Is Chief Justice Renato Corona a victim of Noynoy Aquino’s low self-esteem?

The German word Schadenfreude is defined as the feeling of pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. They say that the lower the person’s self-esteem, the more he or she tends to enjoy someone else’s misfortune. According to a recent study by scientists in Leiden University, the Netherlands, “when you have low self-esteem, you will do almost anything to feel better, and when you’re confronted with the misfortune of others, you’ll feel schandenfreude.”

Suffering from low self-esteem?

Based on the above definitions, it can be said that President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) and his supporters must have low self-esteem because it seems like they feel a strong sense of schandenfreude or pleasure at seeing their political opponents suffer. There have been many occasions when the incumbent President has shown his habit of dwelling with enjoyment on negative thoughts. PNoy would often try to humiliate and vilify his political opponents without thinking of the consequences of his actions.

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The English word for schandenfreude is gloating and it is defined as “to observe or think about something with triumphant and often malicious satisfaction, gratification, or delight”. PNoy is always gloating. Definitely so. He often expresses his “delight” over his enemy’s misfortune. This was evident when he tried to humiliate Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice, Renato Corona in his speech during the National Criminal Justice summit recently held at the Manila hotel, leading columnist Ramon Tulfo to wonder Does Aquino get advice from his Cabinet?

A lawyer told me that had the Chief Justice walked out of the First National Criminal Justice Summit while he was being attacked by a coequal official, most of the magistrates and lawyers present would have followed him to the exit.

Even lawyers in the executive branch would have joined the walkout, a government lawyer said.

No matter how he regards Chief Justice Corona, any lawyer would have found the President’s attack on the highest magistrate uncouth.

An insult to the Chief Justice is an insult to the whole legal profession since he is the highest-ranking lawyer, according to a government lawyer.

Does P-Noy get advice from his Cabinet members who are lawyers on how to treat the Supreme Court, a coequal branch in government?

Latest developments on the impeachment case against the SC judge suggest that PNoy “twisted the arms” of members of the House of Representatives, a supposedly independent branch of government, just to get his way. 188 members of the legislature have bowed to the wishes of the President to impeach and remove Chief Justice Corona from the judiciary. On record, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and Joseph E.A. Abaya both admitted that “a furious President Aquino wanted a fast impeachment of Corona after he and seven other Arroyo appointees issued a temporary restraining order on the Department of Justice’s travel ban against the former President”. And that “He (PNoy) gave the general direction; we followed because we believe this is the right thing”.

Even Catholic Church officials think that PNoy had a hand in the fast filing of impeachment case against Chief Justice Corona. Here’s what Bishop Teodoro Bacani had to say about it:

Novaliches bishop emeritus Teodoro Bacani, a member of the 1987 Constitutional Commission, said it has been surprising that members of Lower Chamber managed to muster 188 congressmen to endorse the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

“I will tell you the truth, sa bilis ng pangyayari ay baka naman ang nangyayari dito ay arm twisting from above,” Bacani told Church-run Radyo Veritas.

Meanwhile Navotas City Representative Tobias Tiangco said in his privilege speech immediately after the filing of the impeachment proceedings that members were not given a chance to read the articles of impeachment:

“How can you vote for the impeachment without having the chance to read the articles of impeachment much less verify the facts?…Why the haste in the matter of hours? Why cannot we give him due process?”

After Tiangco, other minority representatives have spoken out about the dubious impeachment process conducted by PNoy’s supporters:

Some lawmakers have said the process of signing up for the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona was indeed rushed but proponents of the ouster move maintained it was all above board.

Bayan Muna Representative Teodoro Casiño said the majority of the 188 members who signed the impeachment case were clueless of the eight articles used as the basis to kick out Corona when they entered the majority caucus at 2:30 pm Monday.

Casiño admitted that they were not allowed to read the 57-page document, which they signed on as both complainant and endorser. The signing of the document by 188 congressmen paved the way for the approval of the complaint without having to toil through committee hearing or plenary voting.

The bulk of the signatures took less than one hour to gather and Corona was formally impeached at 7:40 p.m. Monday or less than five hours after the signatories were officially told for the first time about the charges versus the Chief Justice.

Casiño said the lawmakers relied solely on the presentation made by Liberal Party (LP) bigwigs who orchestrated the impeachment case under orders of President Benigno Aquino III.

Likewise, House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman said that many of those who supported the impeachment were blackmailed into signing. Lagman insinuated, “those who would refuse to sign will be deprived of their priority development assistance fund (PDAF) and other funding releases for their respective districts.”

Senator Joker Arroyo seems to agree that PNoy has become an autocrat by successfully taking control of the entire government. Arroyo said: “The people are entertained by that kind of show, but this is a bid for power disguised under the claim of a clean government”.

PNoy gloated after the impeachment was filed the next day. He met with his political allies at a caucus and spoke with confidence that Chief Justice Corona will be impeached because according to him, “the public is on his side”. PNoy stressed that the chief justice will not change and will always be beholden to Arroyo. This is another proof that the President has engaged in negative thoughts. I do not understand why his minders let him talk the way he does. It’s probably because they know that the public loves to hear him talk that way too.

Even before the 2010 Presidential election, PNoy already exhibited signs of negative mental attitude. During the campaign, he expressed his fears about the possible failure of elections and was adamant in his aspiration to be first on the streets to organize another people power revolution should it happen. In fact, Inquirer columnist Conrado de Quiros took that as a cue to explore that possibility — just stopping short of blatantly inciting rebellion if Aquino loses the presidential race.

People with negative mental attitude tend to have low self-esteem. And those with low self-esteem tend to be too defensive and too sensitive because they think that those who do not agree with them are just out to ruin them. Which is precisely the reason why they will do almost anything to crush their opponents. Obviously, PNoy is doing almost everything to crush his imagined opponent even if it is the only thing he does during his entire term in office.

158 Replies to “Is Chief Justice Renato Corona a victim of Noynoy Aquino’s low self-esteem?”

  1. yeah. sad truth indeed. good thing is that CJ Corona knows where he stands. i just hate how the government is working on this single issue and not working on how to work for the people.

        1. Hey… there’s a blogpost that Noynoy (or maybe Lacierda???) had audio and video recordings of GuLorya and “HORN” while at Sl-MedCenter. Really??? GMA’s already a grandmother…. man, that’s crazy!!!

      1. Pnu mkakawork for people kung my hadlang tulad ni pekeng Vincenzo. Tanggalin muna ang diktaurya ni Noynoy!

        Hehe, Vincenzo is now idolizing Hitler, eh? Hindi ko alam iyon a.

        1. Whoa… Hitler is a lot better than Noynoy, and I idolize him somehow, but still Stalin rules, when it comes to decreasing population.

    1. Mr. Aquino is paranoid and bipolar! It’s about time to impeach this Dictator who doesn’t do anything for our country but made it more worst. He seeks personal vengeance for him and his sisters but not for Filipino people.

      Hindi pa ba kayo nakakahalata na Dictador na siya???? Nakakatakot na iyang nangyayaring ito. It’s time for impeachment!

    2. If you want the president to really work for the people? Then let Pnoy help the prosecution team so that the filipino people would be able to get rid of Cheap Injustice Coracotna, good riddance, isn’t it? The only obstacle to cleanse all the government agencies from the most corrupt appointess of Gloria Arroyo is the Impeachment of Cheap INJUSTICE CORACOTNA! According to grapevine, Gloria ang Mike Arroyo were able to accumulate 1.3trillion pesos during her thievery of 9 years. And it is also said that the Cheap Injustice Coracotna is hiding 1.8billion dollars courtesy of Mike Ayyoko! Let us all get real, open your eyes to the truth because “Truth will set us free” Don’t be naive and ignorant bastard!

      1. Injustice? Nah, Carpio has an ambition to be Chief Justice.

        Grapevine is more like a BIASED form of media so you’re basing it on HEARSAY, right?

        And from the words of GW from Metal Gear Solid 2 with that “the truth will set you free” of yours:

        ‘Oh, what happened? Do you feel lost? Why not try a bit of soul-searching? Don’t think you’ll find anything, though. Every time something goes wrong, you turn around and place the blame on someone else. It’s not our fault. It’s not your fault. In denial, you simply resort to looking for another more convenient “truth” in order to make yourself feel better. Leaving behind in an instant the so-called “truth” you once embraced. Should someone like that be able to decide what is “truth”? Should someone like you even have the right to decide? You’ve done nothing but abuse your freedom. You don’t deserve to be free! We’re not the ones smothering our country. You are.’

        So who’s the ‘naive and ignorant bastard’ now?

      1. He easily falls under the same category as other dictators driven to compensate for their not-so-secret personal frustrations. Hitler felt sorely misunderstood when his dreams of being a great artist were crushed after he was rejected by a prestigious art school in Vienna. North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, likewise, felt compelled to wear high-heeled shoes and comb his hair to make it look thicker over the top to appear taller due to his height complex.

      2. Some dude commented that PresiNoynoy likes using hollowpoint 9mm on his Glock… to remind himself he ain’t firing blanks.

  2. Nah… The Filipino people are happy when PeeNoy gets rid of Arroyo and her henchman! They would be more happy with that rather than having food on the table for this Christmas…

    A messed up sense of priorities…

    *sadly so*

    1. yes, good point. i agree with this. really, I can’t even name one good project this dictator has done
      . very disappointing. this is sick

    1. @Sticktoexecute

      They feel the opposite of worry. They feel relaxed that PNoy is doing something about “corruption”. Never mind that using shortcuts or dirty tricks to prosecute someone is also a form of corruption.

      1. Yeah that’s correct and what I was really saying is if only they really understand the issues then they should really worry. And I think that’s the plan of those in power, to dumb down the majority with poor education and stupid shows, so that the rich would hold this nation in the balls.

  3. The pleasure p-noy displayed yesterday at the LP meeting was as evident as a little boy about to open his xmas presents
    The guy has a personality disorder, and the greedy sheep in congress no shame and no sense of the gravitas of the situation

    1. @nona

      Because those who signed actually believe they are doing the right thing:

      “He (PNoy) gave the general direction; we followed because we believe this is the right thing”.

      They don’t use their head anymore.

    2. Akala nya siguro Role Playing Game (RPG) ang pagpapatakbo ng Piripinas… parang Xbox o PSP… Kung di gusto ang kinakahinatnan ng incompetent actions nya pwedeng i reboot o mag cheat at shortcut.

        1. I read about the Philstar Carmen Pedrosa article on BadNoy’s mental illness. His split bi-polar mind(Jekyll and Hyde?), delusions (he likes to interpret final decisions of the Supreme Court and say it is wrong) and mood swings sends chills up my spine.

          Ours is not a case of the blind leading the blind. We have to live with the horrible truth. That ours is no longer a rule of law but a rule of an unhinged mind! God help us all!

        2. maybe he harbors some feelings of inadequacy for not living up to the “reputation” of his vater, erm father, the “great” Benigno von Ribbentrop, este Aquino Jr. pala

  4. Taken to extreme levels Schadenfreude can be
    linked to Sadistic Personality Disorder. Some of
    the mutual characteristics include:
    – Humiliating someone in front of others.
    – Finding other’s (including animals)
    psychological or physical suffering amusing.
    – Intentionally lying to cause pain or hurt
    – Using threats or intimidation to get your
    – Being fascinated by violence, weapons,
    injuries and torture.

    Source – jvr psychologists

    1. I don’t know about the 2nd characteristic but the rest seems to feet the unpresident president perfectly.

      -Humiliating someone in front of others

      -Intentionally lying to cause pain or hurt others
      -His election campaign where I got my name.
      -His apology for the hostage crisis where he’s smiling all the time

      -Using threats or intimidation to get your way
      -Impeachment of corona

      -Being fascinated by violence, weapons, injuries and torture
      -I heard he is into shooting… Wait… Now that I think about it, maybe that’s what he’s doing about the hostage crisis??? Just watching the incident as some action movie. Proof of that is, the hostage taker took the whole tourist bus as hostage, sometimes coming out of the bus, yet no shoot to kill order. Maybe to prolong the hostage crisis for his own amusement?

      President- Y U NO RESIGN?!?

    1. Ironic how his father died fighting Marshall law and now he’s trying to implement Marshall Law.

      President- Y U NO BRAIN?!?

  5. Does BadNoy have a multiple personality and delusions?
    1. He believes the God is on his side.
    2. He believes that the silent majority are on his side while many say it is the nutzi yellow followers that are with him.
    3. He gleefully sets all the wrong, bad examples.
    4. He perceives himself as a magistrate with the power to interpret final Supreme Court rulings as incorrect.
    5. He believes that the Supreme Court is corrupt.
    6. He perceives himself as honest and clean.
    7. He acts the part of judge, jury and executioner in allowing unconstitutional shortcuts destroying due process, the rule of law and democracy.

    1. This is why he is unfit for his position.

      He believes the God is on his side
      -Have he heard about separation of church and state?
      -How bout Do not use the Lord God’s name in vain?

      He believes that the silent majority are on his side while many say it is the nutzi yellow followers that are with him.
      -What is he psychic? Jean Grey or Xavier?

      He gleefully sets all the wrong, bad examples.
      -What makes him so sure that what he sees as wrong is really wrong? How bout the cause and effect of the action?
      Ex: Former president GMA was arrested for Electoral sabotage

      Let’s say FPJ won the last year’s election. No disrespect to the late actor but what happened a few months after the election? He died right? So that makes Noli de Castro the President?

      Comparing what the previous president to what the current president is doing? I’d prefer the previous one. The current is all hell’s bent on vengeance and blaming the previous administration.

      -He perceives himself as a magistrate with the power to interpret final Supreme Court rulings as incorrect.
      -He believes that the Supreme Court is corrupt.

      He must be a supreme being! He’s not a law graduate, so he didn’t take the bar exam and top it, He wasn’t able to pass a bill or law during his previous post and now he’s telling us he’s better than the Supreme Court, the law.

      -He perceives himself as honest and clean.
      Ask a liar if he is a liar. If he tells yes he’s a liar then does that mean he’s telling the truth? However if he answers No, then he’s lying right?

  6. @ilda
    CERN are about to announce the discovery of the higgs boson – god particle – p-noy disagrees and says he has already found it and it resides in malacanan.

    1. I don’t even know why the media did not give it the attention it deserves. They are so pathetic. She risked her reputation doing that video but people just dismissed it. It was a very serious claim that should have been on the front pages of the newspapers.

  7. BadNoy behavioral/mental state media report.
    Quote from the Manila Standard Today Dec. 14, 2011

    “Judge Antonio Eugenio, the incumbent President of the Manila Judges Association and former president of the Philippine Judges Association, compared president Aquino to the German dictator Adolf Hitler. They act by sheer numbers. They act on the basis of popularity, Eugenio said of the president and his allies in the House. But remember history. When Hitler secured power in Germany, he was the most popular figure and TRAMPLED ON THE RIGHTS OF EVERYONE(caps. mine) because he was popular. We all know what happened to Adolf Hitler.”

    1. Strong words but as some-one whose parents fought for freedom and against the tryanny of hitler i can relate to the undercurrents of a formative dictatorship.
      – peoples government will be the next marketing phrase to trip out into the press/pr machine.
      everything hitler did in terms of achieving absolute power was legal – because he ended up making the rules and creating a mass hysteria against a perceived common enemy – the jews.
      Now we have media manipulation , a ‘common enemy’, control of the judiciary – soon –
      An appeal to mass emotion, not logic,
      And claims of being on the side of right of god!
      Be afraid, very afraid because you aint seen anything yet.

    2. Yellowtards aka Sturmabteilung
      Ricky Carandang aka Joseph Goebbels
      Edwin Lacierda aka Heinrich Himmler
      Mar Roxas aka Eva Braun, chos 🙂

  8. Know what’s really disturbing? His “fans” don’t seem to question or care what methods he uses to fulfill his promise to fight and get rid of corruption. I been reading the news and a part of me seems to draw parallels to Hitler’s own methods of gaining populist support. It really scares me that the people itself is letting themselves be leashed.

    1. I think the people do not fullz grasp the implications of the President’s actions. I am also utterly disappointed with Congress. Sa totoo lang wala silang pinagkaiba nung GMA times… ngek oo nga pala same Congress during GMA admin lol. haaaay principles nga naman… anyway a part of me wants the President to get his way just so we can plunge the country into complete madness and chaos. Maybe then the Filipino will learn.

      1. Learn? Most people never learn, especially those who think that Pnoy never makes a mistakes and that he’s always right. Populism: is process of the cattle being led to slaughter.

    1. @Helios

      Thanks for the link. The guy is like a Get Realist. He’s saying the same things we write about. Good on him! This is my favorite part:

      “Unfortunately, it is difficult to argue with people in the throes of indignant righteousness. Not only do they fully believe in the infallibility of their positions, they also look down on those who happen to disagree with them, or even on those who simply happen to have a different opinion even if the opinion is not necessarily diametrically opposed to theirs.”

      1. “The biggest lie about the impeachment of Chief
        Justice Renato Corona may have been uttered by
        that stupid spokesman in Malacañang who said
        that President Noynoy Aquino had absolutely
        nothing to do with it. That whopper will only be
        eclipsed by a similar statement from the palace,
        after Aquino convinces his new, unimproved
        Supreme Court to give back Hacienda Luisita to
        his family.
        And you can bet the farm on that.”
        Jojo robles – manila standard today

        Says it all really.
        Merry xmas
        me – i’m going to find a good wine and a bad woman.
        the chaos will still be here when i return

        1. sinungaling at arogante talaga si lacierda. perfect for the job. rep. mitos magsaysay has already told this guy off a number of times for being a brat. (i’m not pro-gma. i find magsaysay’s pronouncements consistently reasonable.)

      1. did not know much about this paper but thanks for the links…now i know there are still some people in the media with no malacanang supplied horse blinkers

  9. BadNoy behavioral/mental state media report.
    Quotes from the Manila Standard Today Oct. 5, 2011
    Lowdown Jojo A. Robles

    “We’ve been told that during his recent 14-hour return flight on Philippine Airlines flight PR104 from San Francisco to Manila, Aquino was allowed to smoke in violation of international and local aviation regulations. The feat was pulled off on the PAL 747-400 jumbo jet by simply preventing anyone to go up the upper first-class deck of the plane(where Aquino was)through the stairs while the president smoked. Health, safety (depending on the stage of the airline’s trip) and anti-terrorist considerations prohibit smoking in commercial aircraft, of course. But when you’re the chain-smoking President flying the nation’s flag carrier on a long Trans-Pacific flight, the skies can be unbelievably friendly.”

    Criminal tendencies and corrupt impunity?

    1. Such attitude is typical with leaders leaning towards dictatorial tendencies. Try reading at any dictator and their cronies and you’ll see the similarities.

      1. Shall we see the return of the happy/funny farm? Should the High Court be forcibly streamlined and re-engineered by the dictator he might return and restore the happy/funny farm to its old status quo.

        Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    2. He simply think, he is above any laws…or any regulations…he even solicited Honorary Doctorate Degrees, from foreign universities, to show to us: he has more brains and wisdom, than the rest of all of us…
      By the Corona impeachment…he is showing: he is above anybody…or any goverment institutions…I’m thinking of the behaviours of the Roman Emperor Caligula on this issue…Emperor Caligula was really insane…

    3. isa yan sa mga perks ng pagiging presidente….masunod lang ang kagustuhan kahit madami ang nanganganib na masawi at masaktan if ever nagkaproblema sa flight na yan….nakakalungkot na ang airline company na yan ay pinayagan ang ganyang pag uugali samantalang may regulasyon at polisiya na dapat ipatupad..kaya nga ginawa ang regulasyon na yan ay para sa siguridad ng mga pasahero na ligtas silang makakarating sa kanilang paroroonan…ay yamn din lamang na porket presidente ka pwede na palang gawin yan..bakit naglagay pa sila ng regulasyon????iba talaga pag nasa kapngyarihan ka…

  10. Heil Der nutzi Fuhrer BadNoy! Truly the brilliant nutzi genius of the scheming nutzi mind! Watch the Fuhrer as he “burns” the pro-democracy Supreme Court! Watch him as he flames and “burns” his captive followers in the reichstag! Two birds with one stone! Divide and conquer at work to ensure his supreme control and dictatorship!

    We watched Der Fuhrer divide the reich and pro-democracy people first! His great nutzi genius now divides the houses of government to ensure chaos and anarchy! His manipulation and scheming dazzles his nutzi followers! He appears clean and honest while the pro-democracy Supreme Court is a called a den of corruption!

    Der Fuhrer dangles the pork for the reichstag and issues his decrees! No pork and no questions! Those who are not with me are against me! Watch as he divides and conquers!For he is truly Der Fuhrer! The greatest nutzi mind of the nutzi state!

    Watch as the country is more divided its 2 houses of governance “burn” with manipulation and deceit. War is deceit! The Fuhrer is the epitome of deceit! Watch as all opposition is stilled as the reich is conquered totally.

    When chaos and anarchy prevail, Der Fuhrer will save the day by declaring blitzkrieg against all who are against him! No one shall be spared! Watch the destruction of society and culture as his nutzi madness consumes the reich. Sieg Heil! The true nutzi son of the nutzi master yellow race!

  11. Watch Der nutzi Fuhrer as he orders a nutzi loyalty check! His brilliant nutzi suspicious mind is confused and focused at the same time on real and imagined threats to his growing totalitarian rule!

    Nein! He is not afraid! He is mad! Mad at the challenges hurled against him by the pro-democracy media! Mad at those who would dare question his abuses and excesses against democracy in the reich! His fawning admirers of the reich propaganda ministry cannot be sure that there is absolute loyalty in his own house of governance!

    Ja! He demands absolute loyalty! He is aware of liberal and independent thinkers who do not agree with his perceived ambitions. Ambitions to absolute power and obedience! There is no free opinion! There is only Der Fuhrer’s absolute opinion and perceived straight path to national dictatorship, division and destruction! Der Fuhrer is der reich and when he goes we go down with him! Sieg heil!

  12. Adolf Hitler: “All this madness… the destruction… the human suffering… I, too, was trapped in the whirlwind we created- an empty mirror filled with hate. I expected God to reach down and stop me… but He never did. Please… say something. Please help me.”
    -Author Unknown

    “Madness is rare in individuals- but in groups, political parties, nations, and eras its the rule.”
    -Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil,1886

  13. Uncle Adolf’s chilling quotes mirror BadNoy:

    “Who says I am not under the special protection of God?”-Adolf Hitler

    “I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty.”-Adolf Hitler

    “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”-Adolf Hitler

    “Great liars are also great magicians.”-Adolf Hitler

    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”-Adolf Hitler

    “It is not truth that matters, but victory.”-Adolf Hitler

    “The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category.”-Adolf Hitler

    Does BadNoy follow this?

      1. @nutzi Vincenzo

        Mangmang ka talaga. Tapos na ang paglilitis sa pagtalaga kay CJ Corona! BadNoy split tumigil ka na. Ikaw ang peke at sinungaling. Ang magnanakaw ay kapatid ng sinungaling.

        1. Tama ang sinabi ni CJ Corona when he was criticized on being Gloria’s midnight appointee:

          “Bakit? Para si Noynoy mismo ang mag-appoint ng sarili niyang Chief Justice na kanyang kapit sa leeg?”

          Hindi naman pwede iyon. Ang nagsasabi nun ay ang mahilig magpatawa at mahilig sa tsismis. 😛

      2. HOY BOBO… benta mo na lang yang utak mo.. NOT USED AT ALL… MAHAL YAN!!! you’re on the right track… not using it. mataas ang re-sell value… good as brand new. not even slightly used. hehehe…

      3. Vincenzo, you’re always at the right moment, at the right time… you always give me an inspiration for something…

        Yellowtards aka Sturmabteilung
        Ricky Carandang aka Joseph Goebbels
        Edwin Lacierda aka Heinrich Himmler
        Mar Roxas aka Eva Braun
        Vincenzo Arellano aka Blondi (Hitler’s German Shepherd) 🙂

        1. Geez. More jeje-speak. I deleted your previous comments simply on the basis of their being written in jeje-speak. You know, just for the heck of it.

          nyek nyek

        2. Oh Vincenzo, Vincenzo. What a poor human being you are. You’re so evil because you’re so SLANDEROUS. May ebidensya ka ba?

          Wala kang kaalam-alam sa PULITIKA. Baka ikaw ung gagawin ang lahat para sa pera kasi you’re defending your Tito AbNoy and you are a denial that we enter a dictatorship. Wala kang kaalam-alam sa history. 🙂

        3. @Vincenzo

          “Takot lang kayo s ktotohanan kya bnubura m coment ko.”

          Nope, we just like trolling you.
          U MAD BRO?

      4. i think you don’t get my point. nakakadismaya kasi sabi sa balita, minadali ang impeachment kay corona. sa tingin mo, bakit magreresign si Tiangco (na alam naman natin na anti-GMA), kung alam nia na para sa ikakabuti itong impeachment na ito.. HINDI ka ba NAGBABASA.. mismong si Bacani nga nagdududa sa pagiging mabilis ng impeachment process.

        1. @Vincenzo B. Arellano

          Tapos pg mbgal ngrereklamo ka din. Alam ni Tito Noy gngwa nya mgtiwala ka sknya

          Walang dangal at integridad si AbNoynoy. Puro pandaraya lang ang pamamaraang alam. Minamadali kapag maling gawain, pero mabagal kapag mabuting gawain.

        2. Vincenzo Hitler:

          Ikaw ang hindi nakakaintindi dahil lahat ay dinadaan sa PROSESO. Kaya minadali because walang deliberation.

          Katotohan? Nope. Yours is a TRUTH OF A LIE. As Joseph Goebbels said.

          “If a lie is repeated a million times, then many will believe it’s the truth.”

          At hindi ako magtitwala sa DIKTADOR mo. You mad? 😛

      5. Give up vincenzo, you’re not being paid enough to troll here by the government and your dictator pNoy. Just GTFO of here. You are just wasting your time here.

        1. I have to apologize for the rude and irrational comments posted by vincenzo.
          His medication makes him hear voices and his only ‘friend’ is his keyboard.
          He was dropped on his head when young and since then has always been 40peso short of a 50peso note.
          Ignore him. His family does.

      6. “Tlgang nkakadismaya si pekeng Corona na nagdadrama. Mas ngagalit lng kme”]

        Oh, so now you think you represent the filipino people? You are so idiotic

      7. You don’t seem to get it Vincenzo-BadNoy split. I am doing is for freedom. My loyalty is not to any politician or political party. It always has been and will be for Flag, Country and People!

        Yellow ribbon? No! Red, White and Blue!

        1. Captain America is a very unique character.

          “I don’t stand for the flag. I stand for the DREAM.”

  14. Noynoy Aquino has definitely a mental ilness problem. I believe, he is taking the anti-depressant drug: ABILIFY, to deal with his mental illness. Definitely, he has Paranoia…definitely, he has: Anxiety Illness and Panic Attacks…the Hostage Crissis situation was a good proof…
    People with that kind of illness, have no concern of the sufferings of others. Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, was diagnosed with moderate to serious mental illness, when he was discharged from the German Army, sfter World War I. The Germans did not look at his Army records seriously…his Nazi Party hid the mental illness diagnosis…look at what he did to Germany…Holocaust, Death Camps, Concentration Camps, persecutions of the Jews, etc…most of all the destruction of Germany thru wars and conquests; full dictatorship, as Nazi Fuhrer…are we going to this direction?…more or less?

  15. “they have finally done it…” can these people really get a good night’s sleep for what they have done to satisfy their greed? maybe they have stitched the money they are getting from us into a nice, warm blanket which makes it easier for them to at least grab some shuteye…

    1. Hi plasticsurgeon

      Here’s the link to the article: Schadenfreude Explained: Why We Secretly Smile When Others Fail

      Some exerpts:

      “In the study, van Dijk, of Leiden University in the Netherlands,and his colleagues had 70 undergraduate students (40 women and 30 men) read two interviews about a high-achieving student who was likely to land a great job. Then they read an interview with the student’s supervisor revealing that the student had suffered a big setback in his/her studies. Next, they rated their level of agreement with five statements meant to gauge their schadenfreude, such as: “I enjoy[ed] what happened to Marleen/Mark”; “I couldn’t resist a little smile.”

      Those with low self-esteem (assessed at the study’s start) were both more likely to be threatened by the overachieving student, and to experience schadenfreude. However, the researchers found that regardless of self-esteem, those who felt more threatened by this student also felt more schadenfreude.

      The researchers thought that perhaps the reason for this was that schadenfreude was self-affirming for these “threatened” individuals.

      As a follow-up experiment, the researchers gave about half of the students a self-affirmation boost by shoring up their beliefs about what the students had indicated was a very important value to them, and then asked them to repeat the same interview-reading stint.

      Participants with low self-esteem were again more likely to experience schadenfreude, and also more likely to feel threatened by the high-achieving student. However, those who had been self-affirmed were less likely than those who hadn’t to reap pleasure when reading about the other student’s academic slip.

      “I think when you have low self-esteem, you will do almost anything to feel better, and when you’re confronted with the misfortune of others,” you’ll feel schadenfreude, van Dijk told LiveScience. “In this study, if we give people something to affirm their self, then what we found is they have less schadenfreude — they don’t need the misfortune of others to feel better anymore.”

  16. More uncle Adolf’s chilling quotes mirror BadNoy:

    “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”-Adolf Hitler

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, It will be believed.”-Adolf Hitler

    “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.”-Adolf Hitler

    “To be a leader means to be able to move masses.”-Adolf Hitler

    “Success is the sole earthly judge to right and wrong.”-Adolf Hitler

    Does BadNoy follow this?

    1. interesting quotes.
      and germans are not stupid but they bought it hook, line and sinker
      even chamberlain – UK PM believed what he said – until it was too late

    2. How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think
      Adolf hitler

      He alone, who controls the youth of today, owns the future
      Adolf hitler

      Thank god internet wasn’t around

  17. 1. Distribute senators pork barrel prior to impeachment trial to remove any bribery allegations/pressure.
    2. Distribute hacienda luisita land to obviate issues about motive.
    3. Maintain dignified silence and stop pr/propaganda campaign.

  18. Der reich malascanang nutzi palace, propaganda ministry henchman has spoken! Herr nutzi Lacierda insists there is no dictatorship! His lack of faith is disturbing! Is he trying to derail the nutzi genius master plan of Der great nutzi Fuhrer BadNoy? It is his job to make Der Fuhrer look good! Not look like an ass!

    But how can nutzi Herr Lacierda do this? Der nutzi Fuhrer looks good, fat and strong as the messianic man of destiny! Der Fuhrer has a divine, covenant to the nutzi people! He has already been recorded by the pro-democracy media as for dictatorship! A news paper trail shows many personalities saying that Der Fuhrer is a dictator and an autocrat!

    Herr nutzi Lacierda is confusing the reich people and Der great nutzi Fuhrer! Does he not believe in Der great nutzi Fuhrer and his abilities? Nein this is not damage control! These are false lies that contradicts the true nature of Der Fuhrer’s great nutzi mind! Der Fuhrer’s pronouncements acts and omissions speaks for itself! The confused incompetence of Herr nutzi Lacieda should be condemned! It is already public knowledge that Der Fuhrer is for a great nutzi dictatorship in his genius nutzi efforts to mold the improved society! Heil Der nutzi Fuhrer! He is and always will be seen by history as the greatest nutzi mind of the nutzi state!

  19. Repression when released can result in fits of anger and bullying.
    P-noy now has no real personal checks and balances ( mother, girlfriend/boyfriend etc). Or even a dog to kick occassionally! I dont advocate that – figure of speech.
    A loose cannon now exacting revenge for his inner angst built up throughout his life against any suitable outlet.
    He is not and never has been a strong passionate advocator for freedom, justice, openness etc so a 50 year old drifter does not change just as a leopard does not change its spots. His motives are suspect. His transparency is questionable
    Maybe shooting was one outlet – kill,kill

    1. In my very first article about PNoy before the election, I mentioned that him being single could be a good thing because he won’t have any distractions. But I got a comment from Benk who pointed out that being single is a bad thing when someone is in a position of power like the Presidency. Having a wife could help PNoy come back down to earth. He has no reality check at the moment because everyone is patting him on the back.

      Hmmm…who else was single back in the 1940s?

      1. And those patting him in the back gets a big fat bonus from the national budget plus the popularity with the venerable “masa”.

        I would have to disagree with BenK on that single not being good for people in position of power. I have some friends who are good leaders though they were single. Apparently, as they told me also, they want to remain single for life.

        I think problems start with singles who are frustrated to get a partner, especially the leaders. Their frustrations (unconscously) reflect on their governance. No offense with those types of people, but most people i know, whose like that, act like weirdos and have self-esteem issues.

      2. Being married and have a stable family life means you have managed your family well. Family is the smallest company the head can govern.

        Even in daily life, one can see the effects of a married life.

        A bachelor would spend most of his salary on luxurious things because he can.

        A family man budgets his salary so he and his family can survive the month.

  20. why are you guys like this? isn’t it obvious that corona was appointed for the sake of GMA’s benefit? why are you so concerned about the constitution? the due process? why are you acting so smart? have you lingered on your opinions so much that you already lost all your senses? what pnoy has done is just right. well maybe not accdg to the constitution, or to whatever political laws, theories, etc. but simply, it is indeed the right thing to do! so please, just stop. stop talking as if ur all smart and morally right. coz in the end, what we aspire is the betterment for the Filipino people. and that’s what Pnoy is doing – cleaning the mess for the later appropriate avenue for development.

    1. “why are you so concerned about the constitution? the due process?”

      Because this “constitution” and “due process” are supposed to protect the people. If you circumvent them how can you say that the rights of ANY individual would still be protected?

      The fact remains that PNoy can do all of this by the book. So why isn’t he?

    2. @smartbro

      isn’t it obvious that corona was appointed for the sake of GMA’s benefit?

      Corona was chosen from a list of nominees provided by the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) that “unanimously” agreed to start nominations prior to the 2010 elections for the replacement of the country’s outgoing Chief Justice Reynato Puno. And they did so citing Section 4(1), Article 8 of the constitution – which mandates that a Supreme Court vacancy should be filled within 90 days once the position remains vacant.

      why are you so concerned about the constitution? the due process?

      First of all, OMG!!! The fact that you have to ask means you won’t understand the answer. But for the sake of the other people, I will respond to you. Of course you need to respect the constitution and due process. The constitution is a set of fundamental principles according to which our country is governed. It is a set of rules or guideline for us to follow so our society does not descend into chaos and anarchy. Following due process protects every individual from government abuse.

      Here’s the problem: Filipinos are not used to following the rules or guideline, which is why it is so hard for them to understand the concept of following the constitution or due process.

      Have you forgotten that PNoy’s mother is the so-called mother of Philippine democracy? It was during her time when the current constitution was drafted. It is the symbol of our “freedom” from the Marcos dictatorship. Now Cory’s son is defying the very same constitution and pre-judging alleged criminals before they even go on trial. It is a crying shame. Would you like it if someone accused you of stealing and then went straight to jail?

    3. To put it simply due process is what prevents an individual to being subjected to the state’s arbitrary power. If the state declares that you are a criminal and is imprisoned without a trial to determine your guilt then one could say that the due process was not allowed by the state. Every individual has the right of due process whether they are guilty or innocent. Without due process and the constitution to limit the state’s arbitrary power, the state has effectively become dictatorial.

    4. “why are you guys like this? isn’t it obvious that corona was appointed for the sake of GMA’s benefit?”

      Nope. JBC chose the nominees, not GMA. It’s not like there was a choice of “None of the above. I choose my own Chief Justice.” Ilda’s reply gave the details here.

      “why are you so concerned about the constitution? the due process?”

      Goodness! Is this how people think nowadays? Disregard the “highest law of the land”? The so-called constitution that you do not give concern is the same constitution that’s protecting your behind. Or were you too busy ignoring it to know that?

      “have you lingered on your opinions so much that you already lost all your senses?”

      Refer to the second question I quoted from you. I believe disregard for the constitution fits the “lost all your senses” part.

    5. for all i care corona can go hang. but abnoy better do the same to juetenglord puno, stradcom torres, ak-47 llamas, killer ping and all the other asshole kkks. cleaning up the mess? no deal.

      1. I hope that really helps our countrymen because, when you compare the stats 2010 vs. 2011, GDP, GNI and FDI are all going down. You know, it’s the DOJ’s job and the police to catch and prosecute law breakers and criminals not the President’s.

        For all you care, he’s not doing much to ease the poverty in this nation. Maybe he’s part of the mess too.

  21. Have you really searched the meaning of low self esteem? A person with a low self esteem constantly wants reassurance and approval of others. Pres. Aquino is not asking for this when he said what he said about Corona. On the other hand, Corona needed approval from his colleagues because his spokesperson, Midas, called for a court holiday so justices can hear what Corona has to say. Therefore, Aquino is a very confident, determined and self assured person. Corona on the other hand has a very low self esteem who needed approval from others.

    1. Duh?

      Who feels the need to say that “God is on my side”? PNoy.

      Who feels the need to say, “The people are behind me?” PNoy

      Who feels the need to publish approval ratings on a regular basis? PNoy

      Who feels the need to vilify his political opponents just so he can make himself look good? PNoy

      Corona just made one speech to defend himself and you already think it’s too much?!?

      Check your bias.

    2. he is plagued by low self- esteem – all his life.
      if you dont get it then i hope you dont work in recruitment/human resources or management.
      you people/profiling skills are way off.
      if you watched the anc political car crash last night the language, responses and body language were all lack of confidence, except when he talked about the technicalities of music and nearly sent the interviewer to sleep, oh and katy perry.
      katy perry – “youre so gay” freudian
      a gay geek was the general concensus with no clue on prioritues or a vision, just looking forward to retirement, abd twiddling his knobs

  22. “hindi ako naniniwalang yun ang pangunahing agenda niya ay patalsikin si corona dahil sa pagkabias niya kay GMA kasi tulad nga ng sabi ko sa taas may mas magandang political move- ang hayaan ang SC na magdesisyon sa kaso ni GMA at kung magiging bias sila napakadali ng patalsikin si corona at yung mga ibang mahistrado sa SC (dahil napakalakas na ng ebidensiya) at lalo pang babango ang pangalan nila at kakampihan pa sila ng tao (at maski ako pwede ko din sila kampihan at sigurado akong mabilis nilang maiaakyat sa korte suprema yung kaso) pero hindi nila ginawa dahil kapag nanatili pa si corona at yung mga ibang mahistrado sa SC tuluyan na nga silang magpapaalam sa hacienda luisita- pag isipan niyo ang sitwasyon na eto at makikita nyo na napakagandang paraan eto sana na pampabango ng pangalan ng mga nakaupo kaso bakit di nila ginawa? isa lang ang sagot -dahil sa hacienda luisita-”

  23. Tama lang po siguro na ipaglaban ang kanyang sarili (Mr. Renato Corona) at lahat naman tayo eh may karapatan na maipaglaban ang ating sarili.
    Ako po’y naguguluhan sa salitang “Filipino tayoy maka-isa” iba pala ang kahulugan manghanap ng butas para mahati ang utak ng bawat Filipino. May Gloria @ May PNoy. Wala naman po akong pinapanigan dito kaso lang po nalungkot lang ho ako sa pangyayari sa ngayon at ang sa’kin lang po eh paano kung ang kapalit ng Chief of Justice mo ngayon eh worse pa po kay Corona another impetchment na naman po ba ang mangyayari? Bakit hindi nalang po natin patatapusin sa termino ang andyan na kaya nga may term eh di po ba. Wala naman palang nakakaiba sa nakaraan at sa ngayon ganoon parin may naipababa rin. Sana after 6 years wala ng ganoon fucos nalang sana kung paano makabangon ulit ang bansang pilipinas at sana ang maiiwan mo Mr. PNoy or ang kasunod na Presedente maiba na talaga dahil maniniwala ako sa mga taong pinili mo at maiiwan na mabubuti silang tao at hindi sila tulad ng mga taong napababa. Yun lang po at salamat.

  24. More of an egocentric masochist… Totally oblivious to everything and everyone except himself and enjoys seeing others in pain.

      1. In my point of view, hindi lang siguro low-esteem ang mapapansin na problema sa ating “Horrorable” President. Isang pang problema ang napapansin ko ay ang sobrang pagdepende niya sa kanyang “KABARKADA”, “KAPARTIDO” AT “KA-LP” na masasabi kong lipon ng kanyang mga “nagayumang” nilalang para sa kanyang namumukod-tanging “dirty tactics” na in the near future pwedeng sumabog na parang nukleyar. He’s an Ogre looking for someone to devour.

  25. Sometimes it looks like PNoy doesn’t quite understand just how important his job really is. I think it might be because of the fact that he has had everything handed to him on a silver platter from birth. It comes with having a national hero and martyr as a father. He also seems arrogant, the way he dismisses any criticism without even examining the substance of their arguments. He can’t or won’t admit that he has made mistakes and always shifts the blame on to others to cover up for his shortcomings.

    This is the kind of president that a number of our Filipino brothers and sisters are voting for… Do we really deserve this? Our country certainly doesn’t need a vicious, neurotic, psychotic, inept, & stupid pig-headed politician like him… What a shame?

  26. Well, I hope this will not be a venue for another revolution to take place. I am not for PNOY, actually I despised the idea that NOYNOY will be running for President. But we cannot just let him go out from his position by just criticizing him about his failures and delusions. Even though,I commented before that no one on the Aquino clan will be the savior of our cancerous society and ill-feted country, still, the majority elected him. The question now is who are those majority voters, obviously, that is neither the majority of 1% rich and famous people of the land or the so-called middle class but those people who are poor, poorer, and poorest. Can we easily blame them? I don’t think so. They just needed food or money for now that is why vote buying and other forms of election frauds are rampant before and during election. Now, is there hope to educate the uneducated voters? The answer is yes, yet it is difficult but it is possible if the educated voters will join hands to help them to choose the qualified and good leaders, not just the President but to all aspirants who want to serve the people and the nation. I know I am quietly out of the topic but I understand the sentiments of those who did not like PNOY. If you can just understand also my comment here, you will likely see that I am just proposing something that can help us alleviate our practice of election and that is to educate the masses and lobby on the Congress to change some parts of the Constitution that are hindering us to attained true prosperity. Now, with regards to Corona, it is all about the dirty tactics in politics and the government as a whole.

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