Punditry stalwart Manuel L Quezon III now back online! @mlq3

They said a short time ago that the “gloves are now off” in the epic battle between the three “co-equal” branches of the Philippine government. Not quite. Seems like the gloves are coming off only now seeing that Malacañang have started to dispatch their elite troops into the PR jungle, and this is my nod to the Noted One, Manuel L Quezon III (MLQ3), and his return to the National “Debate”.

MLQ3 ain’t called the Noted One for nothin’. He was Mr Political Blogger. The go-to man over much of the first decade of the 21st Century — until a gig with the public service deep within the bowels of the “Communications” team of the Cabinet of current President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III muzzled his political voice.

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Until now.

Of course MLQ3 wasn’t really just a grunt within the “bowels” of Noynoy’s rather bloated Communications group. He is a senior Cabinet official. But that fact only punctuates the tragedy of the last 500-odd days of public relations ineptitude exhibited by Malacañang which, considering the presence of the Noted One in their midst, showcased one communications and PR snafu after another. Most notably the presidential Comms team displayed an astounding clumsiness with dealing with the social media mob, which is bizarre considering MLQ3, an experienced Net jockey and a long-respected member of that community, was among their leaders.

So it is quite revealing to see MLQ3 rejoining the chatter now. His opening salvo on Twitter (unless I am missing an earlier barrage) is quite a poetic one (albeit apparently a retweet)…

RT @darwinmariano: RT @vtlazatin: Impeachment isn’t a nuclear bomb that destroys institutions. It’s a scalpel used to remove a tumor.

A mere retweet, yes, but one of the sort that comes not as a surprise from a senior Cabinet official of the Second Aquino Administration.

I don’t mean to speculate (hey, I’m still Pinoy at heart), but it seems that in the dispatch of the Noted One into the fray by the forces of Yellowness, we are seeing a visible upping of the PR ante by Malacañang. It further highlights the true nature of this whole circus — it is the Mother of all trials-by-media and a rallying of popular support as the main driver of its legitimacy.

Of course, and seeing one of the first of MLQ3’s many subsequent tweets, we all know where he ultimately stands. That’s because this isn’t the MLQ3 in the 00’s form of his prime as a relatively independent communicator. This time his ability to deliver insightful commentary is encumbered by a real boss with a real political agenda.

That’s not to say he will not contribute mightily to the long overdue uplift of the quality of the national “debate” which, not to put too fine a point to it, has been getting more and more idiotic by the week. He certainly will, perhaps moving from the preferred networking platform of the ADD Generation where he is limited to just 140 characters per spiel and onto writing proper articles on his seminal blog Quezon.ph. But he will at best be a thoroughbred horse running fast but harnessed and reined.

38 Replies to “Punditry stalwart Manuel L Quezon III now back online! @mlq3”

  1. Whatever. I’m not wasting any of my bandwidth paying any attention to this tool. He displayed a great deal of compromised logic even before he was co-opted by his most recent employer, and if there’s any “uplifting” he’s going to contribute to the national debate, it will only be in the sense that he knows bigger words than a lot of other pundits.

        1. “Si pekeng Corona ang gumugulo sa bansa”

          Nope, wrong again troll.
          It should be…..
          “Si dictator aquino ang gumugulo sa bansa”

      1. @”vincenzo the obvious yellow mouthpiece”:

        nakakatakot talaga kasi sama sama tayong lahat sa tuwid na daan ng tito pbrain pnoy mo papalundag sa bangin.

        pwede bang kayong mga utu-uto na lang sumama sa kanya para kunin na kayo ni lord?

      2. New Terrorist: ABuNOY!

        Hindi ka ba matatakot?

        Note, galit si Abunoynoy kay Corona kasi anti SOSYAL reform agenda ang pagbigay ng hustiya sa farmers– LUPANG KINUPKOP ng mga KUHA-ON KO.

        Naturally, pissed si ABuNOY!

        As a son of a farmer, I appreciate Corona.

        As for pervie ABuNOY—watch how he made his favorite dog Lassie Erda boy defend his devious act. LassieErda’s voice was quivering. Alam nya ang kabobohan ng amo nya.

        Manolo Quezon?—-his grandfather made a mess out of Mindanao. Quezon, a bastard, was anti-culture. He did not know his roots–his roots were questionable. And so, like his young banana republic colony, he wanted to obliterate the moros–who have their roots strongly imbeded in their glorius culture.

        Look at Quezon’s Karma! Thank God we have the last of the Quezons!

        Manolo?—-trying hard intellectual. He comes cheap too. Selling himself to a dimwit like ABuNOY.

        1. sa sobrang bait nga ni toto noy mo kita ang ngiti niya nung nandun sya sa scene ng manila bus hostage massacre. he is so nice, always smiling.

          (click my name and see)

    1. bakit naman kami mtatakot.. kala ko ba isang democratic country ang pinatatakbo ng tito noy mo? hindi porket binabatikos namin sya eh pro GMA na kami.. alam mo, tulad sya ng ibang magulang.. authoritative.. kung ano ang sa tingin nilang tama, pagpipilitan niya kahit nkkasama na.. prang gimagawa ng tito noy mo

    2. right now gov’t operated GNN is deliberately wasting the time alloted for rep. mitos magsaysay’s libertas program by playing useless crap during their scheduled airtime.

      kung mayroong tunay na natatakot, it’s the yellows. and it shows in how desperate their actions are.

  2. sad when people sell their soul and independence. hope he thinks in time that it was worth it.
    from the little i saw/knew of him he always seemed a bright lad so i was surprised when he went into relative obscurity.
    clearly the stormtroopers are unleashed and the days of the amateurs are over. vincenzo – you’re fired.

    1. PRO gma ka ksi kaya kht anung gawing kalikot sa utak mo, d mu mlalaman mahalin si Tito Noy at kmi na glit sa pagnanakaw, pagpatay at pgccnungaling ni Gloria.

      1. Di pa ba kayo nakokonsensya nyan winawasak nyo ang pilipinas para lang ipagtanggol ang lupain Hacienda na ikinagagalit ni AbNoy?

        Puro pantasya lang ni AbNoy ang sinusunod ninyo basta lang magka-pera kayo—mga sakim!

      2. Yes, and Vincenzo loves the smell of blood of the 8 hostages killed and 19 soldiers. And they are under PNoy’s watch.

        Am I right? 😛

      3. Galit din kami sa pagnanakaw ng lupain, pagpatay at pagsisinungaling ng tito noy mo sa mga magsasaka mg hacienda luisita.

  3. On the contrary nona, their morale is high because their elite troops have joined the fray.

    Natatakot na rin kayo ano.

    Aside from that, their beloved administration has finally learned how to wield tangible political power and at the same time still keep the “popularity” they can leverage on.

    Allow me also to translate its reply to you:

    You do not seem to succumb to the brainwashing. You do not follow the acceptable line of thought.

    You will be taken care of.

  4. @MLQ3

    RT @darwinmariano: RT @vtlazatin: Impeachment isn’t a nuclear bomb that destroys institutions. It’s a scalpel used to remove a tumor.

    Unfortunately that which you call a “tumor” turns out to be a vital organ essential to a functioning democracy. Democratic institutions will not thrive if the executive branch forces the other branches to be subservient to its whims.

  5. MLQgay is just riding on his grand lolo’s name… no more no less… and NO BRAIN. No in-depth analysis, just lengthy hallucinating words with no substance. Just like Jim Paredes… you’ve read once… everything is over and done with. Mahirap yang paikot ikot na argument. PANG BOBO LANG YANG KAY MLQgay na Blog. I’d rather read twisted facts with a rational argument than an irrational argument with twisted facts… MLQgay and Jim Paredes… YUCK.

    1. Of course! If they can face the mirror naked and still insist “babae ako!” and lie to themselves, how difficult would it be for them to lie to someone else about things even less apparent?

  6. The Aquino administration has been working on getting rid of all perceived hindrances to their goals either incrementally or by employing a multi-pronged approach:
    – They’ve gotten rid of Sen. Miriam Santiago by recommending her to the ICC–She’s too elated to take notice of any “catch” or ulterior motive behind this recommendation (this is not to say she’s not absolutely qualified for the job).
    – Then they’re now after Sen. Enrile.
    – Sen. Joker Arroyo is a bit difficult to peg down as yet.
    – They’ve also given sums of money to leftist groups to keep them from creating or supporting any public uprising, outcry, or unrest.

    Rapa Lopa’s SWS and Tony Boy Cojuangco’s Pulse Asia are used to accomplish several things:
    [1] take advantage of this naive or gullible tendency among Filipinos to be easily swayed by bandwagons in order to keep the numbers up and build or maintain support for Aquino.
    [2] divert attention from bad publicity or news of negative ratings given by those neutral international agencies.
    [3] create a perception of lack of support by the larger public to discourage any thoughts among its citizens of forming protests or creating any uprising.

    Mainstream media such as ABS-CBN/TFC helps by skewing the news to portray one side as good and the other side as evil (no fence-sitters please). Media is also good for creating “hooks” that lead to cult-following or loyalties.

    They continue to deploy blokes to saturate the internet, e.g. blogs, forums (e.g. PEx), social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. with pro-Aquino campaigns or propaganda in comments, posts, articles, and so on.

    The political machinery of course is well-funded by the country’s uber-rich making sure of their ROI.

    These are just the tip of the iceberg.

    1. As i lick his @%&e william m esposo takes journalism into the sewer. His sample of facebook quotes today 18 dec in his star column which is now just a pr rag, includes macie f imperial(? ghostwritten by guess who). macie who in essence says ‘corona is fast becoming the most hated person in philippines should do the decent thing and resign. Thank god for the country we have p-noy and the hope he offers’

      All the malacan messages are there in perfect pr language.

      But wait this is not a survey of comments or some random commentator – it is an employee of abs-cbn, and one of esposo’s closest friends as he acknowledged in his column a couple of years ago after his hospital surgery.

      “We also had the morale boosting support of our
      dearest friends including Fishing Magnate Bobby
      del Ros Benigno, Louie Kierulf,…………
      Macie Imperial, Maria Montelibano, her Girl
      Friday Jan Tan Co Chua and Baby Arenas.”
      William m esposo

      1. With apologies to original dead parrot sketch by monty python

        William m esposo

        ‘he’s not writing’!
        he’s sold out!
        This journalist is no more!
        he has ceased to be – honest!
        he’s exposed and gone to meet his Boss!
        he’s a stiff! Bereft of more lies,
        he rests in pesos!
        If you hadn’t nailed him to the keyboard he’d
        be pushing out the lies!
        It’s metabolic processes are now history!
        he’s off the page!
        he’s kicked the chair,
        he’s wrecked the bucket he’s manure – for the flowers
        he’s shuffled off his moral coil,
        run down the flag and
        joined the bleedin’ choir


        RIP( rest in pesos) William m exposed

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