I agree that individually there are many very good and competent Filipinos, but as a nation what is needed is a good, competent leader. Who is he/she? Where is he/she, Filipinos need to search and elect him as the leader. We have 4 and a half years to search and choose, i.e., in the next presidential election. In the meantime, we suffer the ordeal of what the status qou has to offer.

      1. unfair as it is, but that’s how it is done in democracy…we just have to wait kahit na masakit na sa loob na nakikita nating araw araw na nagdudusa ang bansa dahil sa pagkakamali ng 15 million filipinos….konting panmahon na lang

    1. I have always maintain the position that the problem of the Philippines is that we have not really found and selected the right leader for the country that will bring us to better quality of life.

      That’s because the voters do not ask the candidates about their platform or how they are going to manage the problems facing the country. They can’t keep voting using their gut feel.


    Situation: Almost daily fuel price increases.

    1. 3X taxation on fuel such as importation, mixing/blending and pump end-user VAT passed on to consumer. Why is triple taxation applied on fuel?
    2. Old inventory(i.e. old prices) as opposed to new inventory(i.e. new prices). Why are new prices immediately applied despite the existence of a period to exhaust old inventory?
    3. LPG is produced locally. What production factors pushed up the tank prices?
    4. As a result of the foregoing, prices of basic commodities are going up.

    Solution Options
    1.0 Lower the tax rates on fuel.
    1.1 Remove the VAT.
    1.2 Apply only one uniform tax rate for fuel.
    2.0 Investigate through the SEC the books of all major fuel corporations supplying the country. This is to determine the existence of anomalies and to make them accountable for price and tax irregularities.
    3.0 Investigate the cause of price increases of LPG. Lower the rate of tax on LPG or remove the VAT.
    3.1 Make the producers accountable upon showing of sufficient cause.
    4.0 Investigate the rising prices of commodities to determine whether there is overpricing and take the necessary steps to soften the impact of the same by reducing VAT rates on products or remove the VAT.

    It makes me wonder. Does Mr. BS Aquino have a simple matrix system to plan strategies and solutions?

    1. The padrino system might be at work here. He probably does not want to upset his mates who are connected to the various industries supplying the country’s resources. The result is analysis paralysis.

  7. Noynoying is an apt term, come to think of it. I will put forth that it was what his advisers made him, because they were all relying on Mar Roxas to do the actual work. N/A is the figurehead, Mar Roxas the worker drone. The oligarchs and the Liberal Party were just too overconfident of having Aquino-Roxas win the last elections intact. And, it might have worked out fine for everyone too, since Roxas at least has a more reliable track record as a legislator than N/A.

    Unfortunately, Filipino voters are dumber than we expected. They voted in Bullshit Binay as VP instead, whose only real job now, it seems, is to save convicted drug mules from execution, through prayer.

    The result: A do-nothing president with no real merit save his name; a know-nothing VP whose claim to achievement is to waste his town’s revenues on pointless welfare, and a badly-guided ship of state and civil service whose jobs depend not on work output but on how much adulation they heap on The Favored Son.

    1. Noynoy did announce prior to the election that he planned to power share with Mar if they both won. He could have been trying to appease Mar because the Liberal Party had to ask him to give way to Noynoy running for the presidency. It was a good indication that they just used Noynoy’s popularity to win. It’s all backfiring now though since Noynoy is getting the heat while the rest of those who hatched the most brilliant con are getting away with it.

  8. Ilda, you’re telling Filipinos to think. It’s much easier to lead a horse to water. I’m not being defeatist, but it’s an unnecessarily gargantuan and excruciating task.

    I am a bit concerned, if a mass protest movement consisting of thousands of people, reclining on pavement, will actually be substantial.

    I’m not sure if any of you guys wrote before about PNoy’s “reluctance” to accept the nomination as just one big melodrama, so that he wouldn’t appear overeager, but i’ve always felt that way ever since.

    I recently discovered two quotes, one from a book, and one from the movie MIB, that I think are applicable to Filipinos:

    “…so risk-averse that even if you show them where their *sses were, they’d be afraid to grab on with both hands.”

    “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” – Agent K, Men In Black

    1. Men in Black are ExtraTerrestrials looking on our progress, as human species…they must be pulling their hairs now, on why we elected a mentally retarded and metally ill President…

    2. I’m not sure if any of you guys wrote before about PNoy’s “reluctance” to accept the nomination as just one big melodrama, so that he wouldn’t appear overeager, but i’ve always felt that way ever since.

      I don’t think running for the Presidency even entered his mind prior to being pushed by Aquino loyalists. And I heard that his own mother was against the idea of him entering politics prior to being a congressman.

      Your quote does explain most people’s aversion to the unknown, which is why they stick to the status quo.

  9. I don’t believe that he was bullied by his staunch supporters to run for the Presidency. Noynoy Aquino had a personal Hidden Agenda; together with his Cojuangco family; the Oligarchy; and most of the political opportunists, who will profit in his Presidency. The task of the President of the Philippines is a tremendous task. Honestly, if I am offered the job; definitely , I’ll decline it. Look at your capability, and the problems, you will be facing, before accepting such a job. A leader must have a high intelligence; high emotional intelligence; high analytical capability; and a sense of courage. The Luneta Hostage Crissis is an example of what a leader must not do.

  10. I just came across this post in one of my friend.s FB account…

    Noynoy sa Starbucks…

    Noynoy: Waiter, isang kape nga!
    Waiter: Sir, decaf ho ba?
    Noynoy: Syempre! Bobo! Lahat ng kape, de cup! Bakit, may nakaplato na ba?!

    ooppsss…off topic

  11. The Philippine Star today showed a misleading picture of running the rapids in CDO. Mindanao has massive rotating blackouts. Whoever posted the misleading picture of normalcy must be living in a cuckoo clock world.

    It is a fact that we have the highest power rates in Asia if not the world. A recent news item in the Philippine Star(tucked into page 6 of the headlines section) says: “Power Rates to up in May.” The sleeping president and his crisis. What is the real cause and effect?

  12. Many have questions relevant to our times. Does the government have a doable medium-term Strategic Plan on all domestic and national issues? Do we even have an Action Plan with marked priority levels? I have attended high level strategic planning. It takes continuous conferences or meetings to do this with low, medium and high level feedback based on past accomplishments, statistics, official reports, media reports, legislation, orders and instructions. The plan is corrected and fine tuned again and again until approved by the highest level. Mr. BS Aquino will have to attend a lot of cabinet meetings to address the so many issues affecting the country. This is at most five days a week. Whole day or half day. I should know. The problem is… What is being done at present to correct the lack of management planning? He remains the sleeping president until he awakens and realizes the gravity of the situations still pending for immediate action. The captain of the ship of state must chart a safe course. He must plan the seaworthiness of the ship and have contingency options. Where then is our ship going? God help us all!

      1. not to mention lito lapid
        his wealth and million dollar houses in US as exposed by interaksyon article today, and his vast array of properties in philippines, none listed in his SALN .nor is his korean mistress – crystal lee – no wonder no rush to help wife and a dead cert to vote p-noys way. the cockroach should inhibit , but the crook wont

      2. So true!
        I emailed her and asked if she has done “investigative” article on hacienda luisita. She directed me to two articles implying that she is not pro-peenoi.

        Unfortunately, those were news articles–bereft of her introspection. She is introspective and critical of Corona but very soft on noy. I can only suspect she is… (fill in the blanks).

        What a sell-out that Raissa Robles. It’s journalists like her that make me want to resort to an ampatuan iniitiative. (i’m bad).

        1. she couldnt get a job on a filipino paper after becoming persona non grata and hence the desperation now to prostitute herself with info fed to her. you only have to look at her reply to comments to see that she is not a writer. always short and devoid of opinion or intellect. i am sure it is her husband who does the writing.that says it all.
          i asked for her articles for the times and bbc. no reply

  13. I woke up amused this morning. The Philippine Star showed an awake and very visible president. Looks like the spin artists of the sleeping president want to give him a new image.This is seen as an anti-noynoying strategy.It is now an instrument of public policy to beautify and liberally apply deodorant on the sleeping president. I hope you guys notice this in other sectors of media.Is the economy in recovery and improving?

  14. No matter what reason or explanation some will give about Ab-Noynoy Aquino, does not matter. From the start (as in from his father, mother and him and any from his family, clan and supporters) all they do is insinuate hate. They made hate, envy and hypocrisy a political ideology and libel and scandal a political and campaign strategy. If there’s anything that the Pilipino people should do to get out of this curse, the Pilipino people should erase The Aquinos-Cojuangco and their supporters from the face of the earth.

  15. My temper almost went ballistic when I read the following from the Philippine Star:

    1. Senator Sergio Osmena III and his kind should be given the Time Magazine Asshole of the Year Award. He blamed the people of Mindanao for the massive blackouts. Outrageous!

    He said: “consumers in Mindanao have been spoiled over the last decade by subsidized power and would have to pay higher rates now that the power sector is in the intensive care unit.” We in Luzon, NCR are forced to pay higher rates to the NAPOCOR and Meralco for no given reasons. Why don’t they fire the energy people who are supposed to be in charge?

    2. PNP Chief General Nicanor Bartolome offered a solution to the mounting Crime Wave. He said: “he is in favor of the re-imposition of the death penalty.” To Protect and Serve is still the motto of the PNP. Where is the plan for battling crime? No Command initiative? Who is really in charge? Does the sleeping president need to fire PNP higher ups?

    3.One for famous quotes. A beaut from the DILG Chief Jessie Robredo… “Robredo assured the public that crimes are isolated cases and not considered to be getting out of hand.” Is he aware of reality? Does he monitor mass media reports? Is he coordinating with PNP/law enforcment/auxiliaries and local government units?

    The sleeping president’s habits are truly contagious!

    1. crime got so bad that you cannot even go to a mall without worrying that
      – a batang hamog( with CHR blessings) would try to open your car door, or maybe smash your window with something
      – a riding in tandem robbers would kill you just for kicks
      – or worst robbers in a mall would lob a grenade to escape….
      isolated?…maybe…but still deadly

    2. Senator Osmena should not have used those words. The people have no control over it. He was probably trying to look on top of things.

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