Let us ‘Occupy the Supreme Court’ according to the unoriginal mind of Conrado de Quiros

The irony of Inquirer.net “columnist” Conrado ‘Noynoy is Aragorn‘ de Quiros’s use of the “Occupy” fad to brand his personal crusade against the Philippine Supreme Court seems to have escaped his increasingly tunnel-visioned take on Philippine politics. I don’t follow the moronic “Occupy” movement in the United States, but I hear it has since been infested by a bunch of smelly bums and grungy hangers-on. After all, how much brains does one really need to pitch a tent and hold up a placard bearing a nebulous platitude on a public park or street?

Last I heard, very little. Last I also heard, the cops have mopped up remnants of this quaint “movement” from some park in Los Angeles leaving very little in the way of an enduring legacy as far as what these bozos “envisioned” to be an alternative to an admittedly flawed world order.

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Hey wait, without really thinking much, I’ve just come up with an analogy to what is most likely to happen to this “Occupy the Supreme Court” moronism that de Quiros is now drumming up via the otherwise venerable pages of the Inquirer.net. Movements like “Occupy [place vilified object of hare-brained advocacy here]” aren’t too different from those Philippine-style ocho-ocho “revolutions” that are the cornerstones of ho-hum Aquinoist yellow rhetoric. It is the same banana (hey, a yellow fruit!) underneath a new coat of glossy “Occupy”-branded paint lent coolness by its American origins (it’s the short-lived Levi’s Jeans of Philippine politics).

If we re-visit what I wrote back in the wonder years of 2009 when the then presidential candidate (and his trusty sidekick Mar Roxas) was getting the Yellow band back together to take the presidential campaign by storm, we’d see that the following basic principles that underlie my elegant argument that nebulous movements whether they are labelled “people power” “revolutions”, or “Occupy [Whatever]” don’t really build anything. They simply help their advocates get their rocks off one pet political peeve or the other…

We are indeed long overdue for the emergence of a new set of guiding principles to help us along the next twenty years. For now we are still stuck onto applying the yellow adolescent “laban” romanticism of the 1980’s to the more grown-up imperatives facing our society in the 2010’s. Despite the basic institutions and processes now being in place (flawed as they may be), the imperative to build upon these seems to have not captured the spirit of the society. We are pretty much still looking for a fight where there is none.

A fight where there is none.

Noynoy closed his most recent and, by far, most unimaginative speech with the following words:

Hangga’t nasa tama tayo, wala tayong laban na aatrasan. Hanggang nasa likod natin ang taumbayan, magtatagumpay tayo.

[Translated: “As long as we are on the side of righteousness we will not retreat from any fight. As long as the people are behind us, we will succeed.”]

Hang on a minute, Chief, what is this “fight” you speak of? Perhaps there was a Laban “fight” back in the early eighties when our so-called “freedom” was “held hostage” under the “tyranny” of the evvvviilllll “dictator” (to use the rather trite activist jargon in vogue at the time).

But who is the bogeyman today?

Perhaps Noynoy is not as unimaginative as I claimed. He seems to have a rich enough imagination capable of mass-producing one spine-chilling ski-masked villain after another and highlighting how such creatures are always lurking just around the corner ready to stab to death our hapless “hard-won democracy”. It seems to be an effective strategy to make sure any story about his lack of achievement as far as the national economy goes does not make it above the headlines these stories generate.

And that is where Noynoy’s chief bagpipe player Conrado de Quiros fits in. He continues to remind us that Noynoy Aquino is, in fact, the fabled mighty Aragorn of J.R.R. Tolkien’s excellent fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. In de Quiros’s world, we imagine the hapless Filipino cowering under his blanket while Noynoy de Aragorn de de Espadaña de Koenigswarter swoops in with his sword and cuts down Freddie Kruger before he gets the chance to sink his claws into the throats of “the people”.

Noynoy holds the key to it. If he discovers it, he will raise, like Aragorn who conscripted the dead kings and their legions in “Lord of the Rings,” an army mightier than any of his enemies can muster.Conrado de Quiros

I’m still waiting for this “army” of “dead kings and their legions” to show up. Perhaps if they do, they will make a better song-and-dance number to attract the usual starstruck horde back onto the the streets of Manila than those ocho-ocho dancers delivered back in 2005. Too bad the Supreme Court is not located along EDSA, though.

23 Replies to “Let us ‘Occupy the Supreme Court’ according to the unoriginal mind of Conrado de Quiros”

  1. this idea of being a peoples champion and saviour is clearly the new ad campaign for p-noy, and also massages his need for ego and approval after a life of failure and inactivity, who will rally the troops to achieve his personal self-interest whilst diverting criticism away from the realities of a declining economy, rising poverty and no international investor confidence.
    a 10 year old could see through it, but filipino electorate are not that bright

      1. Oh you’re so bright Vincenzo. That is true… service for the Filipino people. Lip service for the Filipino people.

        In short, panay dada, dakdak, salita at yabang, wala namang nagagawa talaga pa.

  2. I think that PNoy was very clear in his speech as to what his intentions are, though most people are too stupid or too blind to understand it.

    PNoy has started to incite the masses against the supreme court. This is a strategy tested and proven by PNoy against the Aroyos who are now public enemy #1.

    Between now and the next election one of the following will happen either criminal charges will be fabricated against some members of the supreme or there will be an organised revolution against the Supreme court.

    The judges of the supreme court will now be painted as the enemies of the people. They will be blamed for every problem that filipinos face.

    Once the supreme court will be purged of all the Aroyo supporters and anyone who goes against the wishes of PNoy, new judges loyal to the Aquinos agenda will be appointed.

    The Aquinos were never against martial law or dictators all they wanted was to be part of the dictatorship.

    What a stupid nation we are. No one can provide one example where PNoy did something for the people but they still believe that he cares about the people.

    Long live the king!

    1. i dont entirely disagree although i suspect the more pragmatic solution – to p-noy will be corona impeachment and the current campaign is to soften up the masses to accept that and no doubt more pork barrel for congress to push through on the pretext that the public has lost faith in the sc. the public dont know what day of the week it is let alone the machinations of inter governmental feuds, but that is irrelevant to someone who clearly thinks monopoly business is the way forward!! and monopoly politics equates with democracy!!!
      time is not on p-noys or hacienda luisitas side.
      hence the panic.

      1. I am surprised though that the Aroyos and others who have the power and the money to do something are not doing more.

        As a person with 10 years experience in internet marketing I believe that there are certain things that can be done to make people understand what is really happening.

      2. @mark
        heard from the grapevine, people around GMA are asking her permission to make noise, but GMA told them not to (just like SC Corona’s reply in NCJS, “hayaan mo na!”)

    2. Hadlang naman tlga yang mga Gloria appointee dyan sa Korte Suprema lalo na si Corona, biro mo, 20-0 lahat ng kaso pabor kay Gloria? Hindi ppwede ito, dapat magbitiw na sya

      1. IKAW ang dapat magbitiw. Actually, it was the other justices’ request to enact that law and even the appointment of CJ Corona. So yours is an epic fail if you ask me.

        BILIB ako ke CJ CORONA.., VERY COOL … kahit pinapahiya sya harap harapan… Ano kaya gusto nila IPALIT sa SC JUSTICES mga ASO tulad ni Vincenzo ASO? sa SENATE naman baka SWINE….try researching Emperor Caligula…KABAYO ang inapoint nya na senate/consul …iresearch nyo na lang… MATATAUHAN ka at matutuwa…. : > )

  3. Tyranny rears its ugly head yet again. The evil event happens when men with a messiah complex decide that saving society from itself must be done regardless of how it is to be done and the means employed to do it.

    The republic cannot afford a dictatorship of men who ignore the rule of law or the separation of powers. Thus a man who styles himself as a charismatic leader will try to win hearts and minds through deception, lies and manipulation.

    Manipulation includes media and survey brainwashing. This is to portray the dictator as honest and a man who can do no wrong. Thus is a political myth created by means of catchy slogans, manufactured propaganda and agitation-propaganda by way of monopolizing all means of communications. He is now seen as standing on high moral ground with no blemish or faults to tarnish his image.

    The man who would be king would like to show his wisdom in even interpreting the laws of the land as his mind perceives it. He appears knowledgeable when he is ignorant to a fault. He is now using his created moral high horse to influence the culture and mindset of the people. Yet he is seen as trying to usurp the powers of that august body known as the Supreme Court.

    Ignoring judicial rulings and railroading court cases against perceived enemies is implementing a politics of fear! Inciting to sedition against hallowed institutions and personalities is sowing the seeds of anarchy and chaos. Thus will the man who would be king justify tyranny to bring back peace and order.

    In the long run, what ensues is severe damage to democracy, its august institutions, culture and mindset. Truly the men on high horses are to be taken seriously. For they have the power to destroy democracy in the republic!

  4. Heil Der Fuhrer Hanoy! He is the greatest uber nutzi leader of the master yellow race! Watch Der magnificent uber nutzi Fuhrer as he continues his ranting and raving rabble rousing against the pro-democracy Supreme Court! Watch His supreme, brilliant mind interpret the law better than that of learned men of the law even as he said in one famous Hanoy quote that Supreme Court decisions are “hard to understand!”

    1. At least kung gagawin ito,para ito sa nakakararami at hndi sa iilan lamang. Mabuhay ka Tito Noy, kasama ka namin.

      1. @Nutzi propagandist Vincenzo

        Naniniwala ka na sa diktadura? O eto isang slogan para sa iyo: “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan at nakakarami, Diktadura ang kailangan!” Talagang maraming nutzi na sira ay may pananaw na baluktot!

      2. vincenzo, you don’t know what is really happening to our country.
        You are so blind to what your wannabe dictator is really doing.

      3. “Mabuhay ka Tito Noy, kasama ka namin.”

        KASAMA SAAN? Can u be even more moronic Vincenzo?

        Ur Tito Noy can easily by a Porsche. An average Filipino can’t even buy bicycle wheel.
        Ur Tito Noy would just throw “tsismis” plus drama on podiums and he gets a President’s salary for it. An average Filipino would do back/brain-breaking work just to get by with a kilo of rice and nutrient-poor noodles.
        Ur Tito Noy does not have the diploma to be a President nor a reliable performance yet he is there. An average Filipino graduate would more likely get a job far below the degree he studied for because there is none available (like my nieces).

        What has your Tito Noy done so far for our people, Vincenzo? Please be specific. Solving corruption does not give people more jobs.

      4. @Vincenzo
        Edited version: “At least kung gagawin and kahunghangan na ito, para ito sa nakakaraming naloloko sa kapangyarihan upang lumabag sa batas, kalayaan at demokrasya. Mabuhay ka Bad Noy. Kasama ka namin sa matuwid na daan tungo sa diktadura mo!

      5. @Vincenzo : Hindi natin kailangan ang presidente na sasamahan tayo. Presidenteng susundan natin sa magandang kinabukasan ang kailangan natin. At yan ang nakakalito kay pnoy, hindi niya masabi sa taong bayan kung ano ang plano at gagawin niya tungo duon kundi puro slogan lang.

    2. I believe in a very strong dictatorship like that of Stalin. At least, Stalin brought good effects for his country, even though he needed to slaughter so many people.

      1. So how many do you think is needed to be slaughtered here in the Philippines to remove stupidity? 95 million. Just kidding.

        Stalin brought a lot of industrialization to Russia, nevertheless, the people sufferred. What we need is something to uplift the standard of living of an ordinary Pinoy and a better access to good education.

  5. I never thought that De Quiros, would mix Fantasies with Philippine politics…They have to come up with a Bogeyman…or else, they’re in trouble…You will wake up: that the prices of gasoline have gone up; the prices of basic goods have gone up; the prices of electric energy have shot up to the roof; and your monthly pay check, is not enough to cover your daily expenses…
    So, they have to come up with a Mumbo-Jumbo trick, to divert our attentions, to the grim reality of living in their Fantasy Land…they want all of us to live in their Yellow Colored Universe…

    1. Wala po akong maalala sa kampanya ni Pnoy na ipinangako nya na pauunlarin nya ang ating bansa, ang naaalala ko lang na pangako niya na pag walang corruption walang ng maghihirap. Di naman po niya pinangako na di itataas ang bilihin at taxes.

      Kapag po mataas ang bilihin,toll fees, mas maraming taxes na makokolekta, yayaman po ang gobyerno pero hirap at gutom po ang mga tao. Kaya po ba binigyan ng CCT ang mga nagugutom na Pilipino para pag na survey sila aprub at mataas ang ratings ni Pnoy?

      Ngayon, nalulunod na po kaya si Pnoy sa taas ng ratings nya? at kaya tingin nya ay kaya niyang alisin sa puwesto ang lahat ng di niya kakampi? Ang isang nakakatakot pa ay wala raw siyang maling ginawa sa kanyang talumpati, di na niya alam ang tama at maling asal? Sabagay magalang naman po niyang binastos ang buong Hudikatura.

      Di po kaya sya nakinig sa kanyang mga magulang na mariing sinisigaw noon ni Ninoy at Cory ang DEMOKRASYA? Bakit po ngayon tila gusto nyang sikilin ang demokrasya?

      Nagtatanong lamang po…

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