Noynoy Aquino is powerless against Chief Justice Corona

Impotent is a word that can describe someone who lacks physical strength or vigor. It can also mean someone lacking in power or someone helpless. To paraphrase a famous quote, “Power without morality is barbarous; morality without power is impotent.”

On not one but a few occasions, President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) has demonstrated his impotence. In his most recent speech at the first ever National Criminal Justice summit held at the Manila hotel, PNoy acted like a toddler throwing a tantrum and hurling insults at the people he perceives to be getting in the way of what he wanted. One such “enemy” who happened to be within spitting distance at the said summit was Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona (who acted with dignity through it all).

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Of course the summit turned into another opportunity for PNoy to grandstand. Everyone knows that PNoy never misses a chance to attack either his critics or his political opponents but this time he has gone too far. His captive audience had no choice but to listen to him diss Justice Corona in front of everyone.

A lot of people were taken aback and felt disgusted at PNoy after he repeatedly emphasized that Justice Corona was a “midnight appointee” and questioned the legality of his appointment by former President and Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo (GMA) yet again. It had only been less than a week since he did the same thing in his speech in front Makati Business Club (MBC). His speechwriters definitely have the easiest job for they just keep rehashing content for PNoy’s speeches again and again.

Was Chief Justice Corona’s appointment really unconstitutional? If there is truth in what PNoy is saying, why can’t he do something about it? Obviously Chief Justice Corona’s appointment was within the bounds of the law because the high court itself already ruled that Corona’s appointment was legal and constitutional.

PNoy must know that once appointed, Supreme Court Judges serve until they die, resign, retire, or are removed by impeachment, which requires a majority of the House of Representatives to bring charges, then the Senate to remove someone from office. And this is the part where PNoy shows how powerless or impotent he is to do anything about Corona’s appointment.

But PNoy is not happy about it so he keeps trying to make everyone believe that it is unconstitutional. A lot of people can see that his actions look like a prelude to what could be another people power revolution geared towards the Supreme Court. Because he is powerless to remove Justice Corona himself, it seems like he is asking the people to remove Corona for him, unconstitutionally.

To build up the pressure, PNoy points out what he considers “unfavorable” rulings by the Supreme Court. Even a lack of jobs is being blamed on the SC. This is what he said:

“The very first promise that I had during the campaign was jobs and it’s still the economy that is still the priority. However, these things do not exist in a vacuum they all interact — a Judicial system that doesn’t… shall we say promote stability and certainty does not enhance the economic environment.”

It suits PNoy well to say that the judicial system doesn’t promote stability considering it is he who keeps creating tension between the independent branches of the government. In what way does he think the Supreme Court does not promote stability anyway? Was it in the way the Supreme Court ruled against his family’s Hacienda Luisita holdings, especially when they ordered that they distribute the land to the Luisita farmers? It is no secret that PNoy’s late mother Cory Aquino “hatched the Stock Distribution Option (SDO) scheme when she was still the President 25 years ago”. Now the SC has also ordered an audit to be done on the hacienda, following reports of the estate being saddled by a P2 billion debt.

It is quite bothersome that PNoy is singling out justice Corona considering the SC voted unanimously against the Cojuangcos. To quote Valeriamo Avila from his Philstar article:

“Of course, Pres. PNoy conveniently forgot that in the Hacienda Luisita case, the Supreme Court voted 14-0 which is a unanimous vote against the Cojuangcos. Even the newly appointed Justices who were elevated to the bench under Pres. PNoy also voted en banc with the rest of the other Justices.”

Could it be that someone from the family is pressuring PNoy to do all he can to damage the credibility of the SC? And could it be that the real reason PNoy keeps pressuring Corona to remove himself from the picture is so his family can get a reverse ruling on Hacienda Luisita once he appoints someone favorable to him? It is becoming apparent that his relentless pursuit is not for “justice” but of the judges. Either way, PNoy’s impotence is showing

132 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino is powerless against Chief Justice Corona”

  1. Lots of people were taken aback… Ilda.

    Maybe those people are from GRP and Anti-Pinoy.

    I saw people cheering the president. And when we speak of lots, is Ilda seeing only the vociferous pundits, which could be counted on the fingertips.

    How does one put the numerics of the term “lots?”

    1. @Manong Jose

      Of course there could be a LOT MORE people cheering PNoy. I’ve always said that the enormous number of men and women charging ahead with PNoy without really understanding why they are doing so is enough indication of what the most likely outcome of this latest circus act will be. 😉

      And unfortunately, the influence of emotionally charged and enraged people moving in large numbers is greater than those who can think rationally and objectively.

      1. When you say “There could be,”–meaning your just assuming… You’re making your assumption like a truth in the absence of proof.

        1. @Armando

          It doesn’t mean I am assuming. ‘Could’ is used to talk about theoretical possibility and is similar in meaning to ‘might’.

          Other uses of the word “could”:

          ‘Could’ can be used to talk about the past, the present or the future.

          ‘Could’ is a past form of ‘can’

          ‘Could’ is used to make polite requests. We can also use ‘can’ for these but ‘could’ is more polite.

          If we use ‘could’ in reply to these requests, it suggests that we do not really want to do it. If you agree to the request, it is better to say ‘can’.

          You could have looked up the meaning of the word before making a statement. 😉

        2. Don’t you see Ilda?

          Your first definition of the term, “could” proved me right. Theoretical possibility is still an assumption not a fact.

          Seems you don’t understand the definition you provided for. Ha!, Ha!, Ha!…

      2. Filipinos nowadays are already aware of what is happening in our government. We are not born yesterday. Obviously CJ-Corona looks on his own beliefs on the real meaning of Justice which will bring him trouble. And if Pnoy is doing personally, I thank him for that. Hitting 2 birds in one stone. For him and for the benefit of our country which is not bad at all…

        1. @ Rak

          “Obviously CJ-Corona looks on his own beliefs on the real meaning of Justice which will bring him trouble.”

          Can u specify which actions of the Chief Justice shows this?

          “Filipinos nowadays are already aware of what is happening in our government.”

          Really? What has the government done already to alleviate poverty?

          “We are not born yesterday.”

          Ofcourse we are. Ever wonder why we vote movie actors for lawmakers and a track-record-empty politician as President? So how’s our income per person nowadays – is it increasing? How’s the Philippine’s ranking as a place for investors – getting better?

        2. @Rak

          Filipinos nowadays are already aware of what is happening in our government. We are not born yesterday. Obviously CJ-Corona looks on his own beliefs on the real meaning of Justice which will bring him trouble. And if Pnoy is doing personally, I thank him for that. Hitting 2 birds in one stone. For him and for the benefit of our country which is not bad at all…

          So a failed legislator, who in spite all his years in office, incapable of contributing or passing into law even a single bill, is a more reliable interpreter of the law than an SC judge to you?

          And that protecting self-serving oligarchs at the expense of not only the rights but also the lives of farmers as well as their families is “for the benefit our country”?

          You must be suffering a severe case of yellow fever.

        3. @Rak

          Your logic is flawed. Using bribery and circumventing the law are considered forms of corruption too. When you turn a blind eye to that, you are also liable for the consequences of PNoy’s actions.

          I know this concept might be too hard for you to understand but I think it is worth the effort to explain to you for other people’s sake: the cycle of retribution will not end when the people allow someone like PNoy to continue what he is doing.

        4. PNoy, a.k.a. abnoy, is a disgrace to the country. He is not doing his job as expected of him as a president. It does not come as a surprise tho because he just rode on the popularity of his parents. Ninoy’s death catapulted Cory; cory’s death catapulted abnoy. His only strength lies in castigating and persecuting his enemies and the previous government. Fr. Bulatao is right, abnoy has a disturbed behavior.

    2. attorney JCC (the “a” in ‘attorney’ spelled in small caps), it seems you fail to see the irony in when you ask “How does one put the numerics of the term ‘lots’?”

      This is coming from a guy who supports a president who ran on a pedigree platform, who to this day fails to substantiate a vision for the Philippines of 2016, who demonstrated an infantile understanding of the national budget in his first SONA, and seems to be unable to make heads or tails of where the national economy is headed.

      And here you are presuming to challenge us for some “numerics” on the term “lots”.

      nyek nyek!

      That the radius of a ballbearing may vary by nanometers over its surface accounting for microscopic irregularities on its surface does not subtract from its spherical nature when regarded from a macro perspectivebenign0

      Then again, a guy like you will probably fail to grasp the meaning of the above. 😀

    3. Kagaya din yan sa sinasabi ni Pnoy na nasa likod niya ang taumbayan. Paano ba natin mabilang kung ilan sila? Idaan natin sa survey ng pulse asia o sa polls ng abs?

  2. Pnoy is really just an idiotic president waiting to be removed from malacanang. Lumalabas narin ang tunay na pakay nitong bobong pangulo na protektahin ang HLI. Pag na audit na ang HLI, makikita na ng maraming tao na MAS MARAMI SILANG NINAKAW na pera.

    1. even in phil history it showed that these cojuangcos were the real robbers. kahit dati hindi nila binabalik ang hindi sa kanila. in short to say SWAPANG. do you think pnoy advocacy as president is to serve the filipinos? NO. he’s there to protect HLI and his family’s interest.cory was even aware when tingting cojuangco took how many luggages filled of expensive jewelries of imelda marcos last 1986.this idiot is always talking about accountability, and why does he exclude himself and his family? he was my neighbor in West triangle,mongoloid talaga- he was a brat, will always insist to get whatever he wants even its not possible….don’t get into his way or else (and he’s not the only one, his other siblings are the same)

      1. Let us not be deceived. As they say, “Wolves dress themselves up in sheep’s clothings.” Nagmama-linis. They have jaundiced eyes. Their yellow motif suits them.

  3. I think that PNoy was very clear in his speech as to what his intentions are, though most people are too stupid or too blind to understand it.

    PNoy has started to incite the masses against the supreme court. This is a strategy tested and proven by PNoy against the Aroyos who are now public enemy #1.

    Between now and the next election one of the following will happen either criminal charges will be fabricated against some members of the supreme or there will be an organised revolution against the Supreme court.

    The judges of the supreme court will now be painted as the enemies of the people. They will be blamed for every problem that filipinos face.

    Once the supreme court will be purged of all the Aroyo supporters and anyone who goes against the wishes of PNoy, new judges loyal to the Aquinos agenda will be appointed.

    The Aquinos were never against martial law or dictators all they wanted was to be part of the dictatorship.

    What a stupid nation we are. No one can provide one example where PNoy did something for the people but they still believe that he cares about the people.

    Long live the king!

    1. @Mark

      You could be right. Unfortunately, most do not think of the consequences of their actions. They cannot think beyond organising “people power”.

  4. Heil Der Fuhrer HaNoy! He is truly the greatest nutzi mind of the reich! Der Fuhrer is not impotent! It is said that he uses the viagra of lies, deceit and his own briliant nutzi interpretation of the law to swell his already superior ego and personality! Uber and above the pro-democracy Supreme Court Chief Justice!

    Der Fuhrer’s genius brain is still in its rightful place in his head! He is focused below! Below the real issues that affect the reich! Everyone knows that if you repeat lies every time it will appear as truth! It is not true that he has difficulty focusing his mind on a split issue! One is the continuing hate and cruelty done to the tagged yellow star of David frau arroyo and family! Another is the hate-think he is trying to generate against the pro-democracy Chief Justice! The split issue to focus his brilliant mind becomes complex when he perceives many others as enemies of his I, me, myself personality! He is a truly brilliant nutzi!

    The political carnival in his mind is vendetta against his perceived enemies. This is his belief in his I, me, myself personality. For the people is him and he is the people! Sieg Heil to the greatest nutzi leader! His trail to dictatorship will lead to international exposure and infame as it is recorded in modern nutzi and pro-democracy history!

    Heil to the nutzi and nutcase reich folk who will follow the great Fuhrer Ha-Noy to perdition at all costs! Regardless of the destruction of democracy and freedom!

  5. Armed with nothing more than unquestioned integrity and an unwavering moral compass, the Judiciary easily bests its co-equal branches. Absent any semblance of moral authority, however, the Judiciary cannot hope to have even its most innocuous pronouncements enforced.

    1. And who is riding a high moral hobby horse HaNoy? Der Fuhrer even smoked aboard a PAL B-747 inbound from San Francisco. This was reported by Manila Standard. This also shows criminal tendencies. Just one of the many reasons why i don’t believe HaNoy stands on moral high ground!

    2. PNoy and his minions are doing a good job at telling everyone that the Judiciary cannot be trusted just because some of its decisions are unfavorable to him.

      1. The early step of all dictators is to inflame the majority in common cause against some scapegoat minority.. – Friedrich Hayek

    3. @ fellow filipino
      “The guy smokes in a plane and all of a sudden he’s the present embodiment of a mass comment.” Thou has sayeth it not I! You must be the follower of Der Fuhrer’s nutzi movement.

      He smoked on board an international flag carrier therefore, he committed a crime! His criminality and impunity shows. Are you into nutzi fallacy like Der Fuhrer HaNoy?

  6. Heil HaNoy! Der greatest nutzi leader! It is true that der reich adviser for political affairs Ronald Llamas is his subordinate. Some are asking… Is he related to the late, former NPA commander Sotero Llamas? Der Fuhrer has links it is said to left of center front organizations. But aren’t they the enemies of the nutzi state? Pro-democracy news media reported groups like Akbayan and leftist personalities toeing the hate-think to enemies policy of Der great Fuhrer!

    Back to Ronald Llamas. “Ronald Llamas said Aquino’s harsh sentiments towards the pro-democracy Judiciary are a reflection of how a majority of (nutzi) Filipinos feel.” “He said Aquino’s remarks were only a way of articulating overwhelming (nutzi) public frustration.” -Quote Pro-Democracy Philstar. Don’t you see der great Fuhrer’s I, me, myself split in focus?

    Der Fuhrer’s adviser unwittingly invented a new slogan: “Improved society.”

    Heil Der Fuhrer HaNoy! Truly the greatest nutzi leader of the reich party, nutzi and nutcase anti-democracy rally for Der Fuhrer public demonstrations!

      1. ” It is no secret that PNoy’s late mother Cory Aquino “hatched the Stock Distribution Option (SDO) scheme when she was still the President 25 years ago.” – Ilda

  7. Saw the MBC’s speech and it irked me that PNoy did not give any specifics of the economy. Only blasting Corona was more of his numero uno agenda during that business summit. Sure, he can criticize CJ, but only to a lesser extent since the event he is on promotes mostly economic discussions, not POLITICAL. Err.

    4 1/2 years more of often delusional and blabbermouth talk. We need prudent action! (Starting with the audit of HLI as one ex)…

    On the other hand, I wish the Philippines were to have its own “Jack Bauer*- fully loyal to country, dedicated to protect its citizens, and uphold the law… Dito puwede si Pacman, which I hope he won’t anymore vie for those Executive positions.

  8. Heil Der Fuhrer BadNoy! His version of -the improved society- is not a political myth. This is stark reality! It is a coalition of members of the nutzi master yellow race, black and white chapter, left of center socialists/mainstream front and nutcase anarchists!

    But how does Der great fuhrer BadNoy mold -the improved society-? By his ranting and raving rabble rousing! He sets examples for the nutzi coalition to emulate!It is good nutzi culture and mindset to discard the word alleged! It is good to discard the presumption of innocence! It is good to create a culture of hatred, revulsion, pre-judgement, cruelty and ridicule!

    Der Fuhrer is the people! He dictates what should be done to his perceived enemies of the nutzi state of
    -the improved society- and yes the nutzi coalition follows! They are mesmerized by the subliminal messages of his glib speeches, press releases and media manipulation!

    Der Fuhrer shows his brilliant nutzi mind in interpreting the law. He manipulates emotions to believe his lies and deceit! No! The people is not the boss! The people of the coalition are his willing puppets!

    Truly -the improved society- has new freedom! Freedom to do sedition, anarchy and chaos! All because of the greatness of Der Fuhrer! Heil BadNoy!

    1. I have held myself back from commenting for some time now. Your comparison of PNoy to The Nazi Regime is tasteless and actually makes Hitler and the Nazis look much better than they actually were.

      The Nazis under the leadership of Hitler Killed 6,000,000 Jews and millions of Europeans. They tried to eradicate an entire race.

      This comparison would hurt any person who lost family during the holocaust. You would be better off comparing PNoy to Stalin.

      I hope you wont take this personally.


      1. I know what satire and sarcasm is and I am ok with it but not when it makes people take the holocaust lightly. I understand where you are coming from but we have to be very sensitive when it comes to the Holocaust its not something to use for sarcasm.

      2. @Mark- See Donald Duck as a Nutzie in you tube and chill!
        Different strokes for different folks. I never poked fun at the Jews. I was poking fun and ridicule at Der Fuhrer. There is a whale of a difference between the two. I know about Dachau, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka and the holocaust. Besides, I have friends in the Mossad. Shalom!

      3. Man you are funny. 1. You would not want to compete with me on the knowledge about the holocaust because you would lose.

        2. What is the connection between the Mossad and the Holocaust except for the fact that Jews were killed during the Holocaust and the Mossad are Jews.

        3. If you had friends in the Mossad you would not brag about it.

      4. Minus the attrocities, Hitler comparison would do. Hitler has only one Goebels while Abnoy has a dozen or more. He goes by tje Gobelean context of REPEATED LIES THAT EVENTUALLY BECOME TRUTHS in the psyche of the moronics and the imbecile indios. Look at how these political trash transformed into a telenovela like GOOD VS EVIL rants in the pinoy trimedia. He demonizes structures, persons or groups that he percieves as hindrance to his clan’s interests. It’s similar to nazi’s black propaganda movement. Heil Habnoy!!!

      5. Well sorry for even thinking that you would understand something so basic. I thought only smart people were contributing on this site.

      6. @Mark I am a funny guy. I love to attack with fun those who would destroy freedom and democracy.

        1. Why should I compete with you? If you are knowledgeable then you must be.

        2. The Mossad came after the creation of the State of Israel. There is no connection with the holocaust. I like the stern gang, irgun and haganah.

        3. If I said I have friends in the Mossad I told the truth. No names, no codenames, no numbers and no pictures. Oh by the way I also have friends in the Sayeret Golani. Shalom!

      7. You have never met anyone in the mossad that is another issue you would not want to compete with me on. Do you know what city their head office is? Why don’t you ask you friends if you have any.

        You suffer from a common illness that many people in our country suffer from, it is called wanting to feel important and connected.

      8. @Mark
        Believe me I don’t want to compete with a superman like you. I am a laid back easy going dude. I certainly don’t feel important or connected. Why don’t you visit the Mossad website and ask them yourself? Good night and Shalom!

      9. Yeah you wont find it on their website and neither could your imaginary Mossad friends tell you. If you need to know, it is in a city called Benei Brak.

        Next time you want to feel important please do not make claims that you can’t back up.

        Laila Tov, Shalom

      10. @Mark
        Your revelation on location is rather strange. What are you trying to prove? Why are you trying to flame me with your statement that I lied?

        I never lied to you I really have israeli friends. I contact them once in a while to say hello.

        Thou sayeth it, not I. I never made claims to back up anything except saying I have friends in israel. Shalom!

    2. This will be my last response on this issue.

      What I find strange is that you made claims that you could not back up just to feel important. When I said you lied it was based on your false claim saying that you knew people in the mossad which is not the case.

      Having Israeli friends is not the same thing as having friends in the mossad. There are many people like you who worked in Israel as caregivers or have family in Israel who know a few people in Israel. This does not give them the right to use the holocaust for their satire.

      I assure you if you Israeli friends would hear you say sieg heil they would not be your friends for much longer.

      Shalom Ve’lehitraot

      1. You sound like the nutzi dictator at the malascanang palace. Putting words in my mouth. In fact you must be a nutzi. Are you doing burnout to yourself?

        Read my answers to you. Your mind is clouded and confused. I don’t need a linguist to interpret for me the nonsense you have been creating. My Israeli friends like poking fun at Der Fuhrer. They also like donald duck as a nutzie. I was never a caregiver. Ex-military and formerly with the civil service. Can’t tell you where or when. Hope this is the last time as you seem to have a fixation on me. Sorry I am straight.

    1. @nona

      Economics is not noys only weakness. The more serious ones are law and order vs. rising criminality; national security vs. the moro deceit in rising incidence of bombings, shootings, criminality in Mindanao. The so-called peace negotiations is nothing more than an extension of the battlefield for the moro with the conquest of Mindanao assured should noy give away the moro state that they demand from Mindanao and Palawan territories. The NPA is still a problem.

      Name all the state departments/bureaus and there are problems there. Education is not moving forward. Public Works sucks. Taxation adds unnecessary burdens to taxpayers by including information such as bank accounts and statements of assets and liabilities to ITR. This is just too long to mention.

      Noys Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality shows when he loves the MILF in Tokyo, Japan by giving them 5 million. I saw the friendly smiles in luwaran website. He hates GMA and the CJ Corona court including his perceived enemies in the legislature, executive and private sector.


    Just wanted to share what miss earth USA said about the philippines, i totally agree with her: Philippines is dirty, I’m also scared to eat when I’m there, Happy Yippy Wowowee is a ridiculus annoying show, and they probably tried to touch her.

    Sorry if this has nothing to do with the article, I don’t know any other forum to share this to.

  10. My take on it:

    Pnoy and his cohorts have launched an all-out assault to have him removed by any means. Pnoy knows that it would be very difficult to have him impeached because he may have the number in the lower house but not in the senate.

    His more realistic alternative now is to pressure him to resign. He is doing this by courting the support of 80% of Filipinos who follow him blindly. He is inciting a mob rule. He wants people to be inflamed with their passion by making them realize that real power emanates from them and not intrinsically in any institution. That is very dangerous!!!!

    It is really frustrating but it looks that we, the 9% (11% are undecided according to pulse asia) seem to be “powerless or impotent” in this numbers game.

    Commercial break: I am really intrigued and closely watching the actions of the dean of UE College of Law (Amado Valdez). I know he is entitled to his own opinion but whenever he talks, he seems more like a Malacanang mouthpiece. His arguments are empty, somewhat unlawyerlike for a dean at that. I am not a lawyer myself but you dont have to be one to gauge if someone talks with substance. I smell ambition here. And it stinks.

    1. That’s where Noynoy’s strength lies, in the immense influence he has over the minds of people who are too lazy to think (most likely correlating with the approval and trust ratings he supposedly enjoys if we are to believe this survey firms). So he unsurprisingly draws upon where his strength lies his clan ownership of the concept of people power “ocho-ocho” revolutions. And as the family newsletter reports now he is already getting started…

      1. Call me whatever but I really really wish that the economy under Pnoy would fail. That is the ONLY way I see for people to be enlightened. It is a bitter pill to swallow but it’s the only option I see.

        The REAL problem of the Philippines lies within the mentality of Filipinos. It is infected with contagious virus that science cannot cure.

        Classic example. Look at Korina Sanchez. There were times in the distant past that I admired her sensibility. But look at this crap! Of course, we cannot blame her as she has her own interest. I just could not stomach the credibility she peddles.

      2. @roi

        Classic example. Look at Korina Sanchez. There were times in the distant past that I admired her sensibility. But look at this crap! Of course, we cannot blame her as she has her own interest. I just could not stomach the credibility she peddles.

        Korina Sanchez is basically trying to make people believe that the judiciary branch should be subservient to the executive branch and not co-equal with it. She also thinks that the woefully uninformed or unenlightened mob (which she refers to as “the people”) would be competent enough to render a fair and objective verdict.

        How can Korina or the media, as well as AbNoy’s admin, even pretend to be looking after the people’s best interest, when they have in fact so deceived them into thinking that their choices are limited to only them, representing the favorably good, the just, the daang matuwid on one end AND Gloria, embodying every conceivable form of evil and corruption on the other end?—I don’t think there can be any “free choice”, in the first place, when our actual set of choices have been so badly misrepresented.

        The “vox populi” ended being the “vox Dei” and became the “vox diaboli” when said “populi” chose the path of least resistance—the lazy unthinking man’s path—the misleading “daang matuwid” paved with half-truths provided for by the very same media that support such choice.

        Ultimately, if the media, in which Korina is part of, would present all sides fairly, one could clearly see that there really never was any conflict between upholding all branches co-equal in gov’t and the “vox populi“—a false dichotomy at best—The real conflict lies between protecting the interest of only the few (the oligarchy) and the common good of the whole society.

        It’s really not as complicated as they make it out to be.

    2. @roi

      You are spot on. That is exactly my point. PNoy only has 4 more years in office and impeachment proceedings can take years, which is why he is taking a shortcut by either pressuring Corona to quit or asking the people to remove him through people power. I can’t believe there are so many Filipinos falling for the trick.

      1. Do you guys feel the same that we are “asar-talo” in this case? We are just an immaterial number and minuscule voice drifting in the air. We are so powerless. I cannot believe we are just 9%????!!!!!

        Bubuntung hininga na lang tayo.

        Oh hopeless failed country Philippines. To be honest, I really feel ashamed to be a Filipino. I can now relate to what Vincent van Gogh went through during his agonizing days.

        1. All things worth pursuing takes time. Do not lose hope. We need more people like you to speak up because members of the Malacanang communication group are monitoring sites like GRP.

      2. Korina Sanchez and most people in this country have no idea why we even have a Supreme Court. In all Democracies the Supreme Court is the last barrier stopping the government from becoming a dictatorship.

        Their job is to say NO to the government when they think the government is doing something wrong.

        Only in a dictatorship does the Supreme Court become a rubber stamp for anything the government wants to do, no matter if it is right or wrong.

        PNoy is steering this country towards dictatorship and anyone who stands in his way will be vilified.

        A president who wants true democracy will learn how to get along even with a supreme court appointed by his predecessor.

        1. @Mark

          Yes it seems that Korina does not know what she is talking about. PNoy looks like he is working towards running the country to the ground.

      3. @roi
        That’s just 9% of Pulse Asia’s sample size so don’t lose hope. We may be in the minority (if we really are in the minority), but at least we’re an intelligent and critical-thinking minority.

        Those who let their emotions get the better of them are the sore losers, and we know just how emotional those yellow zombies (oh the irony) in the so-called “majority” can be when faced with hard facts and logical reasoning.

      4. @roi

        Wag kang maniwala dyan sa mga survey na yan… kalokohan yang sampling methods na yan. Di yan representation ng 99 million filipinos. Nung panahon pa ne kopong kopong yang methodology na yan. It’s a perception survey… qualitative. Meaning baka bagong gising nung nag survey at pinakain ng PAKAPLOG (pandesal kape at itlog) bago tinanong. These are stupid surveys.

        1. Speaking of surveys, have you ever wondered why the presidential election result in 2010 was exactly how the surveys predicted it while the vice presidential result was not?

  11. We should really act though, though I agree voicing our opinions here are nice, where is our actions? Someone has to stop this abnormal president of ours in ruining our country more.

    1. Believe me, all this talk is not futile. Some people from the mainstream media are feeding on us too. Some of them get validation from bloggers and commentators. Discussing can help our message get to them quicker.

      1. Ilda first let me say how much I love reading your articles you really know how to express yourself.

        As to the issue at hand. The only way we will be able to make a difference is if we manage to get powerful people financially or politically involved.

        Funds will be needed to start an effective campaign using social networks and other online media without that it will take decades to stop this madness.

        1. @Mark

          PNoy and his minions appear to be very insecure. Just operate a website and they will already assume that you are “well-funded”. The internet can help us gather support in the absence of financial backing.

          Thanks for reading!

    2. Then… “pen is mightier than the tusok tusok” Now… “blog is mightier than the bang bang”.. An itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-iota of a logical, sane and rational idea cuts through the psyche like the luke skywalker’s laser sword slicing through artoodeetoo.

  12. impeachment? revolutionary government?
    interesting times – but dangerous games

    “Revolutions have never lightened the burden of
    tyranny: they have only shifted it to another
    George Bernard Shaw

    “You can never have a revolution in order to
    establish a democracy. You must have a
    democracy in order to have a revolution.”
    G. K. Chesterton

    “Presidents come and go, but the Supreme
    Court goes on forever.”
    William Howard Taft
    us president

  13. Sana may WORLD PEACE.

    How can you attain world peace if some countries are ruled by vindictive, undiplomatic and incompetent presidents or leaders. Instead of working for the common good within the structure of laws and morals they create shortcuts. Huhuhuhu… paano na si mang pandoy? Kawawa naman ang noypi… not contributory to WORLD PIECE kasi ang ginagawa ng plesidente nila mang away. How can penoy achieve economic growth kung sya walang solusyon sa growth ng hair nya? May Hair is Vanishing na nga may AIDS pa (AS IF DOING SOMETHING FOR THE ECONOMY).

  14. We admire the : the dignity,civility and the maturity, that Supreme Court Justice Corona had shown…We’re lucky to have such a man…We support the Power of the Judiciary…and the Legislative body. If Noynoy Aquino, the Cojuangcos, and their fellow Oligarchs, will try to demean these co-equal powers …there will be trouble. We will make sure that the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos will pay dearly for it. Corona, is not Corona,the man. He represents the Majestic Office of the Judiciary…and if this power is attacked and demeaned by the President, himself…he is the enemy of the Republic…

    1. The problem with your logic is that Corona and the Arroyo appointees who ruled that his midnight appointment was legal are the real enemies of the court. They have placed in question it’s moral fiber. Perhaps a state of emergency is needed to clean out the mess and rid once and for all the influence of the criminal Arroyo.

      1. You’re so cruel. And I pity you because tsismis is your national past time. And blaming GMA for everything bad that is happening in the country and accusing the Supreme Court is corrupt is rubbish.

        That is what we call SQUATTER MENTALITY, ladies and gentlemen.

  15. Could it be that someone from the family is pressuring PNoy to do all he can to damage the credibility of the SC? And could it be that the real reason PNoy keeps pressuring Corona to remove himself from the picture is so his family can get a reverse ruling on Hacienda Luisita once he appoints someone favorable to him?

    Why wouldn’t they also make AbNoy inhibit himself from this when his relationship with the Cojuangcos clearly screams bias (perhaps even more than mere bias) in his clan’s favor?

    Balasubas nang talaga etong mga supporters ni AbNoy. Mga nawala na talaga silang bait sa sarili.

    1. He is using the “victim” card to win support. I think the Hacienda Luisita issue is too complicated for most Filipinos to comprehend. You can’t even expect them to dig deeper into what’s causing this bizaare behavior of PNoy.

  16. “The very first promise that I had during the campaign was jobs and it’s still the economy that is still the priority. However, these things do not exist in a vacuum they all interact – a Judicial system that doesn’t… shall we say promote stability and certainty does not enhance the economic environment.” – President Noynoy

    The Judiciary merely interprets the law. How can they affect stability for the economic environment? That stabilizing thing is the function of the Executive branch (where the President is the head).

    First, there’s pointing fingers to previous administrations, now, there throwing accountabilities to other government branches? This administration is getting weirder every year! Question is, when would the President and his staff really start performing FOR the people. The President vs. the SC Chief Justice drama is somewhat shamelessly entertaining (because someone talks like a bitter baby damulag in the podium) but it doesn’t bring food to the table or help pay the bills. This administration doesn’t seem to have any other moves but bickering against could-be opponents.

    I’m starting to suspect that President Noynoy Aquino is someone else’s bitch. Now who’s pulling the strings tied to his Excellency’s a$$?

    1. My officemate thinks it’s Mar Roxas, I think it’s the Conguangcos, my wife thinks it’s Kris Aquino, hahaha…

      Maybe it’s Boy Abunda..

      1. ophelia aka p-noy has always liked to play the subservient little girl so boy abunda – who likes to put one in the back of the net is one candidate – but with money at stake it has to be daddy figure cojuangco, who would sell his grandmother to necrophiliacs if there were a few pesos in it for him.

  17. Ang GULO at INGAY ninyo!!!! lahat kayo parang palakang naulanan!. .!!! but where were YOUUUUUUUUU!. . during election time??? bakit di ninyo sinupurtahan ang TAONG may laman ang UTAK???? eh ngayon. . itong napala nating lahat!!!!!

    Mga HUNGHANG!!! nang si erap kumandidato at muntik nang manalo, I felt so sad and insulted, thinking how stupid and ignorant the majority of us Filipinos!

    So itong Pnoy BUDOY na binuto ninyo ano na ang nagawa??? GMA in her election campaign promised 10,000 jobs!. . naku 10,000 lang ba??? bulag ba kayo??? ilang Call Centers ang nagbukas under her administration??? sabihin mong millions were employed at kong talagang tanga kayo or nagtanga-tangahan, ito ngayon ang BUMUHAY sa ating Economy!

    Kong wala pa tong mga Call Centers, anong sector ba nang economy ang bagsakan nila??? Caregivers at DH sa Hongkong??? At least the over populated graduates have a temporary decent jobs with decent pays and this is our ECONOMY DRIVER!

    So NGAYON, magti-iis na lang tayo bunga nang ating katangahan!. . sa loob nang 4 na taon hangang pangarap na lang natin ang pag-unlad ng ating bayan dahil BABOY ang nasa taas. . so matoto na lang tayong mamuhay sa loob nang kulungang baboy na tayo rin ang may gawa!

    1. @melvs

      but where were YOUUUUUUUUU!. . during election time???

      We were at 🙂

      So NGAYON, magti-iis na lang tayo bunga nang ating katangahan!.

      Speak for yourself. We didn’t vote for him. We predicted all this madness even before the election. We knew that PNoy wasn’t going to make a difference. In fact, there is now enough evidence to suggest that he is running the country to the ground.

      1. We all had the same feelings before. Even worked hard before the election educating people on what to look for in a president in order for the country to rise above the ground. Unfortunately, MARAMI TALAGANG BOBONG FILIPINO”. I know its hard to accept but this is what they want – basically because of the exaggerated reports done by the media and the SIGA and PAKWELANG moves of Abnoy Budoy.

        1. I voted for the guy from the side of the Cojuangco family that was disinherited. Would have liked to see HL shat on under his what-if administration.

  18. The Benign Abnoy Aquino has no moral compass. He is the tuta ng mga putang-inang kano at ng mga anak-ng-putang lopezes. (pardon my french)

    Everyday I wake up being reminded that this moron will reign supreme over struggling pinoys like me–for the next 4 1/2 years! And the prospect of having his puta sister become senator, or Satan allows, president, makes me want to wish for the world to end–or for the Philippines to be hit by a megacomet. This way, our stupid race will not pollute the human race.

  19. I remembered during that election that the “common tao” na nakipagsapalaran sa mga big cities will really find time na umuwi sa kanilang probinsya even though they already transferred or had resided in the squatter and even registered in the city! they’re willing to transfer their reg back to their probinsya and cast votes!. . . for the reason na dito daw sa city maraming buaya, maliit na lang kikitain nila during election, minsan daw 20 kong swertihin 100, while doon daw sa kanila sigurado ang tag 500!
    I was teary eyed and dumbfounded. . not because during election time i really have to close shop coz thats the mentality of my workforce!

    And who can blame them???? i could not!!! i tried my best to explain to them the consequences ahead in a layman’s term na maintidihan nila. . guess whats the reply??? “segi lang mam problema na yan nang mga anak namin ang kanilang kinabukasan kong sakasakali mayroon man. . kasi ngayon kong yon ang isipin namin di namin maisaing ang prinsipyong sinasabi mo!!!! at baka lalong wala na talagang bukas ang mga anak namin kasi mamamatay kami sa gutom at hirap!”
    OMG!!! an endless arguement!!! talagang wala akong laban!!!
    So, whats next??? honestly..di ko rin alam how to fix or even offer a solution to this stigma:(
    and this is really where our problem came from. . the very root cause! our society as a whole! and what percentage are these people in our entire demographic? they are the majority! anak na sangkatutak, yong asawang imbis na makatulong maghanapbuhay walang magawa kon di magalaga nang bata!

    The Philippines as a whole is a very beautiful country that we can really be proud of, but in my personal opinion it will take a “Miracle” to overturn the situation we are into now:)we’re
    in a quagmire!

    It is really sad:(. . soooo sad:( the politicians that we have right now are the “opportunist” of the ignorant population. . the core of the problem is our society!

    1. Isn’t it possible for you to hire more deserving workers? Or you could just leave this country. I would if I had the chance.

    2. Wagas sa pag iisip. That is what we call responsible parenting. I have co-workers who think that way, and yes they are graduates and professionals. It is a very sad predicament and I truly feel hurt when they make a mockery of the discussion and make it seem I am the imbecile. Others would rather not vote as they feel it won’t count and change is impossible.
      How can we have a better future for our chidren when the mob has this kind of thinking? Nakakaloka. Nakakaawa ang Pilipinas.

  20. Interesting article, although my comment or rather question is towards the general manner on how some terms in the article is written. For example, PNoy refers to the president and SC to the Supreme Court. Why can’t the author just say, Aquino or spell out the Supreme Court? I know this is quite trivial, but it just irks me that it is done in a news article such as this. Just my observation and opinion.

    1. Brian

      Are you talking about my article or the article from the mainstream media? Because they abrebiate names and terms too. The practice is ok as long as the full name or the words are writtten in full at the beginning of the article.

    1. @bluefairyguy

      You probably missed this part: “Supreme Court Judges serve until they die, resign, retire, or are removed by impeachment, which requires a majority of the House of Representatives to bring charges, then the Senate to remove someone from office.”

        1. @bluefairyguy

          I said “you probably”. I didn’t say “you missed it”. You should pay attention.

          And if you didn’t miss it, then what’s your point? I hope you are not another time waster.

        2. That is what i meant when I stated ‘you presume’… (on the case of probability). And don’t tell me or anyone for that matter to ‘pay attention’ – it’s a superiority complex, just because you own this blog? And to recapitulate my answer/question, a simple ‘yes or no’ would suffice for me… that, is my point! I hope you are not another time waster…

        3. Definition of a time waster:

          Someone who leaves comments on blogsites that are irrelevant to the point of the article. Irrelevant comments include ad hominem and name calling.

        4. Ditto: (same to you)

          Kindly stick to the argument and just do away with that fallacious belief of introducing an impressive-sounding Latin term as if it hints one on the decisive edge in an argument… which, it isn’t so, quite sadly!

          And your presuming sense of false generalization is an abstraction of the argument that shifts discussion to platitudes where the facts of the matter are lost… such that your article, irrelevant now for me and others too, that is, (a mere few paragraphs to encompass all details, or trying very hard to) is a rhetorical technique that tries to persuade – by overwhelming those considering an argument with such a volume of material that the argument sounds plausible, albeit superficially appears to be well-researched (to the untrained eye) yet it is ‘biased’, full of criticisms – and inconclusive.

          P’noy or Corona? …mind you, I favor none of them.

          Justice, Integrity and Truth in writing is what I/we all look for in reading blog articles like this(?) – to enlighten, to help us decide, to be able to make us think, and re-think, and of course, to know…

          The only question I asked from the blog headline of yours is ~ ‘…Really???’

          And… I guess not, just simply so…

        5. @bluefairyguy

          Meaning of ad hominem:

          Attacking an opponent’s character rather than answering his argument.

      1. wow
        blue fairy guy
        go back to the legal studies and seriously practice the art of writing – clearly and concisely.
        the words may be there but the punctuation – which is a pause for breath – isn’t, and more importantly neither is the logic.
        failing that – chill

  21. Aquino powerless against Corona.. thats a pretty bold statement.. I believe as of now, the impeachment proceedings are in the process.. The Chief Justice can be impeach, so you can’t really say that Aquino is powerless.. Just a thought..

    1. @PeterV

      The impeachment process requires a majority of the House of Representatives to bring charges, then the Senate has to conduct the trial and vote to either remove or not someone from office. PNoy can’t remove Corona himself. Which is why he is trying his best to vilify Corona using the media.

  22. I am really saddened by what is happening now – for myself and most especially for my children. When will we ever rise above politics and focus on making this a better country? I hope Filipinos will wake up, be critical of the media and use their brains to think for themselves. The only reason things like this happen is because we let ourselves be led around like sheep. Someday we will all look back at this and ask ourselves – “how did we ever get to that?” Assuming, of course, we are still around then.

    1. @roger

      Someday we will all look back at this and ask ourselves – “how did we ever get to that?”

      I think we’ve already past that point. We can’t wait for the situation to get any worst off before doing something. It is not too far fetched for the country to become another Burma or Somalia the way things are going. The country’s institutions are in great danger of collapsing because of PNoy.

      1. Yes, I totally agree. Though, it’s quite a shame that the masses still glorify PNoy and his family. I doubt that that’s going to change any time soon. It’s a pity that we all get to experience the negative effects of democracy with PNoy alone.

  23. whilst i make no personal comment against you, i think you give too much credit to the masses, who not only have personal pressures to contend with but also a degree of apathy and subservience which allows the country to continue its downward spiral.
    if they are so clued up i do not encounter it. in fact most people are very loath to even express an opinion.
    i wish you were right but i dont think so. if there was the knowledge and intellect you intimate then the country would not be in the mess it clearly is.
    are you suggesting everyone is behind the evinomic strategies, or just enjoying a political telenovela which makes a break from ‘wowowee’
    and as someone who knows, could you enlighten me on what the economic strategy is. i have tried to find out but cannot, but i am not one of the enlightened ines.
    please enlighten me

  24. This publication is so biased against Aquino that it seems to be apologist for Justice Corona and by extension for former President Arroyo. One must remember that simply by having a corrupt Supreme Court agree to ratify an illegal midnight appointment which goes against the Philippine Constitution does not make it legal. Paramount to all these distractions is that corruption must be stopped in the Philippines. The masses need food, jobs and security. The status quo only serves the robber barons best interests and perpetuates the legacy of injustice.

    1. Some allegations you make:

      “apologist for Justice Corona and by extension for former President Arroyo”
      “corrupt Supreme Court”
      “illegal midnight appointment”
      “against the Philippine Constitution”

      Care to substantiate these allegations plez?

      Any schmoe can wear a shirt with a slogan…

      nyek nyek

    2. @Dave

      This publication is biased for upholding the country’s institutions. You are mistaken if you think that we are against the fight against corruption. PNoy is doing it the wrong way. Using bribery and circumventing the law just to prosecute the alleged criminals is also a form of corruption. On the matter of the midnight appointment, please read what I wrote in my other article:

      “…it was the Philippines’ Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) that “unanimously” agreed to start nominations prior to the 2010 elections for the replacement of the country’s outgoing Chief Justice Reynato Puno. And they did so citing Section 4(1), Article 8 of the constitution – which mandates that a Supreme Court vacancy should be filled within 90 days once the position remains vacant.

      In a news item published in February of 2010, it was shown that even constitutional experts had no problem with GMA appointing the new judge:

      A group of constitutionalists has no qualms about President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appointing the next chief justice despite a constitutional provision supposedly prohibiting it two months before an election.

      Members of the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa) even want the Supreme Court to compel the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC), the body that screens nominees to vacant judicial posts, to submit its shortlist to President Arroyo.

      In a 20-page petition, Philconsa, through its president Manuel Lazaro, said the election ban in the Constitution covers only appointments in the executive department and not in the judiciary.

      The group pointed out that the only restriction cited by the Constitution is that the president must appoint from the list submitted by the JBC.

      The bottom line is, the issue about appointing a new SC judge has been resolved in early 2010 even before GMA chose Renato Corona. It turns out that GMA was even compelled to pick a new judge by the JBC out of an urgent need to do so because “historical events dictated the post should be vacant no more than a day”. Here’s what the SC had to say about the controversy at that time:

      The SC said there is no provision in the Constitution providing for designation of a temporary chief justice during the vacancy because the post is crucial during election period since the high court acts as the final arbiter under the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET).”

    3. @Dave Brenner

      This publication is so biased against Aquino that it seems to be apologist for Justice Corona and by extension for former President Arroyo. One must remember that simply by having a corrupt Supreme Court agree to ratify an illegal midnight appointment which goes against the Philippine Constitution does not make it legal. Paramount to all these distractions is that corruption must be stopped in the Philippines. The masses need food, jobs and security. The status quo only serves the robber barons best interests and perpetuates the legacy of injustice.

      You still hanging on to that myth?

      “In the case of Chief Justice Renato Corona, whose appointment was questioned by President Aquino, de Mesa said it is not an issue to the President anymore.

      ‘That is obvious by now. The President has acknowledged Corona as Chief Justice,’ he said.

      Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said Aquino already recognized the position of Corona since the SC upheld the legality of the Chief Justice appointment.

      ‘President Aquino accepted his appointment only after the Supreme Court came out with the decision saying that the appointment of Corona is valid decision. So that is settled now,’ he noted.

      Despite hoping that there are no petitions to be filed before the court questioning EO 2, de Mesa said it is still the prerogative especially of those who will be affected by the order.

      De Mesa also said that former President Arroyo cannot be held liable for the action since she enjoyed immunity at the time she made the appointments.”



  25. unless we as a people grow in knowledge and responsibility in government , we can choose right leaders who can do things right in government. sad to say we are a country ruled by a mob. they make things happen for themselves.
    they own the economy, they own the media, they choose the prints in our history books, they can bring our people to a mind set they choose.
    So imagine the unimaginable.
    There is no rule of law. law is only up to where they allow it to be in force and it is for the poor, the underprivileged and the oppositions.

  26. Apparently, PNoy wants to override due process yet again. Sad thing is, his acts of self righteousness is actually supported by many Filipinos. It’s quite ironic that his platform regarding the eradication of corruption isn’t reflected in the case of hacienda Luisita. Throwing insults here and there without doing anything that’s truly relevant is pitiful and stupid.

  27. Ang mahirap kay panGULOng Pnoy eh kung sino yung kontra sa kanya, syang pinupuntirya. Habang tinititigan ko nang matagal, sa ginagawa ni Pnoy e gusto nya nang sya na ang maging saligang batas. Tingnan nyo na lang yung isyung “TRUTH commission”, di maka-get ang ating panGULO dun. Eh kitang kita naman na ang truth sa kanya eh bias. Ewan, to rin naman kasing si CJ eh, ang yaman. Di nya na lang ginaya si Sen. Manny “Ang Tunay na Mahirap” Villar. Dapat kasi jan lahat na sila paimbestigahan, nang magkaalaman. Orayt ba? Okaay lang kung hindi. n_n

    1. Kaya nga idineklara ang “Truth Commission” na unconstitutional because it is actually biased; they made that in order to hunt down FPGMA while ignoring the fact that there is the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan to do the job. It proves na Noynoy is indeed, INCOMPETENT. Thanks to the biased media who backs them.

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