Filipinos, it’s time to take back our Government!

It’s been a while since there was anything in the mainstream media that was worth reading. One can’t even read some of the articles for mere entertainment value alone because most of the columnists are either too politically correct or too scared to go straight to the point of what they are trying to say that they might as well be writing a blind item for being so wussy.

I often get annoyed at the articles for being too nice about the country’s incompetent public officials. For some reason, there are Filipino journalists who are even fond of writing in poetry style and generously quoting from the Bible, with emo written all over it — William Esposo, anyone?


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In fact, just before 2010 drew to a close, there were so many articles that claim to view the past year as a year of “hope” and “change” for the Filipino people. It was enough to make me schedule an unplanned hiatus from all the nonsense.

Anyway, who can blame most Filipino writers and journalists for not showing enough balls in their writings? Assassins that rival Jason Bourne riding on their cheap motorbikes with their equally cheap guns always come out of nowhere on cue targeting even two-bit journalists.

These guns for hire routinely gun down journalists who say or write stuff that could potentially improve the unnatural order in the Philippines. But then who would want to die for ungrateful people anyway? Or a people who lack the ability to learn? If Jose Rizal were alive today, I bet he would have used a different approach after seeing how the Filipinos have turned out after all the trouble he went through.

To a certain extent, the role of many bloggers nowadays is to interpret the articles or news items found in the mainstream media. bloggers in particular interpret the subtle messages that simply fly over the average Filipino’s head. Some of us have no grand plans beyond merely venting our frustrations over the obvious incompetence of our public officials and the mediocrity of the Filipino people.

And there are some who do have a bigger agenda, advocating change in the policies in the Philippine government or calling for a change in the system itself. But like any group of like-minded people who came together on the basis of shared ideals, we will always have our differences in the way we view how we can achieve our goals.

To lump us all in one mold is a mistake that a few of our detractors tend to make. Michael Ngo Dee is one such a dude who made that fatal mistake. He wrote the blog, An Invisible Wall and tried to question the blogger’s agenda. To wit:

So Antipinoy thus far is a disorganized group without a goal or a role in society. So far, all I hear antipinoy doing is be the pinoy-basher.

Well guess what? You can bash all you want, but without real SOLUTIONS that CREATE VALUE, Antipinoy is not and will not be the change that the Philippines needs and the vision of the Philippines it wants to create. The Antipinoy will just be like every other pinoy, all balk and no walk.

Michael Ngo sounded like someone straight out of high school in the way he delivered his indictment of bloggers. I take that back, we get a lot of high school student readers who actually get it. We get his sort of childish appraisal every now and then in this forum.

For his and everybody else’s sake, I will try to explain the meaning of what we do in scientific terms. The process of evolution might shed some light into why people do what they have to do even without knowing what peoples’ goals are and even their own roles in society.

Questioning the blogger’s role in Philippine society is like questioning the role of the sun to the planets that orbits around it. By itself the sun does not have a purpose. It’s just there. It’s just a big ball of nuclear blasts; one of the billions of stars in the universe. But if you look at how it affects life on Earth, you will realize that without the sun, our planet will be nothing but a barren sterile wasteland.

When the sun shines “the electromagnetic radiation that plants receive from the sunlight that reaches Earth and penetrates its atmosphere is the key ingredient in a process that is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is important because it is the way in which plants derive their energy.

“Photosynthesis is the process by which plants, algae, and some forms of bacteria convert energy from sunlight in the form of electromagnetic radiation into energy in the form of simple carbohydrates. In order to do this, plants require water, carbon dioxide, electromagnetic radiation, and light-absorbing pigments such as chlorophyll. Photosynthesis takes place within plant cells in organelles (structures) known as chloroplasts. The result of the process is that the plant takes light from the sun and turns that light’s energy into energy that the plant can use to grow and to stay alive.

So in short, the sun basically creates all this activity just by beaming light onto Earth. All this activity fueled by the sun is also what drives the process of evolution. Evolution results in increasingly complex structures (life forms) that dissipate the sun’s energy through their activities.

Similarly, is just one of hundreds of blogsites in the blogosphere. Blogs derive their energy from news from the mainstream media. Bloggers require readers to feed off their energy and the process of evolution takes place when a reader’s views and beliefs change as a result of how they interpret what they read. Just like plants, by itself, it may seem like a blogger’s only purpose is to grow but if you take into consideration how it affects others, you will realize that its existence affects other people in a society.

Michael Ngo also thinks that we are disorganized. Heck, he has no idea! His statement however, is a very good indication that he expects a lot from us. I hate to disappoint him though. He has set for himself a very high expectation of us, which is not good for him and his followers; the higher the expectation, the bigger the fall.

This might be news to people like Ngo, but it would have been obvious to others that we are not a political party or a full advocacy organization. We enjoy zero funding from the outside. It’s a bit surprising that he wants our group to get elected. I would say his ideas are a bit of a disappointment, for someone who can actually string a sentence or two together.

What Michael Ngo needs to understand is, we simply exist because of natural ebbs and flows of events, just like in the process of evolution. Suffice to say, our mutual disgust for the dysfunctional culture of the Filipino brought us together under the Get Real Philippines banner. Yes, the recent election in which Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) won by a majority vote (if you don’t believe that the election was rigged) served as a magnetic force that generated all the activity in this blogsite. Ngo’s request for us to run for office is equivalent to moronic statements made by the average commenters in the comment box anywhere that simply say, “Kayo kaya ang maging presidente!” for lack of any coherent rebuttal to criticism made against the government.

I would say that the activities generated by are more or less in the same mold as the Tea Party movement in the U.S. The Tea Party Movement as referred to by the Net, is

[…] not a national political party; does not officially run Congressional candidates; and its name has not appeared on any ballots, but it has so far endorsed Republican candidates. The Tea Party movement has no central leadership but is composed of a loose affiliation of national and local groups that determine their own platforms and agendas.

The Tea Party movement in America has always been used by protesters particularly the anti-tax protesters. The movement was highly responsible for getting the Republican Party back on its feet and getting reelected in the House of Representatives because of their anti-Obama policy stance. It endorsed reduced government spending, lower taxes, reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit, and adherence to an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution.

The leading cast of the Tea Party movement in the U.S. argued very effectively for people to take back the government and their actions have succeeded in putting their agendas back on the table. But just like any movement, its cast and crew will eventually part ways once the shooting of the film is over. To quote TIME magazine on a recent write-up about the Tea Party: “But now, the party that argued so effectively for smaller government is headed to Washington, where so many other waves have broken and receded. Having remade Congress and with a GOP presidential nomination up for grabs, the Tea Party is about to learn that rallying against its enemies is easier than choosing among its allies.

The Tea Party had a goal and a role in society. They exist or reconvene when they are needed. They naturally go back to their daily lives when they think that it is time to move on to a higher purpose.

In a sense, the movement called exists because there is a need for Filipinos to take back their government. We might seem disorganized because we are underfunded. It would be naïve for people like Michael Ngo to believe that we do not need funds to make a difference in society. People still need to eat and have a life. If we didn’t have our day jobs and had all the time to focus our energies on politics, we could do more.

Unfortunately, there are huge drawbacks in accepting funds from a sponsor. When that happens we begin to be constrained by these sponsors’ own agendas. At least, by volunteering our time writing our articles, we have the freedom to say whatever we want to say. However, if we really wanted to take this movement to the next level, it would be best to organize a fund raising event. This would make things legitimate and organizing any protest or bringing our cause forward will be more efficient.

With prices of goods and services going up, this is the best time for Filipinos to put their differences aside and band together in an effort to take their country back from the hands of their incompetent public officials. Whoever did not vote for Noynoy Aquino in the May election — and we invite with open arms also those who did — should join forces and protest in unison in order to put pressure on this government. The government has obviously fallen into a stupor because of their high popularity ratings. Even more obvious is that they know that they can rely on the President’s family and friends to boost his ratings even more with the use of their media empire.

To be fair to Michael Ngo, he is not the first to question our agenda. Some people, even people who most Filipinos would consider “intelligent” because of their degrees from Oxford and/or Brown Universities (or wherever else) have even labeled us a member of a Leftist group just because we are critical of PNoy. It goes to show that some Filipinos still fail to use their common sense despite their expensive education.

Frankly, I have a feeling that part of the reason why people like Michael Ngo feels like all we are good at is writing about the dysfunction of the Filipino society is because he does not see any real difference in what we do. Well, guess what? When you are up against media giants owned and operated by friends and family of the incumbent president, that’s all we can do for now.

Right now, we rely strongly on our readers and hope that they will help us ride the next wave to bring us closer to our goal, which is to create a more efficient, prosperous, and stable Philippine society.

66 Replies to “Filipinos, it’s time to take back our Government!”

  1. Nice article ilda.  Reading it reminds me of what we did a few years ago.  There were so many boycotts of events by the student council.  We had to rise up and get our council back to what it was.  We won (through election).  Though nothing is perfect, but its better than before.  I was the editor in chief at the paper at that time, but I did not publish before the election.  I think that was unethical.  I waited until after and what was published was the opinions of the student body (some removed because it was soooo scathing).  It was a confusing time then and I was not sure if what I did was right.

       Anyway, after it got published, I was attacked by the people in power.  My personality was attacked, the way I do things, etc.  I did not fall for their traps and was patient enough to stop myself from saying something that was stupid or anything like that.  This series of attacks lasted for a week.  Then, the school stepped in and summoned the people attacking me to the office and they got chided instead of me or my staff.  People said that I published too much negativity in that issue.  So, I am still asking myself if that was true.  

       Moving on to another topic, it came out that our student paper had been given a lot of freedom in the region.  Talking to other EICs showed that the advisers cut everything negative from their papers and it came out as a “worship piece” of the admin.  I was surprised that censorship and the instilling of journalistic fear started on the student journalism level.  What they said still made me scratch my head from time to time.  


    1. Hello Weizz

      Thanks and I’m glad you can relate with my message.

      You just know when people are having a hard time disputing your stand on something the moment they begin attacking you on a personal level. To be fair, it happens everywhere and no more so than Philippine society.

      It is a shame that in our society, the youth are not taught to be critical thinkers. No wonder even elite students become submissive to authority once they go out in the real world even when the latter has questionable directions.


      1. Oh yeah, during the elections, the supporters tried to use goons.  The presidential canditate of the other party have close ties with the frats.  At such a young age, the youth are emulating how the adults are doing it?  

        Is this society that corrupted that corruption is the norm?  

        Oh, with regards to how the big media networks do their thing… I read on the broadcasters code of ethics that some of the things that big networks are doing are borderline illegal or just wrong.  It’s the TV and radio code of the Philippines I think, it was part of the curriculum for electronics engineers.  Broadcasting was part of our subject and we had to learn that. 

        1. Yeah and since most Filipinos jump on the opportunity to be in the limelight, they gladly participate in the sham of an election. 

          Big media networks might have their own rule, which is a bit different from the international code of practice. They probably make it up as they go. 😉

  2. congrats to our new President, Mar “chief troubleshooter” Roxas.

    And thank you, Pnoy, for starting the new year with a BANG. *coughs* noisy Minority/minority *coughs*

        1. @ilda
          Whatever, he may call the “noisy minority”. It means, they are getting into Noynoy Aquino’s nerves. And their messages are penetrating into his Thick Skull. As dumb as he is, it has already a rattling effect on him…and on his Chief Propagandist, Ricky Carandang…

      1. When I first heard that term “chief troubleshooter”, I thought for a second that Mar would be reporting to Malacanang dressed as an auto mechanic.

        1. Is there even SUCH a job called “chief troubleshooter”? WTH is a chief trouble shooter ? Alerts PNOY to a potential gaffe? Parang “fiscalizer” nanaman yan.

        2. I just read an article on that on the daily tribune.  Was curious was people was talking about here. Then after that I thought to myself.  What the F?  The straight and narrow path is making a mockery of the Philippine constitution.  Its kinda like the shadow president role I had in an organization, but instead of the 20-80 workload I was like an adviser.  I read the Philippine constitution and never did I encounter such position.  Or was there an appendix that no one mentioned to anyone before? ahahaha   

          I saw the bit on Pnoy’s sched and was surprised!  A lot of college students have better work ethic than that guy (especially during exam times).  11 am then lunch break then up to 4 pm.  0.0?

          The straight and narrow path is akin to the One True Way religion in a game  I once played (Suikoden Tierkries).  The  guy had a power for “predicting the future” since he found books on all dimensions.  The real essence of that religion is to lead people on a bright future of peace and happiness.  Truth was that the future he kept blabbing about is the return of the happiest moment in a person’s life.  All that power just so everyone can return to a past where they were happiest the most.  Am I seeing a parallelism here?  With Pnoy kept mentioning about the EDSA and stuff.  

    1. Chief Troubleshooter huh….Why did they have to replace Mar Roxas as presidential candidate for LP in the first place? Chief troubleshooter!

      Para kang nagmana ng Personal Computer mula sa magulang mero pero hindi mo alam i-troubleshoot, kaya kumuha ka pa ng technician para lang i-boot ung PC. 🙁

      Ginagawang praktisan ang bansa nating lugmok sa kahirapan ah!

  3. I now add Art. 15, Sec. 11 to the list of Constitutional sections I want altered: “The ownership and management of mass media shall be limited to citizens of the Philippines, or to corporations, cooperatives or associations, wholly-owned and managed by such citizens.”

    This part of the constitution obviously favors oligarchs. I want to allow 100% foreign ownership in media too.

    The next part of Sec. 11 says, “The Congress shall regulate or prohibit monopolies in commercial mass media when the public interest so requires. No combinations in restraint of trade or unfair competition therein shall be allowed.”

    How can you prohibit monopolies when 100% Filipino-only ownership can itself be considered a monopoly (and facilitates such, considering the richest ones here are the oligarchs)? Also, “unfair competition?” The only unfair competition I see is being shielded by government.

    Let’s take back our government from these vested interests.

    1. 100% Filipino ownership does not make any sense because only a handful of Filipinos can afford  to own and manage mass media.

      Rupert Murdock was not even born in the US but  his “first permanent foray into TV was in the USA, where he created Fox Broadcasting Company in 1986. In the 2000s, he became a leading investor in satellite television, the film industry and the Internet, and purchased a leading American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal.”

      The Philippine oligarchs are just scared of competition.

      1. They are scared of competition because frankly, their services and products are utterly mediocre at best and they want all the money to themselves.

        And your ordinary Filipino does not care about anything at all. Perfect combination.

        1. actually whats worst; Pinoys going nationalism and trying to go prove pinoy products can stack with the world. Which has some truth to it, but the government as a service sucks and everyone else associated with its services sucks more.

        2. Nationalism is good only if it’s genuine and true. If you’re nationalistic that means the product and service you do would compete with world standards. Sadly, those who manufacture products and/or services aren’t nationalistic.

    2. “Let’s take back our government from these vested interests.”

      I definitely agree…..but like what an indian chief said to a virgin: How?

      I’m not too optimistic on the country’s future as long as our current presidential system is what we live by…and even if/when the system changes, it’ll take time for us to prove to ourselves that the words “Filipinos” and “unity” belong on the same sentence. While some people can convince me that he/she is doin’ the right thing for us to finally rise above mediocrity (such as a select few here on AP), it still won’t convince me that the end result will rid us of such things as tribalism, devout religiosity, media influence, warlords and other goons, oligarchs and other vested interests, illogical thinking, greed and corruption, bad governance, impunity, etc..

      Since we have a propensity to forget the past, we’re condemned to repeat it.

      Yet, there’s a hidden desire to be proven wrong…and that’s why I continue to blog .

      1. Sometimes, if you look too far ahead or look too far down the list of what needs to be done, it can be daunting and you might end up saying, “This is never going to work or what’s the point?” We have to take it one step at a time so we don’t end up being disillusioned. 

        On the other hand, I don’t like wasting my time on something that is obviously not working and PNoy is an example of something that is not working. He is just wasting other people’s time.  I had a hidden desire to be wrong about PNoy but unfortunately, I am continually proven right.  Some people gave him a chance after he was sworn in but logic always got in the way of giving slackers like him a chance.

        1. I formulated these thoughts a very long time ago…so I hope you were addressing others when you speak of looking too far ahead or looking too far down. The period of being disillusioned is way over. If something comes out of AP, well and good. I’d be happy to see that. If not, nice try, but back to living life and dealing with it one step at a time,,,as it was.

        2. I guess you have lived long enough to see too many Presidents who made too many broken promises. But at least you are better than most Filipinos who don’t even want to participate in the discussions. I give you five stars for that.

          We are in for a long haul. Like in evolution, there are some things that take millions of years to form into shape. Fossil fuels took millions of years to turn into something useful. Laggards like Filipinos might take a few more hundreds or thousands more to get to the enlightened age. But we somehow have to start the process now 😉

    1. There’s many left but either too scared, too apathetic, or too distracted
      Thanks for the link also Dodong.  I nice read. haha
      Just watched some video.  It makes me ask.  

      Is there a cure for stupidity?

  4. In the ancient Roman Empire; the Roman Emperors, built the Colosseum in the heart of Rome. To entertain the people. Give them Circus and Bread; so that they will not think of revolting. So, Gladiators fought to their death. Wild Beast ate condemned criminals and Christians, for entertainments. Mocked-up Naval Battles were simulated. We today, are entertained by: scantily-clad gyrating women, dancing to the tune of “giling-giling”. We are caught-up on whose bed, that whore, Kris Aquino, will next hop to…Politics is show business; P.T. Barnum simply said about the business: ” A sucker is born every minute.”

  5. Blogging to us on Anti Pinoy; and other Blog Sites; is just a charitable act from us to our fellow Filipinos. We Blog to inform; because we truly care…we don’t Blog to organize a political cause; or to run for political offices…It is up to the Filipinos, who read our messages: to use them to implement change for the country and on themselves…we have our jobs and careers…we simply have no intentions to enter politics. We don’t deceive people, either…

    1. I’m sorry but there really is no hope for the Philippines for the next decades to come. There needs to be a drastic change in society in order for something to really change and i doubt it would happen for the next 10-20 years. What led to the French Revolution? Why was EDSA revolution such a catastrophic failure?

      Maybe Philippines needs to go down much more to make Filipinos aware of the mediocrity of the country. Maybe increased rate of unemployment, poverty, and crime will make people open their eyes? I still doubt it.

      Realistically, Philippines’ future for the next 40 years is bleak. Better to get out of the country and just come back when the time’s right.

      1. Better to get out of the country and just come back when the time’s right.

        DAMN Lorenz, such optimism. So you’re looking at 60 years from now?

        I’m a firm believer of progress, but like anybody, they have to see something worth noting for progress. Even baby steps since it seems like they have never done it before… or have let themselves go so far. Its not like those people who lost 120 lbs. and they feel so happy. In fact, they should feel like it so because they were insane to even let themselves go and gain so much weight.

        With people like Dick Gordon, among other still around, it still gives me a bit of optimism. But you know, I’m down for a civil war to happen, even if it makes Pinoy history just a little more spicier. As much as there is reason for people to believe a peaceful resolution can come about it, I think war is as part of humanity as is peace. Especially if they have yet seen violence amongst each other.

        1. Did Dick Gordon even managed to get enough votes to be on the top3? No. There may be excellent people like him but they will be mostly ignored by the general Filipino public i assure you.

          You need to keep in mind Jay that most Filipinos ACTUALLY don’t care about the Philippines at all even with their Filipino pride babble. It’s the reason why Filipinos are not disciplined and not law abiding citizens. Apathy is the root of all the problems of the Philippines. If only the citizens were more enthusiastic and active, the oligarchs would have been pushed out of the country a long time ago. We’re actually lucky our military isn’t like the Burmese military which is a nightmare.

          I believe a civil war could spark change but then it’s a double edged sword. Remember what a fail EDSA Revolution was. If the people doing the revolution have the brains and genuine nationalism and patriotism, then it may not follow EDSA’s utter failure.

        2. Your comments remind me of another rebuttal to the moronic statement: “Kayo kaya ang maging presidente!”

          If the likes of Gordon, Villar and Gibo who are obviously intelligent, well-known to the voters and were funded all lost the election, what more people like us who are not even well-known and have zero funding?

          With regards to advocating for a civil war, I’m against it because we already have institutions that are suppose to work, the Filipino people just have a way of getting around it. One of the drawbacks of having a war is that other militants might take advantage of the instability and end up being in power.

          And suppose there was someone who was to organize a civil war, it can’t be a half-assed one. But knowing Pinoys and their bahala na attitude, it will be a futile exercise.  Even the events after Edsa 1 was uncoordinated.  Someone who is a good strategist and have superb tactical skills could do it swiftly with minimal or no bloodshed and damage to infrastructure. 

      2. The French Revolution was caused by the excesses of the French Aristocracy. It led to the Reign of Terror, whereby the initiators of the revolution, perished in the Guillotine. However, it paved the way for the Declaration of the Rights of Men; and Democratic Republics.

        The EDSA Revolution was no revolution. It was a Coup d’ Etat by the Ramos-Honasan-Enrile gang. They put an Oligarch, like Cory Aquino as their leader. The Catholic Church supported it also; because of its huge landholdings, called the friar lands. Also, Liberation Theology was in vogue, during that time. The EDSA myth enabled the Oligarchy, to hold the balls of the Filipinos in the Philippine economy. The Oligarchy are well entrenched now. They even control the Media Information; sanitizing it for you… The U.S. supported EDSA, because of its stake on the U.S. bases.

        Governments are like clothes. If it do not fit you; you have all the right to change it. Don’t go wearing it and be uncomfortable. Because your colonial master tells you: “it fits you well.”

        1. I always believe in the statement of the great Psychology Professor Abraham Maslow: “The only way you can change the mindset of people; is to bring the awareness of themselves.” Change can come in peaceful way. You just have to bring Awareness to the 100 million Filipinos; about their true conditions. And that things can be improved…Blogs, texting, emails, cell phones, lectures,the information technology, etc… can inform people to the grass-root level…we are not selling UTOPIA…we only want what is due for all of us: our dignities and decent living conditions. We have been deceived by the Yellow Horde Nazis…

        2. And how is it possible to bring awareness to the people when most of them are apathetic and lawless,etc? Not to mention they mostly ignore the best ideas and the excellent people’s voices. How is it even possible to begin a civil war when even the PNP is incompetent and the military for a very long time can’t handle the very old insurgent movements?

          There really is no hope for the Philippines for the next decades. IMO, it’s much better if we are governed either by Japan or U.S. I challenge you to give me an argument in which these things become possible.

  6. daaaaang!… are y’all gonna start a flip “tea party”??? call it “PARTIDO TSAA ” (tangalog for tea party) or PARTIDO SALABAT (ginger tea para mas flip sounding)…

    1. I prefer “Partido Tsaa ng Pilipinas”, nguni’t seryoso ako. Naisip ko we need a similar movement sa RP. Kahit ang Anti-Pinoy ay voice ng RP, there must be an organizing body comparable to the Tea Party sa U.S., para ang mga basic principle can be concretized, rather than just conceptualized. Ang U.S. ay halimbawa, hindi lamang theory.

  7. LOL. I always felt that there was a parallel between AP and the Tea Party in that they are aware of the flaws in their respective government. By whilst the US is blessed by a strong alternative media to counter the propaganda spread by those networks working for the Obama administration (CNN, NY Times, MSNBC), the Phil has a practically non-existent alternative. Likewise, I think the biggest difference in principle between the Tea Party and AP, is that the Tea Party represents the masses and goes against the so-called “elites” and “(faux)intellectuals”; AP has a strong anti-populist stance. As opposed to the American masses that are intelligent and blessed with a strong comprehension of their constitution and logic; our masses are about as easy to string along as an ant with a sugar cube. I guess it goes to show that any democracy is only as good as its constituents. If ever AP does become known in the mainstream world, then I have a feeling the mainstream media will lambaste us as a group of political terrorists and rabble rousers, just like what the American mainstream media are doing to the Tea Party.

    1. Because of the convoluted situation in the Philippines, AP in general does not see the Filipino masa as a victim per se. The latter has the power to vote or get rid of their incompetent public servants but they are too apathetic and indifferent to care. They instead waste their vote on popular personalities who end up either slacking on the job or squandering public funds.

      We do speak for the poor because the poor do not know what is good for them.

      As far as I know the Tea Party in the US rooted for Republicans and Republicans are anti-socialism. In theory, socialism promotes an egalitarian society, a society that is pro-poor.

      1. I believe socialism or rather, social democracy has gotten unjustifiably tarred and feathered from both sides…from Stalinist and Maoist purges on one and American conservative xenophobia (like McCarthyism) on the other.

        “Socialistic” policies were responsible for many of the worker environment and safety rights instituted in the United States in the early 1900s, as well as the current governmental systems instituted in much of Western Europe where citizens receive education and healthcare as a human right (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 26 and 25, respectively). Worker’s rights instituted there are comprehensive enough that they’re considered part of a standard that keeps businesses competitive (see the German Auto Industry not counting GM-owned Opel.) rather than some kind of governmental inhibition.

        Of course, many companies see it as an inhibition on themselves these days and many Unions today don’t seem to be keeping up with the times…

        Speaking of which, today’s Pinoy Leftis’ take the line that worker’s benefits is a sort of instant gratification (mostly focusing on REVOLUSHUN! and direct wage increase) rather than as part of a society-wide change and I think that’s a problem.

        All in all, Social Democracy isn’t so much “pro-poor” or “anti-rich,” it just ensures that should the rich fuck up, everyone else doesn’t have to suffer disproportionately, nor will the rich get a golden parachute. I suppose it’s more of putting a set of clearly enforceable and loophole-minmal rules on the free market to keep it competitive (not really “forcing” it a la Assange).

      2. Ilda, kaibigan ko, tama ka tungkol sa ang Tea Party supporting ang mga Republican, dahil they are ideologically closer to their basic principles than the Democrats, nguni’t they are really non-partisan. Many Republicans are just as responsible for the excessive federal spending, national debt, and financial bail outs as the Democrats, which the Tea Party generally opposes and condemns them for.

    2. Lazzo, kaibigan ko, tama ka tungkol sa ang isyu ng alternative media sa U.S. (namely pabarito ko Fox News). RP needs a fair and balanced media network as Fox, wherein liberals and conservatives and independents can express their political views in addition to objective news coverage. Marahil tama ka din tungkol sa ang Tea Party opposing elites, samantala AP opposes mindless populism, nguni’t hindi ako naniniwala mga kababayan natin ay tanga. Naisip ko it is more accurate to say ill-informed o misinformed sila, which can be remedied simply by informing and educating them. For now, naisip ko ang AntiPinoy should continue its work of educating our kababayans, nguni’t naisip ko din sa kalaunan, it should move from the intellectual and conceptual sphere to the organizing and campaigning sphere just as the Tea Party Movement sa ang U.S. Talaga, their success has become apparent sa November mid-term elections. It’s a model RP can follow, para Gordon can win Malacanang sa 2016.

    3. Sharafa, kaibigan ko, tama ka tungkol sa ang isyu ng alternative media sa U.S. (namely pabarito ko Fox News). RP needs a fair and balanced media network as Fox, wherein liberals and conservatives and independents can express their political views in addition to objective news coverage. Marahil tama ka din tungkol sa ang Tea Party opposing elites, samantala AP opposes mindless populism, nguni’t hindi ako naniniwala mga kababayan natin ay tanga. Naisip ko it is more accurate to say ill-informed o misinformed sila, which can be remedied simply by informing and educating them. For now, naisip ko ang AntiPinoy should continue its work of educating our kababayans, nguni’t naisip ko din sa kalaunan, it should move from the intellectual and conceptual sphere to the organizing and campaigning sphere just as the Tea Party Movement sa ang U.S. Talaga, their success has become apparent sa November mid-term elections. It’s a model RP can follow, para Gordon can win Malacanang sa 2016.

  8. AP is disorganized? Lol. Ngo indeed has no idea. AP has made more advances than other political blogs in Da Pinas. We made it regularly to radio, newspapers (RP and US) and foreign wesbites have featured us. 

  9. To be frank, the Tea Party has its own darker side because it’s had to make bedfellows with some very nasty fascistic and anti-science figures in order to advance its agenda.

    You can also search the site for other “Tea Party” craziness, but you can see they’re delving into a similar xenophobia as the current environment. These are people who are on the brink of advocating a civil war (see above) as a purifying force, and are firmly against scientific advancements and solutions for environmental problems.

    The lesson we have to learn here is AP is actually against the self-imposed cultural and governmental barriers that keep the nation from progressing, in a sense opening up contrary to the Tea Party line.

    1. The recent and the most outspoken members of the Tea Party have different agendas but they were all united against big government (and most of Obama’s policies). I noticed too that most of them are gun-loving, Bible reading folks from America’s heartland.  And they are obviously well-funded and therefore seemed well organised.

      1. Just like here, big religion comes with big money with hands in corporate pockets.

        I’m actually for Obama’s policies, but I’m disappointed with his administration as a whole mainly due to Tea Party obstructionism (and most of their congressional opponents effectively being bailout-loving corporatists.)

      2. Ilda, kaibigan ko, the Tea Party relies mostly on private donations and volunteers, who do not get paid. Talaga, many of them have never been interested sa pulitika, until they noticed the anti-business, anti-constitutional policies ni Obama, which not only threaten their livelihood, nguni’t ang financial condition ng mga anak kanila. Their organization stems from the local level, which makes them a genuine grassroots movement, rather than a manufactured movement organized from a central point. Naisip ko a similar movement should occur sa RP, marahil ang AntiPinoy Movement o ang Partido Tsaa ng Pilipinas.

        1. Thanks for supporting my idea Marcial Bonifacio. I’m glad you get the drift. You are obviously aware of what the Tea Party in the US has accomplished. I hope you can find like minded people to support our movement.


      3. Hahaha! Ilda, kaibigan ko, talaga I have found such like minded people na. Those people are you all sa ang AntiPinoy and those who voted based on knowledge, rather than ignorance for Sen. Gordon. I only encourage all of you and patriotic activists to contemplate the idea ng Partido Tsaa ng Pilipinas and implementing its basic principles modeled after the American Tea Party and its activities ngayon. Afterall, the Tea Party started with only a few hundred people in one city sa 2008. Ngayon meron hundreds of thousands in more than nine hundred cities in all fifty states. Many of the protestors simply connected sa pamamagitan ng Internet. Nga pala, I am one of them, so meron first-hand experience ako. Hahaha! Sa bagay, if we all can implement such a movement sa RP, it would not only spread public awareness ng mga basic paksa o isyu ng AntiPinoy (charter change, abolition ng pork barrel spending) it would be an opportunity to promote and give politicians like Gordon more exposure to the public for his potential presidential run sa 2016 and or other political offices just like sa ang U.S. Nga pala, masaya ako meron intellectually stimulating publication as ang AntiPinoy, which is precisely the type of media RP needs. I have even fantasized about AntiPinoy evolving into the American equivalent ng Fox, as a major alternative to the biased media sa RP. Hahaha! Also, Ilda, kaibigan ko, I must commend you para sa mga astute at well-informed comment mo sa mga blog mo, nguni’t ito sa particular, dahil for quite some time, I have noticed the similarities between ang Tea Party at ang AntiPinoy. Unfortunately many Americans are oblivious to some of what you said tungkol sa ang Tea Party at Fox. Sa bagay, keep up the good work, kaibigan ko, and just call me Marcial!

    2. Lazzo, kaibigan ko, mali ka tungkol sa ang Tea Party being a group of biggoted, racist, anti-scientific lunatics. They are simply American patriots who adhere, for the most part, to the Constitution, which Obama and His Government opposes. There has not been any concrete evidence of the liberal accusations which you espouse. If you support Obama, then it may be difficult for you to accept this, dahil the media sides with him, so naturally you will get a spin which favors Obama. I suggest you view the Fox News Channel for more objective news, dahil meron mga liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, at independent diyan. Incidentally, there was an attempt to infiltrate the various tea parties by an anti-tea party teacher, para their image would be tainted. Here is a link:

  10. Although I have to admit that some of the comments here are too intellectual for my own brain to process, I still make it a point to understand everything as much as I can. I can feel the passion invested into each article that I have read here in AP. Keep the flame of change burning. I hope more people get to read your articles and be informed. Kudos AP. Keep it up!

      1. I learned alot from Antipinoy simply because I got sick of observing Pnoy’s administration do nothing.

        Absence of sponsorship only reflects the authenticity and passion of the Antipinoy writers. Just keep em coming.

  11. You cant fight/save this country like you cant fight/save the world. Everyone is utterly clueless that the irresponsible sheeps are ruled by the responsbile hustlers above. This is a country, with people who are infinitely stupid by nature. The problem is we do not use our brains anymore, we are controlled by mainstream media(aquinos whisperers!), and mind-controlled to move on herds like sheep, meeeping its way to suicide.

    I am not a anti-pinoy. I dont hate pinoys(because I dont believe on ethnicity!). But I hate stupid people, and PINOYS ARE STUPID!!! You cannot change this world you are living in, All you can do is change yourself!!! BE responsible on what you are doing and move on!! The Arroyos,Aquinos and Ampatuans are all alike. Laughing behind the curtains, and having a tea-party and due to your stupidity they acquire great power(connections) to control the masses and rule our lives!! They do not, force you vote for them??? You did!!! You Put them on power to begin with!!! You with eyes, of hope that there will be change it the country ruled by a GAY-PORCHE lover. At the end, of the day… WHat is important is yourself!!

    1. Nuthugger, kaibigan ko, sa panlahat tama ka, nguni’t informing and educating others din has some effect, hindi ba?

  12. That’s great Ilda. Keep sharing similar thoughts. I happened to find your site as I was checking how the poem I wrote for Robredo, “Robredo…to die a her”, and 2 poems for Saturnino Fabros, “Dignity in Poverty… the way of Saturnino Fabros” and “Saturnino Fabros…humility personified” have gone as,being my only way letting the world know we have those kind of guys in our midst. I was impressed by your site/group. You are right, just like me, perhaps, the rest of the contributors in your site are doing other things to earn pesos to live. Disorganized? I don’t think so. The desire of each contributor to share truthfully, is what welds the site strongly, very cohesively. You are right, funding from others, may just pollute the objective of the site.
    It takes a lot of guts to really bring out honest ideas from anybody. But each of us has a role to play. We cannot just be fence- sitters. Unfortunately, those who are such are the ones more loud in complaining – just complaining in one word or two or three. They do not even bother to share the reasons for their complaints or offer suggestions. They complain about just anything, but I don’t think they bother to evaluate things first before letting out a word of complaint.
    Oh, by the way, this early, have you noticed the tv exposure of the male cayetano senator? and senator legarda? why did they speak only now? because the election is coming soon? because they want an early exposure? eerily, the segments seem to be “related” to their advocacy as officials, so I suppose payment for those expensive tv segments can be “justifiably” charged to the taxpayers” money?
    You have my support Ilda…go on!

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