KC Concepcion is not Piolo Pascual’s sunshine

Most women who are recovering from a bad break-up have to settle for a crying session with their close friends while drinking themselves silly a la Bridgett Jones. This can be followed by getting a new radical haircut a la Gwyneth Paltrow in the film Sliding Doors as if to symbolize a “new look” to get rid of the old. The new “do” can help some women start afresh. But those little traditions while nursing a heartache is not something that Filipino celebrity, Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion or KC as she is known to most, can enjoy.

Most women who are recovering from a bad break-up don’t have the luxury of ranting about their ex on national television. But when you are the daughter of showbiz megastar, Sharon Cuneta, you unfortunately have access to the number one celebrity talk show in the country. Shows like The Buzz for example will want an exclusive of “your side” of the story and milk it for every peso it is worth. Of course the producers will cue in the sad music as soon as they see the first tear fall down your cheek and zoom in for a close up for maximum effect. There will be nowhere to hide once you’ve let your guard down on a gossip show. Whatever you say on record will be fair game for scrutiny by the people who care. And when it comes to celebrities, that can mean the entire Philippine population.

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The reason for the break-up between KC and actor, Piolo Pascual is sketchy. Those who have a penchant for speculating have come to the conclusion that Piolo is not who he says he is. It seems that KC’s statement below has confirmed what others have suspected all along: that Piolo is gay. Here’s an excerpt from KC’s interview with talk show host, Boy Abunda:

“May mga hinahanap ako na napaka-basic lang na hanapin ng isang babae sa isang boyfriend, sa isang lalaki. Ayaw ko na siguro pumunta sa details kasi parang ayaw kong siraan siya.”

And this:

“Masakit mang sabihin, hindi ako yung…siguro nag-fail din ako, dahil hindi ako yung kailangan niya sa buhay niya or hindi ako yung hinahanap niya sa buhay niya. And hindi ko mabigay sa kanya yung kailangan niya.”

If Piolo is gay (not that there is anything wrong with that), this begs the question: Why does he keep dating women? Some say it’s because he was using them for publicity tools to prop up his own career. Some say that it is a front because most societies like the Philippines are not very accepting of gay people. Whatever his reasons, his real sexuality is now out in the open (assuming he is really gay). Piolo’s alleged deception has got some people thinking about something too. Could pretending to be a straight guy be the reason why the “gay gene” managed to survive and get passed on from one generation to the next? It could be, considering being gay is actually genetic.

Most women don’t have the privilege to rant on national TV about their gay ex like KC. But considering the unusual circumstances she got herself into, I guess one cannot blame her for telling on him. Now the producers of “The Buzz” can run after “Piolo’s side”.

24 Replies to “KC Concepcion is not Piolo Pascual’s sunshine”

  1. I have known a couple of guys who are self confessed gays. But every time they’re pulled out of their areas to a new assignment a pregnant woman comes and knocks at the office doors . I think being gay does not diminish their desire in commissioning their last symbol of manhood to pursue the opposite sex the moment testosterone takes over.

      1. Rock Hudson was it? I never had any inkling till finally him caving in to AIDS, and was gay, fooled everyone with the macho hunk persona, eh bading pala!

        Is this acceptable behavior us patrons of the arts, the movies, not getting something for our money not telling us true, their sexualities?

      2. Correction ladies. You are all wrong. Sexuality is a complex issue to discuss in order to understand and in doing so you will have to touch a little bit of Psychology subject. But let me simplify it.

        People has a misconception (mythical perceptions) that if a guy is gay they expect him to be: (1) Effeminate (Binabae) in speech and manners (magsalita at kumilos – mahinhin) (2) Lalaki lang ang gusto.

        Those are all false. The fact is most handsome guys to some extent are gays. Madami kayang guwapo na hindi mo akalain pero gay. Example?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mGBq903BZA



        Those are celebrities.

        (1) You do not have to act feminine to be gay. (2) Sexual preferences come in varying degrees. Some prefer absolutely the same sex. Others are 30% – 70% ratio. Some are 50-50 those are bisexuals meaning they are sexually attracted to both men and women.

        So do you still wonder why some gays have kids and a wife?

        Ang kabadingan (homosexuality) is accepted and not given malice during the ancient times. In fact is is practiced. Nagkaroon lang ng malisya ang pagiging gay dahil sa relihiyon in later years because religion tends to teach humans to be judgmental.

        Remember, “There is no such thing as “gay”. There are only human beings with varying sexual preferences.”

  2. Piolo Pascual – gay porn beckons

    The sneaky butcher (hides his meat round the back)
    The double adapter
    The uphill gardener
    The bone smuggler
    The back tourist
    The pillow biter
    The bareback rider
    The salami slider
    The gender bender

    Urban Dictionary: gay beard:
    The girlfriend of a closeted
    homosexual, used to conceal their sexuality

    Shalani soledad – honorary group president – gay beard advice group

    Bi is the new straight
    EO 2537
    Auntie noy
    Aka ophelia

  3. wow! the victim here is not Lady Gabby is Mr. Pascual, i did not understand why Lady Gabby need to go broadcast her relationship to the whole Philippine Island & also some part of the globe, that is really low blow on Piolo’s part. i classy lady will not do what Lady Gabby did, you can talk to your parents, best friend someone who is your compedant, not the media, not the whole Universe. you are pathetic as woman & as a Christian. i hope you are happy, a year from now or two, you will regret what you did. remember! there is always “GOD”. Payback is a pest..

    1. ahrrrg!!! harsh. but i agree on the context.

      why does she really needs to broadcast her huhuhuhu to the whole world. pakialam nila sa huhuhuhu nya. Lady Gabby is a grown woman with all the pubic facilities so why the huhuhu in public? I’ve read in the past articles before her piolo engagement that she’s has this ambassadorial blahblahblah because of her educational blahblahblah near the Eiffel tower. She should have been a good role model for the morons and imbeciles of the showbiz industry. Unfortunately nilamon na sya ng tadhana. Wawa naman Lady Gabby.

      As for Piolo whether he’s gay or not… does that matter? As long as he’s not influencing the young Filipinos to become Filipinas in the boobtube and the movies… he’s fine. Pero yang likes ni Vice Ganda… dapat binibitin yan ng patiwarik at pinipitik ang betlog para maging lalaki.

      1. Well, if Mr Pascual confirm it to the press first and not pretending that everything is ok, this shouldn’t have happened. He doesn’t have the balls to admit it to the public. I am not a KC fan but after watching their previous interviews, I think KC thought she owe it to the public, being honest and not pretending like Mr Pascual did. After all, the media will not stop until one of them speak up.

        1. I AGREE WITH YOU! Piolo is definitely hiding something! They say, “he’s a man of few words.” Now, it makes all sense 😉

        2. Even if your an actor/actress, i don’t think your personal life is something that you should blurt out in public like you owe them something.

          To be fair with P, being gay or not, KC placed him in a position where he would not be able to answer back. It’s foul play if you ask me. If P wants to prove he’s not gay, the right move is to keep things quiet and not answer KC back on an eye-for-an-eye basis, which P did.

          It’s easy to make conclusions based on what KC said, but, not hearing the other side would be too biased on one party. Anyway, P could dump her for so many reasons besides being gay. The question is, what is KC’s or P’s track record on relationships? Are they both usually involved in long-term relationships or both just jumps from a partner to another? Those factors determine people with marriage material (less likelihood of being dumped or dumping a partner).

        3. He can admit it why not but it is unwise sa situation niya ngayon dahil may iniingatan siyang career. Hindi ba?

      2. Yeah I agree. I admire gay guys who remain macho even if most people in our society makes fun of them because they expect them to act feminine and open up (magladlad). To do so masagwa tingnan ang likes ni Vice-Ganda. Bad example to children.

        Kahit saan mo pa tingnan bali-baliktarin mo man gay man sila lalaki pa rin kasi may titi kaya better be na kumilos lalaki sila kahit trip nila tumira ng kapwa lalaki doesn’t matter.

    2. Hmmmm what ever happened to her sex tape rumor? Well kc u opened a can of worms jus exPect the unexpected is all I can say bahaha

      1. People hates KC for being true to herself? I do not care Piolo hiding something, but this time it is hurting others already. I am a gay (closeted) but do not act on my senses.

  4. It’s so sad to see Filipinos jumping to conclusion when the other side of the coin hasn’t been seen. Kaya madaling kumalat ang tsismis, kasi people nowadays are not critical about the news they receive.. they just pass it on quickly, without much thought..

  5. Pffft! Who gives two hoots about these people? While I’m not above anything “showbizzy” as it truly piques my interest every now and then, I find it strange how people get so preoccupied with the personal lives of people in the entertainment industry. No wonder we do not have actors – serious, knows-his-craft-so-what-if-i’m-a-fucking-alien-no-bullshit kind of actor. what we have are celebriites, people who whore themselves for attention.

  6. Oh shit Ilda! Don’t tell you’re on this too! Now I think GRP is really becoming an online tabloid masquerading as alternative media meant to analyze REAL national issues!

    1. @Migs

      Gee. I wrote this a year ago. In between then and now I managed to write probably dozens (I’ve lost count) of articles tackling society, economy, politics and culture.

      Yes, once in while I contribute to the “Glitz and Glamour” section. I don’t think that is a crime, is it?

      Besides, most of the articles here including the ones in the “Glitz and Glamour” section have a GRP twist. I can’t imagine how you could miss that. 😉

      And hey, if the “Glitz and Glamour” can bring more subscribers in, why not? They’ll soon discover the treasure waiting for them in the main section of this blogsite.


    1. Nope. It is a choice made by the soul before it incarnates into this life for reasons such as karmic, life mission, to teach something to humanity or he wants to experience something for his own growth and understanding.

  7. So I guess I have high expectations then? Sorry I thought this site would be really different, but who can go against the basic premise of advertising?

    1. @Migs

      Are you saying that we shouldn’t write about celebrities because it is supposed to be “beneath” us?

      Our celebrity culture contributes a lot to our society’s dysfunction, which is why we here at GRP feel the need to highlight it. If you haven’t noticed it yet, our “celebrity” articles actually discuss the underlying issues while trying to be entertaining for the “other” crowd.

      Since you have been a subscriber since way back when, you should realise by now that we do discuss what you consider “serious” issues. You may not always like or agree with what you read but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss the whole site. Anyway, it’s a free world and I personally don’t write to please everyone.

      BTW, even New York Post and Huffington Post have sections dedicated to celebrities. 😉

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