Is saving Hacienda Luisita from Agrarian Reform Noynoy Aquino’s real SINGULAR mission as President?

Seems like the whole Hacienda Luisita issue is compromising the ability of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to render with professional dignity his duties as leader of the Filipino people. The fate of control over the vast estate by the Aquino-Cojuangco clan in the face of deadlines to fully implement the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) by 2014 presents what could be the single biggest plausible motivation for the massively-funded engineering of a Second Aquino Administration from 2009 to 2010. Noynoy, being the culmination of that investment, is unfortunately living his worst nightmare — finding himself face-to-face with a monumental roadblock to his singular mission as President: Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona who was appointed at the eleventh hour by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

A previous article of mine provides a background on why Hacienda Luisita (HLI) represents the Holy Grail of Noynoy’s six-year quest as Philippine President…

Will Noynoy get a spanking from his uncle if he fails to save the family jewels?

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It seems that Noynoy’s presidential pitch to voters on the back of “good intentions”, as it turns out, masked a more practical agenda. A temporary restraining order (TRO) on the application of the CARP on HLI has been in effect since 2005 when tenant farmers mounted an almost successful bid to overturn a failed stock distribution scheme initiated by then President Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

Thus a Noynoy presidency was apparently deemed critical to ensure that the “right” people were in the Supreme Court over the 2010-2016 presidential term, most likely to ensure that the SC in that period dished out rulings favourable to the presidential Kamaganak Inc which, of course, includes the owners of HLI. This likely inlcudes keeping the TRO in effect and buying enough time for HLI to get its sorry financial position back in the black.

It’s no wonder then that Noynoy threw a monumental fit when he first faced the prospect of a presidency under a Supreme Court led by Arroyo appointee Renato Corona. To Noynoy, Corona represented an absolute roadblock to the whole point – his mission to his family while President of the Philippines.

Unfortunately for Noynoy and his extended clansmen, a series of bumbles further aggravated his already thorny relationship with Corona. The culmination of the course Noynoy himself set towards the head-on with the SC which started when Noynoy first assumed the office in mid-2010 is the bald defiance by his Justice Secretary Leila De Lima of a temporary restraining order (TRO) on a travel-ban slapped by Malacañang on Arroyo. Shortly after, the High Court ordered the immediate distribution of Hacienda Luisita to all its eligible tenant farmers.

The extent to which the Hacienda Luisita situation has now occupied the limited mind of the President is evident in the way he is now behaving. In a recent speech he delivered to the Makati Business Club at the National Criminal Justice Summit last Monday, he reportedly spent the better part of his time at the podium verbally assaulting the Supreme Court even as its Chief Justice sat just a couple of meters away…

The President dished out one tirade after the other while Chief Justice Renato Corona was sitting at the presidential table on stage, just two meters away from Aquino.

Prompted for a response at the end of the speech, Corona simply quipped…

Hayaan na natin. Magpapasko na,” Corona said. (Let’s let it go. It’s almost Christmas.)

Columnist Marichu Villanueva for her part also notes in a PhilStar article how…

Corona chooses not to talk amid all these attacks against his person and his position. He can, but his job is to protect first his institution from political predators. This is not about Mrs. Arroyo but everything about the oaths that Corona and the rest of the SC justices took to do what is right and to defend the Constitution and civil liberties of the citizens.

Did Noynoy even spell out some semblance of a plan for the economy over the remaining five years of his term during that Monday’s speech considering the distinguished men and women who most likely made up the audience in that occasion?

It is becoming more and more evident that President Noynoy Aquino, thanks to the family feudal baggage as well as his own recklessness and lack of introspection over the last year and a half, severely handicapped his ability to govern the Republic objectively. It is likely that Hacienda Luisita alone is a big enough elephantine agenda that it could take up what meagre cognitive bandwidth Noynoy’s mind is capable of mustering for his presidential tasks. Economic growth? Too hard. Eliminating corruption? Too nebulous. Constitutional reform? Too complicated. Reproductive health? Too ambiguous.

Saving Hacienda Luisita? Ding ding ding! The price is right!

Will the next five years of the Second Aquino Administration be all about retribution — against Arroyo, and against Corona to assuage any anger the Noynoy man may harbour over their thwarting of what he thought would be a laid back presidency? Or will it be about blazing the straight and narrow daang tuwid path he promised during his campaign?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

28 Replies to “Is saving Hacienda Luisita from Agrarian Reform Noynoy Aquino’s real SINGULAR mission as President?”

  1. i agree.
    p-noy got a kicking from cojuangco last week and now is acting like a little bully – vindictive, spiteful, and very unpresidential to criticise sc/corona to his face in public.
    clearly democracy, like freedom of information, is an anathema to this budding dictator.
    this has backfired on p-noy with the public. maybe slowly people are seeing the real reasons and the real person.
    self-interest and hypocricy are just 2 of his many faces.

    1. PNoy’s dangerous side has slipped, trying to undermine the only bastion that we have. Congress has already collapsed (mind you those persons you elected follow only the smell of the pork barrel that was dangled upon them to vote for CJ’s impeachment. At least CJ, if really true, is on the other side. What will happen if we have a subservient “Aquino Supreme Court”. GOD please help us all Filipinos

  2. Der Fuhrer remembers the happy/funny farm! It was a place of joy, wonder and nature tripping! He had his chance but failed in securing the happy/funny farm. Because of this he is angry at the world! The once happy/funny farm is gone! He is already barred from influencing the outcome in his favor by the pro-democratic Supreme Court.

    Der Fuhrer is angry at the world! Many fear when he is mad! Mad at the frustrations and the feelings of being short-changed! He now lashes out at his perceived enemies. Witness the fixated, extremely obsessive, hatred in his pinning the yellow star of David to frau Arroyo and her family. Scapegoats? Nein! They are part of the political circus in his genius mind to get attention from the nutzie crowd!
    His scheming brilliance in defying the pro-democracy Supreme Court and baiting its Chief Justice shows him venting his frustrations again! Diversion? Nein! This is part of his anger! He just wants to show that he is supreme and above the puny pro-democracy constitution! His anger is so much that it affects even the reich and pro-democracy culture and national psyche! This spillover makes it now nutzie fashionable to bash personalities, institutions and the constitution! Hate, cruelty, vindictiveness, revulsion and ridicule for the perceived enemies of his brilliant nutzie mind!

    1. Heil Der Fuhrer! He is truly gifted with a brilliant nutzie mind! I pity him as he vents his frustrations and anger at the world! This will surely affect the culture and psyche of the reich and the pro-democracy herrenvolk! He has damaged and is continuing to damage democracy! Surely we do not need a damaged culture/psyche that pre-judges as guilty; that promotes a bad example of hatred and cruelty! Divisiveness and destruction can only come from his anger at the world! Seig Heil Fuhrer! You are truly the greatest nutzie leader of the master yellow race!

      1. “How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms; By truth when it is attacked by lies; by democratic faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always in the final act, by determination and faith.”
        -Archibald Macleish

  3. Heil Der Fuhrer! The greatest pure son of the nutzie race! We have breaking news from the pro-democracy press! Der Fuhrer with brazen abandon, lack of gentility and civility verbally attacked the pro-democracy Chief Justice in a pro-democracy justice meet!

    This is a precedent as der Fuhrer is normally friendly and sweet tempered. The Fuhrer showed this when the reich herrenvolk saw his love and true friendship for the MILF in their secret meeting in Tokyo, Japan. He even donated 5 million pesos to them. Nein! It is not true that he was acting the part of Dr. Jekyll as some pro-democracy observers say!

    It is also not true that what he did to Chief Justice Corona and frau Arroyo is a Mr. Hyde bad person episode as also reported by the pro-democracy observers!

    Sieg Heil to the greatest nutzie leader of the master yellow race! He is a true genius!

    1. Mein UberMeister Fuhrer Noynoy Aquino is lambasting his enemies. Like his Nazi counterpart, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, lambasted the :Jews, German Democrats and Socialists; known and unknown Enemies of his YellowTard Reich. Soon, he will have Concentration Camps and Deaths Camps for all of them. The problem is: we have only few RailRoad Cattle Cars to transfer them to these Extermination Camps…
      SEIG HEIL!!!

  4. You’re stating the obvious that Filipinos already know but are selectively written off from their political psyche.

    Lahat ng political-clan-oligharchs will always protect their “holy grail”… negosyo at mga lupa na “carpable”. In the case of actor-politicians, it’s their “income opportunities”. Politics is the collusion of the rich and the wannabe rich.

    The collusion in the oligopolistic economy is a function of protecting interests. “I’ll protect you if you’ll protect me.” The pitfall on Penoy’s part is that he’s not been able to protect the interest of his clan… BWAHAHAHAHA… and i’ve had my day laughing and rolling on the floor when the demonized SC announced THE DECISION. Sabi ng barbero ko… “patay si Abnoy… nadale”. hehehehe.

    1. Indeed, every politician has a personal agenda. But real statesmen are able to compensate for that thru, well, statesmanship. Noynoy is not a statesman, so his personal agenda is all that shines thru in all its obnoxious glory.

  5. The Aquino and the Cojuangco family are the worst plunderers in Philippine History. They’re more concerned on their Hacienda Luisita; than the welfare of the country. They went into politics, to protect their huge size of lands , they swindled.
    Lumabas na ang natural ng mga taong ito…
    They’re rich, however, they want to own more, and more…their Greed knows no bound…

  6. the desperation of cojuangco and aquino is now trying to create a constitutional crisis – result revolutionary government,or trying to create an impeach corona movement. all so that hacienda luisita can be protected and SC rulings overturned.
    so much for honesty and integrity.
    the final straw was the ruling to audit HLI books.
    this would expose the secrets and scams and in the process expose aquino.

    1. The Hacienda Luisita massacre must be invetigated. The Killings of farmers-Demonstrators, using government forces- at our taxpayers’ expense…Who ordered the killings? Who ordered the government troops to protect their property? He as a President must answer this…

  7. Der Fuhrer’s rabble rousing style of repeat lies to make it appear as the truth goes back beyond his latest verbal attacks against der pro-democracy Supreme Court! At the least his seditious attacks against personalities and institutions not only seeks to destroy puny democracy as it arouses the nutzies and nutcases to chaos and anarchy!

    Truly der Fuhrer may have grandiose plans to “burn” the SC instead of the reichstag! For he is the greatest nutzie rabble rousing leader in reich political history! His inspired words are meant to destroy not to build! His aim is to divide the people! His anger at the present, perceived world is great! Hence, Der Fuhrer’s destruction of personalities, institutions, culture and psyche. There is no more alleged! There is only pre-judgement and the perceived enemy’s guilt from the very beginning! Watch him closely as he begins to “burn” down the pro-democratic Supreme Court instead of the reichstag!

    Every nutzie and nutcase is waiting for his signal to revolt against democracy! Truly der Fuhrer is the greatest nutzie son of the master yellow race! Heil!

  8. In this case, the Cojuangco and Aquino clan, in keeping with my idea that man is rational, if egocentric, had that higher rationality than most of us. Because they only think of themselves, they have their assets. We may think of ourselves, but not as much as they do; so look at us: poor, wretched, something like that. It is just this: Man is rational if egocentric/egoistic/egotistic. The more man thinks of himself, the more he is able to think rationally. So, scientists may think objectively, but the motive is that their contributions are recognized. Add to that the will to power. Not just the resources, but the will to it, which came from such egocentrism. And so, that’s how the Aquino/Cojuangco came to be.

    1. so everyone becomes political egomaniacs or corporate crooks.
      some do but many can have healthy, wealthy positive lives without resorting to such measures

  9. Perhaps his singular mission for years as a politician and not merely as president was to protect the interest of the “Hacienda.” When he suggested that his role was that of a “fiscalizer” (whatever the heck that’s suppose to mean) this is what he actually meant—being a guardian, watchdog, or protector not of public trust, but, as it turns out, of the family business.

  10. and the opportunity now is for the cojuangco-aquino clan to use the presidency to establish an unassailable business empire and political dynasty for which the country will pay dearly.
    the masses buy into the lie without question.
    in fact the people are handing over all power as meekly as a lamb to slaughter, and actually enjoying the blood-lust which will be part of their own downfall.
    maybe the subservient gene in filipinos wants to be dictated to. abdicate responsibility. watch telenovelas , sing videoke – allis well.

    1. @nona

      maybe the subservient gene in filipinos wants to be dictated to. abdicate responsibility. watch telenovelas , sing videoke – allis well.

      TFC has convinced many of its fanatical telenovela followers that the best way they could support their beloved TFC is to “abdicate” also their thinking to TFC, so whatever “brand of patriotism” it promotes, they should subscribe to it as well without question.

      Personally, I may tolerate their love for these TFC telenovelas and their flights of fantasy but only as a form of entertainment. What I could not tolerate is that they’ve allowed TFC to do the thinking for them as well, so that their values are corrupted and their ability to think critically and independently is impaired.

      I’m pretty sure that blog sites like this are being monitored for any signs of inciting people to protests or rebellion. They want to make sure that they’re adequately prepared in case such events or contingencies of that nature do arise. Nonetheless, I think an uprising similar to that which recently happened in Cairo, Egypt, using social networking sites like FB, twitter, or blogs as relay centers is beginning to sound like a not-so-bad idea. However, unless people put an end to the machinations of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan over our institutions as well, we will remain imprisoned in this economic vortex for generations to come.

      1. TFC brainwashing works so well with the average Pinoy because we have this dumb culture of being incredibly hateful after receiving criticism (no matter how truthful it is) never even looking back if there are pieces of wisdom heard, hence, the Pinoy pride. We only go with the patronizing and no-friction principles to avoid discord (“para walang gulo”), meaning it’s better to find a scapegoat to blame rather than admit we did something wrong.

        If someone would try this experiment of asking a number of Filinos, WHY ARE MOST FILIPINOS POOR? (then a placard covering the answer), one could only expect answers like “because GMA stole the nation’s money”, “because there are lot of corrupt politicians”, because of this person or that person and the like. Not even considering that in other countries there are corrupt politicians also.

        And then, you open the placard and it says:

        You think the person who does that survey will get out of a Pinoy eskinita alive (just exagerrating)? But that person would certainly not be welcomed. A price anyone would pay for hurting the Pinoy pride. Aquino-Conquanco-influenced broadcasting companies probably knows that and it favors their motives so from that brainwashing is as easy as pie.

  11. Agree
    Personally am not pro- aquino or pro-gma. Am pro democracy and anti corruption/hypocricy/self-interest.
    I cannot blame the people. Life is hell for many and am amazed at their stoicism and tolerance.
    I do blame those who were fortunate in terms having an education and opportunity and can only use it to benefit personally whilst the country moves from one drama/crisis to another.
    Democracy in 3rd world countries just doesnt work when the ‘haves’ only want to be the ‘have more’s’

  12. parrallel to the impeachment circus HLI requested on friday additional time to file motion for reconsideration
    now they play delaying tactics until p-noy has the numbers for a reversal on some superficial/technical grounds.
    with no corona resignation and a 6 month impeachment process they are really going to have to stretch it out.

    the farmers will never get their land. by hook or by crook the autocratic oligarchs will crush the little men

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