Speech of President Noynoy Aquino at the 1st National Criminal Justice Summit (English translation)

I provide below an English translation of the now infamous speech of Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III delivered on the occasion of the First National Criminal Justice Summit held at Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel.

An ironic photo of the Philippine President

The speech was dominated by a personal tirade against Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona who sat just a couple of metres from the podium where the President delivered it. The following are what I believe to be the key features of the content of the speech:

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(1) It harks back to the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos who, under Martial Law, committed atrocities against his father, national hero Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr; then,

(2) Uses this context to “remind” all that evil is just around the corner and that we should all be vigilant and stand ready to “fight” against the forces of oppression and tyranny.

(3) It highlights Noynoy’s duty to “protect” the Constitution and “serve” the “people”.

(4) Emphasises repeatedly that political power ultimately resides in and originates from “the people”.

(5) It enumerates various instances that the Supreme Court supposedly thwarts attempts of his administration to take steps towards rectifying the wrongdoings of the previous administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo; and,

(6) Cites perceived instances where the Supreme Court behaved in a way inconsistent with the very Laws it is supposedly tasked to interpret and implement; which he then uses to segue into,

(7) One instance when he, as then chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government, had to grapple with what he implies is a bizarre lack of bases for defining what constitutes a Congress district; after which he takes the opportunity to wish his successor as chairman of that committee, Sen Fedindand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, good luck in leading future efforts to resolve that “problem”.

* * *

So without much further ado…

[The following is my translation into English of Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III’s speech during the First National Criminal Justice Summit held at Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel on Monday 5th December 2011]

[After formal greetings…]

Our gathering today presents an opportunity for us to better evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our current criminal justice system and to propose new and just initiatives to address these. We can attest to the timeliness of such initiatives because through day-to-day headline news on print and television, the public can witness the work of our court clerks, attorneys, and justices. The value of your work [addressing said clerks, attorneys, and justices] cannot be doubted, as the decisions and the steps that you implement have relevant implications on our democracy.

As such, it is important that we examine what is written on Article 2, Section 1 of our Constitution: that power resides in and originates from the people. I thought it would be good to remind you of this as there are instances our history where we have forgotten this.

During the time of military rule [referring to the Martial Law in effect during the latter days of the regime of former PresFerdinand Marcos], justice did not serve the welfare of the general public. Instead, it was geared to serve the interests of a single person only — former President Ferdinand Marcos. My own family was a victim: My father was tried before a Court Martial but, in reality, the verdict had already been pre-determined. Before a court of magistrates, attorneys, judges, and witnesses appointed and provided by the very person who laid the charges — Marcos himself — the Dictator did all he could to bend justice and violate every human right of my father. Though he was innocent, [my father] was made to suffer for seven years and seven months while those in power feasted on the national treasury. They deprived us of justice and tipped the scales of justice over to their favour.

Now as your president, I have sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution, implement and abide by its laws, be just to every person, and apply my very person to the service of the country. And key to my mandate is to ensure that the darkness of Martial Law will never happen again and that those who perpetrated the crimes of the past be made accountable.

That is why from the very start [of my administration in 2010], we had taken steps to clarify the allegations of corruption during the previous administration [of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo]: from the “fertilizer scam” which rather than fattened crops, instead, [allegedly] fattened the pockets of a number of officials; up to the “ZTE deal” [which, in the course of inquiries around it] resulted in the [alleged] kidnap of [supposed] witness Jun Lozada; including too allegations of cheating during the 2004 and 2007 elections; as well as many other wrongdoings we wish to expose.

We started with the forming of the Truth Commission which was going to take stock of and investigate any wrongdoings that transpired during the previous administration and call on the perpetrators to account for these. The envisioned Truth Commission would have had no other agenda other than to make right all the wrongs as soon as possible. Unfortunately we all know what happened: the initiative was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. What was just a first step was immediately quashed.

It is the duty of the [Commission on Elections (COMELEC)] to ensure that [Philippine] elections yield clean and credible results. So it is only natural that the COMELEC would seek the assistance of the [Department of Justice (DOJ)] in the investigation of allegations of cheating in 2007. It is normal to form such panels, yet this is now being questioned by the Supreme Court. They are also questioning the legality of the warrant of arrest issued by the Pasay Regional Trial Court against Mrs. Arroyo.

Notice too: When the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) [lifting a travel-ban implemented by the DOJ against Arroyo], these included some conditions. Yet, in quick time, [the SC itself] admitted that these conditions need not have been met to begin with. [Mild expression of exasperation], they stipulated all these conditions that they had no intention of observing! We [presumably the DOJ] followed all of what due process dictates, yet we are now being accused of being belligerent. Who in their right mind would not doubt the true agendas [of the Supreme Court]?

This is not the first time that the Supreme Court implemented decisions that are difficult to understand. According to Article 7, Section 15 of our Constitution [NB: the following excerpt lifted verbatim here]…

Two months immediately before the next presidential elections and up to the end of his term, a President or Acting President shall not make appointments, except temporary appointments to executive positions when continued vacancies therein will prejudice public service or endanger public safety.

…yet we all know that Mrs. Arroyo [despite the above] forced the issue of appointing the SC Chief Justice. She did so not two months before the election but one week after the election. On the basis of the Law, the Supreme Court can only do so if the position is deemed a temporary position. They violated all this when they endorsed Arroyo’s appointment of Corona as Chief Justice — a position not within the jurisdiction of the executive branch but of the judiciary. The question is therefore this: Did the Supreme Court violate the Constitution?

Another example of [a Supreme Court] decision that is difficult to understand is the one about the forming of Congressional districts. According to Article 6, Section 5 of the Constitution, each district should have a minimum population of 250,000. The problem is that there are some Congressional districts that do not meet this requirement, such as one district in [the province of] Camarines Sur which has a population of just a bit more than 176,000. This is why when I was still a Senator and chairman of the Committee on Local Government, we questioned the forming of this district. Unfortunately, this was trashed by the Supreme Court. The question is: If population can no longer serve as the basis for forming a district, what would be the bases upon which legislators will implement future redistricting? What I mean to say is that there are bases for forming cities, but when it comes to forming provinces of districts, there are none? I can only empathise with the new chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government, Sen Bongbong Marcos: Good luck, sir, in your efforts to resolve this problem.

We do respect the co-equal powers of the judicial and executive branches of government. We have no intentions of eoncroaching upon the rights of the judiciary or disrespecting anyone’s credibility. But we do have to re-visit the basic principles of democracy. We who swore to the duty [of upholding said principles] only have you — our “boss” — the Filipino people to answer to. We are here to serve the country and be role models to all Filipinos.

Now if we find a public servant who fails to deliver on this promise to the people who are, ultimately, the source of his authority and, instead, serves a patron who had been instrumental in putting him in the position where he currently sits, will we be able to continue to rely on him to look after the interests of the Filipino?

I am not a lawyer. But just the same, I grew up with a clear view of what is right and what is wrong; and what is and isn’t in the interests of people. I hold that justice is not a steering wheel that can simply be turned one way or another according to its driver’s will. Justice is not a toy that lawyers and courts can play with, to be turned over and spun according to their whims.

Let’s come back to what I mentioned earlier: the powers of the Supreme Court, the President, and Congress ultimately originate from one “Boss” — the people. As such, it is only the interests of the people that we should be on the side of and should defend. I swore to protect and defend the Constitution, abide by its laws, be just to every person, and apply my very person to the service of the country. I have no intention of reneging on my sworn duty. I have no intention of failing the people.

It is not only mine but everyone’s obligation to stay the course under a unified aspiration: to serve and protect the interests of the general public. To all of us who stand shoulder-to-shoulder as we walk down the straight path, we must persevere. As long as we are on the side of righteousness we will not retreat from any fight. As long as the people are behind us, we will succeed. Let us not fail the people.

Thank you very much.

[End of English translation]

* * *

This is the full Tagalog text of President Benigno S. Aquino III’s speech during the 1st National Criminal JusticeSummit held at Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel (Courtesy Blogwatch.tv).

Ang pagtitipon natin ngayong umaga ay isang pagkakataon para higit na masuri ang lakas at kahinaan ng ating kasalukuyang criminal justice system, at makalikom ng mga makabago at napapanahong inisyatibang pangkatarungan. Masasabi nating napapanahon ito: dahil sa mga araw-araw na headline sa diyaryo at telebisyon, nasasaksihan din ngayon ng buong bansa kung gaano kasalimuot ang trabaho ng mga clerk of court, abugado, at huwes. Walang duda sa halaga ng inyong trabaho: ang inyong mga desisyon at hakbang ay may makabuluhang implikasyon sa ating demokrasya. Dahil dito, mahalagang balikan natin ang nakasaad sa Artikulo 2, Seksyon 1 ng ating Saligang batas: ang ganap na kapangyarihan ay nasa sambayanan, at ang lahat ng kapangyarihang pampamahalaan ay nagmumula sa kanila. Minabuti ko pong ipaalala ito sa inyo dahil minsan sa ating kasaysayan, tila nakalimutan natin ito. Noong panahon ng batas militar, hindi nakatuon ang katarungan para sa kapakanan ng taumbayan, kundi upang sundin ang mga kagustuhan ng iisang tao lang, ang dating pangulong Ferdinand Marcos. Mismong pamilya ko po ay biktima nito: Iniharap sa court martial ang aking ama, subalit bago pa man magsimula ang paglilitis, malaon nang naitakda ang kahihinatnan niya. Sa isang hukumang binubuo ng mga mahistrado, abugado, tagalitis at mga saksing itinalaga ng mismong nagsampa ng kaso— si Ginoong Marcos— ginawa ng diktadurya ang lahat ng kanilang makakaya upang baluktutin ang katarungan at ubusin ang karapatang pantao ng aking ama. Kahit wala siyang kasalanan, pitong taon at pitong buwan po siyang ipiniit at pinagdusa, habang pinagpiyestahan ng mga nasa kapangyarihan ang kaban ng bayan. Tinanggalan nila ng piring ang katarungan, at naibaling nila ang timbangan ng hustisya ayon sa kanilang kagustuhan.

Ngayon, bilang inyong Pangulo, may sinumpaan akong tungkulin: ang pangangalagaan at ipagtatanggol ang konstitusyon, ipatupad ang mga batas nito, maging makatarungan sa bawat tao, at italaga ang aking sarili sa paglilingkod sa Bansa. At bahagi ng aking mandato ang tiyaking hindi na maulit ang mga kadilimang nangyari noong panahon ng Martial law, at kung may gumawa man nito, ang siguruhing managot sila sa kanilang kasalanan.

Kaya naman simula’t sapul pa lamang, naglatag na tayo ng mga hakbang upang bigyang linaw ang mga alegasyon ng korupsyon noong nakaraang administrasyon: mula sa fertilizer scam, na nagpataba umano, hindi sa mga pananim, kundi sa mga bulsa ng ilang opisyal; hanggang sa ZTE deal, na humantong din sa pagkaka-kidnap di-umano sa saksing si Jun Lozada; mula sa alegasyon ng pandaraya ng 2004 at 2007 election, at marami pang ibang katiwalian na nais nating maungkat.

Sinimulan natin ito sa pagbuo ng Truth Commission, na dapat ay susuyod sa mga di-umano’y katiwaliang lumaganap noong nakaraang administrasyon, at panagutin ang mga nasa likod nito. Wala itong ibang layon kundi iwasto ang mali sa lalong madaling panahon. Subalit alam naman natin ang nangyari: labag daw ito sa konstitusyon ayon sa Korte Suprema. Unang hakbang pa lang natin, may barikada na agad.

Tungkulin ng COMELEC na tiyaking malinis at kapani-paniwala ang resulta ng eleksiyon. Kaya naman natural lang na humingi sila ng tulong sa DOJ para imbestigahan ang mga alegasyon ng pandaraya noong 2007. Pangkaraniwan na ang pagbuo ng ganitong mga panel, ngunit kinukuwestiyon ito ngayon sa Korte Suprema. Kinukwestiyon din nila ang legalidad ng warrant of arrest na ipinataw ng Pasay Regional Trial Court kay Ginang Arroyo.

Pansinin po ninyo: Nang naglabas ng TRO ang Korte Suprema, may kaakibat itong mga kondisyon. Subalit hindi nagtagal, sila mismo ang umaming hindi naman pala kailangang tuparin ang mga alituntuning ito. Aba, e naglagay ka pa ng patakaran kung wala ka naman palang balak na masunod ito. Lahat na ng proseso ay sinusunod natin, ngunit sa kabila nito, tayo pa daw ngayon ang naghahanap ng away. Sino ba naman ang hindi magdududa sa tunay nilang hangarin?

Hindi ito ang unang beses na gumawa ang Korte Suprema ng mga desisyong napakahirap unawain. Ayon sa article 7, section 15 ng ating saligang batas, “Ang isang Pangulo ay hindi dapat gumawa ng mga paghirang sa loob ng dalawang buwan bago sumapit ang susunod na halalang pampanguluhan at hanggang sa matapos ang kanyang taning ng panunungkulan, maliban na lamang sa mga pansamantalang paghirang sa mga katungkulang ehekutibo.” Ngunit alam naman po nating pinilit ni Ginang Arroyo na magtalaga pa rin ng Chief Justice. Hinirang siya, hindi dalawang buwan bago ang halalan, kundi isang linggo matapos ang eleksiyon. Base sa batas at sa dati nilang pasya, sumangayon ang Korte Suprema na bawal magtalaga ng pwesto dalawang buwan bago sumapit ang susunod na eleksyon, maliban na lamang kung ito ay pansamantalang posisyon sa ehekutibo. Ngunit bumaliktad sila nang italaga ni Ginang Arroyo si Renato Corona bilang Chief Justice: isang pwestong hindi saklaw ng ehekutibo, kundi sa hudikatura. Ang tanong ngayon: lumabag ba ang Korte Suprema sa Saligang Batas?

Isang halimbawa pa po ng desisyon nilang mahirap unawain ay tungkol sa paggawa ng mga distrito sa Kongreso: Sa Article 6, Section 5 ng Saligang Batas, kinakailangang mas higit sa dalawandaan at limampung libo ang populasyon ng bawat distrito. Ang problema: may mga hindi nakakaabot sa bilang na ito, tulad na lamang ng isang distrito sa Camarines Sur na may mahigit isandaan pitumpu’t anim na libo lamang ang populasyon. Kaya noong nasa Senado pa tayo, bilang chairman ng Committee on Local Government, kinwestyon natin ang pagbuo ng distritong ito, subalit ibinasura lamang ito ng Korte Suprema. Ang tanong ngayon: kung hindi na nakasalalay sa populasyon ang paglikha ng distrito, ano ang magiging basehan ng mga mambabatas kapag may panukalang redistricting? Ibig bang sabihin, may nakalatag tayong batayan kapag lungsod ang binubuo, pero kapag lalawigan o distrito, wala na? Nakikiramay ako sa bagong Chairman ng Senate committee on Local Government na si Senador Bongbong Marcos: Goodluck po sa pagresolba ng problemang ito.

Iginagalang po natin ang pagkakapantay sa kapangyarihan ng hudikatura at ng ehekutibong sangay ng gobyerno. Wala po tayong balak na tapakan ang karapatan nila, o bastusin ang kredibilidad ng sinuman. Pero kailangan nating balikan ang mga batayang prinsipyo ng ating demokrasya. Kami pong mga nanumpa sa tungkulin ay iisa lamang ang pinagkakautangan ng loob: kayong mga Boss namin, ang sambayanang Pilipino. Narito kami para maglingkod sa ating bansa; at para may manilbihan nang buong katapatan at sigasig sa mga Pilipino.

Ngayon, kung may isang lingkod-bayan na tumatanaw ng utang ng loob, hindi sa taumbayan na siyang dapat na bukal ng aming kapangyarihan, kundi sa isang padron na isiniksik siya sa puwesto, maaasahan po kaya natin siyang intindihin ang interes ng Pilipino?

Hindi po ako nagtapos ng abugasya. Gayumpaman, lumaki tayong may malinaw na pananaw kung alin ang tama, at kung alin ang mali; kung alin ang makatao, at kung alin ang tiwali. Naninindigan pa rin akong ang katarungan ay hindi manibelang basta-basta naililiko sa kung saan nais sumadsad ng mga mahistrado. Hindi ito laruan ng mga abugado’t hukom na binabaliktad at pinapasirko ayon sa kanilang kagustuhan.

Balikan po natin ang nabanggit ko kanina: ang kapangyarihan ng Korte Suprema, ng Pangulo, at ng Kongreso ay nagmumula sa nag-iisa nilang Boss: ang taumbayan. Samakatuwid, ang interes lamang ng taumbayan ang dapat naming panigan at ipaglaban. Nanumpa akong pangangalagaan at ipagtatanggol ang konstitusyon, ipatupad ang mga batas nito, maging makatarungan sa bawat tao, at italaga ang aking sarili sa paglilingkod sa bansa. Wala akong balak na lumabag sa aking sinumpaang tungkulin; wala akong balak na biguin ang taumbayan.

Obligasyon ko, at obligasyon nating lahat na manatiling tumahak sa iisang direksyon, sa ilalim ng nagkakaisa nating adhika: ang paglingkuran at pangalagaan ang interes ng sambayanan. Sa lahat ng nakikibalikat sa atin sa tuwid na daan, manalig kayo: Hangga’t nasa tama tayo, wala tayong laban na aatrasan. Hanggang nasa likod natin ang taumbayan, magtatagumpay tayo. Huwag natin silang bibiguin.

Maraming salamat po.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata

42 Replies to “Speech of President Noynoy Aquino at the 1st National Criminal Justice Summit (English translation)”

  1. Der Fuhrer is truly the greatest nutzi of the master yellow race! His great rabble rousing speech speaks for itself as it reveals his genius, nutzi mind!

    In rousing effect, der Fuhrer quotes provisions of the pro-democracy Constitution many times! As he now interprets what the law should be! Der Fuhrer is the rule of law! It is the puny Supreme Court which must be forced to listen to his interpretation of the law!

    The fixated obsession of der Fuhrer’s controlled rage shows that he is not satisfied at all with the decisions of the High Court! He connects the pro-democracy Chief Justice with his perception of wrongful interpretation of the law! For der Fuhrer perceives himself rightly or wrongly, as the defender of the pro-democracy constitution in the correct interpretation of what the law should be! He claims correctly that all the nutzi people are with him on this!

    It is not true that der Fuhrer is inciting to sedition! It is not true that der Fuhrer’s rabble rousing is causing confusion and dividing the people! It is not true that he is promoting anarchy and chaos against democracy where every nutzi and nutcase would take advantage of his mesmeric, subliminal message to act for him and themselves! In der Fuhrer’s mind, He is the boss and all the nutzis should obey without question! For he is truly the greatest nutzi of all time! Heil!

      1. @anonymous nutzi a.k.a. wench

        Der Fuhrer in malascanang reich palace loves you too! Are you also a member of the nutzi race? You must be. Heil der members of the master nutzi yellow race!

      2. “The light is more than some abstract, unknowable energy force. Light is truth. If light is truth, then darkness must be lies. Each and every lie we tell to ourselves and others casts the shadow of separation upon us. Every time even the most minor deception is revealed and the truth is made known we are re-united with the light. Those are the words by which you can create your own magnificent world.” -Renee Bledsoe

  2. hypocricy and sef-interest come to mind.
    as does unpresidential and dictator.
    the plan is clearly to create unrest and a move to impeach corona.
    cojuangco – from monopoly businesses to monopoly politics

    1. Dpat lang tlga na iimpeach yang si Corona, inapoint sya ni Gloria 2 months before matapos ang term nya, peke siya.

  3. Maganda na maayos ni Pnoy ang justice system ng pinas
    pero sana hindi ito pabor para sa pansariling kapakanan lamang
    Maniniwala lang akong tapat ang sinasabi nya kung bibigyan nya hustisya yung mga magsasakang napatay sa paglalaban ng karapatan sa Hacienda Luisita
    Sa ngayon, parang may iba sa pagpipilit nyang mahustisya si Gloria Arroyo

      1. At ang mga totoong justice ay mga ASO? Get real.

        Napakasama mo pala e. Hindi ko akalaing idol mo pala si CALIGULA?! EWWW!

  4. Tama lang ang sinabi ni Tito Noy na hadlang ang peke at iligal na Chief justice na si Corona. Lahat ng kaso tungkol kay Gloria ay pinigilan nya, isang balakid sa daang matuwid. Oras na para magbitiw na siya dahil nagkakagulo lang ang Pilipinas at alam na ng lahat ang pagiging pro-Gloria niya.

    1. Dear Mr. Arellano

      I have this negative perception on gloria that she is guilty as salt (asin). Anader pak is dat Corona is an appointee of the Greedy Midget Arroyo. I may not have the same perspective with the writers as far as “guilt” is concerned but I share the context of Benign0 et al that there must be DUE PROCESS. Ang due process ay process na due and demandable. Ibig sabihin noon, sa linguahe ng mga abogago… dadaan sa tamang proseso para mapatunayan na si GMA ay guilty as salt.

      Da legal prases kapatid is like the sayantipik process. May stef by stef procedure to payl a kiss. Di ba pag gusto mong ismakin ang gusto mong syotain o kabitin kelangan pagaralan mo ang kendeng at kembot nya… isama mo na ang kiliti. Ay wil simplipay it por yu.


      Ang sira ulong Laylay DeLima ay daldal ng daldal sa media. Isang taon na WALA SYANG NA PAYL NA KASO kasi gusto shortcut. HATULAN NA. In englis. The dilemma of De Lima is WHEN TO START and WHERE TO START… where does the LEGAL PROCESS BEGINS?

      Ang sore excuse nila ay yung Truth cOMMISSION na sinasabi nilang ginawang unconstitutional ng SC. My gulay… that is not the only option to begin the filing of cases against GMA. POHTAH KAHIT SA BARANGAY PWEDENG KASUHAN SI GMA. NASA BATAS YAN.

      SEKON PRASES: if da ebidens are efficiently compiled and thoroughly studied. FILE A CASE!!! WAG SA INQUIRER, SA STAR, GMA TV, ABS-CBN at Philstar. The evidences should be presented in a JUDICIAL COURT. Tangna hindi pa nakakapagfile UMAANGAS na. BOBO!!!

      TURD PRASES: DUE DILLIGENCE… upon filing of cases.

      da port and da pip bahala ka na mag pill up nyan pagod na ako…


      Gawin ni ABNOY at ni DILEMA ang trabaho nila. Hindi yung daldal ng daldal sa press about the linkage between GMA and CORONA. THAT IS STUPIDITY AND INCOMPETENCE… FILE A CASE AND PRACTICE DUE DILIGENCE… pesteng yawa… duduguin ako sa yo.




      1. It was never about whether whoever was/is guilty or not. It was always about who was the more clever enough to win while working within the framework of the law.

      2. Pnu malilitis si Gloria kung may mga pekeng inilagay dyan? Dapat magbitiw na sa pwesto yang gagong Corona na yan. Lagi pabor ang kaso kay Gloria.

      3. Nakasuhan na si Gloria NG electoral sabotage kaya hnd na akusasyon yon. Ipagdasal na lang ntn na makamit ng Pilipino ang hustisya

      4. Dyan ka mali, Vincenzo. In fact, ILLEGAL ang pagsampa ng electoral sabotage; pasalamat ka hindi napansin ng Korte Suprema.

        Oh yeah, maa-acquit si Gloria dito dahil tsismoso ka. We need is HARD FACTS and not hearsay like you’re always spouting. 😛

  5. how many of you share this email address.
    your style, grammar, spelling etc all differ.
    a shift system for trolling?
    you sound like vincenzo3

  6. Aquino trust ratings remain high, latest Asia Pulse survey shows
    11:48 am | Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

    Atty INQUIRER.NET and Tito Pulse Asia to the rescue….

  7. President AbNoy really does represent the Filipino people in every way: Lack of professionalism, Disregard for the law, Stupid, Lazy, [insert Filipino traits here].

    1. self-interested
      social morons
      drama queens
      blood sports
      western envy
      bad in bed

      that covers the filipino psyche and p-noy

      1. @ mumareedah

        U can’t blame her for being bitter. If our (Filipino) traits were so good and upright, this country would have gone somewhere. But, it’s the reverse.
        It’s not bitterness. It’s more of an observable truth.


        support in what exactly? we are already paying taxes for everything..

      2. @combuzz
        its not the size of the ocean but the power and the motion.
        practice makes perfect
        keep it up. pteferably for hours!

      3. @ nona

        Being good in bed for Filipinos will never happen because the standard of manhood here is drinking and smoking – both contributing to big bellies, saggy muscles and weakened performance.

        The only men working out properly here and keeping healthy are mostly gay. Good luck if Filipino women can use them for husbands. And that’s the ugly truth.

  8. The problem is WHAT IS HIS CASE? has he filed it at the proper place with the proper form and substance? he keeps on ranting about the GUILT OF GMA AND THE CORONA CONSPIRACY… and it’s about one year ni singkong duling walang na file na kaso na umuusad VS GMA.


    1. Well, they finally managed to squeeze in a fast-break-last-two-minutes-Jaworski-wala-nang-isip-isip-basta-itira-mo-na-bola case. Electoral sabotage, remember?

      They filed one. Now let’s see kung uusad.

      1. BOBO!!! At naniwala ka naman kay de lima. Isang taon at kalahati na yang may topak na yang si de lima puro dyaryo ang kanyang korte.

        Ang ibig bang sabihin ng Vincenzo ay Vincent BOZO?

      1. @ Vincenzo

        Ung cases sa news walang bearing.

        Ung kaso sa korte, bakit ngaun lang?

        Maybe you’re oh so admired President is just incompetent.

  9. My Five Hundred Pesos question is: Would Noynoy Aquino attack the Supreme Court, if it decided in favor of his Hacienda Luisita?
    Ninoy Aquino was guilty of shipping arms for the NPA insurgents…this is the reason , he was tried…we are not a Democracy. We are Feudal Monopolistic Oligarchy…”I know what is right and what is wrong.” Is Swindling the government of your Hacienda Luisita a right thing? Is killing your Hacienda Luisita serfs/tenants using government troops a right thing? The tenants/serfs were only complaining their U.S. 25 cents a day pay, and you murdered them…I’m tired of the Double Talk of this Nonsense Mongoloid Imbecile…He wants to Monopolize Power…Investigate the Hacienda Luisita murders and massacres. He and his family are responsible for them…No one must be above the Law…

    1. And here is the latest from Malakanyang — they threaten PEOPLE POWER against Corona.

      These guys don’t even understand the PEOPLE POWER BRAND. Pias People Power is a surge-the-gates used against the corrupt Resident-Of-Malakanyang, how amazing that MLQ3, deLima and Valte do not know.

  10. @mum
    i forgot
    sense of humour
    lack of creativity

    i also actually know many with good qualities who survive against great odds but generally too many lack drive and ambition and have almost given up on life – and my life is work as i set up new companies here but that is fine with me and preferable to the life i see others around me have. are you happy with a constant diet of rice, videoke and telenovelas and a dream of escaping the country which in itself speaks volumes. are you suggesting that i should leave and employ people in other countries. no wonder FDI is plummeting., so behind the sarcasm is the bigger question – why? does anyone really care?
    maybe investors and charities will stop caring if there is not fundamental changes

  11. ironic really – using the people power brand to create a dictatorship.
    my concern is that the cult following would believe anything without question and it is this subservience and lack of debate which allows them to be manipulated without realising and give away any chance of ever reaching a democracy.
    rather like the beaten wife who eventually says thank you every time.

  12. When will he stop talking about “people power”, “martial law”, “Mom and Dad”, “Marcos”? Even on the ASEAN summit he always include it whenever he talks.
    Its the past now.
    I dont remember any US, Russian or Chinese official saying they’ll try to avoid another Civil War, Or Japan saying they will destroy anyone who try to recreate the Sengoku Jidai and the Boshin War. It just shows he’s using old events to empower his ground as the shining, dashing “Hero of the People”. Using his parents to cover his lack of the will, the brilliance and the decisiveness that should be the quality of a true leader.

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