YouTube: a double-edged sword swinging both ways for PNoy

Ain’t timing a bitch. Just shortly after Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s “historic” appearance in the popular video sharing site YouTube, a video called AQUINO COJUANGCO: FACTS THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW HD painting an alternative — and unflattering — narrative of the history of the Aquino and Cojuangco clans surfaces and goes viral. The video, published on the PinoyMonkeyPride channel — also on YouTube — had garnered more than 250,000 views as of this writing since being uploaded on the 21st October 2011.

The in a 5th November 2011 “report”, trumpeted Aquino’s being “southeast Asia’s first interviewee” on YouTube’s World View series. The headline of the “report” was pure irony: “President Aquino’s X’mas wish: No more pointless criticism”…

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“More than anything, we really have to shift, to those of us still left (from) the criticize-anything-and-everything phase to transforming ourselves into how we can assist our neighbor, our sister, our brother or whoever, somebody we don’t even know,” President Aquino said.

President Aquino said people should think of how to contribute “towards the improvement of the whole rather than concentrate on envy or concentrate on our ability to criticize daily to ad infinitum that leads to nowhere.”

Considering that Aquino runs what is likely to be the most well-staffed public relations machine of any Malacañang resident in history and had been a pioneer in Web-based political campaigning demonstrated during the 2009-2010 presidential campaign, his administration had consistently been dogged by one PR snafu after another. Many of these had seen traction over the Web across social media channels — the very channels where his propaganda army did their work.

Since the “FACTS” video had been unofficially certified “gone-viral” after hitting the 100,000 views mark last weekend, mainstream media had been conspicuously silent on the matter. This is remarkable considering that much of traditional Philippine Media, which has been widely-criticised for its strong bias towards Aquinoist politics have been known to be quick off the mark whenever an opportunity to air “positive” news about Noynoy’s government arises. The bloated “Communications” Team of Malacañang is also led by personalities considered to be “New Media”-savvy and more likely than not, already have the “FACTS” video on their radars by now.

16 Replies to “YouTube: a double-edged sword swinging both ways for PNoy”

  1. back when i used to go to church, there’s a biblical saying that went, “those who make themselves great will be humbled.” how very apt for the current situation.

  2. I don’t blame our president we all know that he has no brainy, i would say he’s part of a long bigger plot to our country’s transformation from the Globalist Cabals. Very sad indeed.

    1. he should be blamed for being a charlatan- taking on a job that he knows he’s not equipped to do. all he has is his “name” and he’s milking the masa’s adoration for it for all it’s worth.

      1. Fuck that blaming shit. he’s already a president for more than year and still blaming only arroyo for that. what a response. if you need to blame someone, blame cory.

      2. “Real leaders never play the blame game.”

        Vincenzo B. Arellano, in reality, is a coward just like his Tito Noy.

      3. Hehe, do you think na mangyayari iyon pag pinakulong si Gloria? Nice logic you got there.

        Talo pala siya kay LEE KUAN YEW e. 😛

  3. “And you shall know the Truth….and the Truth shall make you Free.” This statement came from a Holy Man, who lived 2,000 years ago…Jesus Christ of Nazareth…the God-man to the Christians…
    Show you care by giving up your Hacienda Luisita…they belong to the Filipino people…Your ancestors tricked the People of Tarlac and the People of Pangasinan, to become your serfs/tenants..
    You can view the You Tube video, by typing: “Aquino Cojuangco Hacienda Luisita.” After viewqing. Scan your computer for viruses. The YellowTards put some viruses on this You Tube site…The Hacienda Luisita issue is the Aquilles Heel of the Aquino Cojuangcos…

  4. hindi dapat sisihin si Pres. Pnoy, ang mga Pinoy na bumuto sa kanya ang dapat masisi, alam nyo na ngang tanga…ibinoto pa…si Gloria daw magnanakaw…e…daig ng magnanakaw ang tanga… kaya ang dami fans ni abnoy kasi madami sa atin ang mga patay gutom na naniniwala na si Gloria ang dahilan kaya hindi sila makatikim ng spam…ay susme…bakit ba ang daming tanga sa atin vivencio…vincenro…vince….putragis sino bang malas na me pangalang ganyan….di ko ma spell…pangalan pa lng alam mong panget na! ano sinira ni GMA ha Vincenzo? Kung makausap ka parang me sisirain pa sa yo…bago si Gloria, si Erap at FPJ ang nakatapat nya….lahat ng masa na medyo tanga…yun ang mga fans nila…konti lng matalino sa Pinas kaya konti ang supporters ni GMA…kaya sa dami ng may galit kay Gloria…yung din ang dami ng mga walang mga pinag aralan sa atin…sinong matalino ang kakampi ni Pnoy?…hindi ba yung mga tuso na me mga negosyo sa atin na dapat nilang pangalagaan, yung mga me personal interest? ha…ha..ha..ha..hahaha…kung mahal mo ang iyong bayan…dapat mong turuan! Cerverguenza…mga indio na ngang naturingan…hanggang ngayon estupido pa din…buti na lng marunong na tayong mag cubiertos…arriba Letran…leche!

    1. May kasalanan din si Pnoy. Pinayuhan siya ng kanyang ina na umalis na sa pulitika at huwag nang tumakbo. Pero tumakbo pa rin siya.

      1. pag paandarin…talagang ganyan….pag humarap ang tanga sa ating Panginoon…me excuse sya…
        ako’y masugid na cory crusader noon…, sa paniniwala kong makakatikim ako ng spam sa panahon ni cory…patawarin ng mga aliping sagigilid…galunggong lang ang natikman ko sa panahod ni Cory! In fairness, masarap pala ang galunggong kung me kamatis!

  5. matagal akong nanahimik…sundan nyo ako….pati sa yahoo news…mamamayagpag ako…i’m dimasalang manansala….matutuwa kayo!

  6. A demagogue is a tyrant who is stupid enough to think he is right.
    Simple enough not to realise his stupidity
    Narcissistic enough to believe what sycophants say.

    ( there is a play by bette midler – very funny lady – ‘demagogue puppets’ with some world leaders on the poster – someone is missing! – ? photoshop someone)

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