Conrado de Quiros is a proud communist

Here we go. The ol’ “if you haven’t gone to the mountains to fight…” card has been played by “columnist” Conrado “Noynoy is Aragorn” de Quiros. Apparently de Quiros’s feathers were ruffled enough by Senator Joker Arroyo’s eloquent rub

[Conrado de Quiros] has since stuck to Noynoy like a mollusk to a rock and never more tenaciously than when P-Noy is wrong. This may finally be a lifetime commitment, for mollusks live up to 150 years.

… enough for the venerable “columnist” to devote his recent piece to rub back in a rather childish typically-Pinoy play on the Senator’s name…

You’re a maverick only to the principles you once held. Which has turned you now into:

A joke.

North Korea is also a proud commie state

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The joke, however, seems to be in the way de Quiros called himself a proud commie, huffing and puffing “I did not come from the ranks of the Yellows, I came from the ranks of the Reds. For that I remain eminently proud.”

Well, ol’ gramps here may have come from the ranks of the Reds but why does that necessarily make him now exempt from being seen to be an equally proud part of the ranks of the Yellows? Is it an either-or proposition? By all indications, de Quiros is now both a Red and a Yellow. And if there is anything worse than being a Red or a Yellow, it is being both Red and Yellow.

Indeed, that de Quiros would highlight how his being a Red trumps his being a Yellow comes across as quite baffling. Conrado de Quiros is as Yellow as yellow gets — evident in the extent to which he would go to “defend” the rock to which he clings to mollusk-like — all the way to calling upon the magical realm for lack of anything more sensibly earthly…

Noynoy holds the key to it. If he discovers it, he will raise, like Aragorn who conscripted the dead kings and their legions in “Lord of the Rings,” an army mightier than any of his enemies can muster.

…which makes it even more baffling that he’d claim that “the people are not dumb” in response to Joker’s dismissing him for routinely “being eloquent before the dumb”. The fact is, Conrado de Quiros is a man who appeals to his readers by citing the magical and continuously citing how the nebulous notion of “the people’s will” is what magically gives some nebulous form of “mandate” to a government. If there is any dumbing down of “the people” going on here, it looks quite certain that it is being perpetrated by de Quiros. Indeed, to be fair, de Quiros can be credited for handily applying his experience gained from being a “proud” Red — formulating catchy propaganda taglines — to his recent job as a Yellowist wordsmith.

It is easy to see here how Conrado de Quiros personifies the institutionalised insult to the already meagre intelligence of the Filipino that is the Philippine Mainstream Media.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that trashy flicks that showcased the supernatural and lionised heroic sorcerers dominated the recently-concluded Metro Manila Film Festival. “Award winning” fare like Shake Rattle and Roll 13 lay the supernatural context for the vacuous audience to get comfy with, while epic sagas in the form of Panday 2 hark to the Aragorn-esque knights in shining armour that de Quiros likes to liken his heroic “President” to. Films like these could be key instruments used to prep the collective national intelligence for the sort of drivel that people like de Quiros delivers via powerful media channels like the

It’s called “the Philippines”. And it is, indeed, not only a “fun” but magical place.

58 Replies to “Conrado de Quiros is a proud communist”

  1. there’s nothing wrong with taking sides as long as one firmly believes in it. that, i guess, was the reason why de Quiros was proud being Red. there’s no perfect ideology. communism, for all the negative notions associated with it, was embraced by millions until its purpose ran its course. de Quiros may have been Red before but with the social realities facing the country then, you can’t blame him. maybe now he’s yellow, but again, to go back to my original premise, he believes in it. and there’s no question that Noynoy symbolizes that movement, not unlike the Marxes and Lenins who held the torch of revolutionary ideals. Joker, in some ways, is like de Quiros. they both adhere to their principles. but the thing is, while de quiros is a writer who expresses his own views ( and probably eloquently gifted enough to turn many people into believers), Joker is a senator whose actions have far more impact on social policies and political landscape. politicians hitting back at columnists is almost unheard of in the West. Joker should be the first to know that people have different opinions. his curse is that, as a politician, as much as he has his own opinion, he must listen to the voice of everyone even if that voice doesn’t sound nice.

        1. We’ve long ago (long before Noynoy came along) defined the nature of this site. Noynoy (by virtue of his character) just happened to have come up as a big red dot in our radar. When you find a big red dot in your radar that fits all the criteria you’ve so far painstakingly defined of what it means to be stupid, you are left with no choice but to press the
          “Fire” button.

    1. It was de Quiros’ convenient excuse not to delve deeper into his being Marcos’ propagandist. He insinuated that it was dangerous for him to say more and left it at that.

      What a convenient excuse.

    1. Well, communists are hypocrites, to begin with, IMO. They think they can save the world through their ideology. And they think theirs is the only one that is right and everything else are evil.

      Well, well, well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, anyway.

      I’m better off with “greedy” capitalists. At least they have some decency to admit their material wants (don’t we all have material wants, including communists?). After all, they provide employment to people; employment creates demand; more demand enables the creation of more business; more businesses means more employment; and in the end, it improves people’s lives.

    1. The dictator Mr. BS Aquino has leftist connections. His political adviser Ronald Llamas is a socialist. Akbayan is an ally. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima is a relative of Juliet de Lima-Sison, wife of Communist Party of the Philippines Founding Chair Jose Maria Sison.

      VS Bobita of the Philippine Star warned the reading public of communist mainstream infiltration of malascanang. The father of BS Aquino also had an informal alliance with the CPP-NPA.

    2. Oh its okay with Noynoy if he is one.

      This administration calls “heroes” the coup plotters against Gloria but referred to the Cory coup plotters as “traitors”.

  2. Going back to the dictator Aquino… His revelations of a so-called terror threat on the Black Nazarene procession did not materialize. What I disliked was the revelation of an apparent classified information. This refers to the microwave broadband cellphone signal interruption, anti-terrorist countermeasure. Going full out in media he revealed this.

    The terrorists now know that the government has this capability. They will just change their IED detonation method or use other means available in their arsenal. The communist reds, MILF, ASG, lawless elements, anarchists, etc. now know how to side-step the cell signal thanks to Mr. Aquino.

    By the way, was there epal on the part of Mr. Aquino and his official family? Seems that the threat was based on raw and unverified information as nothing happened. But what if there was paranoia? Someone whispering into his ear that this might be the start of people power? Even a mobile reaction force was put on standby. To counter what? A squad of terrorists? We may never know the truth.

    1. or what if he wanted to portray an action man working on a sunday
      show reason why foi bill needs limitations
      prepare for ‘MARTIAL LAW’ when corona acquitted.
      method in the madness – somewhere
      deceitful these chinese communists

    2. Thinking more about it… Mr. Aquino’s order to interrupt cellphone signals also disrupted cellphone communications of police, military, rescue and other support units in the area affected. Somebody goofed in either advisory or contingency planning(if there was any at all.)No Oplan Black Nazarene? It’s more fun in the Philippines. Really it is.

    3. everything bs says and does is highly suspect to me. there’s always an agenda. i suppose that’s how these “idealists” operate.

  3. Anggaling. Mula De Quiros, hanggang Red propaganda, hanggang mainstream media, hanggang DOT slogan, di pinalamapas sa wholesale “critique”. Ikaw na.

  4. “By all indications, de Quiros is now both a Red and a Yellow. And if there is anything worse than being a Red or a Yellow, it is being both Red and Yellow.”

    Hmmm, as the folk saying goes: Red and Yellow could kill a fellow. . . the color of a Coral Snake.

    De Quiros is not anymore Sarsi nor Mountain Dew. He is now True Orange. 🙂

  5. Florencio Abad and the progressive left.

    “When President Aquino appointed Florencio Abad(December 1989 to April 1990), a left wing social-democrat and member of the House of Representatives, as the new DAR secretary, many observers interpreted the move as an effort to win back the confidence of the progressive section peasantry and to restore public and media confidence in the CARP. A liberal reform advocate, Abad had authored a progressive land reform bill in 1987 that called for a zero retention right for landlords.”

    Is Abad Communist?

    1. A person who wanted zero retention for landowners is a real communist. Now that Florencio Abad is the Budget Secretary can he be trusted in handling immense government funds without compromising the same? Why did he withhold funds to the opposition in the lower house, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Commissions?

  6. Wait, when de Quiros said that he’s eminently proud of coming from the ranks Red, isn’t he referring to the side of Marcos and not to communist? I mean red is the Marcos’ political color, right?

    1. Oh red, alternately, it is also the color of those who preach for change without a clear and realistic path. All rhetoric, pure talk, impractical solutions — this should be the reds’ motto 🙂

  7. Conrado de Quiros is neither Red or Yellow. He is the ultimate political opportunist. He sticks to Noynoy Aquino, because, he is getting a lot of things from him…he is like a well-fed house dog. So,he has to bark to impress his Master…
    Most of the Media people are like him. This is the reason the information in our Media, is more of political propaganda now…

  8. The red threat is present in the government. Reds fraternizing with nutzi yellows, nutzi black and whites, nutzi anarchists and nutcases.

    Their distorted use of “peaceable” assembly ends up in hate-think and black propaganda.It is designed to promote the insidious ends and means of their dictator. Thus they want to appear as the majority public pulse and are just mere instruments of the dictatorship.

  9. Ewan ko ba why De Quiros is still on a national paper. His analysis is just as good as a Grade School formal theme essay, although he is damn good with words.

  10. You’re stupid! Joma Sison supported Vilar. Did you not see Kabataan patry-list against Noynoy and Cory, regarding the “Hacienda Liusita massacre”? Pinoy Monkey Pride accuses the Aquinos-Cojuangcos of being part of the ruling elite, and you are accusing them of being communists. You guys have to be consistent. Oligarchs or communists?

    1. just think: most of Noynoy’s cabinet are composed of communists like Butch Abad, Leila de Lima. You do the math.

  11. nonym on February 11, 2012 at 1:26 am
    Uh oh….so this is where stupid bloggers meet huh?

    Yeah, when we’re not fapping off over your mother’s online bukkake videos.

    1. Oh yes, extra-explicit instructions are needed for the stupid: Please click on the above text in blue to lead you right to where stupid blogger meet.

      1. No, I think I just found the right place.

        I will at least try to infect you with my common sense 🙂

        “Common nonsense” you mean 😉

  12. i think this article might have got it wrong. Red, as in the Nacionalista Party – or simply put, Marcos’ party. a ‘communist’ Red somehow doesn’t make a sense and makes this all another communist conspiracy theory. no offense by the way. nice article. we need to bash the bashers once in a while :))

  13. Wow! Such garbage! If you have the gall to criticize somebody like Mr. de Quiros, you should, AT LEAST, have the requisite skills to do so. Who are you by the way, username “benigno”? You astound me with your level of nonsense.

      1. Link to Left confirmed
        Philippine Daily Inquirer7:44 pm | Monday, January 23rd, 2012 Tweet share
        Sen. Joker Arroyo does not believe Conrad de Quiros’ claim that he “worked for the Left underground throughout martial law.” (Inquirer, 1/12/12)

        In the spirit of fairness, I come forward to confirm De Quiros’ declaration. Yes, he was an active member of the anti-dictatorship movement under the umbrella of the National Democratic Front (NDF); he was, in fact, with the mass movement even before the declaration of martial law. I know, having served as the political officer—first time I am admitting to the fact—of the first underground collective to which De Quiros belonged. He wrote for the publications of the NDF and its allied organizations and performed other tasks. Yes, he took on a nom de guerre apart from a nom de plume.

        Once, De Quiros actually lived in an underground house that served as a base of artists and writers fighting the martial law regime. To establish and maintain it, we mobilized his mother and a brother. Though the neighborhood was eventually raided by the military, the clandestine base remained secure.

        It’s been more than 30 years since our last association in the underground movement. These days we only bump into each other, and rarely at that. While I may not agree to all that De Quiros opines now, I am eminently touched by his disclosure, after all these years, that he “came from the ranks of the Reds,” and of which he “remain(s) eminently proud.”

        About Senator Arroyo, it also happened that, together with numerous political detainees, I benefited from his pro bono services in a rebellion case that was tried by a military commission in the mid-1970s. And for that, I am eminently thankful.

        —BONIFACIO P. ILAGAN, chair, First Quarter Storm Movement

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