PNoy wouldn’t need spin doctors if he took his job seriously

A spin-doctor is a person who publicizes favorable interpretations of the words and actions of a public figure, specially a politician. When another person has to speak on behalf of a public servant, it may be because the public servant is having a hard time responding to critics, which can also mean that whatever people think he did or said is probably true.

When it comes to spin-doctors, Philippine President, Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) can rely on not just his official spin-doctors but also his sisters especially his celebrity sister, Kris Aquino. After receiving a deluge of heavy criticism from Netizens over PNoy’s presence at a staff Christmas party during the height of tropical cyclone Sendong in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City, Kris and her sisters spoke out in defence of their brother. Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, Kris’s and PNoy’s sister insinuated that despite the terrible tragedy, PNoy cannot stay sad and miserable. In her guest appearnce on Kris’s morning show, this is what she had to say about the Presidential Security Guard (PSG) Christmas Party:

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“Ngayon, ‘yun namang party ay matagal nang naka-schedule ‘yon. Siyempre, may mga masasamang nangyayari at may malungkot but then, life should go on. Hindi naman pwedeng huminto na lang ang buhay at magmukmok na lang tayo.

Of course the party was already scheduled prior to the flash flooding that wreaked havoc on the lives of Filipinos in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. But the party could have gone ahead without PNoy. His staff would have understood his absence if they had a heart. Of course life must go on. But partying while thousands of Filipinos in another part of the country suffer is just in bad taste especially since PNoy is the chief executive. As someone mentioned, if he can cancel important meetings with international leaders in his second ASEAN summit in Indonesia because he was too distracted with GMA, then surely he should have cancelled a party with actress Valerie Conception.

This attitude that a party has to proceed despite a tragedy speaks so much about who we are as a people. Kris Aquino’s suggestion that we should move on quickly rather than ruminate these preventable tragedies in the Philippines promotes unhealthy thinking. She is one of those Filipinos who are misguided enough to believe that being in a happy mode all the time will help our nation move forward. Her attitude provides further evidence to suggest that Filipinos in general are preoccupied with the desire to be on a permanent state of euphoria or at least with being perceived to be a “happy-go-lucky” society no matter what circumstances they are in. And like what I said in the past, unfortunately, this national obsession with being “happy” or having a good time actually leads the Filipino people to an ironic permanent state of misery because their pursuit of happiness is shallow and misguided.

It is too bad that we are too distracted with the thought of being happy all the time. Some of the time spent partying should be spent preparing for worst case scenarios. Natural calamities tend to occur quite often in the Philippines. Sitting astride the typhoon belt, most of the islands in the country experience annual torrential rains and thunderstorms. Tropical cyclones have been known to cause flash flooding in regions affected by the storm. In a lot of instances, tropical cyclones have resulted in unnecessary loss of lives and millions of pesos damage to private property and public infrastructure. Preparing for heavy downpour should be our number one priority not laughing at lame jokes. Our problems will not go away on their own. The sun might eventually dry out the flood but naturally it can come back with a vengeance if we don’t take any measures or find a solution to the problem.

It is no wonder that Kris’s life doesn’t seem to be a bed of roses. She often finds herself embroiled in scandals, perhaps because her preoccupation with having a good time leads her with little time to reflect on where her life had gone wrong. Kris Aquino’s mentality around her idea of being “happy” may need to change or should, at least, not be emulated by her fans. Otherwise, Filipinos could find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place for the rest of their lives.

The problems in our country need urgent attention. There is no time to spare. A lot of people are dying from hunger and malnutrition. Partying and celebrating should not be done excessively because as a people, we have very little achievement to celebrate for. We need more work to be done before we can pat ourselves on the back and pop that champagne bottle.

It is unfortunate that our obsession with being perceived as a “happy-go-lucky” people results in our coming across as a people who do not take things too seriously even in times of crisis. It is why our social ills stay unresolved. In fact, Filipinos in general don’t even realize that our national psyche needs to be rehabilitated. Most Filipinos are of the belief that our corrupt public officials are solely to blame for the sad state of our nation. This is funny because the Filipino people are free to choose their public servants. And yet they prefer to choose someone incompetent — which is why they get the government they deserve.

The country remains Asia’s laggard perhaps partly because most Filipinos don’t have their priorities right. Most of us would rather pursue activities that cater to instant gratification because most of us want to be “masaya” all the time. We get instant gratification when we engage in activities that give us fleeting moments of happiness. Most often these are activities are not well thought through and may even be impulsive. It could also involve being in a fiesta or celebratory mode more often than necessary — even when we don’t deserve it. This also includes not participating in the running of the country and letting our public servants wreak havoc using public funds. Instead of being serious and more assertive about national issues, we dismiss topics pertaining to politics as something that we cannot do anything about or is none of our business.

Perhaps the role of spin doctor should not be relegated to PNoy’s celebrity sister, Kris Aquino at all. She just keeps saying the wrong things and keeps making matters worse for her big brother. Besides, PNoy shouldn’t really need his sisters’ help to explain why he was at a party during the height of the calamity in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. After all, he is a big boy now and should be able to explain to us all in his own words why it took him ages to react to the tragedy. And perhaps PNoy could tell us how long he really stayed at the party because his “spin doctors” can’t get his length of stay right:

The Palace on Monday sought to control the damage, with spokesmen offering differing accounts of how long the President stayed at the party and Mr. Aquino’s sisters defending his actions.

“He just listened to two or three songs … it was maybe just an hour or two of his time,” Presidential Communications Office Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. told a breakfast forum at the Diamond Hotel.

“He did not sing,” presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said.

“He just sat and watched the party for a few minutes and then he left immediately.”

PSG commander Col. Ramon Dizon said Mr. Aquino stayed for a little over half an hour.

“He did not even go up the stage,” he said.

“There was no speech, and definitely no singing or dancing for the President.”

The Aquinos should really stop asking Filipinos to give them a break because they are not known for giving others a break. Between them and their so-called “evil” opponents, they have more to lose because of the goody-goody image they are trying to project.

162 Replies to “PNoy wouldn’t need spin doctors if he took his job seriously”

  1. ‘Move on’
    How i hate that term, so often said when people want to avoid criticism, but also to stop discussion/debate and most importantly prevent lessons to be learnt.
    Move on… To what the next time and the time after that.
    I also object to kris aquino’s self promotion and propaganda on a tv show. The 3 witches all making their pitch and of course no questions or debate, just a party political broadcast.
    Now abs-cbn have become p-noys mouthpeace expect more kris exposure – governor 2013 – more good deeds and a constantly controlled diet of minutae – especially when there is her film to promote.
    And with her manager – boy abunda also running as a governor in 2013 it is only going to continue going downhill.
    Entertainment to politics to government and people need to even ask why the country is in a mess!

    1. “Move on”. That’s the word for the day.

      1,000 dead plus missing. Move on. So the next time a typhoon comes, the nation will be counting casualties again.

      I can’t believe these people. Rather than saying “move on” or “life goes on” why not say “I’m sorry”.

      1. @ bulutongboy

        He can’t say I’m sorry because he is just an insensitive prick.
        He also didn’t say sorry to the Hong Kong government for the hostage fiasco that happened under HIS admin and that was definitely his fault.

      2. i just read article posted today on abs-cbn website about the burials in cdo.
        the title – “life goes on”
        no coincidence i think
        covering up and trying to validate bally’s crass comment and showing how they are working for the aquinos
        also kris as un representative announcing 100 tons of aid
        plus her film details of course

        happy xmas and new year in new york kris
        pity you dont want to stay and help

      3. anybody notice that it’s usually the ones who screwed up big time that first say “let’s move on”? aquinos talaga, style bulok.

    2. This is one of my pet peeves. I just hate it when someone says “move on” when I am not ready to move on. People deal with problems in different ways. If someone is not yet satisfied dealing with an issue, he simply can’t “move on”. For me, someone who wants to avoid talking about the issue always says “move on”.

      1. Kris aquino – “Move on”
        From what..

        Bpd – borderline personality disorder
        Std – sexually transmitted diseases
        Affairs – too many to list
        Failed marriages
        Retard son/bad parenting
        Family inbreeding
        Hacienda luisita
        Porsche gift
        Ninoy assassination by cojuangco
        ? Sale of hli shares
        Ownership of shell philippines
        P-noys psychiatric counselling in boston
        P-noy’s sexuality
        Qualification for politics
        Scam/commision by brother-in-law for pork barrel release

        The list goes on and on so no wonder you want to move on and hide your sordid life and past indiscretions, and create an illusion which is an outright lie and hypocritical. All for money/endorsements. The cojuangco-aquino god.
        Trailer trash

        1. in any argument… one who says MOVE ON is not addressing the issue properly… choose any:


          bottom line: ALL OF THE ABOVE

  2. Kris aquino as i think you have said and as she has admitted has borderline personality disorder(BPD)
    It happens to be something i know about, and one thing with such sufferers is that they have a very distorted view of themselves and the world.
    And we give such people a public platform and potentially elect them to public office. Not just kris aquino that is crazy.

    1. I think that she is so used to getting nods of approval that receiving criticism is a totally alien concept. She doesn’t know how to handle it.

      1. I think it is bipolar disorder not borderline personality disorder. That is the chizmiz within psychiatry community. at least bipolar disorder can be controlled by medication. Her personality disorders,namely, narcissism, histrionic personality and oc, are the ones there is no cure for. Psychiatrists would rather treat bipolar than personality disorders, which explains how hopeless kris aquino is. Yes, she is so used to getting everybod’s approval that’s why she has a hard time dealing with criticism. But i think it is her NPD is the reason she can not take criticism.Narcissists cannot take criticism very well.

        1. kris aquino personality disorder

          it is more generally accepted now that there is an overlap and common characteristics, so patients are often given a dual diagnosis, or a primary and secondary condition.
          bottom line – they are still crazy and usually cause chaos in other peoples lives especially when they are either not getting attention or need to compensate for low self esteem.
          advice. never vote for one, or never date one

  3. As I have been commenting on the blogsphere (even in my FB note), that Penoy’s role model as president of a country is Obama.

    According to one opinion maker in US of A:

    “TINA BROWN: Well it’s so interesting. I think that Obama doesn’t like his job, actually. I think that he is genuinely of a professioral disposition in the sense that I think that he’s interested in chewing over the pros and cons, and he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like power and he doesn’t know how to exercise power. And I think knowing how to exercise power is absolutely crucial. He doesn’t understand how to underpin his ideas with the political gritty, granular business of getting it done. And that kind of gap has just widened and widened and widened. And so that every time there is a moment, a window where he can jump in, like something like a Simpson-Bowles as well, he just doesn’t do it. He hangs back at crucial moments when you have to dive through that window.”

    Replace Obama’s name with Penoy on the above opinion.

    1. I am not really familiar with how Obama performs because I’ve never followed his move. I’ve always said that he won because he had celebrity endorsements and people thought they needed “change”.

      1. I have been following Obama and rather like him. Take that writer’s words with a grain of salt because she is a Republican, way to the right, a conservative. Obama is an intellectual, P-noy is intellectually challenged. Obama may be his idol but they are oceans apart in the grey matter department, so that’s about it. The politics in the US is a more complex dynamic than most Pinoys understand, oceans apart from this country’s politics. It’s like comparing apples and balimbing. Let’s leave Obama out of this president’s ineptitude, he has nothing to do with it.

        1. The source of opinion I’ve quoted is a leftist. Obama is just a useful idiot, a leftist, a socialist, a failed leader of a nation.

          Look at Penoy as compared with him.

          Mommyjo, update yourself on who is the idiot in USA politics.

        2. Obama never gets things done. Heck, he even upsets fellow Dems because of his indecisiveness. As I paraphrase Machiavelli, a leader must know when to be a lion and when to be a fox.

        3. @Oying,

          Let’s take the number 1 item in your link:

          “Fox News Obituary Trashes Kurt Vonnegut”

          Can you pinpoint to me where they have intentionally misinformed the viewers from that video? And so with the other videos?

          As you have said “no one” takes foxnews seriously. No one heh. And foxnews is the most trusted cable TV station in the US of A.

        4. i may may have chosen wrong words ; “no one”, “trusted” and reliable”. I apologize for that.

          The videos from HowTheWorldWorks doesn’t have a lot of “distortion of facts”. all there was, at least i saw, are semantic problems of what LiberalViewer said in his videos. Also, he drifts off to go against MSNBC and Liberals in general. Let’s not get hung up on their argument.

          so, on to Fox News, here’s the Daily Show enumerating the falsehoods of Fox News according to

        5. Let’s see how your mind works –

          According to you you’ve chosen the wrong words: “no one, trusted, and reliable”.

          It seems also that the LiberalViewer, a leftwinger, that you have cited is not a reliable as a source to thrash Foxnews, a conservative cable, for their being master of spin doctor of the right wing and MOST OF THE TIME gets their facts wrong.

          And now you new source of Foxnews thrasher is Jon Stewart – the comedian. He always explain every time he is caught lying that he is just comedian and his show is about satire. To be satirical, his video clips are mostly edited. Your source, right?

          Here is Jon Stewart on ‘Fox News Sunday’ 6/19/11 where he admits to hateful and dishonest propaganda.

        6. The allegation of Stewart claiming that when he gets caught he falls back on “being a comedian” has been answered by him, in the full interview(unedited) by Chris Wallace in which your clip is found.

          Part one here.

          Part two here.

          Stewart “admitting of hateful and dishonest propaganda”, see full interview to check for context.

          About the facts that Fox New misreported…

        7. Oying,

          You’re telling us that he is not claiming he is “just a comedian” when being cited as lying?

          What context are you talking about? This context thing is always the argument of people who can’t put up a good argument.

          Jon Stewart is another Maher.

          I’m proud to be a right winger.

          BTW, I’d like to see how you thrash the bias of the alphabet cables (MSNBC, CNN, CBS etc) if you’re really after fair reporting.

          Or you just a rabid leftard.

          My argument ends here.

        8. he is claiming to be a comedian. it’s different from being a newscaster reporting news.

          i do respect your being a right-winger, but i think the name-calling is a bit unnecessary.

          Yes, i do agree that the respective alphabet cable networks do have their own bias, esp. MSNBC. They’re trying to be Fox.

          Although we have differing views thanks for the time in this forum. Cheers to you, sir.

        9. also, resorting to ad hominem arguments, doesn’t really help the fact that Fox is still misinforming viewers, but as you said, your argument ended. Thanks, again.

        1. Sabi nga ni Penoy, tayo daw ang boss niya. Take note mommyjo.

          Just like in the US of A, Obama again-

          According to Gov. Christie:

          “Well then what the hell are we paying you for?” Christie said, adding “… Well, what have you been doing exactly?”

          See the similarities…


        2. even considering right or left media, even on face value alone, Obama’s handling of the US govt is nothing short of ineffectual.

          Comparing Obama to Aquino, well, they’re both more talk and less action. rhetoric, rhetoric, rhetoric…

        3. no one takes Fox News seriously. They’re master spin doctors of the right wing, and most of the time, they even get their facts wrong.

        4. @Oying,

          Can you cite where they have intentionally misinformed the viewers as what the other alphabet cables (MSNBC and CNN) are intentionally doing? What “most of the time” are you talking about?

          They’re the most trusted cable tv station in US of A –

          Their number one in viewership topping the combined viewership of the other five alphabet cables.

          Where have you been living?

        5. et’s take the number 1 item in your link:

          “Fox News Obituary Trashes Kurt Vonnegut”

          Can you pinpoint to me where they have intentionally misinformed the viewers from that video? And so with the other videos?

          As you have said “no one” takes foxnews seriously. No one heh. And foxnews is the most trusted cable TV station in the US of A.

        6. @Oying

          Reliable, dependable, responsible, trustworthy, trusty are synonyms.

          If I’ll choose between trusted and reliable, I’ll pick trusted.

          From online dictionary –

          1. Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.

          1. Capable of being relied on; dependable.

  4. @ilda

    There’s a saying in Tagalog regarding the contents of this article…

    “Gawa ng isa, damay lahat”. The actions of one person may reflect on the character of the group that the same person is affiliated with. That’s something that I’ve learned from the school that I’m in right now.

  5. I actually heard an interview with a governor over the radio just yesterday. As I recall, he was governor of those affected by the floods. But his statement was their office WILL NOT use the CALAMITY FUND.

    I’m sorry but isn’t that it’s purpose?

    And he just states we will find a way to help the people without using it.

    Wait just a second, it’s already allotted for these types of events yet he chooses to not use it because he can source it elsewhere? (Like donations?) What the hell is that?

    It just sent chills down my spine after hearing that.

    I think it was DZMM in the afternoon.

      1. It’s what I heard. My mom was doing something so I was the only one who heard it and I had to relay to her what I heard when she saw me reacting.

        I’m not 100% sure on it coz it was her that turned on the radio.

    1. speaking of Funds.. I heard on the news that the Administration would not accept all the funds that came from other countries.. ?!?!?!

      1. Wow, that’s pure idiocy
        Why would they reject help from the other countries????
        That way of thinking is really messed up.

        1. From what I can recall, I heard this news over ABS-CBN in TV Patrol.. I did not bother hearing the whole story since I was so upset about what’s happening so far. I’ll research on this further.

  6. its not pr – its propoganda

    Delete twitter messages
    Reroute facebook accounts
    Erase messages
    block access
    Blitz blog sites
    Post fake messages in columns as real – a la espinoso
    Or make undesirables incommunicado

    After control of SC, internet the next target and final frontier

    1. Hey, I just realise that. They just keep trying to erase traces of their mistakes. That’s so dumb because people are so cluey nowadays and someone’s bound to get a hold of the information one way or another.

  7. Pnoy went to the party, but he did not have fun!!!

    But the party is big-time reminder to the Yellow Army that their Great Leader has a chink in the armor. Every time there is a typhoon a-coming, the sentiments can quickly make those SWS surveys be stinke-roos. (Unless, of course, the new admin had made significant improvement to metro-Manila anti-“ONDOY” defenses.) Then this one — do you notice how many IED “events” (actual explosioons or IOED duds getting found) happens a month? Nag-pa-praktis … baka mag kombo IED plus big-bagyo, the SWS surveys will suffer..

  8. I hear the footsteps of yellow zombies marching, carrying torches and pitchforks to persecute those who oppose their deity. It’s beginning to look like North Korea!

    1. If they dare to attack us for speaking against the insensitive prick, then so be it. They won’t stand a chance against us anyway since they’re too stupid.

      1. Unfortunately, they have tri-media and lots of funds. They’ll just make sure that no one here in GRP is heard in national TV or the radio and continue with that Kris-Aquino-style brainwashing.

        Ilda made a very good observation on the Pinoy psyche – the average Juan does not want to talk about the bad things and only wants the happy thoughts, happy dialogues. To hell with people dying or missing, the great Pinoy race would give sympathy and charity but would never discuss root causes and preventive measures because it’s NOT HAPPY(hugas kamay, change topic na lang, move on daw).

        1. I think TV5 and GMA7 aren’t connected with Party-noy. They might be able to help us wake up the brainwashed filipinos and make them realize the truth about the insensitive prick.

        2. Some people think that giving donations is enough. I think that being critical of your government is more important in the long term. Giving money when it’s needed is only a temporary solution.

      2. Just ask them again what percent of the elections Noynoy won and to remind them kapag nag kombinasyon ang Erap supporters at Gordon supporters dahil tagilid ang patakbo ni Noynoy-ang-his-BFF’s, maski anong sabihin ni deQuiros may problema pa rin silang malaki.

        1. I read that the Red Cross chaired by Dick Gordon were the first to arrive at the scenes. May God guide them.

          Unfortunately, ABS-CBN and GMA plus the government will all fight for airtime on who should be getting more credit. Then this moronic sucker race we call Filipinos will hail them as heroes and saviors of our nation.

          I would really want to hope for something better but from where I stand and the people around me, no one gives a damn what really happened. People give, that’s good, but when try opening it in a discussion, no one wants to talk about it. Due to this people will more likely get brainwashed by the yellow tube. Another admirable Filipino trait: AVOIDANCE.

  9. Bakit ba kasi nun nagsabog si lord ng kamalasan sinalo lahat ni noynoy…from the manila hostage crisis to bagyo (at lahat may namatay ha)…may mabubuhay pa kaya bago matapos ang term nya? katakot naman…

  10. Heil Der nutzi Fuhrer BadNoy! The greatest nutzi of the master yellow race! Der Fuhrer’s image is nutzi cosmetic! Because of this beautification he appears above and beyond mortal men! His nutzi image is free of corruption, artifice and deceit! His mind brilliant and uber sane!

    Der nutzi Fuhrer sweeps away his perceived enemies by his nutzi power of words! He repeats lies as truth and real truth as lies! He shouts! His enemies are evil! They are guilty before trial! They are to be treated with cruelty, hatred, revulsion and ridicule! When this is absorbed by his adoring mass, he carries out blitzkrieg action in railroading processes, cases and impeachments! He is the greatest in camouflage! Like a chameleon he changes colors! From yellow to black and white, to red, MILF green and so on! His masks are many as he manipulates minds and lives!

    Der Fuhrer is supreme in disasters! For he is the nutzi head of reich disaster management! He approved the great plan to save lives! So he says, review this again! Der Fuhrer likes to party in Der Reich Palace. His acts are not insensitive as he is the great nutzi leader! Setting all the correct nutzi examples! His subordinate Herr Ramos says the victims are to be blamed(for their own deaths) for being complacent and for failing to heed disaster warnings! Der Fuhrer rewards him with silence!

    Der Fuhrer shows his smiles all around as he leads the disaster effort! He distributes relief goods and smiles at the victims of the great disaster! He is angered again! He says someone must answer to the criminal negligence! When he is finished there will be an example! An example made for reich inefficiency!

    Again, Der Great Nutzi Fuhrer is seen as clean, efficient and above blame. For he is truly the greatest nutzi leader of the nutzi disaster team! The creator of the reich disaster plan! The greatest nutzi son of the master yellow race!

    Heil the nutzi damage control program! Heil Der nutzi Fuhrer!

        1. I left a comment. I hope she doesn’t delete it. I can’t believe garbage like that gets printed on a major circulation.

      1. I have read it and it smells of “poetic” propaganda. Some of the editorials of some newspaper are becoming at worst propaganda mouthings and at worse half-assed journalism. Sheeeeesh…..

        1. I don’t call that journalism at all. It’s not even half-a$$ed. What’s lower than that? Gosh, it just sucks!

  11. I think this disaster has been like a Critical Hit to the Aquino administration.
    Their popularity is sure to weaken if they continue to cover up for the insensitive prick that was too busy partying while people were suffering in CDO.

      1. well, people are starting to lose trust in them.
        La Mierda and Carandang have given contradicting info on how long P(party)-noy stayed at the party.

    1. This is proof that they do not have foresight. They thought that it would be easy to maintain their high popularity rating by simply badmouthing their political opponents so they could look good. They didn’t think about how natural calamities would eventually reveal the fact that they are no better than the people they accuse of not having done enough.

    1. He is nowhere to be found when there is a crisis. Let’s try to monitor him when another crisis happens and see if he is going to be slow in responding again. I’m crossing my fingers that there won’t be another tragedy though.

      1. anybody notice how he tends to be around when people have died already? noynoy must be thinking “i don’t wanna be around for people to criticize and humiliate. i’ll go there when no one’s left alive to tell me to go f*ck off.”

  12. News Quote shortie:

    “Farmers set on fire 300 hectares of Luisita”

    “CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga- Local farmers allegedly set fire to a portion of the sugarcane field at Hacienda Luisita that is owned by the family of President Aquino in Barangay Balete, Tarlac City where P1-million worth of crops was destroyed last Friday morning…”-Philippine Star Dec. 21, 2011

    I wonder how the spin doctors would react to this news? Who really did it?

    1. lacierda – ” havent heard about it and HLI nothing to do with president as he has divested of his shares” right!

      cojuangco most probably trying to portray farmers as unruly hooligans not fit to have/own land or he was just giving them their xmas present

    1. As long as its about blaming GMA, he’ll be as quick as a bullet but when it comes to a REAL emergency like floods in CDO, he’s slow as a turtle.

  13. Hindi lang once, twice or trice MIA si Noynoy tuwing may malalaking trahedya na nangyayari sa bansa. Four times na!

    1. Manila hostage crisis
    2. Bagyong Pedring
    3. Bagyong Quiel
    3. Bagyong Sendong

    Tapos kung umarte ang mga yellow fanatics kala mo pagod na pagod si Noynoy at kailangan nya talaga ang party na pinuntahan nya para makapag relax. Ilang beses kaya kailangan silang iwan sa ere ni Noynoy bago nila makita ang kanilang pagkakamali sa pagboto sa isang taong walang alam? Matauhan na kaya sila kung bangkay na ng kanilang mahal sa buhay ang makikita nilang palutang lutang sa tubig baha?

  14. i did this for esposo but readily adapted for more star fiction writers

    With apologies to original dead parrot
    sketch by monty python

    a swansong for yolly ong

    ‘she’s not writing’!
    She’s sold out!
    This journalist is no more!
    Campaigning and complaining!

    She has ceased to be – honest!
    She’s exposed and gone to meet her Boss!
    She’s a stiff! Bereft of more lies,
    She rests her prose!
    If you hadn’t nailed her to the keyboard she’d still be pushing out the lies!

    It’s metabolic processes are now history!
    She’s off the page!
    She’s wrapping paper
    She rhymes no more,
    She’s yesterday’s news
    she’s manure – for pushing up the daisies

    She’s shuffled off her moral coil,
    run down the flag and
    joined the bleedin’ choir


  15. Chilling trivia:
    Uncle Adolf’s and Uncle Badnoy’s muslim connection.

    The real Adolf Hitler had formal alliances with Arabs. He accepted Al Bana and Al Husseini. The muslim brotherhood was part of nazi intelligence. The alliance contributed to the nazi war effort with arab units formed to fight democracy.

    The dictator BadNoy met with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF)brotherhood in secret talks held in Tokyo, Japan. His friendly relations with MILF Chair Al Haj Murad Ebrahim and muslim leaders was very apparent. Photos taken during the meeting showed smiling eyes and lips galore. Details of the talks are still secret. The MILF is fighting a jihadist war for “independence” and is an enemy of democracy. BadNoy was criticized for donating 5 million pesos and taking a weak stand in the peace process. The MILF demand areas in Mindanao and Palawan to create their own Islamic State within the Philippine State. Many speculate this as a done deal. BadNoy is taking a passive stand against the MILF in using his “all out justice” policy” seen as giving all the advantages to the MILF.

    1. The dictator Mr. Aquino just does not know what his muslim friends are thinking. He is a dangerous man and they are dangerous friends.

      The war in Mindanao will never end. It is not about poverty and underdevelopment. It is about the reconquering of “ancestral domain.”

      Please see:

    1. Some yellow apologists takes a while to come up with a spin. I feel sorry for them sometimes because PNoy can be unpredictably predictable. 😉

    2. The main editorial in todays trib also hit hard

      “But Noynoy is such a wimp, and becomes a big
      bully only whenever it is his political foes who
      are his target.

      That he is such a wimp, to even have his sisters
      defend him, already shows much too glaringly.

      And the sisters were no better than his
      mouthpieces, with the eldest, Ballsy, actually
      saying that “life must go on” amid a thousand
      dead and starving living, while another sister,
      Pinky, said Noynoy didn’t want to go
      immediately as he may disrupt the relief efforts.
      Makes one wonder how his presence could
      disrupt the efforts as one does not see people
      getting out of the relief line and mobbing him.
      As for sister Kris, who says she could have been
      the Senate president had she run for the Senate,
      well, she was never known for her brains, which
      is why she came up with the excuse of Noynoy
      being different from you and I — saying he has
      national concerns”
      Daily tribune 22 dec 2011

      Just re-read. Airhead kris inferring sendog isnot a national concern.
      She really should shut up.
      And to add to her insensitivity she announces yesterday that she is going for 2 week xmas/new year holiday in new york. Done her photo-shoot with the peasants

      1. PNoy should ask his sisters to stay out of his business. He does come across as a weakling when his younger sisters have to come out and defend him.

        Do we see other leaders relatives coming to their defence? No, right? Only in the Philippines.

        1. “PNoy should ask his sisters to stay out of his business.”

          I doubt if he has the balls to do that. If the boy even dared, surely, he will get a spanking from her sisters. He can’t even lift a finger against friends in power albeit their incompetence and irresponsibility.

          The President as a clear example -we have such a great shortage of men (real men) in the Philippines.

    1. This only shows that the noytards are running out of rebuttals to defend their Party-Noy.
      Time is running out for Party-Noy
      The end is near….

      1. Party noy has also run out of scapegoats this time.
        If he has the fact finding committees look for someone accountable for this, it would be
        Party-noy himself since:

        1. He cancelled a P50-million flood control project in Mindanao that was approved and signed during the time of former President, now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo
        2. He vetoed disaster preparedness in the P5-billion calamity fund and its impact on government capacity to mitigate calamities

        It will be very hard for him to find anyone to blame unless he forces some poor shmuck to take the fall for it.

        1. Noynoy Aquino was seen smiling, as he visited the flood victims. Same way he was smiling, during the Press conference, in the Hostage Crissis Tragedy…Is this man really insane, or something? He seems to take pleasure in seeing someone suffering, or in tragic events…

  16. Even Korina’s insensitive near-miss got a pass. (relating sendong to Ted’s performance on DZMM party night). Btw, she’s another “move on” member. Pweh.

  17. Have you guys heard what Mr. President said regarding the mass burial?

    “Excuse me. I don’t think there is any plan to put … and no authority to put anybody … I don’t know where you got that from and I don’t know where these reports are coming from,”

    Lagi na lang “I don’t know” ba ang isasagot mo sir?

      1. Parang Bill Clinton statement lang yan na “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

        Although sa case nito hindi sex scandal kundi honoring the victims of the flood and scandal.

  18. He campaigned that he is “honest.” But now it’s out that he has spin doctors, which obviously undoes all that “honesty” which was barely there in the first place.

  19. Okay, let’s assume that he just stayed there…sat like a good boy and listened to the Jokes of Valerie…this is not the issue.
    The issue here, is : he is the leader of a country, whose people were in the middle of a raging natural calamity. His people were being swept by flood; drowning and dying. Families and houses were being carried by the flood, to the ocean…Did he not any communications to learn this tragedy,that was happening?
    Kris Aquino’s explanation is shallow…Noynoy Aquino’s brainless Whore Sister, should shut up her mouth…The more, she opens her mouth, the more nonsense, we’re hearing. Some Filipinos have brains. Some are even more intelligent and higly educated, than any of his Staff. The Aquinos think: we are all Wowoowee and YellowTard people. This is where they are mistaken…

    1. This is a Replay of what had happened during the Luneta Hostage Crissis Tragedy…see the similarities of the event…Noynoy Aquino was nowhere to be seen, when the Hostages, were being killed by a mentally ill Policeman. Up to now, he has no explanation of what happened…

  20. Going back to the yellowist apologist Conrado de Quiros, who really spoke the truth re: voters for Pnoytard: “You reap what you sow”. Sow stupidity by voting on the basis of that dubiously sainted Cory, reap the stupidity of her clueless son and painfully irritating daughters.

  21. i am from cagayan de oro. i am so disgusted how malacanang and the president downplayed the calamity in my city and that of iligan city our neighbor. i further irked at how the aquino siblings defended the president with hint of sympathy and compassion. it just showed what type of morals they hold. especially with kris aquino, who even in her personal life can’t seem to decide what’s right and what’s not.

    1. I am from Manila and I am mad at our government. Not because the same thing can happen in Manila but because this should not happen at all in our country.

      1. The people were really arrogant to stay near the danger zone but it was up to the authorities to enforce the law, which could have prevented the unnecessary deaths.

  22. a survey of comments across websites shows an overwhelming 75% are either unimpressed or disgusted at president aquinos lack of sensitivity, compassion and lack of leadership.

    80% think kris aquino should not be involved in politics or using her tv show as a presidential pr platform. the other 20% were not complimentary either!

  23. p(arty)-noy and others should remember that all the food, wine, and starlets were paid for by tax-payers, 1000 of whom were dying whilst he was spending their money on frivolity.
    maybe he personally should pay for the funerals since he used their money for what he considered as something more important.
    and someone should ask how much are spent on these ‘secret’ parties.
    ah – no FoI

  24. ilda
    educate me
    maybe in an article
    binay as president
    i dont know him or where he stands on issues
    he is clearly gearing up for a bid and will i guess cause greater rifts as 2013/2016 approach.
    how does p-noy/yellows view him. is he ally or threat.
    what about mar roxas. he seems very quiet for someone who was going to do 80% of the work
    why is kris aquino being so friendly – and i dont just mean gossip with the son

    1. @nona

      I’ll see what I can find out. He might be hard to find. 😉

      i dont know him or where he stands on issues

      We can say the same for PNoy even after almost two years in office.

  25. I would like to thank all those anonymous donors who gave to the sendong disaster from their heart, and who did not feel the need to advertise their products, films,companies, or sponsors in the process.
    Thank god there are still genuine people with compassion and integrity.
    Motormouth just doesnt get it.
    Again today harping on about her brother and her products. Nido gives my children the shits. Kris aquino does the same for me.

    1. Pati yung sagip kapamilya, pinagmalaki ni Korina na naunang dumating sa isang area. Dapat lang daw. Malaking tagumpay para sa ABSCBN.

      1. Ganyan talaga ka hypocritical ang station na iyan. Hindi dapat ipinagmamayabang ang pagtutulong sa kapwa o sa kahit sino man.

  26. saw this

    Dear kris aquino

    I have lost my husband and children. My home and my livelihood.

    Like so many others, i dont know what tomorrow brings, and part of me no longer cares.

    The last thing i need now is some condescending self-centred would-be politician trying to capitalise on our misfortune. Do you have no dignity or self-respect.

    We may not have had your opportunity or education, but we are not stupid or so ignorant, and we see the games you and your family play, and the act you put on in front of the cameras.

    Your brother clearly cannot even be bothered to put on an act, and displays either a degree of arrogance or stupidity which is astounding.

    Tragedies such as this separate the men from the boys, and the genuine from the hypocrites.

    Everyone has seen you and others for what you are – self-serving opportunists.

    I will go and pray for my family and everone else affected by this tragedy which was not unforeseen, but ignored by your family and friends in high places.
    I will also pray for you, that you may stop acting, and start feeling.

    Enjoy your holiday. I am sure it will be far away in luxury, whilst we struggle with the mud, the stench of death, and the heartache of losing our loved ones.

    Your brand of politics is as cheap and tacky as the endless products you are so quick to endorse.

    Enjoy your money. It counts for nothing when weighed against decency and compassion.

    1. I tried emailing this letter to my family but they think that it was a pro gloria that wrote it. LOL
      Im frustrated at them still blind about Pnoy
      I hope that they will soon realize that this president is unfit to lead us.

      1. It’s only a matter of time. We will be vindicated but we will not gloat. We will welcome them with open arms. Filipinos need to unite in criticising the government. We should get rid of this mentality that we have to be beholden to our public servants. They are not “gods”.

  27. please. some-one with a 2 day diploma in pr help p-noy.

    every step he takes puts him further in the sh#t.

    today he said he is putting his xmas plans on hold because there might be bad weather this weekend!

    magnaminious or belated damage control!
    will people be impressed – no
    will people believe him – less and less
    apart from which what plans ( naturally he didnt say). what will he do instead. does he intend to stay at PAGASA. play on playstation. target shoot corona.

    do what you have planned
    keep informed – use your technology and minions
    react accordingly if and when necessary.

    is that so difficult to comprehend.

    my god, i get more sense and logic from my 6year old.

    or is it just that yet again ‘billy no mates’ hasnt got a date, so it was going to be xmas dinner for one anyway.

      1. This is for you Mr. Aquino. You adopted the saying “Daan na matuwid.” as a political slogan. This is not original.

        Read these truths about the straight and narrow path from the Holy Bible:

        “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
        Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
        Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”-Matthew 7:13-15

        Which are you Mr. Aquino?

        1. I don’t think he is even religious nor spiritual. He doesn’t even treat his own body well. That’s a a good indication of his care factor.

        2. And his Excellency has this nice wide grin whenever there is a tragedy. I hope he doesn’t do that signature smile (he did back then while the hostage crisis is hot) in CDO.

  28. The dictator Mr. Aquino vetoed the P5-Billion Calamity Fund in the 2011 budget. Obviously there is damage control and flip-flopping.

    The Dec. 22, 2011 issue of the Philippine Star(Headlines, page 2) has this to say: “Abad also clarified that the P5-Billion Calamity Fund in the 2011 national budget was never vetoed, and that it was enough to ensure an effective disaster response and management by the government.”

  29. “PNoy ends year on high note
    MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino
    is ending the year on a high note after net
    satisfaction for his performance increased by
    two percentage points in the latest Social
    Weather Stations survey.”

    This blatant propaganda by cojuangco-aquino has to be stopped.
    Every crisis and his rating go up!!

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