Karen Jimeno – good looks translate to quality genes

Ladies and gentlemen, a star is born and her name is Karen Jimeno! For those who have been living under a rock, Jimeno (not to be confused with Jimenez) is a lawyer and one of the spokespersons for the defense team of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. Some people are even saying that she could spell the difference between an acquittal and a conviction in the Chief Justice’s impeachment trial. The lawyer can disarm anyone with her polite manner and formidable intellectual abilities. Her telegenic beauty can definitely boost TV ratings.

From being an unknown Harvard Law graduate, lawyer Jimeno has literally become an overnight sensation. After her initial appearance on the first day of the impeachment trial, she has become quite the new darling of the media. Even on social networking sites, a lot of the Netizens who follow the trial can’t get enough of her. Some have become more interested in following the proceedings because of her. There are even those who complain that she doesn’t get as much airtime as some members of the prosecution team who are not as pleasing to the eyes nor pleasant to the ears as Jimeno.

Jimeno’s unique rise to virtual celebrity status comes at a time when some celebrities have become famous thanks to their shameless self-promotion. Then there are those who are famous for doing nothing significant at all. Jimeno on the other hand is part of a team that is helping save a man’s reputation in a trial that has gripped the entire nation, and any promotion she has done is for the benefit of her client not hers.

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So what is so special about Karen Jimeno? Little is known about her apart from her having taken up law at the University of the Philippines and earning a masters degree at the prestigious Harvard University. We can blame media and stereotypes for creating a false notion that both beauty and brains don’t go hand-in-hand, which is why when we see someone like Jimeno possessing both, most people become enthralled.

You can also blame most people’s attraction to Jimeno to man’s instinctive predisposition to be drawn to people with good genes. A study has shown that “masculinity/femininity of faces is linked with symmetry and hence advertise quality, that is good genes.” Likewise good looks “could advertise quality in terms of resistance to disease, or environmental stresses and that might mean people with these traits are healthier and live longer.” According to Dr Anthony Little of the University of Stirling…

We seek a partner with good looks because this is a biological advert that says good genes are to be found in this particular body to help our own genes thrive in the next generation.

He adds that a second paper in the journal Behavioural Ecology shows that people who prefer more symmetric faces prefer more extreme faces, that is a rugged male face or a beautiful feminine female face.

Dr Little concludes that “overall our work suggests that symmetry and masculinity in faces signal the same thing and that these signals are present across human populations and also in our non-human primate relatives.”

The findings back the claim that the masculinity/femininity of faces is linked with symmetry and hence advertise quality, that is good genes.

Good looks aside, the general impression people get when they watch Jimeno is that she is both sensible and levelheaded. She seems like a nice person too and this is evident in how she explains things patiently even when reporters ask silly questions about the case.

The young generation of Filipinos could certainly use a role model like Jimeno. She is sharp, gracious, demure, fashionable and even sporty based on a photo of her scuba diving. It is time Filipinos do away with role models who exhibit nothing but lack of substance, idiocy and lewd behaviour – traits that can be found in typical celebrities such as actresses, pop stars and TV personalities. Let’s just hope Karen Jimeno can be given more airtime.

[Photo courtesy Crusade Against Irresponsible Journalism.]

55 Replies to “Karen Jimeno – good looks translate to quality genes”

  1. In a country where shows such as Pinoy Big Brother, The Buzz, ASAP, Showtime and the likes get more airtime than substantial and educational programs, and where a “party party!” culture is widely promoted, it is indeed difficult to find role models such as Karen Jimeno.

    I guess mainstream Philippine media is to blame for this – promoting a bit too much entertainment just isn’t good for an already intellectually deprived society. Seems this is where “It’s more fun in the Philippines” truly comes into play.

    1. this was being discussed recently in karambola (dwiz 882) with atty. trixie cruz-angeles. one topic is about abs-cbn and it’s junk shows, it’s impact in society, monopoly of ideas, etc

  2. From an Inquirer.net report

    Jimeno said she accepted the invitation from Corona’s lawyers to join the defense team because after reading the verified complaint and grounds for impeachment, “it didn’t seem to me that there was basis for the impeachment complaint.”

    She has taken on the job pro bono and has even postponed her honeymoon for it. Jimeno was wed to an American investment banker early this month.

    She considers it a “privilege” to have been given an opportunity “to take a stand for my principles and to stand behind the judicial department.”

  3. i agree.
    people like jimeno are symbolic of the new role models needed for a new philippines.
    am sure there are others who should have airtime (am not just meaning in trial) on debate/discussion programmes in the arts/culture/social issues etc rather than always rolling out the same old faces/ideas. another monopoly of tv presenters who are afraid of competition and who couldnt compete intellectually.

      1. it would be nice but wont happen and with aquino now making overtures for pacquaio to join the yellow army then it will be a constant diet of manny and kris. otherwise known as dum and dumber. this is the future of politics!!
        the greater sadness is the lack of any credible opposition. dictatorship? it already seems to exist.

  4. The impeachment trial reflects one thing above all else – nothing has changed. The current conduct and process underlines that this is about power struggles and self-interest amongst and between the oligarchs, the elite and the trapos with no impact on or benefit for the country as a whole.

    Traditional methods of black propaganda, lack of integrity, bribery, pre-judgement, and emotional appeals abound, aided by a partisan and irresponsible press/media.

    p-noy himself said it is the no. 1 issue and seems to have cleared his diary to remain hand-on! – ? Separation of powers!.
    would be dictator p-noy will risk a constitutional crisis before losing hacienda luisita.

    The trial absorbs an inordinate amount of time, resource(59 private lawyers for the prosecution! Staggering) and money – not to mention bribes using taxpayers money. In the meantime the economy declines, prices rise, but all is well in the makati bars/restaurants thanks to the congressmen who now seem to think they are on holiday as they gossip and spend added time with their mistresses.
    3rd rate politicians in a 3rd world economy.

    Democracy in the philippines simply means brainwashing the uneducated poor by the pseudo-intelligensia for the benefit of the indolent elite

    50 years of going backwards.

  5. The most important thing is not to turn this impeachment trail into a reality game show, which the TV networks are currently trying to take advantage with.

  6. Hmmm… someone has to get off his (imaginary) high horse here. I am surprised that this website is named “Get Real Philippines” yet the pseudo-intellectual writer of this article seems to be out of touch with reality. The writer should not confuse his being a fanboy of an “artistahin” lawyer as a sign of his supposedly, “classiness”. His attempted appetence for supposedly finer things is no less than a pretense. The writer should not be deceived by the eloquence and beauty of Atty. Jimeno–though admittedly possessing such fine traits–as a mark of “classiness”. A probinsyano who could not speak English well but could formulate logical arguments, and at the same time, stands up for what he thinks is moral and ethical, is MORE CLASSY than a lawyer, who may seem pretty/handsome on the outside, and who could even have a way with words, yet stands up for what is wrong. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Atty. Jimeno is a bad person. I’m just warning everyone here that not everything that glitters is gold. Be very cautious for what you might be opening is a can of worms.

    1. “I’m just warning everyone here that not everything that glitters is gold. Be very cautious for what you might be opening is a can of worms.”

      exactly what pnoy and his team of worms are. thank you for providing the words, fine jolog.

    2. @A Fine Jologs,

      Indeed, I guess the only way to go is for us to continue observing Ms Valero, isn’t it? For now your comment is noted, but in essence does not really add much insight to the matter. The reality is, first impressions are exactly that: an impression you get when you first come across a person. And no amount of denouncing said impression on first encounter can change said impression. 😀

      1. @Benigno
        “For now your comment is noted, but in essence does not really add much insight to the matter.”

        >>> Your comment shows how narrow-minded and arrogant you are. Obviously, with that kind of thinking, no amount of explanation will ever get through that thick skull of yours! YOU BETTER GET REAL, BENIGNO!

        1. TAKEN FROM ILDA: “Discussing or talking about things is good because people get a chance to hear other points of view…”

          TAKEN FROM BENIGNO: “…All pertinent opinions are welcome here.”

          I really do hope that you stick with your words. The principle behind the freedom of expression IS NOT the freedom from things you do not want to hear. DO NOT CENSURE COMMENTS, which in your opinion, counter your standpoints. You should actually be delighted that opposing views enter the realm of your blog to ascertain the balancing of views!

        2. @Fine Jologs,

          Yup I’m sticking to my words. Your comments WILL be deleted if they are found to be in violation of our commenting guidelines which you can find in this site’s Terms of Service. Every Admin in this blog is at liberty to interpret and apply these guidelines according to their personal discretion. In my case I apply them to and WILL apply them to you specifically without warning and in a manner completely up to my own personal discretion as well. Anarstan?. Good.

        3. Yes you can delete my comments now for all I care! Your personal discretion is no less that of a 5-year old middle-class spoiled brat!

          And by the way, YOUR BLOG SUCKS, in case you don’t get it. Anarstan?

          (Sorry if I bruised your ego and your faux intelligence… Poor little boy…)

        4. Gees…another fine sample of how a PNoy supporter behaves.

          I think the problem with a fine jolog is that he is so used to using foul language that he does not notice it anymore.

          Your other comment was deleted because it contained foul language and personal attack. It’s as simple as that.

          So far, none of your comments discuss concepts or ideas anyway.

        5. LOL! So apparently, you guys were waiting for me to finish my comments so you could comment, huh? Can’t handle me? HAHAHA! That’s how many of you against me? Lol.

        6. @Parallax

          No, sorry, I’m not like you, commenting on all my posts because I obviously reply to all.

          So satisfied now, kid? Did you get some validation from me? 🙂

        7. @Parallax

          Isn’t it obvious that I am trying to stoop down to your level of intelligence? If you don’t get it, yes I am, because apparently, that is the only way to talk to you. 🙂

        8. you? intelligence?? give me a break.

          google it please and know what it means before claiming YOU have it.

          you can’t fall off the floor your bum is on, if that means anything, afv.

        9. @Parallax

          Where on earth did you hear this phrase, “you can’t fall off the floor your bum is on”???

          OH MY! Is that an idiomatic phrase you’ve been trying to coin all these years? And you have the audacity to comment on intelligence. Give me a break!

    3. Crying foul si a fine jolog but his comment is loaded with personal attacks or ad hominem.

      You don’t even know Karen Jimeno but you are already attacking her. Ganyan ba mag-isip ang PNoy supporter?!?

  7. “A Fine Jologs” remind me a 3 year old desperately looking for a fight. Too bad GRP doesn’t buy to that gimmick. hehehe

    1. Hi Teresa

      Thanks for the link. Yes, I’ve seen that one. Too bad most of PNoy supporters are ignoring it. The SALN of the congressmen should definitely be looked at. Other branches of government handle more funds than the judiciary.

      I hope the defense team will ask for their SALN.

  8. i love watching the telenovela of the impeachment proceedings,it seems battle of the brains. obvious ang mga nagmamagaling, at namumulitika,ang galing manduro ng kapwa sya kaya?judas? sya kaya paano nya use ang kanyang pork barrel di nya kaya ito hinuhudas? siguro dapat imbestigahan din ang coressman na to para malaman how clean he is….

  9. Nice article miss Ilda!

    I agree that Karen Jimeno would be quite a role model, even a commercial (I doubt if she will agree to do commercial modelling though). I’m delighted to see a fine woman like her. She has class and she is very humble inspite her credentials. I hope that our young ladies will see her through. Of course, ikaw rin Ms. Ilda. I also believe that you’re a good role model. 🙂

  10. Let me get this straight… An unknown Harvard law graduate who decided to take this case pro bono because she thinks the accusations against Corona are without basis? For me, there’s nothing significant about doing a pro bono to a case that has gained national attention. She decided to side with the defense team which is absolutely unnecessary considering that the defense team is in very good hands with Cuevas. I guess she really feels safe behind the skirts of an associate justice! Not challenging at all. Makes me think that she just wants to be in it for people to notice her. Pro bonos are for those people who cannot afford a lawyer. Really, people? You fall for these kinds of tactics?

    1. Duh!

      What tactic? You are reading too much into her decision to join the defense team. Of course she has to sit on the sidelines during the trial. She’s not the head of the defense team and she’s just a new grad. She obviously wants to learn from the best. There’s nothing wrong with that at all and I would not consider that hiding behind anyone’s skirt. Get real!

    2. Atty. Karen’s expertise is banking and finance. I don’t think that she’s suited to be part of the Defense team (in terms of litigating). And it was stated at the start that she will be the spokesperson of the Defense Team. What’s wrong with that? I don’t think it’s hiding “behind the skirts of an associate justice.”

  11. So whats the big deal with Karen Jimeno? maybe she was ksp. opportunity knock only once. Corona sos for pro bono is hard to come by…see cuevas last hurrah! & jimeno a star is born, Aguirre the peoples darling!

    1. Aguirre the peoples darling!

      Really? How many people? Anyway, there’s a lot to be said about the people who admire a drama queen.

        1. TROLL.

          Aguirre is like a crying little baby. And an idiot like you never realized it. And no, Miriam is no drama queen since drama queens are for EMO jerks like you.

          Make sense?

        2. A female drama queen most people can understand and shrug off but a male drama queen?!? Nah. Aquirre was just playing the victim card. Too bad for him because Miriam gets kudos from the international community for her tirade against Filipino stupidity while Aguirre gets kudos only from a handful of PNoy supporters.

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