Will Noynoy Aquino incite rebellion if Chief Justice Renato Corona is acquitted?

Another EDSA ocho-ocho “revolution” in the works? That’s according to House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman who reportedly spoke of knowledge of a plan on the part of the administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to incite an uprising if Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is acquitted in his on-going impeachment trial…

“I hope it is not true. I hope it is not true that the Aquino administration is contriving People Power to oust the Chief Justice in the event of his acquittal by the Senate. I hope this is not true,” said Lagman in a speech during the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines Prospects for the Philippines Forum at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati on Thursday.

Noynoy Aquino is the son of former President Corazon “Cory” Cojuangco-Aquino who, in 1986 was supposedly catapulted into power by the much vaunted “People Power” phenomenon. The term “people power” and the divine mythology spun around it has since been made to be synonymous to the Aquino name in the minds of most Filipinos. This feat of mass indoctrination can be traced to a quarter century of propaganda engineered by media organisations who benefited from the ascent to power of the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan — the ABS-CBN Network and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Though the original (albeit dubious) spirit of the “revolution” has since faded into a pale shadow, its symbolic artifacts — the Laban “L” sign, the colour yellow, and the catch phrases — remain strong brands. Indeed, they are managed using the same shrewd science applied by the best corporate brand managers.

As such, most Filipinos today have all but swallowed the notion that “people power” equals Noynoy Aquino. This power to move the masses using hollow symbolism and over-simplified catch phrases is one that Noynoy wields today. If Lagman is right, Noynoy today threatens to invoke this power in the event that the impeachment trial against Corona fails to yield an outcome to his liking.

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Inquirer.net “columnist” Conrado de Quiros gave us a taste of a similar threat back in the latter parts of Noynoy’s presidential campaign when he drummed up a fear campaign around the spectre of an imagined “massive breakdown” and “massive fraud” in the electoral process that could result in Noynoy’s loss of the chance to become President — a chance de Quiros apparently believed he was destined for regardless of what due process yields. Upon that moronic idea rests what he almost describes as a duty on Noynoy’s part to call the people to hit the streets when he does not get his way; in effect, incite rebellion

[…] what can the Aquino camp do in the event of massive cheating? Organize a walkout of observers at the first hint of cheating? Maybe. Whip up public indignation? Maybe. Create a Yellow Army? Maybe.

Fast forward to today and we find a different situation but with possibly the same thinking being applied to it by the Malacañang of Noynoy Aquino.

Execute Order 66.

It has long been evident (and very much more so in recent days) that Noynoy never intended his efforts to remove Corona from the Supreme Court to reach the Senate impeachment court. In that light, we now see the significance of the appalling arm twisting of 188 House Representatives into filing the impeachment complaint against Corona, and the conscription of Philippine Mainstream Media into an all-out demonisation of Corona, observing how…

[…] much ado over Corona’s supposedly “unexplained wealth” was being spun by various “online journalists”.


Going further down the depth of the barrel, we found veteran “investigative reporter” Raissa Robles and “online journalist” Marites Vitug scraping its bottom with their “reports” about the sketchy improprieties of Corona’s wife Mrs Cristina Corona and the “outrage” of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) awarding Mr Corona academic credentials under supposedly inappropriate circumstances.

The real game plan was to force Corona to resign before a real and transparent Senate trial began.

But now that it actually did, the losers seem to be the suckers that now make up the impeachment prosecution team — stuck with a sloppily-written and hopelessly ambiguous set of Articles of Impeachment to base their prosecution on, and hung out to dry while Malacañang, in the background, may be executing Order 66 as I write this. We see this laughable situation in the almost slapstick sorry state of preparedness and lack of coordination of the impeachment prosecution team who are being made into minced meat by Corona’s Mercedes Benz of legal teams.

Funny how things turn out. The court drama now being played out in front of national television under the excellent stewardship of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and given thunder by the defense’s brilliant general Serafin Cuevas achieved something more important. It is renewing what was thought to be a hopelessly-lost sense of pride in the Filipino of the democratic institutions and processes that were the original point of the 1986 “revolution”. Indeed, we may be privileged to be witness to a seminal exercise that could herald the dawn of the glory days of the Philippine Senate. It is an ironic unintended outcome of Noynoy’s vanity and vindictiveness.

109 Replies to “Will Noynoy Aquino incite rebellion if Chief Justice Renato Corona is acquitted?”

  1. Pabor pa rin sa prosekusyon ang kaso (3-1). At napagalaman pang nagsisinungaling sya dhl binabaan ang value ng ari arian sa knyang SALN upang hnd mahalata na galing ito sa korupsyon. Dpat matalo itong si Corona dhl halata ang kanyang utang na loob ky Gloria

    1. Obvious troll is obvious.

      Just admit the fact that most of these accusations of the prosecution are based on hearsays and they are all incompetent. 😛

      Heck, even the prosecution panel refused to release their own SALN. They’re just noobs just like you.

        1. Because he was just following the 1989 resolution of the Supreme Court. Remember we have 3 coequal branches of the government. Please read that first before making assumptions about the CJ not disclosing his SALN.

    2. Mr. Arellano, the problem with those following your president are people like you who do not understand the facts that are already way too obvious.

      In other words, wala ka naman alam… nagsasalita kapa.

    3. Pabor??? 3-1?? Is this trial like boxing?? Inquirer and GMA 7.. particularly Arnold Clavio is scoring this trial like a boxing match… But when it comes to discussing the merits of the case… wala naman alam… di sila maka relate kay Atty Karen Jimeno nung ininterview nila…

      kawawa ang Pinas.. this just shows that we are still a very young country… dapat cguro magkaron ng civil war sa atin… cgro that way.. we will mature as a nation…

      Kung corrupt man si Corona Vic…eh dapat mapatunayan ng prosecution sa tamang paraan…
      Sa tingin mo ba kayang kaya ng prosecutors yan??? Are they prepared Vic just like what they say???

      Si Drilon naman…Balimbing… maka GMA ito nung si GMA ang presidente..ngayon sobra maka Bully… di makapag intay…. mag pa alam nga lng si Atty. Vidal sa SC out of courtesy… sa Associate Justices ng SC sya hihingi ng authorization hindi kay Corona.. pero ano ginawa ni Drilon at ng ilang senators… they bullied her… they can’t even wait for just one day… These senators are very IMPATIENT… and just shows that they are IMMATURE like PNOY and most Pinoys…

      I am being pessimistic here… sa tingin ko sa incompetencies na pinapakita ng mga prosecutors… ganun din malamang si PNOY… Acceptable lng sa kanya ang ganito sa mga bata nya.. Ibig sabihin…mababa ang standards nya…HAHAHHA… PINAS>>> lagot na tau

      1. Si Drilon naman…Balimbing… maka GMA ito nung si GMA ang presidente..ngayon sobra maka Bully… di makapag intay…. mag pa alam nga lng si Atty. Vidal sa SC out of courtesy… sa Associate Justices ng SC sya hihingi ng authorization hindi kay Corona.. pero ano ginawa ni Drilon at ng ilang senators… they bullied her… they can’t even wait for just one day… These senators are very IMPATIENT… and just shows that they are IMMATURE like PNOY and most Pinoys…

        Halatang-halata si Drilon na parating gumagawa ng paraan para lutuin ang kaso.

        Ngayon palang alam na natin kaagad anong ibibigay na hatol nito. Siguradong luto yan kung masusunod luho nyan. Tuta ni AbNoy yan si Drilon.

        1. Isa si Drilon sa mga gumawa ng paraan para ma exempted ang Hacienda Luisita sa CARP noong kapanahunan ni Cory.

        2. Yeah, and Cuevas seemed to have demonstrated that Alzheimer’s disease is already taking toll on him. He has been reprimanded by Enrile couple of times for objecting on the judge’s order….Estong Mendoza who is sharper should take over para pakanin nya nang ice tea and mga senators… tsk..tsk… harlequins.

        3. May mas babalimbing pa ba kay Joker Arroyo – the biggest JOKE among the makabayan daw na senators?

        4. HaraKiri: Joker Arroyo is no balimbing. He knows more about the LAW than you ever do. During Erap’s impeachment trial, he publicly owned Tatad.

        5. @Daido,
          May uh%g ka pa nga kaya hindi mo kilala si Joker. He was Cory’s ExSec aka little president during the 80’s. You don’t need to tell that he is a lawyer and I am not saying I know more about the law. As if you know so many things other than your Manga world of make-believe LOL.

    4. Kitang-kita na wala talagang kredibilidad etong prosekusyon. 45 ari-arian daw…hahaha! Tapos alang pruweba—excuse pa na hindi prepared. Puro kasi sanay ang mga dilaw na magkalat lang ng kasinungalingan. Kung anu-ano pang pinagsasasabi, hindi naman marunong ng simpleng aritmetik kaya mali-mali kwenta nila.

    5. What’s the matter dumb flip? Making another biased yellowtard rebuttal again only to make yourself feel better because you’re now crying from being defeated? Here, have a nice cup of epic fail.

    6. @Nutzi Vincenzo

      Vincenzo for once in your life sit down and think. Yes think. Use the wonderful brain that God gave you. Relax and let go. Let go of the repetitive propaganda that was brainwashed into your mind by your tito dictator. Free your mind from manipulation. The truth shall set you free! Join us and experience the clean fresh air of freedom!

      1. He hasn’t regenerated his brain cells on point of ingesting too much MSG. I wish he took my advice of reducing his junk food intake.

    7. Vincenzo, hindi naman ito day-to-day competition. Hindi ito boxing na by round. As what one of the defense lawyers said, you build and develop your case by the day.

      Regarding utang na loob, sa article 1 yan dudung na di pa natatakay sa trial. At kung utang na loob din naman ang pag-uusapan, e di dapat patalsikin din si Sereno na kaibigan ni Pnoy dahil pinaboran nya ang Hacienda Luisita? Sabi ng majority P196M lang ang dapat ibayad sa Cojuangcos. Sabi ni Sereno dapat P5B.

    8. @Vicenzo
      Keep the courage young boy. No fun without you. They need you to quench their thirst for your Tito Noy’s blood. Let them feel the agony of a losing battle. Well, but if your Tito Noy incites rebellion if the TJ gets acquitted, sorry i will no longer boost your morale here.. LOL. Ooops, sorry it’s CJ ..

      1. Nah, it’s still Noynoy. But you will never listen to us, because you’re a Yellow Zombie. 😛

        In fact, it seems that the prosecution are in the losing battle.

        1. @Daido
          It’s a fair game boy.Pag nanalo kayo,oks lang..ngal-ngal na lang kami ni Vicenzo. 😉 Stop the name calling and be a man. I will not listen to you, alam mo yan. Hindi naman tayo ang mag-kakaaway dito. Pero pag kami ang nanalo,I doubt kung tatanggapin nyo ang result ng impeachment trial. Tsk..tsk..Napakaasim ng ubas kapag hilaw….ha Dado(Macapagal)?:-)

        2. @HaraKiri

          Pero pag kami ang nanalo,I doubt kung tatanggapin nyo ang result ng impeachment trial.

          Basta lang hindi lulutuin ang kaso tulad ng ginagawa na Drilon pilit (anong “fair game” pinagsasabi mo?).

          Evidence in history points to the fact that the yellows are the ones prematurely calling everyone to rally out on the streets kapag matalo, while the other side were tolerant.

        3. Etong trial-by-publicity nga, by the prosecution and media friends, is meant as propaganda to build support for a protest in case the AbNoy team did not get what they wish for. Why hide it, obvious naman?

        4. HaraKiri: Sorry to disappoint you, troll. But it was YOU who started the name-calling. What you actually wanted is a vindictive and malicious society. If you’re not listening to me then why are you replying?

          Oh yeah, my name was based not on Diosdado Macapagal. It was a character from Kamen Rider W. Way to go retard through your comments because it’s all ad hominem. At least Diosdado Macapagal is a better person compared to Fernando Lopez, who humiliated him.

          Now I ask: So you prefer a government whored by media (that is also applied to PNoy’s government yet you never realized it) telling you everything is OK and not looking forward to progress as a society but being part of a MEDIOCRITY? Masa mentality sucks, if you ask me. And just like ChinoF said, “Suspicion is enough reason to jail someone. A bad attitude.”

        5. HaraKiri: Sorry to disappoint you, troll. But it was YOU who started the name-calling. What you actually wanted is a vindictive and malicious society. If you’re not listening to me then why are you replying?

          Oh yeah, my name was based not on Diosdado Macapagal. It was a character from Kamen Rider W. Way to go retard through your comments because it’s all ad hominem. At least Diosdado Macapagal is a better person compared to Fernando Lopez, who humiliated him.

          Now I ask: So you prefer a government whored by media (that is also applied to PNoy’s government yet you never realized it) telling you everything is OK and not looking forward to progress as a society but being part of a MEDIOCRITY? Masa mentality sucks, if you ask me. And just like ChinoF said, “Suspicion is enough reason to jail someone. A bad attitude.”

          And there is a bit of hypocrisy on your post. If you don’t like the decision of the impeachment, then you will go out in the streets and do a ‘People Power’, which is a FIESTA Revolution.

        6. @Felipe

          Evidence in history points to the fact that the yellows are the ones prematurely calling everyone to rally out on the streets kapag matalo, while the other side were tolerant.

          Which rally you are referring to? Rallying is a regular scene in the Philippine streets. Which group is tolerant and not rallying?

        7. @Daido

          Oh yeah, my name was based not on Diosdado Macapagal. It was a character from Kamen Rider W.

          Oh I see, Manga world indulgence- tsk tsk.. life of make-believe.. No wonder :-)…

          And there is a bit of hypocrisy on your post. If you don’t like the decision of the impeachment, then you will go out in the streets and do a ‘People Power’, which is a FIESTA Revolution.

          How I wish I can go out to the streets here, but they will arrest me dahil bawal yan dito sa lugar ko. FIESTA Revolution?… what term is still not used by sour-graping people like you? Abnoy, Panot, Bading, Yellow Zombie, yellow horde..tsk..tsk…dampot lang ng kahit ano, basta lang may maibato. FYI, according to my radar, somebody tipped off the US IRS regarding reported properties of Czarina Corona to check whether she declared the properties she allegedly inherited(?) or bought(?) from CJ. Tsk.. tsk.. more can of worms boy. I just hope she got proper documents to show there. You know in America, they will throw you to jail if you mess with their taxation/revenue collection. Also, my source has initially sniffed that Czarina’s salary could not afford her the questioned property even if she pays it in 5 years. Magaling si Cuevas but kahit ma acquit si CJ this time, his family has already been dragged . Tsk..tsk.. he chose to protect GMA instead of his family. What a collateral damage. You and I will NEVER be the loser here totoy but CJ at the end of the day.

        8. @Hara Kiri

          I think the matter of whether or not there was an evasion of taxes is a different matter altogether for CJ’s family/relatives.

          I know I came across an article that the BIR said, they will review it in due time but will not try to intermingle with the on-going impeachment trial, as it may be “chaotic”.

          If there was a case of tax evasion on the part of CJ’s family, then by all means, the BIR should inspect it.

          But I also want to think that the BIR does it’s job of actually reviewing income and expenses of everyone as part of its mandate, and not just pinpoint their crosshairs to the most popular target.

          I believe you will agree with me on this that it is somewhat an open secret that many, if not all, politicians actually pass on the “asset/wealth” to a relative to avoid excessive scrutiny on their end.

          It is the BIR’s job as to how to go about auditing these individuals, to find out how they came about to obtaining these assets. I mean, that’s how the IRS does it right? They have all the papers anyway, they can of course review it and “connect and dots”.


          Oh, I do want to know, when PNOY divested his share in HL, how much did he get for it, and were taxes paid for its sale? Who bought the divested shares from him? etc etc..

          I mean, technically these are the “somewhat popular” connections we can currently ask but do not have anyway of properly obtaining at present because we don’t yet have the FOI bill. But hey, there are other questions to be asked, both to the administration, opposition as well as to the previous leaders/politicians.

        9. @Sphynx
          BIR was actually not in my mind but only IRS in reference to CJ’s daughter who is reported to be working in the US as a Physical Therapist. My point was,If only some damage control was done, his family ( including Mrs. Corona) would not have been dragged into this. Lastly, I agree with you that the FoI Bill has to be passed.

        10. HaraKiri:

          If you’re going on your ad hominem attacks, then troll harder. But that doesn’t even matter because Joker Arroyo saw how bad Cory’s administration is and Noynoy’s rule is much worse than her mom’s.

          TROLL HARDER. 😛

        11. @Daido

          ..Joker Arroyo saw how bad Cory’s administration is and Noynoy’s rule is much worse than her mom’s.

          Really? Let me fill once again the voids in your Manga-filled sh%t head. Your starfruit Senator was the one who recommended to Cory the granting of amnesty to JoMa Sison and the likes.

      2. The FoI bill should be passed but why didn’t Noynoy didn’t pass it in the first place? Is it because to cover up his ‘briberies’?

        Oh yeah, CJ Corona will the loser and yet his prophecy of doom will come true it if has to happen: “Bakit po, para magtalaga si Pangulong Aquino ng kanyang sariling Chief Justice na kanyang KAPIT SA LEEG?” And now the Cojuangcos made a motion for reconsideration in order to stop the distribution of Hacienda Luisita. Like I said, the evidence is still weak and as long as most of them are based on hearsay, then nothing happens.

        I agree on his speech: “Ako raw ay hadlang. Tama. Malaki akong hadlang sa mga nagnanais na hindi matuloy ang pamamahagi ng lupain sa mga magsasaka sa Hacienda Luisita. Malaki din akong hadlang sa isang nagmamadaling maging bise presidente pero natalo nuong 2010. At huwag na tayong lumayo. Malaki din akong hadlang sa isang matagal nang nag-aambisyong maging Chief Justice. Sila pong tatlo ang nagsasabwatan para ako ay mapatalsik sa pwesto.”

      3. @HaraKiri:

        Joker Arroyo served as Executive Secretary to Cory, and it was Cory’s decision to free Joma, that sparked the 1987 coup. That is because her husband Ninoy helped the Reds long time ago. And I don’t read Inquirer because they’re biased when it comes to this..

        At least ‘manga-filled’ sh#theads are much better compared to mediocre minds that blame one person who is the top cause of all the bad things that happened which is actually not the case and putting false hopes on a nutjob who wants to hunt his enemies. BTW, that is what Noynoy is doing and he will do whatever he can in order to hide his ineptitude, a sign of foolishness indeed..

        1. That is because her husband Ninoy helped the Reds long time ago…

          LOL. Hello, Ferdinand Marcos, I thought you are already dead?

          At least ‘manga-filled’ sh#theads are much better

          …har har… sorry, got to pee.

        2. @HaraKiri:

          Ninoy is an ambitious politician. I also read an article that Ninoy indeed helped the NPA and even other leftists. So the release of Joma is also a sign of ‘utang na loob’; in order to appease the public, Cory imposed a 35-year ban. Now it seems that Noynoy wanted to have power-sharing with them in the near future.

          On your 2nd comment: what’s so better on watching Filipino shows that they don’t make us think? What’s so better about tsismis and Wowowee-esque programs?

    9. @Vincenzo

      If PNOY is your uncle, that increases your chances of having Asperger’s (a mental disorder, of which PNOY is accused of) by at least 25%. case in point, being related to him is not something I would be envious.

      Sure, he may have money and power but I got my looks, youth, brains, guts, backbone and a heart.

      So, who really won the lottery of life?

    10. As usual you stupid troll, you assume that your tito noy is winning whem in fact the yellow devils team(prosecution) is LOSING.

      Have a big cup of EPIC FAIL
      You Stupid Troll.

      1. Don’t feed the troll.

        But it is important that his comment is not deleted. He is the perfect embodiment of Penoy’s followers. He is a perfect model of how Penoy’s followers’ minds work.

  2. “Indeed, we may be privileged to be witness to a seminal exercise that could herald the dawn of the glory days of the Philippine Senate. It is an ironic unintended outcome of Noynoy’s vanity and vindictiveness.”

    I hope this happens.

    I think more people today are really trying to be well-informed about this impeachment case. However, there are still the usual “emos” who want to force their verdict down the throat of the collective.

  3. “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove in court” – Law abiding citizen

    That line is a very simple line, no uncommon words, yet a lot of people don’t understand it.

    Most of the people here will believe the sweetest lie rather than the bitter truth.

    If they can’t prove what they are accusing Corona, they will force Corona to be guilty.

    “people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.” -Adolf Hitler

  4. And if ever it will come to the point on where the yellow mobs again occupy and shoutin in the streets, where will military stand then? Are they going to serve the Constitution itself or serve their President??.

    1. i firmly believed that the military will defend the constitution and oust pnoy and buried his hoardes of yellow zombies.

      True. They’ve sworn allegiance to [defend] the Constitution, not the President.

  5. Hi guys. I’ve been reading GRP for quite some time now and I am in favor of most, if not all, of GRP’s stands.

    But please explain to me coz of all the GRP followers here, seems like I’m the only one who is confused; there were deeds of purchases (I know, the source of this info is TV Patrol and we need to take this info with a grain of salt) which allegedly state that the real purchase price of CJ’s properties is significantly higher than the declared amount on Corona’s SALN. Assuming that this may be a common practice among fellow politicians, how will this affect Corona’s standing in his case?

    Daido Katsumi said that this is just one of the hearsays from the prosecution but how could this be hearsay if there is material proof: a deed of purchase?

    I am in favor of proper trial but please explain to me how everyone here is so sure that all these huge discrepancies in prices are made up?

    *I’m not trolling like Vincenzo so please don’t hate me. It’s just that I’m really confused about this coz I didn’t follow the trial until a few days ago and I don’t have a lot of political knowledge.

    1. Hi JV.

      On my part, I am unsure of the value so I cannot speculate. For one, the value they are mentioning is based on the deed of sale, which is the agreed upon price.

      Price as assessed by the government would be called zonal value. There is also a market value that is normally higher than the zonal value.

      Now if for instance you really wanted to buy the property, you could actually buy it at a higher rate compared to the market value or it could be sold to you at a higher rate than the prevailing market value.

      Another thing is, was the price specifying for the lot only? Or lot including improvements in terms of the price? No one has cleared that up yet. So assuming we take out the improvements and simply dealt with the value of the lot, then it could be said that the market value of the lot alone, excluding improvement would of course be lower than the so-called “market value” or “sale price”.

      I am not 100% sure of what the SALN covers. For one, the asset (for me) is the lot, not the house or improvements, because there are instances wherein the house has no value in the sale and therefore no bearing in the sale price and can’t be considered an asset.

      I do wonder also, since Mrs. Corona has worked for the government, then most likely she has her own SALN, and therefore, she would declare a different set of properties than Mr. Corona (CJ) right? I might it just makes sense, why declare on both your ends as it doubles your total NW as a couple, instead of presenting the actual Networth (SALN) right?

      So the over emphasis on CJ’s SALN only is also perplexing to me since her wife’s SALN should also be considered before they say that CJ’s family did not infact declare SALN properly. I mean, that’s at least my take on it.

      1. Sphynx,

        Thanks for dumbing it down for me.

        I think I got it. So just to verify, what you’re saying is:

        1. The cost of purchase may not be equal to the actual worth of the properties (coz of differences in zonal and market value).

        2. Corona, upon declaring his SALN, may have just been considering the value of the lots, not necessarily including the infrastructures and improvisations which were done over time.

        3. They give all these public accusations about discrepancies on SALNs yet they never mentioned to the public what a SALN should specifically cover so we are not sure if what they are pointing out are real discrepancies, honest things that they spun around negatively or Corona’s way of loopholing through the legalities.

        4. We need to check on Mrs. Corona’s SALN as well to see if the undeclared ones on her husband’s are reflected on hers because if they declare all the properties separately, that would double their net worth.

        Seems like valid arguments for me.

        Anyway, since I am finally speaking on this page, I would just like to point out one thing that the prosecution lawyers have been insisting on. The fact that Corona’s net worth has increased over time is already a ground for impeachment?

        Hello! If that’s the case then PNOY is also up for impeachment. His net worth, based on his SALN has increased very significantly (from Php 15M in 2009, to Php 50M in 2010) after he has been elected President.

        Besides, Corona is financially savvy, having held positions in different financial institutions, so the concept of investments are not new to him. His salary from the SC is not his only source of income for sure. They should look into that before preaching to the public.

        One last thing, if increasing one’s net worth is a ground for impeachment, then maybe they should impeach me as well for being an ICU nurse in a provincial hospital. From a Php 3,000.00 salary, now I earn Php 6,000.00…


        1. A friend recently paid for an operation by a good surgeon at a well known hospital. All was well, but on payment the surgeon asked for cash – no receipt – 80,000 pesos (2 hours plus 2 hours pre and post care)
          The rest of the bill medication, theatre time etc was receipted and paid separately. I guess all doctors/lawyers are doing this whilst nurses get subsistence wages.
          the wealth gap in the philippines is the highest in the world according to UN. cheap labour/farm workers for oligarchs and non tax paying professionals. no wonder there is no money for better education/health care etc

          When professionals are getting circa 5 – 10 million pesos a year, and not paying tax, corona is virtuous in comparison – and poor.

        2. @JV

          Yes, those are my points/takes on the matter, especially on the SALN as it was never really explained fully by prosecutors nor the courts. The focus is only CJ’s SALN yet the properties of his family are now part of the evidence which just doesn’t make sense (to me).

          For clarity’s sake only, if CJ declares property A at 10M and CJ’s wife also declared the same property at 10M, then it can be said their total conjugal networth is 20M although it would be overvalued as the property was declared twice by each individual. That is what I get from it, at least.

          Yes, the mere fact also that they insist his increase in networth is grounds for impeachments is kind of fishy.

          Actually this whole thing is really just a farce/mess for me. All accusation never had any primary evidence to base their case on to begin with, only heresay and “suspicion”. Yet because of these suspicions, it is proper to lead it into an impeachment court? Wow! Just wow! So, because of these, we can then say that we also suspect PNOY to have amassed ill-gotten wealth (for the sake of arguement) and we can also proceed to impeachment because there is a precedent of it being done, regardless of whether we do have any hard evidence or not.

          Cheers guys!

        3. Hi Jay.

          Medyo out of topic na to but you brought up something that I wanna discuss.

          Well, the amount that your friend paid for would depend on the procedure that was done so even though he paid a substantial amount, I really can’t judge.

          Regarding salaries, you reminded me of something that happened which holds strong parallelisms to PNOY and lazy physicians (no offense to the physicians here).

          Last December, we admitted a stroke patient in the ICU. As usual, the physician gave the orders and we carried them out. After half a month’s time, the patient got better. And as he was wheeled out of the ICU, the relatives were thanking the doctor as if he was God.

          Number 1. During the two weeks that the patient was there, the doctor spends an average of fifteen minutes a day in the ICU to look at the patient and scribble on the charts. Us nurses, well, we spend an average of 8 – 16 hours a day by our patients’ sides. Yet the doctors usually receive the patients thanks.

          If there are discrepancies between doctor’s orders (which usually happen), we are the ones who point them out and suggest corrections to prevent further deterioration of the patient’s condition. Truth be told, if all nurses stopped questioning doctors’ orders, there would be a lot of dead patients in public hospitals. Yet they are the glorified ones and we are the ones who are exemplified as high end yayas or fantasy porn stars.

          What are the parallelisms of this and the government?

          People like CJ Corona, that lawyer(?) who just got fired for allegedly exploiting a Japanese woman, who are just doing their job, get prosecuted and publicly humiliated. All the good things that were done were put in a bad light to make the higher officers look better.

          PNOY, however, despite being supposedly lazily shitting on us, is glorified in the media and t-shirts (hello, Bench… I won’t be buying any of those crap anytime soon).

          They love PNOY so much but then, think about it… who’s doing the real work?

          Just saying.

          Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to give my opinion on the current country’s state and how it parallelizes (is there such a word?) with the healthcare profession.

        4. Also, it is kind of like what one of the defense lawyers say. What the prosecution is doing is a fishing expedition, which is the exact reason why they most like can not have the SALN of any justice from the SC. It is clearly stated in the 1989 order/ruling with regards to releasing to the public SALNs of justices of the SC.

          Now that it is out, I am still wondering why we are even wasting our time with the Article 2. If the case is that CJ voted against releasing SALN that was requested, then it is simple, ask for the results of the voting on these so-called “requests for SALN”.

          And even if CJ did vote against releasing his or any other justices SALN, if his “opinion” on the matter was that it was merely for a fishing expedition or one of the few grounds that prevents release of SALN according to the 1989 SC rules, then he is still not guilty of being self-serving or “biased”.

          Why are we wasting our times here? Move on to the next so-called “releavant” article of impeachment they claim they have evidence.

        5. Hi Sphynx…

          I guess it’s summed up with what was said before.

          If Article II is so important, why is it not Article I?

          Too much time has been spent discussing Corona’s assets yet they are indeed just fishing.

          The reason why CJ’s defense team is so solid is not just because of competent lawyers but also because the prosecution is shooting blanks.

          For me, the suspension (is that the proper term?) of the trial during day 2 sums up the entire case. Looking at things now, Corona has a very good fighting chance.

          What I’m afraid of is how PNOY would react if CJ is indeed acquitted.

          Oh God, I know this goes against everything I stand for, but please make him have a burst aneurysm after he has one of his tantrums over his loss.

        6. @JV

          If article 2 is entirely scrapped for lack of merit, PNOY can still treat it as a game, a gambling game.. ok, 1 of 8.. 1 of 8.. I still got 7 chances to win this game… Oh magic 8 ball in the PSP/smartphone.. what say you?

          I hope someone files a case against the president though on the same “general” grounds that they did with the CJ, for the “fun” of it. I mean hey, if it worked for them, it should work for us. And we can clear the air as to who really got the Luisita shares for one thing as well.

        7. Well said JV Briones.. Yan nga ang pilit na ipinamumulat sa mga mamamayan ng mg magagaling nating manunulat at tagasubaybay dito sa Got Real Post. Ang mahirap kasi, marami sa atin yong kahit naman talaga wala pang alam sa kung ano ang malinaw at hindi e akala mo kung sino na kung magsalita. Ang hihilig makisawsaw at kumuha ng simpatiya sa mga taong kagaya nila e wala rin namang tunay na alam. Kung sabagay, sa ganyang paraan nila nagamit ang mga tao para makaupo sa pwestong kanilang kinalalagyan.

        8. @JV Briones

          I like your posts. Looks like we’re both on the same underpaid boat, with me working for UP. 🙂 But hurray for us who work with low pay and don’t whine!:)
          Anyways, I agree with all that you said. CJ Corona’s increase in net worth is suspicious and he should be impeached for it? Seriously?! Even my husband and me who work for the govt can increase our networth by working hard and being ingenious, why can’t that be the same case with CJ when he’s not a poor man to begin with? As a matter of fact from 14M when he started in govt to 22M in 2010 (am i correct in the year?) is quite “payat” pa nga eh, ask those crocs in congress. Of course he can make money from other sources and his properties can appreciate or provide him additional income. If this is impeachable offense, then marami-rami pa tayong dapat ipa-impeach, starting with the prez and the crocs. In the meantime, your and my taxes are paying for these proceedings? and it will all turn out to be a dud? It really is more fun in this country.

        9. @JV,
          You can find the articles of impeachment in few different links, just Google it.

          Besides, Corona is financially savvy, having held positions in different financial institutions, so the concept of investments are not new to him. His salary from the SC is not his only source of income for sure…

          This is going to be determined during the trial whether he is really capable of paying for those expensive properties with all his declared resources in his SALN. Because the SALN figures are being contested by the prosecution, they might subpoena other documents pertaining to the purchase ( ie contract to sell etc). This is readily available from the developer of the proerties.

      2. @Sphynx
        The usefulness of SALNs to the prosecutos is for them to get a hint what other source/s of income he has to be able to pay for the posh properties in question. Its so common( and I have experienced too while working in the government) that the values of real properties declared in the SALN are not realistic – undervalued so to speak and Cuevas knows this too. With regards to the actual source of income, further verification will follow like – ITR, Financial Statements, bank accounts, recipts etc. The prosecutor knows that not all the information in the SALN will be taken at face value.

        1. @Harakiri

          Yes, I do agree. But that is somehow common knowledge to us (pertaining to the SALN situation). We know most, if not all, officials/politicans do this.

          However, in the case of ill-gotten wealth, well, they have no official basis or evidence to begin with which makes it a fishing expedition which is exactly what should not be done by the prosecution (this I believe).

          This is unlike the case of Erap wherein there is a specific bank account in question under a pseudonym that is with the prosecution to serve as evidence and also a witness like Mr. Singson who can/will corroborate the facts of the alleged wrong doing of “ill-gotten wealth”.

          What specific projects are they pertaining for “ill-gotten” wealth? When they said enriching from his political position, well, this to my understanding means through dipping into government funds, which is always the case they try to push right? This is in no way related to any outside sources of incomes such as investments (stock or share in ownership).

          If it was a simple tax evasion case of undeclared wealth, then it is not ill-gotten but rather taxes weren’t paid, which is not what CJ is being impeached for.

          That is the whole problem with the continuous probing and prodding of the CJ’s documents as everything is a complete fishing expedition and is (for me) in violation of his rights. It would be a different matter if it were from the end of the BIR stating he didn’t pay his taxes in undeclared wealth in his ITR etc etc.


  6. If such action is taken by the Yellow cabal, then it goes to show that Pnoy is a lawless man and a sour-loser spoiled brat as well.

  7. Very good work benign0. Putting the dots together in analyzing patterns and predicting outcomes exposes the yellow/red dictator. The assessment of the situation is accurate and chilling. Allow me to add a worst case scenario: The dictator will continue to use his propaganda machine of black propaganda and trial by publicity(guilty before trial). The drumbeat of agitation-propaganda will continue to build as he finalizes the organization of his mixed red and yellow mass support. The use of the communist reds associated with him in and out of the corridors of power will result in a power sharing coalition. He will of course play with the military’s mind in convincing them that reconciliation and unification with the enemies of the state will end the communist rebellion. A similar scenario during the uprising against GMA will include increased communist participation. The objective is to consolidate his hold towards absolute dictatorship leading to the suppression of all opposition in establishing a new order.

    1. I posted the Baron Buchokoy, “Hacienda Filipinas” production and many of you studied it. Scenario verification/truth level is high. Make no mistake about it. The ongoing trial and its political circus(of the prosecution/persecution clowns)is a grand distraction meant to divert attention away from the dictator’s hidden agendas. While we laugh at the clowns(including Vincenzo)the enemy within is already completing its plan to destroy freedom and democracy. They are past the gates and already in the corridors of power.

    2. Actually, a lot of these insights are already making their way around the Web. I just attempted to put them all in a more coherent structure in the above article plus add my own perspective and historical references to it.

      Hopefully Pinoys are more engaged and a bit more critical about what they see and hear…

  8. 1) Remember Valte’s slip-of-the-tongue comment last month about Plan B? Could this be it?

    2) Observe carefully the manner by which Drilon asked questions to the witness yesterday regarding the TCT of Czarina Corona. Alam na alam nya ang content ng TCT, e.g. the atty in fact and witness. Papano nangyari ito? Could it be that he (and possibly some senators as well) was provided advance copies of some pieces of evidence?

    Yes, I believe CJ Corona has some explaining to do regarding the seeming “inconsisistencies” in his SALN. But I do not pass judgment pending hearing his side.

    3) General observation:
    I hope the senators now realize the big mistake they made not to allow a pre-trial hearing. What are we to do with presentations, evidences and testimonies that will not be admitted later on but has already damaged the reputation of the CJ? A type of damage that can no longer be undone.

    Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion. If eventually, the CJ will be acquitted (which I hope he will), he can no longer enjoy public trust he is entitled to as a CJ because there will still be suspicion sown by the prosecution and Malacanang on some issues which will not be tackled in the impeachment court. Take note that as early as now, the prosecution is already mouthing about PERJURY. That being the case, there will again be calls for him to resign. That’s where this Plan B will come in.

    Therefore, the battle will be tough and long. With the turn of events, I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

      1. I happened to switch to one local TV channel this morning and have seen this young Tanada brandishing some documents inre of Corona’s unexplained properties. To paraphrase him –

        “Inggit lang sila na mayroon kaming ganitong ebdensya. Mayroon ba silang ganito? Puro sila press release…”

        (Pang tabloid talaga ang dating (Penoy na Penoy) and he’s a lawyer if I’m correct about it).

        Puro sila press release? Duh…

        Baka naman, eventually, the documents he was brandishing have no judicial significance except for their being just hearsays or tsismis.

        To be blunt – sa ngayon pa lang, the first three days of impeachment proceedings, ay nilalamon na nila ang claim na may overwhelming evidence sila against Corona.

    1. @roi

      Yeah, the Drilon scene where he pointed out the attorney in fact on the deed of sale was puzzling to me as well.

      The prosecution never once mentioned anything that leaded to it, yet Drilon stepped up to the plate? That is just odd. His line of questioning should already be grounds for the court to tell him to either shut up or inhibit the whole thing. But hey, maybe the impeachment court is waiting for three strikes from him before they tell him out loud? (although I highly doubt that.)

      Vilification is still continuing for CJ and his family, which I can see no way for him to bounce back from with regards to how the “masses” will view him. The preconceived notion of him will always govern their perception of him in all of his actions.

      Anyway, I hope the truth of the matter does right the wrongs being done in this impeachment court, whatever it may be.

      Although I do wish someone within the courtroom or from either panel (prosecution or defense) would raise that the SALN of other politicians be compared against CJs SALN for “reference purposes” and objective comparison on the “rise and fall” of networth. That would surely make for an eventful event. No one can say it is irrelevant as the argument is sound. Then trace back TCTs or CCTs of narrowed down congressmen for comparison of assets against past and present SALN. =) hehe!

      But seriously though, there is no delicadesa with the media in releasing addresses of the person being tried? I mean, have they not learned the censoring the address should be a priority as harm can be dealt towards the person as his residence or properties are now public information? Why can’t these media outlets be sanctioned? Have they not learned what happened to Erap’s Boracay Mansion in New Manila? The property (after being “proven” to be ill-gotten) was vandalized heavily. Imagine if you actually lived there and only there? What then? Harm is not only caused to you but to your whole family, I mean that’s just not right anymore.

      1. I also noticed that ploy by Drilon and mind you he has the matching facial expression to drive it down further to the public! And what they’re doing that would possibly harm the Corona family is unacceptable. Despicable people! Bakit ganito dito sa bansa natin? Grabe ang paninira sa kapwa, even from the so-called educated people!

    2. I think the Plan B is, while the impeachment trial is ongoing, to get a more favorable the ruling for Hacienda Luisita by invalidating Corona (even if there is no final ruling from the Senate yet). I believe there are moves being made in this area. If they manage to save the hacienda, the outcome of the impeachment trial would not matter anymore.

      The mass uprising is Plan C.

      1. Tama ka dyan Peste! That’s the reason why the HL lawyers try to grab on quickly to that opportunity, particularly to meet time constraints, while Corona is out, and while the threat is still fresh among the remaining SC judges. The strategy is to salvage HL from an impending doom.

        Bottom line is that the Aquino-Cojuangcos never have any real intention of playing fair—the sooner we come to realize this, the better. They have to be forced into circumstances where they would have no other recourse than to stop their wicked pursuits.

        What I find so abhorrent about this whole GMA and Corona thing is the trade-off—meron mas grabeng kapalit na corruption! (in spite of their propaganda)—And that is letting the Aquino-Cojuangcos and the rest of the oligarchs confine the less privileged within a mindset as well as a state of perpetual dependency so that they always would have an unfair advantage over those who actually work harder and may even have ideas and methods better or far more progressive than theirs. These groups want to dictate the economy and be able to raise prices, raise our bills, without the need to raise the quality of either goods, services, or wages—they also would be dumbing down even further an already unenlightened mob or ‘masa’.

        If it were someone like say Perlas, Gordon, sabihin mo pang si Villar, etc. making these pursuits, I may have far less or no reservations about them—kasi nga walang kapalit and they would definitely have a better chance at instituting changes that are sustainable and fair—Their priorities are better directed and their “mission-vision” is positively formulated—not out to just destroy evil, but to build something good. The only other group that I know has a negatively formulated goal are the terrorists—They seek to simply destroy, with similarly no concrete plans to build (para bang building is just an afterthought to them.)

        Make no mistake, AbNoy is being an accomplice to a way more insidious and serious form of corruption than people realize.

      1. L stands for : Liars, Lazy…For Kris Aquino- “Libog Sobra”…For Noynoy Aquino: Lunatic, at your service…”Liquidate” Hacienda Luisita Farmers who are protesting for slave wages…

  9. I would just like to comment about something unrelated if you guys don’t mind.

    There was an article today on Yahoo, how Kris Aquino would like Noynoy and Yingluck Shinawatra the Prime Minister of Thailand to be a couple.

    I did not know if I should laugh or cry and here is why.

    1.) Is there no Filipina who is good enough for Pinoy ?
    2.) Are Noynoy and Kris getting desperate about the fact that Noynoy can’t get one women to stick with him?
    3.) Is Kris really that arrogant to think that Yingluck Shinawatra would even feel honored to go out with Noynoy?

    Kris forgot something very important Yingluck Shinawatra and her family represent the Red Shirts, the poor, the deprived, those who have had their land stolen and those who want equal right for the rich and the poor.

    While the Aquinos represent the Yellow shirts, the elite who steal land from the poor, who play by their own rules and change the law the way they see fit to suit their needs.

    Forget it maybe there is a girl in Fiji or Nauru who wants Noynoy.

    1. she also needs to read diplomacy for dummies.
      to talk of a visiting head of state in that manner is insulting – especially since the thai pm is married. they obviously dont have the brains to get briefed in advance. maybe she thought she was a mail order bride – for p-noy a MALE order bride would be better.
      kris aquino – international relations is not having sex with a chinaman in japan.

      the night before p-noy angered 4 high ranking US senators. the aquinos have no class or manners

    2. What can you expect from a woman who had questionable liasons with other men and contracted STD in the process. And now she is trying to pimp for her brother. Maybe she thinks all the other women in the world are despicably like her.

    3. @Mark

      Nope. None of the above. It’s just that that woman’s brain is fried because she’s buried her head in showbiz and thoughts of blings and men for far too long.

    4. You forgot one more thing.. She’s married already!!! I don’t know if Kris knows this or not.. but let’s say she does not know na married na yung PM… napaka ignorant naman nya… it makes sense why Pnoy is like this… may pinagmanahan….. it’s in their genes… I used to be impressed with Ninoy and Cory.. pero ngaun narealize ko na kung bakit nila ginawa yun… Ninoy attacking Marcos with criticisms… and Cory… inciting People Power… para sa kanila pala lahat ito…hheehhe.. I used to be proud I was in both Edsa Revolution.. pero now… Propaganda lng pala nila ito… These family is very greedy and utak criminal… hehehehe.. kasama na mga ka-alyado nila… ang question… what do we do about this???? Any suggestions?

    5. I posted this in another forum and am saying it again here in reply to @mark’s post:
      Or. . You can look at it this way, the behaviour of this presidential sister is a manifestation of how immature she is. And for the brother NOT to be able to restrain her juvenile sister and make her toe the line only shows how incapable he is. Now imagine how subservient this guy would behave in front of his uncles and aunts and relatives who have stakes in the hacienda luisita., and this IS the president of the Republic of the Philippines. . .

      1. thats the point. the little boy never became a man and achieved anything, needing to hang on to mummys skirt tails. now he needs kris as a mummy substitute. pathetic really.
        money clearly cannot buy class, brains or a cure for autism.
        thats the price of inbreeding

  10. You can read the Mindset of this , Spoiled Brat:Noynoy Aquino. Any Psychologist or Psychiatrist, will tell you: this man has some Psychiatric problems.
    If the claim of Lagman is true. It means, if Noynoy Aquino will not get what he wants. He will get it, in whatever way , he wants it.
    EDSA has already lost its power…It’s Gone, because the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos and their Oligarch partners have used it to decieve people. And to enrich themselves, at our expenses; hold tightly to power , in order to continue exploiting the people…

    Noynoy Aquino has lost support of the Catholic Church already…the Prime Mover of the EDSA Fake revolution…the Military is doubful of his loyaly. Bercause he is supporting instead the MILF, and the NPA. He is offering the NPA Communist Supremo:JOMA Sison, to come home, and get a Cabinet position…
    Maybe, this is one of the reasons of the impeachment of Corona. So that , Noynoy Aquino and JOMA Sison can take control of the Philippine government. And turn it into a Communist Nation. Like Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra did in Cuba…so, we and the AFP people, must be very vigilant…Remember : Freedom is not free…you have to fight for it…

  11. You trolls wanna talk about ‘fair game’?

    “Introduce a little ANARCHY. Upset the established ORDER, and everything becomes CHAOS. I’m an agent of CHAOS. Oh, the thing about CHAOS… IT’S FAIR.” – The Joker


    I wanna play this if Noynoy will conduct a rally if Corona was acquitted.

    1. The truth is: Noynoy Aquino supporters left at: the NPA operatives working with him; the MILF he gave money and sanctuaries to; the Hacienda Luisita Mafia; his fellow Oligarchs who are profiting immensely on our economy; his Hakot Demostrators; Cogressmen and Senators who sold themselves to him…he is very vulnerable now…
      If you are afraid…you will talk loud…

  12. The big lie is that there is people support, when the reality is that the vast majority dont know about the impeachment, have never heard of corona and dont think it will make any difference anyway.

    It is also telling that the articles are all about political decisions of the sc, not economic

    Win or lose p-noy and the rest have shown themselves yet again to be vindictive, incompetent, and prepared to break the law and use black propaganda in this fight for personal interests.

    Midas marquez is the next target clearly. How will they justify this – people power again! Its overuse is becoming a joke, and i am sure all this could still backfire on p-noy, however much sws/pulse asia lie in their surveys.

    Next week could be pivotal in the trial and also hacienda luisita which i think is up for decision – motion for reconsideration – at en banc session on tuesday.

    Now tupas is running round talking about “explosive” witnesses next week. They still want corona to resign and were caught flat footed when he didnt.

    Call p-noy as witness. He is material to the case. That will open a can of worms. Coronas defense is going to be a pr nightmare for p-noy.

  13. Another worst case scenario: The dictator Mr. Aquino could do an Indonesian Scenario(Nights of the Generals). This is all about Gen. Suharto and his fight to contain the communist coup that erupted.

  14. Well let them try if they could still muster the same numbers as EDSAs 1 & 2. It won’t happen, the people (middle class largely) who populated the 2 EDSAs are now waking up to his bad reality and are growing more and more cynical.

  15. narcissistic short-noy got upset this week when someone said he was 5′ 6″ tall. ” im taller than that!” (5′ 9″ in high heels)
    5′ 6″ is the same height as napoleon bonaparte (as in napoleon complex) Mmmm

  16. The biggest loser

    Whatever the outcome of the impeachment trial, the biggest loser will be p-noy himself.

    The black propaganda, mis and disinformation, together with the media pressure failed to get corona to resign or to fuel ‘mob anger’. Whatever the surveys purport to show, the truth is that the vast majority have little knowledge and little interest in the trial, and as time goes on are starting to realise:
    1. P-noys motives are personal (hacienda luisita)
    2. The pretext of reforms (what reforms) are a lie
    3. The disregard by p-noy of separation of powers and his hands on involvement underscores a lack of commitment to democracy itself
    4. His personal vindictiveness and obsessiveness ate clearly on display
    5. The use of bribery etc. For congressmen/senators makes him both corrupt and hypocritical
    6. Ignoring the economic priorities and other key issues is damaging the country
    7. His inability and inexperience shows at every turn and when combined with the incompetence of his KKK and the ineptitude of congressmen it is no small wonder this administration is characterised by political dramas and economic decline
    8. The cojuangco-aquino owned survey firms and their ‘results’ are an insult to intelligence and have no place in a meaningful democracy
    9. The govt control of/influence on mainstream media stifles debate/discussion and has shown itself to be lacking in integrity and impartiality with little attempt to inform and educate in an objective manner.
    10. The senator-judges beg the question. how on earth do such low calibre people get elected to such high office – enrile excepted.

    should p-noy lose am sure he will force a constitutional crisis. it is all or nothing for cojuangco-aquinos and they will stop at nothing.
    am sure they also want to somehow stop the defence before it comes to their turn to present. that is going to be a pr nightmare for p-noy and am sure secrets will be played out in court.

    50 years of going backwards – thanks to the cojuangco-aquinos. will people ever learn

  17. Hi guys,

    Just want to clarify, what is the “legal” definition of “ASSET” in SALN, specifically in the law which revolves around it that requirements our officials to submit it annually?

    I just wonder why it was never defined for the general public as an exerpt of the law, and as an exhibit maybe?

    The reason I asked is I have a few ideas as to how in can be interpreted, especially when it comes to lots. They are as follows:
    1. Market Value (based on average selling price of lots in the area, not on price it was bought)
    2. Zonal Value (as determined by the LGU with jurisdiction whenever you pay the property’s tax declaration)
    3. Assessed Value (it can be either by government or financial instituitions like banks that assess the worth of your property)

    These three, I believe, do not revolve or include yet, the worth/cost of the improvements. These improvements (such as construction of a house/structure within the property’s premises) can be deemed a 0 value during sale as it may/may not have value to the purchaser/interested buyer, and as such, the purchase will revolve heavily/solely on the property/lot disregarding relevance of improvements.

    It does make me wonder why they never defined it as it can be subjected to various interpretations. Perhaps these lawmakers do not want to put heat on themselves in the present/future cases which maybe filed against them due to their respective SALNs.

    I do wish that the defense would not need to resort to requiring the lower house/Congress to submit all their SALNs for comparison and review as some may view it as a scare tactic because of the “open secret” nature of how rich most of these lawmakers are and the amount of money that passes through them.

    However, I do still believe that it would be a valid counter argument for their case if it does reaches a boiling point, not as a scare tactic, but to let the REAL TRUTH come out as well, not just on the CJ but also on some of our politicians and how just they really are.


    1. I don’t know how the SALN defines an Asset but it is usually defined in accounting as a probable future economic benefit obtained or controlled by an entity as a result of past transactions or events.

      Liability is a probable future sacrifice of economic benefits arising from present obligations in order to transfer assets to another entity as a result of past transactions or events.

      Net Worth= Assets – Liabilities (sometimes called net assets or equity)

  18. after noynoy aquino official facebook was closed due to volume of adverse comments, philstar have closed comments section presumably for the same reason and so people cannot see the real feelings of the public which certainly dont mirtor the ‘survey!’ results they print.
    more censorship and media manipulation

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