Four questions PNoy should answer before he promises economic growth

What’s going on with the economy? Don’t ask the President. He’s too busy delivering bloodsport to a bloodthirsty mob. Reporter and blogger Ellen Tordesillas raises some important questions in her latest article with regard to the shameful behaviour of Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III during a speech he delivered before the First National Criminal Justice Summit held at Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel last Monday…

(1) Considering Noynoy supposedly has control over a “cooperative” House of Representatives and the “approval” and “trust” of a happy populace, then why does not he mount a proper impeachment bid against Chief Justice Renato Corona?

(2) Considering the process of mounting a proper impeachment may be an “exhausting process”, is President Noynoy Aquino opting instead to make use of coercion and harrassment to “compel” the Chief Justice to resign?

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(3) If President Aquino is adamant about calling out anomalous calls made by the Supreme Court in the past, why did he not raise his concerns about their rulings on Hacienda Luisita?

And the million-dollar question…

(4) Could it be that President Noynoy Aquino is using political circus and entertainment to mask an anemic performance as far as the more serious issues at hand — like the Philippine economy?

To be fair to Noynoy, the self described “fiscalizer”, he knows what not to do. Learning his schoolboy lessons from the dismal performance of the economy last year, he’s reportedly vowed not to underspend this year…

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III has vowed not to repeat this year’s underspending that resulted in the country’s dismal growth performance for the first nine months of 2011.

But Aquino was quick to add that “safeguards” should be maintained to ensure that there would be no anomalous contracts while the government accelarates [sic] spending.

Malacañang is desperate to pump-prime the Philippine economy. On a per capita basis, the country’s economic performance cannot keep up with rapidly escalating costs of living and population growth galloping along at a rabbit colony’s pace. In short, when all variables are taken into account, real economic growth — the sort that real people can touch and eat — continues to elude Filipinos.

So perhaps Noynoy can mouth off cheap talk like this…

The President said that he had not changed priorities, and that the economy would remain on top of his agenda.

…so long as he can, in the long run, answer this simple question:

Where are the results?

11 Replies to “Four questions PNoy should answer before he promises economic growth”

  1. Well the results can be seen if you close your eyes…
    That’s right you can see absolutely nothing. THATS the results that pnoy has on our economy…
    In short, this administration is only good for two things…
    No good and good for nothing

    1. I guess your first two questions have been answered.

      On #3, what is anomalous about the SC decisions on HLI? Also, has the president opposed the decision of the SC on HLI?

      On #4, I don’t know about you but I am certainly appreciative of the decrease in rice importation, the improvement in tax and customs collections, the decrease in the budget deficit, the low interest rates for housing loans, the filing of cases against tax cheats, the accessibility of government information via the web (e.g. DPWH project tracking, DBM budget tracking).

      If you want to see the results, try researching them first, and posting these on an article. The results maybe positive or negative, but please make an effort to research first before implying that there are no results.

  2. nail on head.
    but the masses are lapping up the current blood lust vs corona/SC and commenting as though they are legal luminaries!
    what is it in the psyche of the majority that they need to follow blindly without question, debate or independent thought.
    2dimensional thinking in a 3d world doesnt work.
    interesting times – but dangerous games.
    a revolutionary government is clearly on the agenda and the sham democracy will evolve into a dictatorship yet again.
    clearly 3rd world countries do not learn from history or by their mistakes.

    1. Ever heard of the lemmings who always commits involuntary suicide because of blindly following the mob? That is what is happening now to these clueless mobs following another yellow mob to oblivion. They too will vanish not because they chose to but because they do not ask and know why.

      1. Actually, lemmings do not commit involuntary suicide. They have population blooms that cause them to go in all directions to find food. It just so happens that some of those lemmings move towards the direction of the river and are pushed into the river from and drown.

  3. “Where are the results?”

    One of the best questions of all time for this administration.

    I just don’t know whether it’s funny or sad, why this nation never even ask that question.

    I guess that’s what happens when you have a maleducated, teleserye-hynotized, fingerpointing society. A society that never accepts criticism on itself and rather have the blame pointed somewhere else.

    From where I see it, the Filipino majority will only get worse every generation. More overpopulated, poorer and dumber. It’s just faith that makes me FEEL (because thinking says otherwise) there might be hope – in God and in miracles, but not in this people.

    I wonder who would be the next clown we would have in the Presidency.

  4. I’m not certain about what will happen next, but as long as he, along with those who are clueless about what is happening right now and those who laud his “achievements”, still fails to respond to what exists in PH society, I’m afraid I’ll start to count down to our country’s eventual demise.

    1. Actually, I think the Philippines will simply go to wherever it is headed as I believe the effect Presidents actually have on the broader dynamic of our society is very small. If you compare the Philippines of today with the Philippines of the 70’s from a broad perspective, you will find that our society is fundamentally the same — same basic pwede-na-yan and bahala-na mentalities, same culture of impunity, same overall lack of consideration, same tacky aesthetic sensibilities, same largely unimaginative entertainment industry, and same mediocre industrial acumen.

      Whatever different “character” we imagine our society to have been shaped by one president or the other is just a cosmetic veneer on top of the deepr and more stable national character I described above. So let’s not get caught up with WHO the president is. In my opinion, the effect of one bozo in Malacanang or the other has very little impact on our character as a people. And it is this largely stable dysfunctional character that mainly accounts for what the future holds for us.

      1. Not quite so. It certainly will change the lives of a lot of gold traders, doctors, and businessmen who used to evade their tax payments. Let’s be honest, if you are starting a business today, would you give it a second thought before you try to evade your taxes? Absolutely!

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