President Noynoy Aquino and the rest of his clan: YouTube Stars!

There are times when I think that President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) says something that seems like it makes sense. It makes sense up until he moves on to his next sentence in which he takes a jab at his predecessor, a habit that we have come to expect of him when he is being interviewed or giving a speech. In his recent interview on YouTube, which they claim is the a first of its kind among Asian leaders – obviously another public relations stunt to give an image of “catching up with the times” – he said the following:

“If I were to wish on people who have goodwill towards their fellow men, what would I ask for? More than anything, we really have to shift, to those of us still left in the ‘criticize anything and everything’ phase to transforming ourselves into how can we assist our neighbor, our sister, our brother or whoever, somebody we don’t even know,” he said.

We contribute towards the improvement of the whole rather than how do we concentrate on envy or concentrate on our ability to criticize daily to ad infinitum that leads to nowhere.”

If I pretend for a moment that it wasn’t PNoy who said the above, I’d say that it was something that a statesman would say. Except it was PNoy who said it and we all know that he does not follow his own advice especially since he is part of those who still “criticize[s] anything and everything” about the past administration. And ironically, it is his administration that keeps using GMA as a scapegoat for his own government’s many shortfalls over his last two years in office.

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During the same interview on YouTube, PNoy took the opportunity again to blame the past administration for the people’s “apathy” and, according to him, the people’s new habit of “nitpicking.” Never mind that his critics are already being very specific about what they want. To quote PNoy:

“Because previously the people seem to be… so apathetic already, not cathartic about issues that befell my predecessor’s government. Now, it seems there’s a fixation to go on the opposite extreme which is to find fault and nitpick as much as possible and becoming… for certain quarters it’s quite their obsession,” he said.”

In his mind, PNoy thinks that being vocal about the dissatisfaction with the way he is running the country is “nitpicking”. I beg to disagree. The correct word he should be using is “vigilant”. A lot of Filipinos have become vigilant as a result of their disgust over yet another unqualified politician being voted into the Presidency just because of popularity and pedigree. PNoy seems to be unaware that a lot of Filipinos have sworn to watch out for any inconsistencies in his election promises. To say that the people are “nitpicking” is tantamount to telling people to piss off.

If I were to “nitpick” for example, I would have written about his every gaffe from Day One and that would have meant writing a lot of articles. In fact, I have chosen to choose my battles with PNoy and have given him some slack on a lot of matters. For example, I let slide his unwise decision to meet secretly with the rebel group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Japan a few months ago because the results of that hasn’t yet fully materialized and therefore still cannot be evaluated. But obviously, his move not to tell the people about it before it happened is valid enough reason for Filipinos to be upset especially after the deaths of 19 soldiers in Basilan during an alleged ambush by the members of the MILF. Well, now we know why PNoy does not want to prioritize the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill. He obviously seems to like the freedom to do as he pleases without giving much thought to the consequences of his actions.

It is apparent during the interview that he is showing signs of weariness. He said that his fears about running for the top job have come true to “a worse degree”. It seems like criticism bogs down PNoy to the point where he looks forward to the end of his term. This was evident when he said that when he sees people appreciate his efforts, “then the four years and about eight months remaining does not seem to be that long,” he said. I’d be totally weary too if I read the news that the Philippines has been ranked Number 4 in the world’s Ten Worst Countries for Business.

To quote the report:

The Philippines is the lowest ranked Asian country on the list of the most difficult places to do business in. It attracted just 2.5 percent of the $76.5 billion of foreign direct investment that flowed to the 10 members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2010.

Speaking of YouTube, there is a video on the PinoyMonkeyPride channel that has gone viral recently. The video describes the history of the Aquino and Cojuangco clans – the side — warts and all — that the mainstream media manages to leave out of the public eye for reasons we already know. The video going viral is very surprising considering much of what the video is claiming has already been written about by some bloggers and columnists from various publications even before the 2010 Presidential election. But the video going viral has a lot to do with the producers’ good story telling skills plus the fact that there is a growing number of Filipinos who are seeking answers because they have become restless and dissatisfied with PNoy’s performance.

The video showcased some information that the Aquino minions do not want us to know based on anecdotal evidence. However, even self-proclaimed historian on Facebook, Xiao Chua cannot seem to refute the claims in the video. He even admitted that “There is nothing here (in the video) that is new for those who read Philippine History books”.

Like most Aquino apologists, this so-called historian resorted to argumentum ad hominem by saying that it is pro-Marcos propaganda. Indeed, the guy fails to realize that he himself dishes out baseless accusations without hesitating. He is also fond of exaggerating as evident when he claimed that “Ninoy Aquino sacrificed his life willingly for the bayan” and that “Cory Aquino restored free press and the democratic institutions” while admitting that Cory and Ninoy were not saints. Unfortunately, Xiao Chua is the kind of “elite” Filipinos look up to because he tends to say the things that people want to hear. Maybe before the election, most Filipinos could not get enough of the “Cory and Ninoy magic” but, sorry to say, the people are now ready to hear more of the other side of the story. I’m glad PNoy’s critics persists because just like what Mahatma Gandhi once said, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win”.

66 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino and the rest of his clan: YouTube Stars!”

    1. Yes. In the end people tend to scratch their head in bewilderment. It seems likely that he does not reflect before saying something.

  1. Natumbok mo Ilda!

    Tignan mo si Vincenzo. All his comments are just claims and propaganda—walang reason to back them up. Ganyang ang kulto ng AbNoy worshipers. They want everyone else to just take what they say on blind faith. They just want to play the blame game!

    1. Go to the You Tube. Just type: “Aquino Cojuangco Hacienda Luisita”…you can view all of these issues, in the site…The YellowTards put a Virus on it. Scan your computer, after viewing…

    2. PNoy’s minion’s style are all the same. They just keep attacking the messenger instead of refuting the points raised. It reminds me of a certain commenter who used to frequent here. He even took things personally because he was becoming frustrated about defending someone indefensible.

      1. I was not “fair and balanced”. Duh I am only accountable to my followers, not to those who don’t get me. I think they should just discuss the content of the video. That is why I refuse to debate on how I delivered the video..I rather talk of the content

        1. They should be more specific about why they think you were not “fair and balanced”. They can’t say that without refuting what you said point by point.

  2. I had viewed the Noynoy Aquinos’ interview on the You Tube…it seemed the questions were prepared; the answers were done by his YellowTard Staffs; and he was coached by his best staff; who do not know more than any of us…
    He did not touch the MILF deal: that he ceded a portion of the Philippine sovereingty to the MILF. Along with a 5-million pesos bribery, given to them.
    He did not touch the unsolved murders: Hacienda Luisita activist farmers murders; the Dacer-Corbito case; the Maguindanao Journalist murders; etc…

    For the Hacienda Luisita issue. I will ask everybody a question: How can a family (Cojuangcos) owned 80% of the land area of the Province of Tarlac, some part in the Province of Pangasinan. Leaving most of the people there landless, ending up as their tenants/serf…this is plain GREEDINESS of the worst degree…The Cojuancos were not multiple Lotto winners. This is something to do with the murder of Gen. Antonio Luna and the disappearance of the Filipino government funds…Xiao Chua is a Chinese…he claims to be a Historian, to peddle the lies of the Conjuangco and the Aquino families..

    1. Obviously the questions were chosen before the interview. Only the really easy ones where asked on camera like “do you believe in Santa?”.

      1. The only way to weed out the oligarchy chain of state-church-cronyism is a Bonifacio Spring drive. Social change based on the European Progressive Socialist democracy model cannot be in stored totally without social revolution by the oppressed masses.
        This has been historially proven in previous empire states.

  3. “Unfortunately, Xiao Chua is the kind of “elite” Filipinos look up to because he tends to say the things that people want to hear.”

    I believe you have resorted to argumentum ad hominem as well.

    Perhaps it’s best to just focus on his points rather than speculating on his character.

      1. You’re shooting the messenger, not the message. Calling him “elite” has an insulting ring to his credibility, especially since you don’t know him personally (which I’m just presuming; correct me if you two are actually acquaintances).

      2. The way you said it with quotation marks, yes, it sounded like an insult. That, coupled with the next couple of words in the sentence. As a reader, that’s what I thought.

        But generally, I don’t see any problem about being elite. Heck, I think I’m elite.

        1. I don’t know who first said it but I’ll just quote it: “I am responsible for what I say. I am not responsible for what you understand.”


        1. Elite (occasionally spelled élite) (Latin, electus – “chosen”) “refers to an exceptional and/or privileged group that wields considerable power within its sphere of influence. Depending on the context, this power might be physical, spiritual, intellectual and/or financial.”

        2. @CEM

          He seemed quite bothered by it.

          Are you saying that he does not know the meaning of the word “elite?”

      3. I can’t speak for him about that. I just saw some comments in his Facebook regarding that. Maybe you should ask him.

        And sorry, I still think that elite is different from “elite.”

        1. And sorry, I still think that elite is different from “elite.”

          Well, that’s not MP but YP.

    1. “I love argument, I love debate. I don’t expect
      anyone just to sit there and agree with me,
      that’s not their job.”
      Margaret thatcher
      PM – UK

      Aquino is the opposite – cannot debate. Wants yes men. Hates criticism.
      Prefers blind faith.
      A case of emperors new clothes.

  4. i’m glad that video came out. we can’t do anything about bs anymore, sadly, but i hope people will wake up from the yellow zombie virus.

  5. Your comment concerning xiaochua is offending. His reaction regarding the viral video was demanded by many people since he is a distinguished individual in that particular field.

    That video did not even cite sources for every shocking “fact” the creator/s sated and most responses from Filipinos take it as an eyeopener and gossip it as the “TRUTH” of the past. What a shame.

    1. I’m sorry but just because she criticized/commented xiaochua means it’s already offending. There were fine prints all over the video plus he also mentioned it in his video description to search for the key words on the net and read. Books aren’t the only sources anymore of information, the internet is.

      1. Offending line: “However, even self-proclaimed historian on Facebook, Xiao Chua”

        He has graduated UP with a degree of masters in History. The critism was ok, it was a good read. All i am saying is that not all the “facts” presented in the video is not all factual. Just because the video presented info in a good manner, it gets highlighted to the point you take it as an eyeopener or the problem may be that the video was the 1st historical lecture you took seriously rather than the books around.

        1. Again, why would that statement be offensive?

          Who said that the stuff presented in the video are all “factual?”

          Why do you think that the video is the 1st historical lecture I took seriously?

      2. it gets highlighted to the point you take it as an eyeopener or the problem may be that the video was the 1st historical lecture you took seriously rather than the books around.
        — i am referring to the general public taking the video as a bible of truth.

      3. Just to add, I don’t think Philippine History is published officially in the internet. I am not saying that internet sources are not reliable, its just that books are more reliable when studying history.

        You can post anything in the internet and present it neatly and professionally, but it does not mean that it is credible.

        1. I am not saying that internet sources are not reliable, its just that books are more reliable when studying history.

          Depends on who wrote it.

      4. “What is history, but a fable agreed upon?”
        – Napoleon

        If there was anything I learned from my history professor (and I learned a lot), it’s that there is no such thing as objective and unbiased history. A good historian takes into consideration all available accounts and makes conclusions from there.

        Thus, to say that a medium is more “reliable” than the other is moot in history. After all, wasn’t it our history books that claimed Rizal hated Spain?

        1. @auriga

          People should read history books and watch documentaries such as PinoyMonkey’s video with a grain of salt.

    2. Hey Dude…Xiao Chua is a Chinese. We are all student of History…if he has brains and distinguished as he claims to be: he must answer my question on how the Cojuangcos/Aquino ended up owning 80% of the agricultural land area in the Province of Tarlac? Making the people landless, and becoming their Serfs/Tenants…does he agree this is Greediness on the worst and grandest scale?

    3. @gabbi

      Oh, really? And you think his statement that the video is just “black propaganda” is not offensive? Check your bias, please 😉

      1. Yup, he is biased in some way but not as biased as the video itself. Anyway for the information of all, he is not a Chinese, HE IS A FILIPINO. Don’t be racists just because of the xiaochua/Chua surname.

        Research a bit to know him.

  6. What makes the maker or makers of the video brilliant is that it took the boring information already presented by historians and media in the past (which very few read about) into something easily watchable and, of course, not boring (where a lot will watch). Now the part where the video subtly suggests that Ysidra Cojuangco stole the ‘wealth’ is based off on mostly folklore where even few historians dare to present. STILL the maker or makers of the video gambled to place it there to entice the viewers knowing that many viewers, despite the lack of facts behind it, will believe the story. Brilliant. And I’ve also read about some viewers saying that the last portion (symbolism and backmasking of the campaign jingle) “insulted their intelligence”. But, again, the maker or makers brilliantly anticipated that only a “few intellects” will feel “insulted” but the majority will be rocked or disturbed by that portion of the video. Truly brilliant. For the “few intellects”, what will bother them the most is the “..kamusta ang Tarlac?” portion. Because it blasts away at you with pure common sense. Dozens of Cojuangcos and Aquino politicians, and look where Tarlac is now. That one does not need ANY FACTS OR HISTORICAL BASIS. Again, truly brilliant.

    1. The story telling was really good. We’ve made animated videos in the past and I have to say that PinoyMonkey’s videos are more compelling than ours. I wonder how long it took him to finish it. In our experience and with only our spare time devoted to it, a 3-4 minute animated video can take about a month to finish.

      1. Yeah, the story telling was really good, it reminded me of the 5-part documentary in print from GMA regarding Hacienda Luisita and the murder just before the 2010 elections. But can you imagine our fellow Pinoys reading through that 5-part article? Yeck!!

  7. Guys What The Fuck is wrong with this country!

    Most of the world seems to be developing and becoming smarter with all the new technology. The exception is the Philippines where people seem to actually become more stupid as the years go by.

    This does not mean that Filipinos are bad or stupid, this just mean that the government and the elite are either not doing their job to provide education or they are actually doing their best to make sure that people do not get too smart. They have found the perfect solution which is replacing education with stupid TV shows like Wowowee or Banana Split.

    The Elitist Government is worried that if people are well educated they might actually open their eyes and realize that the democratically elected government is nothing more than a dictatorship far worse than the time of President Marcos.

    To prove my point all we need to do is have a look at who the current president of the Philippines is. Guys don’t get me wrong I love Kris and if she would agree to be the mother of my children it would be a dream come true. But WTF Noynoy? Has he achieved anything in life? Has he achieved anything in politics? Has he achieved anything as President? Except for the Wang wang law that has changed the Philippines forever. So how was he elected? People were drunk, unconscious or stupid to vote for Noynoy

    The Philippines under the leadership of Pinoy has become a very sad joke it reminds me of a kindergarten. Pinoy wakes up every morning and spends his time thinking how he can get back at his two enemies Marcos and Arroyo. No one in the current administration has any idea of what the word diplomacy means. Anyone who doubts his majesty Pinoy is immediately attacked verbally by his school yard bullies including the former US ambassador to the Philippines who had the audacity to doubt his Majesties capabilities.

    Don’t get me wrong I hate corruption and dictators but are we really so stupid to believe that the Arroyos invented corruption and the only Dictator was President Marcos. Governments here have always been corrupt and the current one is no less corrupt (no offense to Kris). So how can we explain the frenzy gripping the public waiting for the arroyos to be hanged in EDSA.

    This has gone so far that the masses actually believe whatever they are told. It has reached a stage that if gods forbid Gloria will die; the masses will claim that she died to escape serving jail time. As someone rightly pointed out this week, that the people spreading all these stories need a mental asylum.

    When talking to middle aged people who remember the Marcos era all one hears is how good it was back then. Obviously this is only when talking to the working class people and not to the Elite. With at least 3 members of the Marcos family elected to politics it is pretty clear that the majority have no ill feelings towards the Marcos era and many actually look back with longing to those times.

    Let’s have a look at the facts under the Marcos administration the crime rates were far lower, the economy was actually better, judicial killings we no higher than today and even our beloved Ninoy Aquino was allowed to fly to the US after having charges filed against him.

    Under the Arroyo administration the economy was better and Erap was allowed to get medical treatment abroad even after having charges filed against him.

    Under his Majesty Pinoy, the economy is going down. Crime rates are soaring and Arroyo is not allowed to get medical treatment abroad despite not having any charges filed against her.

    So tell me who the Dictator is and who is corrupt. The right to travel is a basic human right so where is people power now? How sad that we are a nation of zombies who follow the orders of the elite.

    I will try to finish on a high note, I read yesterday that Manny Pacquiao might run for president in 2022, yehey

    1. Unfortunately, there are only a few people who can see things for how it truly is. Most Filipinos are happy as long as Manny Pacquiao wins a fight. They don’t care about the real issues. Now they have something new to be proud of. Now they are even prouder to be Pinoys because the underground river in Puerto Princesa was included in the new 7 wonders of the world. Never mind that we had nothing to do with it being a natural “wonder”. Plus the voting system is flawed. Why would they allow people who live in the country where the “wonder” is located vote for their own?!? It’s insane.

    2. I really feel for you. I have people I know who are neither dirt poor nor snobby rich. Working class, alright, in law administrations. The strange thing is that they always seem to go for someone quite opposite to their line of thinking at work. I asked them why they voted in this guy? I get vague answers, and most obviously were to due to the fact that he was less ‘corrupt’ and oppressive.

      These people I’m talking about earn much more than my family, earned their degrees, have stable jobs. My dad was just a mere lawyer, but he’s paid peanuts because he’s a genuine person, and can’t defend those rapists, drug addicts, all the scum you’ll ever know around.

      When you vote in a docile, harmless, not prone to corruption candidate you get an extremely subservient, weak-minded Tsar Nicholas type of leader. Then if you vote in someone who’s really intelligent, really ambitious (note what ambitious implies here), they first give you the impression that they’re trustworthy and a real leader. And then, with so much power they eventually become abusive assholes.

      I don’t like favouring who’s had the best administration because thus far I still see slums around, and my family earning less and less until we eventually migrated elsewhere. Even if Arroyo had improved economy, life for many ordinary folks like me and my working relatives haven’t been impacted. The growth is insignificant to me. Propping up more malls and creating overpasses isn’t real improvement. My mother, a teacher at a supposedly great school got salary that she did not deserve for all the hardwork she accomplished. And she was deemed as one of the best teachers in that school. The funny thing is that the school administration was alerted when my mom informed that she’s leaving for abroad to teach at a school where her work ethic is more valued. It scared them since she was one of the greatest assets to that school, and even prompted an increase of their wages because they didn’t want her to leave. Too late it was, and the money was still little. Teachers there deserve so much more…

      People like Joker, Miriam and their ilk in the past administration never valued the best of their people who work for less or nothing. Investors had been put off by their ill attitudes and so they moved their businesses elsewhere. Their arrogance made them believe that OFWs can help the economy float…to hell with them all.

      And to hell with those OFWs who work as domestic helpers around the globe. HongKonger friend of mine would insist that I’m not Filipino and I’m Malaysian cause you know how really low and stupid they saw Filipinos there. I also encountered someone who’s half-Egyptian and was always constantly reminded by other Egyptians that she’s different. “Do you know that Filipinos are…maids?” “Filipino women are cheap and easy…”- God, I just hate those few rotten apples who have shown the worst in us to the rest of the world. Our leaders never take into account the discrimination and names we’ve been tagged with, and at times wish I never was a Filipino.

  8. Ano bang nangyari sa a ting economiya ngayon hoy nako kawawa naman ang philipinas behind nanaman tayo sa economy,3 rd quarter 3.5 percent hay nako ano bayan,last year is 7 percent Kay aroyo napa ka strong,pero ngayon parang ang layo yata ah,ano ba ang goal ng ating bagong presidente sa pinas? Ang Jobless rate is 7 percent, napakataas, ano ba ang ginagawa ng a ting mga opisyal ngayon,parang walang kwenta, mga artista,mga anak na gobernador,senador,mayor, ano bayan nasosoka ako
    since from first quarter up to 3rd quarter our economy are the lowest growth in south east Asia only 3 to 4 percent my goodnessss,we are far behind now these emerging market of Vietnam,Thailand,Malaysia and,Indonesia.kahit Lao NBA eh 8 percent.
    One of my observation in our country who benefit most is the pinoy business men and women and the crony,ally. Who has a big company in our country,they can even volatile the consumer price,less quality product,and very expensive. less competitive because no foreign company seriously doing business here in our country, let met tell one of the example. The hyper market such as tesco lotus, carrefurr,tops,makro if this low cost hyper market operate in Philippines I think Filipino are enjoying the price war of the consumer goods, with good quality product, imagine in Thailand consumer are satisfy what this foreign company offer, while they are also provide thousand of jobs who are out of work.why not in Philippines I’m wondering so much, Philippine statistic Filipino enjoy eating and buying food is one of the highest priority. While up to now I’m confused and upset every time I go shopping and buy food, too expensive, the plastic bag to tin to carry,the toilet are clogging and long lines,the food over price,I have no idea and wondering this type of business Filipino tycoon people who operate and control half of Philippines economy though. They only think higher to the highest of the highesssst profit margin, more than expected,imagine communication such as telephone company to high rates,no foreign competitors,shopping mall,and hyper markets.air lines my goodness too expensive, and they can volatile the rates,Filipino consumer have no choice but to pay. Electric bill per unit, I can only say that worst, Philippine government declares and proud to say that we are the second largest producer of geothermal energy in the world.but Filipino people are not happy too over price per electric unit we pay. So I think the best president in Philippines was not yet born. May be 100 years from now, or the new generation Filipino who rule the Philippines can be change more honest, respect,at may dignidad Kaso ngayon wala pa tayong nakikita na mabuti sa a ting bansa.

  9. I think Philippine need fresh new face leader, not the handsome one or baby face ok not actors, governor son,president son,mayors relatives wives,sister,uncle,brother pls we Filipino choice the better candidate next time, our economy now instead going up now we are dragging down, we are part of emerging countries. last year our economy grow 7 percent GDP. But this year from first quarter to 3 quarter very depressing only 3 come our president,what he is thinking? He has very small budget spending to boost our economy,he should create more jobs, not just sitting and pointing fingers, si arroyo ay napaka corrupt na presidente pero and a ting economy since pag opo nya 5 percent then 6.7 ,7 and last year 7.6 percent napaka Taas, I think ayorro better to Handle the economy, she is good pero wag Lang yong corrupt mentality nya.

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