The payload of mind-poison in every ABS-CBN product

With ABS-CBN, before you can even get your head around evaluating the content of their programs, you need to get past their garish manner of presentation first — all those bells and whistles and fancy jeepney-like colour and graphics splashed all over the screen is quite an assault on reasonable taste. Compare the news programs of ABS-CBN with other news programs around the world and you will see the stark contrast between the whimsically-sensationalist shout-out style of ABS-CBN and the serious, sober, and considerate manner of the other programs.

To be fair to the immensely profitable business that is ABS-CBN, there seems to be more than an ounce of business sense in what seems to most to be just a case of harmless tackiness. It has to do with the nature of the audience they “serve”. Quite simply, Filipinos respond to this dazzling display of colour and sound. Look no further than that enduring embodiment of Filipino aesthetic sense — the jeepney. Strong colour and sound distract Filipinos from the mind-poison that is the payload of these Big Media products.

Titillate then moralise

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Take the way ABS-CBN features “immorality” on, say, the beaches of Boracay. They first open by “reporting” the “facts” by splashing video exposés of “lascivious” public spectacles a-la those Filipino-specialty million-viewer “scandal” videos that infest YouTube and other video sharing sites on the Net. But here, it’s all in the packaging. Shrink-wrapped as a “news report” and sold under the banner of a well-established and supposedly “respected” brand owned by a big media conglomerate, resides the payload of titillation — the active ingredient that hooks in viewers and rakes in the revenues — delivered by this fine specimen of ABS-CBN programming.

The notable feature here is how the report is capped by some air time given to Mayor what’s-his-face of Boracay Island who claims that he does not encourage this sort of distasteful behaviour and supposedly laments the lack of a legal framework to crack down on it. They even enlist the moral guidance of morality beacon Ruffa Gutierrez, star of the 1996 sexploitation flick Ang pinakamagandang hayop sa balat ng lupa to contribute her two cents:

“Bilang Pinay I’m still very conservative, ayaw ko naman gawin ng mga anak ko yun one day…for me that’s just not right […]”


This is a feature of the Filipino character which I highlight in my book, specifically in this excerpt:

In her article “Between Sensationalism and Censure” (Philippine Journalism Review, April 2002, pages 35-37), Diana Mendoza observed how the bizarreness of Filipinos’ regard for sexuality is reflected in Philippine cinema. Her observations are gleaned from among others, comments made by sociology professor Michael Tan of the University of the Philippines in the Sixth International congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific held in Melbourne, Australia from the 5th to the 10th October 2001:

Commenting if the Philippines could be at the forefront of education on sex and sexuality Tan said no, because “media have very sensational coverage but they still have this patina of moralism which is strange.” He said this brims over to the film industry that churns out movies carrying the “crime and punishment” theme — for instance, movies with pots of adultery that run steamy sex scenes but which towards the end, mandate that the adulterer, who is always the female, gets shot or imprisoned.

“With these endings, movies become a morality play after two hours of titillation,” he said.


Tan said Filipino movies also carry the “crime and redemption” theme, in which a sex worker eventually realizes there is a better life outside prostitution, but only after the audience [have] been treated to several sexual episodes.

More disturbing than simply being uncomfortable is how inconsistent and misguided Filipino responses to issues of sexuality can get. The Filipino Male enjoys the better half of a double standard that prevails in Philippine society. And this is what contributes much to the bizarreness of Filipinos’ regard for sex.

Filipinos have a one-dimensional regard for malehood and this is reflected in the behaviour and demeanour of the most powerful men in our society — most evident, particularly, in how they get away with banal impropriety and even the most heinous of crimes. That is why I find myself being merely bemused by all this “indignation” being displayed in our society against “corruption” and “injustice”. Filipinos — particularly our males — are raised to be corrupt and unjust from childhood. What we see as corruption and injustice in politics and governance are merely superficial manifestations of a more deeply-entrenched inherent character of corruption and injustice in the bottom-most underbelly of the Filipino psyche.

Validate then shame

Unless that deeply-entrenched inherent character of the Filipino that predisposes him/her to engage in (when in power) and tolerate (when not in power) corruption and injustice is rooted out, all this posturing, grandstanding, and platitude-brokering in the name of “justice” and “transparency” we see in the way Media reports Philippine “politics” and the way Establishment bloggers and “activists” wax poetry about these comes across to the more insightful of our lot as no more than a circus to amuse ourselves with.

Indeed, Filipinos are inundated by news “reports” that abound in hienous criminality amongst the powerful of the land. In my view, this astounding volume of sensationalised criminality actually provides a steady diet of validation for the renowned culture of crime that resides deep in the psyche of every ordinary Filipino. It is a kind of a perverse endorsement for the continued petty criminality that we see on the streets of Manila everyday. The immense scale of criminality amongst the powerful makes the petty criminality of the ordinary Pinoy schmoe pale in comparison, thereby reducing the incentive among the ordinary to reform their ways themselves.

Add to that the simple fact that most of these high-profile crimes never get resolved, or when they do remain disputable at best. Then the game becomes one of shame-mongering rather than a focus on the Law and the continued application of the legal framework to tease out the Truth.

Either way, there is a story to tell. Therefore, who emerges as the winner in all this? Who else but the Media. At the end of the day, Media shareholders are laughing all the way to the bank while their CEO’s salivate over the next publicity “contract” to support the next political “campaign”.

* * *

Convert opinion-shapers and “reform” Philippine Media?

The biggest temptation for people who would like to see genuine change happening in our society is to go after the easy targets — the politicians, the oligarchs, and the resource-rich. The idea behind such conventional approaches is that the Filipino is the hapless victim in this gawd-awful mess that is the Philippines.

But see, the Philippine Media — like the Government — cannot be reformed. Why? Simple: the Media industry is made up primarily of privately-owned or publicly-held business enterprises that compete for public attention (just like the Government is made up of politicians competing for essentially the same asset). Yet therein in that last statement lies the solution. For it is in the nature of the public attention that Media giants — and our politicians — compete for that determines the content that they produce. Indeed, Filipinos have it in themselves to bring Philippine Media down to its knees. But like the Vote, Filipinos true to form fail to wield this power wisely.

86 Replies to “The payload of mind-poison in every ABS-CBN product”

  1. ABS-CBN is the Daily Punctilio IRL. Anyone who’s already familiar with the Unfortunate Events books will know that the Punctilio is as sensationalised as ABS, and much like the latter, most of the people (namely the masses in the Series) who have read it doesn’t give a say as to whether the news is truth or just some manipulated piece of yellow journalist garbage.

  2. Even their manner of cutting to commercials is exaggerative.

    “TV……       Patrol”
    Might as well add a picturesque skyline on their background as their style of broadcasting already resembles the KCTV.

  3. abs-cbn is tabloid on tv and sadly, it has become the standard by which other networks have taken. i lament the fact that they have successfully eroded the values, and proper language, of the people they allegedly “serve”.

    bongV, great article.  however, can i ask thee a tiny bit of favor?  can you please not use the phrase “at the end of day”? it just reminds me too much of this student council gov’t.  :p   they, and the rest of the yellow zombies, just love using it.  (unless you meant it as a sort of tongue-in-cheek thing…in which case, hahaha!)

    more power to you and AP!

  4. It doesn’t help that the constitution stipulates that while other businesses can have up to 40% foreign ownership (which is a problem), media cannot – it should be 100% Filipino owned. That is why the media is under the control of vested interests – because it is protected from those who can challenge the wrongs.

    1. This is the kind of arrangement that allows trash shows like Wowowee and Willing Willie to air with little challenge.

      As well as the reason why Channels 4, 9 and 13 can’t be sold to other companies… no other Filipinos wants or can afford them.

    2. HA!HA!HA!HA!  Goot deduction, Chino.  Those who control the idiot media, controls the minds of Dumb Filipinos.  Filipinos has access to outside sources thru internet but they use internet to Friendster instead.  HA!HA!HA!HA!

    3. Agree Chino. Here’s one instance where culture degrading activities interplay with legal structures. Apparenly, the constitutional restrictions not only protect the profits of the local media owners, they also prevent the raising of industry standards on media culture practices through healthy competition. DK

  5. Excellent article. I remember when Maguindanao Massacre happened, TVPatrol was so quick to put the blame on then President Arroyo. They even counted the days till justice will be served. Pressuring the government to act swiftly, which was ok, till TVPatrol started their “trial by media” session.

    Since GMA have the balls to do so, she declared martial law in order to route the suspects (this is also important since police officers cant just serve 200 warrant of arrests to a hostile private army). This was necessary because without martial law, the suspects can easily use the law to evade persecution. The problem was TVPAtrol became too critical of GMA’s moves. Claiming its going to be a precursor to another Marcos-style Martial rule.

    On the other hand, when Wowowee Stampede took place. Which was a total neglect of duties on the part of the abscbn management, they didnt do this countdown thingy. 78 dead and 300 injured. It has been almost 5 years and still, no justice served for the victims. The SC junked the case I believe. And dont forget the Hacienda Luisita Massacre which Kapamilya network is very silent about.

    And the thing that infuriates me most is when abscbn blurs the line between Newsreporting and Commentary. I remember Anthony Taberna reporting about simple crimes or low-lever corruptions, and for this closing remarks, he will always find a way to connect those crimes and corruptions to then President Arroyo. That to me is irresponsible journalism.

    1. I watched ’58’ at the gym once. TVs and treadmills really compensate for a lack of ‘view’ out the nearby window, but I digress.

      I’m surprised they mentioned that many of the journalists were from ‘peryodicos’ that tagged along mainly because politicians down south liked to pay them (with envelopes of cash!) for publishing space. Naturally, a big-name delegation would have lots of them tagging along. Even more so that they also mentioned how these journalists often received much more preferential treatment afterward when it came to compensation to the families.

      Then of course they pointed out how many people were killed under the Arroyo administration, implying the Arroyos just paid those families more to silence them. q; Datuism’s been going on at least since Magellan was sent on a hit-job to kill Lapu-Lapu.

    2. They were quick to blame Ampatuan in the absence of formal investigation and quickly connected Ampatuan to Arroyo .  They publish tsismis on ZTE without documents and evidence.  They outed Nicole.  They cannot analyze Lozada cannot live on 150,000 peso bribe to live in Hong-Kong forever more.  They cannot analyze their fellow broad aster Failon for obstructing investigation for wipe cleaning crime scene of his wife.  FILIPINO PERYODISTAS ARE ALL IDIOTS!!!!!  ALL OF THEM …. 
      Since Arroyo is guilty by association, therefore, it is easy to deduce that Honsan-Ramos-Enrile are associated with Marcos.  Then, I ask this question, who were the people of the idiot Philippines were revolutionizing about?   

    3. all i know is that gloria is probably the only president who tried to wrestle control of meralco from the lopezes.  the woman’s got balls of steel and they hate it.

      given that all the presidents we’ve had, and have, are bound to be found corrupt, at least she was working. 

  6. daaaang!… when it comes to flip sexuality, my colleagues and i do not have to rely on flip media hype to know the hot spots… we just visit the nearest whorehouse/bar/college campus in town… voila! flip sexy gurlz abound… (clarification: i’m the designated driver… nothing else… peks man)… as for flip spokesperson on family values and/or morality issues, ay sus ginoo, prez gung gong is a bigamist (left hand and right hand, sometimes both), first sister, a notorious man-eater-bed hopper, a sex gymnast; cabinet members and their kabits, padre damasos and the suckristans, teen-age preggies on every corner…. ohhhh… don’t get me started on everyday murder and mayhem… hay naku, flips are ‘sang tambaks na tanga na, tapos, ginugung gong pa!

    1. HA!HA!HA!HA!  Flippers are so concerned about MORALITY.  They tear down EDSA sexy billboard.  MTRCB slash and burn films of poor taste.  Don’t they know that it is IMMORALITY that made Philippines baloooned to genetically defective 100,000,000 Filipinos?  MALICE IS IMMORALITY.  IMMORALITY GIVE US ERECTION.  WITHOUT ERECTION WE CANNOT HAVE S-E-CKSX.  WITHOUT S-E-CKSX Filipinos cannot breed like rabbits.

  7. I do not have TFC channel.  I do not have cable.  I do not have Television.  It is soooo 2000ish.  I filter what I watch in the ‘net.  Read the news I wanted.  Visit people in social networks without driving.    Shop naked in virtual store.  Work naked from home.  Post assignments in electronic boards.  Video-conference from the beach.  Download eBooks from or Library of Copngress (of course not the Philippine congress, Philiphifines do not spend on books much more librarIES THAT IS WHY HOW IN THE WORLD JOSE RIZAL’S 2 BOOKS TURNED PHILIPPINES INSIDE OUT UPSIDE DOWN) etc … etc … ABS-CBN?  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!  That is so 60ish …. Filipinos still watch television?  Read newspapers?  Hmmmm …. I should go out one of these days in the real world … I’m just holed up in cyberspace …. HA!HA!HA!HA!

      1. Yep!  LAPL.ORG  Los Angeles Public Library.  Thanks for the correction.  LAPL is one of the few libraries there in AMerica that offers eBooks. 

    1. daaaang! to get the latest and the greatest happenings in flipland, i hang out at seafood city, trophy lounges, flip restos, churches, and flipland independence/national holiday picnics and fiestas… the church the is best place to get the worst tsimis/gossips…. also, thrift shops, junkyards, and garage sales… flips frequent these places for ukay-ukay garbage… and, the informations are first-hand…

  8. daaaang!… over breakfast of tuyo and sinangag, washed down with kalamansi juice, i peruse the flip newspapers (tribune, pdi, manila times, bulletin, star, abante, etc) and listen intently to radio veritas, dzbb, and the sexy gurlz’ moanings and groanings next door, etc., etc… all of it scrutinized with critical and open mind… by alas nueve de manana, i’m exhausted…. with all the katangahan the media is spouting, my brain turned into a mushy glob … then, i glanced over my 60″ hdtv 3D apps capable to watch wowowee/bakya shows… gyrating flips from pre-teens to mamasans… ay sus ginoo…. that’s why i spend most of my quality days napping under my mango tree… under the watchful eyes of my voice-activated slaves…. saraaaaaap ng buhay flip!!!!

    1. Veritas was a goot peryodiko then.  I read Veritas.  I got tired reading Veritas.  Because their englischtzes is too much to comprehend.  Whenever I read Veritas I have to have a dictionary on my side.  They quote too many dead poet society members.  Too much unneeded adjectives.  Too much nonsense.  I stopped reading idiot peryodiko when our local USIS (United States Information Service) opened that offered more foreign newspapers.  There I found that american editorials are short, informative and fun to read.  That is what our idiot peryodikos are lacking an englischtzes that is fun to read not SCHOLARLY.  From then on I became anti-Filipino-style-englsichtzes.  See, they thoughted that writing long syntaxes in hundreds of paragraphs made them readable.  NO IT IS NOT.  
      So, my OFW parents had a play.  They gave me a newspaper and edit it and yet still redeable and understandable.  I edit the editorial and column.  Show it to my OFW parents.  If my parents still understand the gist of the article then I am goot.  It’s a goot game.
      I STILL DO PLAY THE GAME.  I read blogsites.  Print them.  Slash and burn them.  There was one blog that I edited from roughly 10 pagagarparings I whittled it down to 2 or 3 paragraphs.

      1. Wait.  Even in College press conferences, editorials are suppose to be short o.o Are the big names breaking their own rules?  Forgive me, I had an unconscious urge to avoid reading local news for a few years back.  It was a “media diet”. I enjoyed the presentation of foreign news.  Also the presentation of comedy from the likes of Colbert and Stewart.  

        I learned more about the constitution and politics through comedy than books.  I guess as someone said before, people now a days treat their politics as a joke and their comedy seriously! Haha

        1. Filipinos has this colonized mentalitzesy about englischtzes.  The longer the pagarparings, the harder the words used, the more dead writers quoted the more it is guaranteed it is right.  The more children of my age have no patience in the world of one-liners, ie: Twitter, facebook posts; getglue, foursquare, huffingtonpost, yelp.  
          The malaise of twitter is it is pure LINKs!!!!! According to stats only 20% read Twitter posts and 80% do not update or simply it is just a link to blogsites that is linked to twitter.  

    2. After frequent visits to USIS, an american woman spotted me.  She asked me if I wanted a “library card”.  I said, “yes”.  She took me to a room.  Had me fill out a form.  Two days later I was called back in for the “library card”.  She asked if I am inteested to join CIA !  WoW!!!!  USIS is a tool of CIA.  It is a CIA recruiting operation.  NOW I AM A MEMBER OF CIA.  That is because I am very goot in analytics. :) 

  9. Good that the video taken in Boracay was brought up. That was offensive. Not the video in particular, but the way ABS-CBN made an issue out of a non-issue. Not only did the video intrude on a couple who minded their own business, but the news department played judge, jury and executioner to make the couple appear like criminals. The couple should sue the station for invasion of privacy. The nerve of Kapamilya to include remarks by that twat Ruffa, who’s had a few racy moments “spread” on the internet years ago. Ahh, but this is a land of hypocrites.

    It’s all in a day’s work for ABS-CBN…a network that feeds it’s “CULTURAL DIARRHEA” to a public who’s minds are already full of sht. The public eats it up, and eats it up good…and they can’t get enough of it. The bad part is, the network is here to stay whether we like it or not….and there seems to be no cure for the disease. All our barking against them continues to fall on deaf ears, so I really don’t see how the way they control the culture can ever be changed by peaceful means. The Lopezes swore in 1986 that what happened to them during Martial Law will never happen to them again. They seem to have figured it all out so far.

    1. daaang!… the abs-cbn video was/is just another blip in the flipland information highway… why do flips pay so much attention to a blip? … plain stupidity… like a moth to a flame… burn, baby burn…. kasi puro gung gongs!

    2. Lookit, no matter how people hide their carnal contentment, people would still know how to do it.  OK?  How in the world Filipinos balooned to 100,000,000 idiots if they did not do it.  Sex is goot.  Sex is the vehicle to make god’s command true “to go out and multiply”.  God says “out” in the open definitely not in the bedroom.
      By the way, since ABS-CBN is soooo against public s**ecxs, did they redicule themselves for outing Nicole?

    3. I know right. Just around the corner of ABSCBN compound, is Quezon Avenue, the number one spot to find hookers and prostitutes of different sorts. from 6pm to 6am the next day, they proliferate everywhere. A hooker costs 700 pesos and you bring it to a motel, preferably in CAMELOT. Yeah, the one that looks like a castle beside ABSCBN compound.

      If you traverse Quezon Avenue towards Quezon circle youll pass by Parks and Wildlife, the favorite spot of chimays and boys who wants to get some nature action, in broad daylight. But if youre a night-person, then Quezon Circle is the place for you. Plenty of bushes to choose from.

      Cmon now, that news report has hypocrisy written all over the teleprompter.

  10. We have Wowoowee Philippines…Wowoowee Media…Wowoowee Mindsets…Giling-Giling …Igiling mo, Baby!!!…

    Now people are fornicating in public places in Boracay Island…Kris Aquino, the whore…made this generation of fornicators…

    1. Fornication is not xrated if no one is looking.  I love fornicating in the open.  It connects us to our being animals.  WE ARE ALL ANIMALS.  Where in the world you thoughting Adam and Eve “made love”?  And who were watching?  HA!HA1HA1Ha!  You’d be amazed who were watching.  HA!HA!HA!

      1. Where are the Guardians of Morality now? The Bishops , the Priest,Pastors,etc… They should round up the Boracay Island Fornicators. Torture them on torture racks. Exorcise the Devil of Lusts in them. Then, if the Devil of Lusts will not come out. Burn these Fornicators on the Public Plaza in the Boracay Island…

  11. daaang!… the abs-cbn video was/is just another useless blip in the flipland information highway… why do flips pay so much attention to a useless media blitz? … plain stupidity… like a moth to a flame… burn, baby burn…. kasi puro gung gongs!

  12. Re observations of bizzareness by Diana Mendoza and UP Sociologist Michael Tan, here are some thoughts. I’m not sure if what I say here still holds true today because I never got to practice entertainment law. During my law school days however, I remember having class discussions on the legal prohibitions against pornography. There’s this legal test which in essence says that a film is pornographic if it appeals to the “prurient interest.” Don’t ask me what it means exactly because I really have no clear idea. I recall things said however that it is supposed to be something that’s just pure sex with no moral lessons whatsoever. And so the enterprising producers of Tagalog sex films always inserted some kind of “moral lesson” into their “sex films” in order to circumvent the prohibition. They will then argue that it has some moral lesson in it, after 2 hours of sex play of course. LOL. Without this “moral lesson”, the sex films will fail the “prurient interest” test, be rated as “X” and will not reach the big screen.

  13. Perhaps the reason they can get away with such cheap sensationalism is because the higher ups of ABS-CBN wields a Piece of Eden. ;D

  14. the influence of ABS-CBN on the minds of the masses resulted to this:

    ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE – A three-year-old child is gaining popularity in Zamboanga del Norte after the parents named the baby after television network ABS-CBN.

    The report did not disclose ABS-CBN Macawili’s gender. Macawili was born on November 9, 2006 and is from Barangay Baybay, Liloy.

    Weng Espiritu reported that Macawili’s parents named the baby after the Kapamilya network.

    When Jerry Macawili’s wife was pregnant, they decided to choose from four popular names for their baby.

    Jerry said: “Noong buntis pa ang asawa ko, gusto niyang ipangalan ang bata sa nakikita niya sa TV. Pinagpipilian namin kung Wowowee o Kapamilya o Willie Revillame pero ang mas nagustuhan niya, ABS-CBN”.

    ABS-CBN’s mother, Soledad, said her husband dreamt of naming her baby after the network. “Napanaginipan ng asawa ko na ipapangalan sa bata ABS-CBN, dahil ito raw ang gusto ng bata.

    The couple said that like the Kapamilya network, ABS-CBN brings joy to their lives. — Report from Weng Espiritu, ABS-CBN Zamboanga

    My reaction? WTF!? O_o

    1. Wow wow wee…how stupid to name a child after a network station…di marunong mag-isip…parang jejemon…dahil sa balita ng jejemon sumikat pa…haist…

  15. When I first heard of this sex-on-the-beach coverage, something tells me the crew was more than eager to get into the porn film-making industry.

    1. Bulls%&t! Weird na i-cover ang ganun eksena…malamang namboboso lang ang mga yun at kumuha ng souvenir through the lens of the camera…voyeurs

  16. Cmon now, you dont need to go to Boracay to spot immoral people. Just drive around ABSCBN compound and youll see manyakis paradise. Theres Quezon Avenue for those who love cheap hookers, youll see them everyday. And then myriad bars are sprawled along this area. Theres Stardust, Classmates, Heartbeat, Pegasus, etc..

    Add to that Parks and Wildlife and Quezon Circle, where cheap people fornicate in broad daylight everyday!

    In Boracay, you see foreigners make-out or do action but Boracay is an isolated place. And you dont let your kids wonder about at night with so many drunk strangers, and eventually venture on its dark beaches. And if you happen to chance upon foreigners making out, its a given! And by being foreigners, whatever they do, we take them as foreigner-behavior.

    This is just a clear example as how media public service wins the empathy and adoration of its viewers. By being the ever vigilant, moral people of this land, people will take their words as words of truth. So when they start their commentary on how God-given our president is, people will believe with all their hearts.

    Dont you just love consumer-behavior.

    1. You don’t even need to actually walk around. Sit and waste precious time watching an abs-cbn primetime sleaze scmuck.

    2. C’mon! Nood kaya kayo ng mga titillating scenes ng kristine, etc. Nagtuturo ito ng values na pwede makipagsex kahit saan…Plus turuan ba anman ang mga teenagers na ok ang makipagrelasyon even in high school (Mara Clara, etc)! Damn, stupid viewiers!

    1. The useless franchises that they sell as entrepreneurship/start up. The snake oil medicines they pass off that flash “no approved/proven therapeutic effect” for a millisecond. The trinketization and tinselization of society . Its all about conspicuous consumption. If you were to ask ABS CBN what it does for content, it will give you, well… Kim Atienza(!). Not that I have anything against this highly paid talking head (who so happens to be the son of a powerful (ex)official. I’m just waiting for his Steve Irwin moment to arrive; that is, that he gets stabbed in the fucking chest by a devil ray. I’m disgusted with the power elite and the games they play with the ignorant. I wonder when the masses will go I’m as mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore. The merger of corporate and state power is fascism, and it appears that ABS CBN and the Noynoy gov’t have married each other and are doing a sweet 69.

    what is this all about. you’ve been exaggerating everything. this are all not an issue. 
    NAMUMULITIKA lang KAYO……..that’s all your point……
    and then put your channel to other network and you will see the same.
    ABS-CBN is still the no. one channel in the Philippines.

    1. True, but was all that done to bring people like yourself closer to them, to turn themselves into objects of veneration–as if the network is God Himself?! Verily, I say to you, their works lack substance, lack meaning. I find that simply disappointing. Why? They have the power to influence minds, but what do they do with that power? Simple: Turn each single unwashed member of hoi polloi into a rabid ABS-CBN fanboy/girl/homo who, instead of worshiping Our Lord, worships the station. Eliminate whatever element of a human mind is left in the average Juan. Create an army of fools that bring this country in deeper. Cause sages much grief when they see our neighbors in Enlightenment and us still in the Dark Ages. Tell me, my Philistine friend, what meaning can you find in the station that you so worship?

  18.  That’s not true.  Every shows in ABS-CBN has a good values that help us to become a better person. Especially in ‘MAY BUKAS PA’ obviously they work ship GOD in that show.  They put in the mind of every viewers that GOD is the reason of everything. And GOD help us to our problem.
    And for your information every Sunday there is a mass in KAPAMILYA network.
    ABS-CBN is not manipulating people we are the one who choose of who we are. Like in every person that here in this page blaming ABS-CBN of what happening in their lives. Wake up your mind it’s not the network fault’s its your’s. 
    I really don’t understand people that have a crab mentality. Don’t wait to change others for you because if you have that mentality all that you can see is the negative side. Move on and go for bright future. 
    Remember there’s allot of Filipino who believe in ABS-CBN. And we are not ignorant to watch the show that manipulating us. In my 23 years of existing I can say that I choose a good Network to watch in every day of my life. And that is ABS-CBN. 

    1. If ABS-CBN is superior, how can you explain its bias for or against things that fall into its camera? Why do they portray as evil those who get the jobs done without caring about what others would say about them?

    2. I did like some episodes of May Bukas Pa.  However, one comment on that show is that “How many times was Santino kidnapped or something like that?  The shows also have the same plot.  And there is also the thing about secretly related to someone in the telenovelas.  

      But ask me my fave channel and it will be discovery channel or national geographic.  My mind feels droning at some of the shows ABS-CBN produced. 

        1. Oh wait. I saw what you mean. DOh!  Haha.  

          Speaking of shows produced.  Why is it that Philippine Comedy is stuck in the slapstick era?  I mean, are the movies belittling the audience’s intelligence?  Or was it part of the poison?

        2. WEIZZ, Slaptick sticks.  American-style comedy is beyond the reach of the brains of Filipinos.  That is why I am making slapstick comments to make it stick to the knucklehead of Filipinos.  

    3. Well someone I know – never watches ABS-CBN and in fact divorced his wife due with some assistance from ABS-CBN, the last nail on the coffin was due to irreconcilable differences – she likes ABS-CBN, he likes Discovery Channel – so when they came home there was no bonding.

      He has nothing against jologs – but its a different matter when you are living with one – and you have jolog in-laws to boot.

  19.   I really don’t know where your negative feelings came from. Is this page created for  KAPATID and KAPUSO out there. But I’m sorry to tell you all I will never be on your side. This conversation is very NONSENSE. If all of you does not believe in what I’m saying so be it. It’s your opinion but I stay of what I believe is right. I don’t want to be a person  who is blaming other for my own faults. Or a person that has a habitat of giving a bad opinion to other. For me that was so IDIOT. 
        I respect all your opinion but don’t insert in your system  the attitude of blaming other people in every grief of your life.  Don’t be so PATHETIC of this NONSENSE issue.  Why did you try to think the things that you can do to help our country.  That’s all . 

  20. sampol lang yang Abs dyan. It refers to local media in general.

    And oh, as a service to Inang Bayan, I’ll work hard to drag my loved ones away from local programs so trashy even your Idolo won’t allow their kids to watch them.

    1.  I don’t think so. So you are taking away your love ones to watch our local network just to watch foreign show. NICE….For me its better for you to live in a foreign country and forget that you are a FILIPINO…….You praise the show of a foreigner that being NUDE is not an issue….wahahhahahaha…… Maybe that’s your point to teach all of your family  members  to become liberated. It’s very nice to hear that.  And to forget that you are a Filipino. WOW GREAT……..

      1. Agreed, if your definition of “Filipino” is restricted to those empty minds that consider local media a Godsend, despite the most obvoius bollocks it contains. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

      2. preferring to watch foreign shows instead of local is “un-Filipino”? *gasp!* look closely and observe! both local networks has shows copied and borrowed that was originally made from Foreign entertainment, we have singers singing foreign songs and even the local movie industries.

        by the way “May Bukas Pa” is a rip off of the Original spanish film Marcelino Pan Y Vino (English: ”Marcelino Bread And Wine”)

        our local medias ladies and gentlemen!

      3.   If that’s  all your point…’SO BE IT”. All I’m trying to insert in your NARROWED MIND is before watching foreign show try to know our OWN SHOW. If all of the Filipino is just like your opinion. Absolutely there is no Filipino Show anymore. It’s all foreign Show. We adopt some foreign show to be familiarize in other culture. And it’s Tagalog version to become easy for the Filipino to understand. 
        If you are not a Filipino in heart “I DON’T CARE” .  

        1. Are you telling us that just because we prefer foreign channels that contain more meaning than local channels that are loaded with bull so foul it’s uncivilized we’re not Filipinos? If that were the case, you are correct in that assessment… for that would make us who prefer meaning MORE THAN Filipino. It would make us the Precursors to men and women of a new Renaissance, future nobles in a sea of Medieval rabble.

        2. “if all of the Filipino is just like your opinion. Absolutely there is no Filipino Show anymore”

          Boom! head-shot! Counter-terrorist win!

          “It’s all foreign Show. We adopt some foreign show to be familiarize in other culture. And it’s Tagalog version to become easy for the Filipino to understand”

          Yeah I give them credit for that but their doing it wrong in my opinion if you can’t see it then you must be the one with the narrow mind *wink* 😉
          oh, if you want me to point out what i’m talking about. Sorry i’m not into spoon feeding

          “If you are not a Filipino in heart “I DON’T CARE”

          well that makes me a unique individual with a heart 🙂 c’mon let me give you a hug… in CyberSpace!

        3. @jeoff

          So watching discovery channel and national geographic equals narrow-mindedness? Gasp!!

          Like all businesses, even television, they have to compete for attention in this fast-paced world.  If, for example, you want us to watch more local shows?  Then have shows of great substance that makes us want to watch it.  Otherwise, I stick to my science channels.  Haha

      4.      This is my last comment here. And i hope you will enjoy criticizing other people. That’s all your opinion.  I will enjoy my life to the fullest that has no baggage of disappointment  for NOTHING….Yes you here me right FOR NOTHING… because all you want is a little debate for the sake of this page… Because all of you are a PRETENDER…..Hiding yourself to a person that you are not. ALL OF THIS IS FOR THE SAKE OF THIS PAGE………..
             Well I hope you enjoy your day.  

        1. Oh tc Jeoff!  Nice having you around.  I’m pretty sure my conscience have no qualms about my comments here.  When I did look back, I thought that journalism was suppose to present all the angles.  ABS-CBN did not do that job well.  Most of the time it was for Noynoy and it “brainwashed” people with the thought that this candidate is winnable.  I did support Noynoy at first, but after my research I was disappointed and chose not to vote the dude.  

          I have always criticized people.  I am a writer and I criticize to point out the wrong in other people’s work.  I call it constructive criticism.  I pretty much got warm thank you’s for pointing out what I feel was not working for a piece.  It is also natural in this world to point out the wrong and make it right. I am not a pretender.  What you get in this post, is the me…in digital form.

  21. JEOFF is a perfect specimen of what our kababayans have become. They are mostly:

    – One sided
    – Incapable of critical analysis
    – Easily get butthurt if you criticize their idol
    – They want everyone to be agreeable and patronizing with the things they associate themselves with
    – They REQUIRE God to solve the little problems they can solve themselves. (problems which they created themselves in the first place)
    – They have a vague if not twisted idea of Nationalism
    -They think Debate is a form of verbal demolition against an idea.

    And kung sasabihin ni Kris Aquino na “Believe in Magic,” they probably will.

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