A pathetic accounting of Filipino achievements in 2010 by the Inquirer editor

Having just finished an article indicting the ho-hum tradition of hacks issuing corny messages of “hope” that the Filipino can latch on to every time old gives way to new year, where else but in the Inquirer.net do we find the mother of all cliché New Year messages. The article “reviewed” the year that just passed and cited the “achievements” Filipinos can look back to with “pride”, all of which are products of the American Way — American-trained Manny Pacquiao and American-discovered Charice Pempengco were among the standout notables in this list.

Azkals coach Simon Mcmenemy

But what is most disturbing is citation given to the success of the Philippine national football team, the Azkals, as “reflecting” the “greatest achievement” of the Filipino in 2010. The Azkals “against all odds” beat defending champion Vietnam in this year’s Suzuki Cup. Against all odds, because this team soldiered on and won despite its albeit remote association with anything Filipino, rather than because of it. Indeed, the Azkals succeeded without enjoying any wide support from the people it supposedly played for. It is an irony that simply escapes the sensibilities of the average Filipino — and one that cetainly flew over the head of the Inquirer.net editor, as evident in this excerpt…

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But a nation madly in love with basketball took notice of and cheered their unlikely heroes, watching the two semifinal matches in droves. The Azkals turned us into believers. The Azkals’ success came largely from the determination and sacrifice of its team members and devoted supporters. That, too, is something very Filipino. To do what we dream of, we must dare to take the first step as well as the next, unmindful of obstacle or opponent.

… which highlights the reality of the Azkal’s success — that their devoted supporters were a brave minority in a vast ocean of basketball-crazy morons. So now that they’ve won Filipinos are now on to them in a major major way like an embarrassing rash.

The Azkals’ triumph reflected the Filipinos’ greatest achievement of the year as well. Just as the nation believed in their Azkals, so too did the Filipinos believe in one another.

Na-ah. Think again, Mr Editor, and ask yourself:

Did Filipinos “believe” in “their” Azkals when they were still an obscure and struggling force in a sport that lay outside the small square that defines the Filipino mind?

For that matter let us all ask ourselves: Before Ellen de Generes’s and before Cameron Mackintosh’s endorsements, where were Charice Pempengco and Lea Salonga respectively? Cetainly not out there capturing the stunted imagination of their own compatriots.

And so, folks, behold these examples of Pinoy “achievement” cited in “Testament“, the Inquirer.net Editor’s message of “hope” to his hapless readers. Beyond the personal achievements of people who previously were largely overlooked and underrated by the people who now so revealingly latch on to their “unexpected achievement” in the laughable hope of some of this equity rubbing off them, there seems to be no other win that can truly be attributed to any collective effort of the Filipino as a people.

No, wait. There is of course our dear “President” Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III who, after all, was a product of the Popular Vote; therefore arguably an embodiment of some perverse form of collective Filipino “achievement”. But again, I will cite the irony in such an assertion as it is implied by the Inquirer.net Editor. For us to grasp this irony, we need to step back and regard the full line-up of candidates Noynoy went up against in the 2010 campaign. Noynoy’s opponents in the 2010 presidential election were candidates who were seasoned statesmen, seasoned executives, and seasoned thought leaders. That the Filipino would choose the least competent candidate to be their president says a lot about our character. And with that understanding of our peoples’ character, perhaps our regard for what lies ahead not only in 2011, but the subsequent five years leading up to 2016 can hopefully be a bit more pragmatic.

85 Replies to “A pathetic accounting of Filipino achievements in 2010 by the Inquirer editor”

  1. There is not a lot to be proud of that is somehow/something Filipino lately. Amusing yes but not enough to glorify the Filipino race. 

    Is there anything new to expect in 2011? I don’t think there is. The government will continue to sleepwalk through it’s day to day operation without any clear direction and vision. The government will continue to come up with anti-OFW statutes which our leaders, who have never been OFWs, think will be helpful to the modern day heroes. On the contrary these policies such as the compulsory insurance and host countries certificate of compliance to Philippine migrant laws are nothing but added burden to 

  2. Did Filipinos “believe” in “their” Azkals when they were still an obscure and struggling force in a sport that lay outside the small square that defines the Filipino mind?

    I didn’t, and even as a sports-hating nerd in general, I still don’t. As I might have mentioned before*, I’m not convinced that the victories were anything more than luck against a team that probably either put out their third-stringers or just “chillaxed” because they figured the Azkals for pushovers. Next time round, I expect nothing less than sweet bloody vengeance.

    If they can manage to fight through that, then maybe I might seriously consider them to be more than lucky.

    Noynoy’s opponents in the 2010 presidential election were candidates who were seasoned statesmen, seasoned executives, and seasoned thought leaders. That the Filipino would choose the least competent candidate to be their president says a lot about our character.
    I voted Bayani. But I admit that for the first 72 hours afterward I was optimistic about Binay as VP because I figured as DILG head he could egg on the local governments to emulate the example he used for Makati, opening themselves up for investment (at least to people outside their leaders’ immediate spheres of influence) and using the income to improve social services.

    Unfortunately, because he happened to be on the other least competent candidate’s ticket, he got relegated. And with damn near 70% of people voting the two least competent candidates possible, then forget viewing things pragmatically, I really hope I’m not on Philippine soil by the end of this year, let alone 2016.

    *Quick question, how do I link back to a specific comment on AP? I can only seem to get the comment link right after I post it…

  3. begnig0, I strongly suggest that you submit this piece to the PHAILippine DILLY INQUIETER. They need to be shaken from their yellow-zombie, Mary-worshipping pedestal like a bullet in the head.

  4. On with our Wowoowee Mentality…Welcome 2011. Economic hardships for all of us are on the way. Tighten your belts…or prepare to burn the imbecile and the coward on stake…together with his cheering squads of Priests and Bishops…

    Truthfullness is the casualty in our Wowoowee Politics.

  5. I am looking more on the “intent” of Inquirer.net why they even try to associate any personal achievements of certain individuals or teams to what being a Filipino is. Being in the field of advertising and design, I surmise it has to do with attaching PERCEIVED VALUE on their name. Or in Inquirer.Net’s case, their brand.

    This is pretty much similar to ABSCBN’s formula in gaining public trust. Evoke sentimental feelings by elevating the status of the Filipino condition way beyond from what it really is. Viewers will remain enamored and hypnotized by such notions and they will linger in such state.

    Whoever shouts “Ang Sarap Maging Pinoy Dahil….” first earns the approval and loyalty of the mediocre minds of the Filipinos.

    Bottomline, its all about developing the BRAND.

    ABSCBN is a brand
    INQUIRER is a brand
    AQUINO is a brand

    In advertising, if you have a good brand, you will have loyal customers for years to come. This is proven true in our society. When election time comes, just evoke PEOPLE POWER, EDSA, NINOY, MASA, WALANG MAHIRAP KUNG WALANG CORRUPT and surely, you will gain votes from loyal customers or should I say “loyal subscribers”.

    They dont need critically thinking filipinos. Heck no. Else they will lose customers.

    OLIGARCHS: To all Filipinos out there, sorry kayo, nagpapaloko kayo. ALL YOUR BASES ARE BELONG TO US…

    1. HA!HA!HA!HA1HA!  EDSA “Revolution” is a big FARCE!!!!  ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!  UNTIL now, not one philippine peryodistas, REPEAT, NOT ONE PHILIPPINE PERYODISTA AND PHILIPPINE COLUMNISTS AND PHILIPPINE BROADCASTDRS, ALL OF THEM, answered my questions:
      1.  Who were the first responders of the so-called EDSA “Revolution”!!!!
      2.  Since Flippinos are mad and hate anyone associated with Marcos, who were the “revolutionaries” side on?  Corrupt serial-coup-de-t’ater Honasan-Ramos-Enrile?  Or Ferdinando Marcos?  TELL ME.

  6. This sounds similar to over here in Canada. Filipino-Canadians have their social network statuses as “pinoy pride” this “pinoy pride” that, but when Canada won the gold for hockey in the winter Olympics, all of a sudden the Filipino-Canadians here were proud to be Canadian. What a coincidence. jump on the bandwagon only when they can boast. (btw…I was in the Philippines during the winter Olympics and the people there had no idea about the event).

  7. HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!  What an achievement!!!  HA!HA!HA!  Kindergarten-drop-out Manny Pakyaw won the highest philippine achievement award on sport that is heavily plague with scandals run by sleazy mafiosis whose “sportsmen” either retire in prison, financially bankrupt or had their brains made into a slush.  HA!HA!HA!  This so-called sports that Filipinos are so enthused about are not academically not supported because the players can barely pass benign0’s englischtzes test or Renato Pacifico’s elementary math quiz or BongV’s freemarket regimen.  HA!HA!HA!  Boxing skills is honed in prison rumbles and street rubouts.
    Charice Pempenco also received a notable mention for singing in karaoke bars.  “My Way” is a song that killed plenty for singing a note out of tune.  HA!HA!HA!HA!  Charice has to survive the “My Way” carnage with all her heart.  HA!HA!HA!HA!  Like Boxing, singing has no need for intelligence.  ha!ha!ha!ha!
    AZKALS?  Frankly, guys, I do not know what this AZKALS is all about, I take it is another sport.  HA!HA!HA!HA!
    Lowest of all mentionables or may not have been mentioned at all is texted-winner CNN-Man-of-the-year Pinaflorida.  As you all see, Flippinos do not like education.  They do not read.  You cannot even find them in Borders, Barnes&Nobles and Los Angeles Pubic Library!!!!  As long as tyhey speakengese goot englsichtzes no need for them to go to Library.  Their only information is TFC and entertainment is WoWoWieeee!!!!

    1. HEY! I chill at Borders and Barnes&Nobles whenever I see one. Most of the time Montclair, CA down by 10 freeway or at Dos Lagos, Riverside, CA by the 15i….and I am pure pinoy!!! thats unfair!

  8. the best of the best go abroad.
    the worst of the worst end up in politics.

    a 3rd world country trying to run a 1st world political system with criminals and intellectual lightweights whose only interest is personal grandeur and wealth and maintaining the feudal and patriachal structure will always result in terminal decline.

    our neighboirs now outperform us and the country is becoming increasingly reliant on the crumbs from china as the rest of the worl lose patience and regard us as an irrelevance in the global order.

    p-noy shoes no character charisma gravitas or leadership and combined with the incompetents he chose the chances of real change is aboit as high as p-noy ever having a real girlfriend.

    it is all becoming fantasy reminiscent of emperors new clothes syndrome.

    1. spot on comment, as a concerned Filipino, I worry about our prospects in this Darwinian world in 2011, the religious types are lulling us all into a doped world of make believe that all will be well and good because God is merciful. . .

  9. this is the first comment that I would make in this site though I’ve read other articles before and I even read the rationale behind antipinoy. I liked the idea of exposing the negative aspects of being pinoy in the hopes of changing them for the betterment of our nation. sadly I have noticed that the articles here and as well as the comments does not seem to aim to expose the negatives aspects of being pinoy. I noticed that the articles and comments seem to downplay everything that the nation has achieved particularly the success of charice and lea salonga. it appears to me that respondents here seem to be what internet boards refer as “haters” we downplay, criticize everything that is associated with pinoys. so what if charice and lea or manny pacquiao are trained by americans such as cameron mackintosh, oprah, ellen degeneres or freddie roach? the fact that they learned the system goes to show that they are exceptional. A ROOSTER, NO MATTER HOW YOU TRAIN IT or even hire roach; and no matter how you expose it to the world with the help of oprah or ellen, WOULD NEVER BARK IF IT WAS NOT BORN A DOG. likewise, even if its roach or mackintosh teaching them, if these”american way products” pinoys does not have the talent or skills would never be successful. btw: before cameron mackintosh, lea salonga has already been popular here. yes miss saigon made her a world famous star but let us not take away the fact that she was able to make a name for herself prior to meeting mackintosh, same goes for pacquiao who has won world titled before meeting roach. LET US DEPLORE THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF PINOYS BUT LET US COMMEND ACHIEVEMENTS OF PINOYS AS WELL

    1. Perhaps come up with some examples of real achievements instead of lamenting the critical statements we make about all these pseudo-achievements being trumpeted in these mainstream articles. Are there achievements that can be considered to be a function of the collective nature and character of the Filipino people? Or are we limited to the achievements of individuals who bloomed despite — and not because of — their being Filipinos?

      1. what particular achievement are you looking for? would you care to cite an example of something that pinoys can call their achievement?
        also, I wouldnt want to sound nerdy but traits and skills tend to be caused by genes as well. dont you think by the slimmest chance that it could be due to having a pinoy blood?
        it was said that the success of these people were gained through hardships. dont you think being a pinoy living in a setting where half brained peeps run the govt which caused its bane have contributed to making these peeps resilient and hardworking? if thats the case then we may say that being pinoy also contributed to who they are now.
        i’m not taking away these peeps achievement and saying that all their glory must belong to the whole nation. these pepes earned it with their blood sweat and tears but likewise a part of what they are is attributed to being pinoys so it wouldnt be bad if pinoys gavethem a toast for being a pinoy

        1. Dude, you’re getting it all wrong. You’re looking at the superficial. You seem like a straight A student judging from how you compose your comment. But please, try to read more and try to get the real drift of people here.

          Dont delve on the semantics.

    2. sadly I have noticed that the articles here and as well as the comments does not seem to aim to expose the negatives aspects of being pinoy. I noticed that the articles and comments seem to downplay everything that the nation has achieved particularly the success of charice and lea salonga.

      Put it in this perspective, their accolades and accomplishments are THEIRS and EXCLUSIVELY THEIRS. The Filipino nation doesn’t have a hand at all in their success. Now before you give me the but pinoys are their official chearleaders, how about their other non pinoy fans who just appreciate them for who their efforts? Or those fortunate and influential individuals who put them on the pedestal for everyone to see?

      criticize everything that is associated with pinoys. so what if charice and lea or manny pacquiao are trained by americans such as cameron mackintosh, oprah, ellen degeneres or freddie roach?

      You sir are missing the point. It is because media likes to focus on the accolades individual achievements of these people and those that helped them and try placing the Filipino nation as ‘exceptional’ due to this. What those individuals do aren’t representative of what the Filipino as a nation or a society is capable of.

      The ‘hating’ you see is not on the accomplishments of these people, and in which case it is purely subjective ANYWAY since they have something YOU don’t: fame, money, success and a better tomorrow. I don’t need either but I’d love a better ran government, a better tomorrow for the nation so maybe things for ONCE, will be different. And contrary, it doesn’t start with the Manny’s, Arnel’s, Charice’s and Lea’s. It starts with the people who care about the country, its society and politics. Hence why AP looks at the negative side but focuses on the positive side that ACTUALLY matters: Open economy, better infrastructure, better education and economic opportunities. If you want to to star talk, take it somewhere else. If you want to correlate star talk with the success of the country, you are in the wrong forum.

      1. “THEIRS and EXCLUSIVELY THEIRS.” –I somewhat agree. I loathe the scene where manny wins the boxing match then out of nowhere chavit and atienza jumps into the screen. however…
        “The Filipino nation doesn’t have a hand at all in their success.” –whatever you have gained or whoever you are now is caused by the experiences youve had in the past. the learnings, the stories youve heard has definitely shaped something in your mind. thanks to our absurd ogvt which caused us poverty, manny learned to strive hard which he used later as a boxer which helped him excel in his field. so how can you say that the nation or anything with pinoys or pinas doesnt have a hand in their success?
        “focuses on the positive side that ACTUALLY matters: Open economy, better infrastructure, better education and economic opportunities” –everone who loves this country dreams of this. but is it possible that while we aspire for this, cant we also appreciate that once in awhile, a compatriot of us is getting recognition in their chosen field? and bringing us honors?like seeing a philippine flag being waived inside the squared circle?
        “f you want to to star talk, take it somewhere else” — I am not talikng about star talk and I cant understand how my comment sounds star talk? perhaps you are missing my point. please enlighten

        1. to mr. alvin eternal: I’ve read that article before thanks for the link. I was asking for enlightenment regarding how come my comment was considered “star talk”. mr. jay SEEM to be fond of jumping into conclusions branding my piece “star talk” and making such comment ” since they have something YOU don’t: fame, money, success and a better tomorrow” this guy dont even know me, how come he said that I dont have those qualities? and suppose I dont have them as of this writing, does that mean I will never acquire such qualities?

        2. The point is, the Filipinos are giving themselves too much credit for the successes of these exceptional people. It is true, sir, that the poverty in our country have caused people like Manny Pacquaio to develop these hardworking traits. His talent and physical qualities may have been inherited. But, these traits and qualities are useless without the right opportunity and proper training which he has received from Americans.

          This is a classic argument between Nature and Nurture in the study of human development in psychology. Is the person successful because of his genes or because of his environment? There are tons of academic debates about this but the general conclusion nowadays by psychologists is that both genes and the environment are both important in a person’s success. Though their opinions still vary depending on the degree of importance and impact of both. Not one can be isolated and be solely attributed to the success of the person.

          I truly believe that Filipinos have what it takes to be successful given the right opportunity. But what bothers me is that Filipinos have been blinded by the successes of the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Charice Pempengco, and others that they forget the other half of the success equation – the environment. Like I’ve said earlier, these people developed their skills to become famous worldwide largely because of the training and opportunity they have received from foreigners.

          Now, Filipinos are just completely focused on their nationality as a cause of their success. And because of this, they have failed to see the country’s real situation which is defined by lack of opportunities for these talented people in our country. With this, we have failed to produce the proper environment to make more athletes like Pacquaio, and performers like Pempenco and Salonga.

          I believe it’s okay to be proud at them. After all, they’re still Filipinos. But I find it already disturbing if that pride for manny pacquaio becomes an obsession of the whole country that it distorts the reality of Filipinos. Don’t you find it irritating that our country revolves around the life of Manny Pacquaio? Don’t we have more important issues to tackle? It is frightening enough for me that most Filipinos (especially children of the recent generation) believe that the lives of these successful filipino artists, entertainers and athletes are the ideal way of lives. It is for our country’s great benefit if we are able to get out of this habit of worshipping these entertainers and athletes. After that perhaps we can see that there more important things in life other than boxing, singing, and playing basketball.

          I hope you understand that the Antinpinoy community, is merely trying to wake Filipinos from this euphoria that have failed to make the Filipinos see the more important things in life. The way Antipinoy criticize everything that looks positive to Filipinos may look negative to most Filipinos and to people like you, but trust me, the Filipinos desperately need to get hold of reality. It is our hope that by slapping the facts directly through informed criticisms might one day develop critical thinking to Filipinos and make them realize what’s really wrong in DaPinoy.

        3. @lightbulb: yup, I agree that the country was just revolving around pacquiao too much hence I was on Carolla’s side during the issue about his remarks on radio. I believe this stems from the fact that we lack a sense of origin or identity. first there was rallying for edsa then flor contemplacion, then bata reyes’ triumph, then pacquiao. if we can only create a battlecry or an ideology(like a better pancasila for indons)to support eternally then we dont need to admire much of these mortals rather support them in the same way you wguys here at anti pinoy wanted. and then we can wake up from these dellusions and realize that we need to stand up and ditch the trapos who failed to provide decent water supply all for the sake of our beleaguered nation

          I also fully agree that despite an abundance of talent, without opportunity it will all go for naught and I keep telling my friends about it even mentioning one of my fave quotes from Napoleon Bonaparte(ABILITY IS NOTHING WITHOUT OPPORTUNITY).

          what I just cant seem to understand is some commenters here seem to downplay everything and cant even exert an effort of acknowledging the “miniscule” things that pinoys were able to do and worse just acknowledge the foreigners behind them and leves behind the pinoys in the group as well. true, without bob arum, pacquiao might not have the chance to have a crack at de la hoya, but without wakee salud’s guidance, we might (arum included) not see pacquiao. so how come when one talks that when pacquiao wins, commenters here say “it is his alone and perhaps those americans that helped him” and no one bothers to credit as well those pinoys that was part of his success? think of the butterfly effect. acknowledge those little things that your compatriots have contributed as well for someone else’s success.

          by not paying attention to some positive things that pinoys have made(despite relatively small) while crediting arum,roach,winfrey, we run the risk of being in the company of those FAILipinos who suffer from colonial mentality, thinking high reagrd for other nations while bitching their compatriots

          no need for name calling (not referring to you lightbulb) all I am fighting for here is fair play, giving credit where credit is due. if some pinoy managed to do something, apllaud him for it and dont say “your effort was not good enough” or “looks trash compared to ” remember, its only recently that we began to stand on our own(or are we really fully independent from some nation’s clutches? 😉 ) you dont get perfection from first try, so try to tone down our angst

      1. we cant surmise that pinoys didnt like her when she joined the competition just because she ended up fourth place. we have to consider other factors, such as the quality of her opponents; her performance skills/talent at that time;etc. joe frazier lost to muhammad ali but that doesnt mean joe frazier was not a great boxer. venus raj was at 4th place but that doesnt mean miss universe judges hated her. it is competition, who stands the best among the best at that time gets the prize

        1. No, it also points out that they weren’t giving her the time of day but now she makes it overseas and all of a sudden she’s an icon? We CAN surmise they don’t care, much like how former Koreana Sandy Park was dumped by ABS-CBN because they have nothing for her and invested instead on their 2 other young and marketable stars. Then she goes back to Korea, becomes part of 2NE1 and all of a sudden Pinoys want to say they helped make her? (which the other factor is that Hallyu and Korean pop in general has long been getting attention in the EAST and WEST, as opposed the Philippine mainstream music management that can’t promote anything for crap).
          Regardless of competition, you can always use it as a platform to get attention as long as you made it near the top and what you make of that noteriety. I’ve seen it happen already in American Idol.

    1. pacman/charice = foreign intervention. Isinuka ng abscbn (charice). Sumikat abroad. Hinabol ng abscbn. Proud to be pinoy.

      Pnoy = malinis at walang bahid kuno. Number 1 sa survey. Mabuhay, President Noy.

      1. careful with the terms being used. I dont think “sinuka” ng abs cbn si charice. its just that in the competition where charice participated, there was another contestant who performed better. although I have to admit that abscbn rushed to her because of the intl fame. to use the term “sinuka” means someone was fired or thrown out of the company which didnt really happen to charice

        as for PNoy, I agree with you sir, to think of Noynoy as an ultra-pure person is a mere pipe dream. guess the best we could do is be vigilant on his decisions and inspire the people to do the same and stop their blind devotion brought about by his pedigree

        1. perhaps because there was lack of opportunity at the moment because the hot commodity currently are singers like sarah geronimo. but supporting sarah does not translate to trashing charice or other singers not picked. and think of this, kung sinuka ka ng isang tao, babalikan mo pa ba sya? if abs cbn trashed her, caharice would be crazy to sign up with them again

        2. At that point, as an artist you are looking for whoever is willing to promote you. Period. Difference is compared the Philippine market, Korea seems more geared and open to promoting western style music.

    2. Manny/charice/lea/azkals = theirs and theirs alone. Blood, sweat, tears, talent and effort. Oh and of course the foreigner that pretty much helped finance their business and exposure.

      Rest of Phirippines and ROBERT = ARE YOU EVEN TRYING? The country is in shambles and that is your best retort?

      happy new year.

      1. “and of course the foreigner that pretty much helped finance their business and exposure. ” –hey, remember, before a foreigner invested on them, a fellow pinoy first did. how can a foreigner take notice of them when they are located on a copuntry? somehow, some pinoy helped them first

        1. PROTIP: If Pacquiao didn’t meet Roach in the first place, then he’ll end up just like Rex Navarette.

        2. bottomline is some pinoy helped them not just foreigners. I’ve noticed that whenever we talk of success of manny, charice, it is implied that aside from their hardships, they earned it thanks to a foreigner that without the foreigner they would be in relative obscurity. it seems to me and to some peeps who read this site that its always the foreigners who are great at doing this and that. wala ba talagang nagawang matino ang mga pinoy? na lahat ng positive developments ay credited sa mga banyaga? I hope you get what I mean

        3. Enigma:

          1. Who has the purchasing power so Manny and Charice can earn $$$$? – definitely not from the Pobre Indios. The Filipinos were watching an event – which was subsidized by the Pay-Per_View subscribers.

          2. Will Manny and Charice gain world recognition if the only breaks they had were given by ABS-CBN? Heck they will wind up like Willie Revillame and his legal troubles if Manny and Charice went against the demi-gods of ABS-CBN. With foreign business mangers – they had a better deal than an ABS-CBN crappy deal.

          Stick to the facts and give credit where credit is due. Manny and Charice had the accident of being born Filipino what they did afterwards had nothing to do with being Filipino – what they did is just what any forward-thinking human being will do when faced with adversity – work hard and smart to get out the hell hole he was born into.

        4. “Stick to the facts and give credit where credit is due.” ergo, if we give credit to arum for givng pacquiao a name, give credit as well to wakee salud who managed him first. without his investment, arum wouldnt know him and wouldnt make money out of him. if we give credit to oprah for making charice popular, then credit the filipino that uploaded her performances on youtube. dont just credit `those foreigners that helped these peeps become popular, be fair and include everyone who helped them like those peeps who perhaps had the accident of being filipino and not some foreigner like arum or oprah that’s why they are being ignored

        5. Good news: I wrote a lengthy reply to enigmasterpiece that shattered every notion he had from what he wrote above. Well refuted i may add.

          Bad news: bad captcha, all erased, didn’t CTRL+C.

          Oh well, you don’t get to read it but it was a doozy. I’ll refute with this then:

          how can a foreigner take notice of them when they are located on a copuntry?

          You make it sound like boxing isn’t global. You don’t think these promoters aren’t looking for the next BIG THING? That is the principal reason why they are promoting for boxing specifically is to also feed their strong stars possible people who can headline their matches in the future!. Your mere ignorance is showing on the subject you are talking about here and above with mine.

          For Charice’s examples, where did she get recognized? KOREAN SINGING CONTEST ON TV among other international media venues! And specifically, yet another international media outlet, YOUTUBE! You make it sound like this is all a bad thing but I can bet your a$$ she can identify with that other young canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber. A fellow American music exec wanted to promote him and hell, a laundry list of suitors from Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo but ultimately, Usher signed him under his wing. And guess where Justin got recognized? You guessed it, YOUTUBE! So Ellen and Oprah gave her the platform she needed to be massively recognized where mainstream media matters, which she would use these connections to ultimately hook up with a talented pop producer, David Foster. See, none of all this is INHERENTLY PINOY! Not even the local media magnates knew what to do with her but she comes back home to serenade the nation as a ‘global pinoy icon’. Even the local cheeky station, ABS-CBN dumped on their former Koreana darling who now is riding the Hallyu wave of global korean appeal to east and west back in south korea.

          Which totally destroys your argument of then credit the filipino that uploaded her performances on youtube because if it weren’t for the korean tv execs looking for some foreigners to spice up their tv talent performances, its someone else whom they would be uploading singing on that stage, NOT CHARICE.

          wala ba talagang nagawang matino ang mga pinoy?

          Individually, sure. But as a nation, what do you think is the answer? Their achievements don’t represent backwards-ass pinoy values. They picked up their morals and mindsets from their surroundings that isn’t anything pertaining to PINOY SOCIETY or CULTURE! Manny worked harder than the average pinoy training to be a boxer and seem to make a mark on his conditioning before fights, which would help fuel his continued success as an athlete. And charice is nothing more than a cover singer at the moment, something that pinoy’s singing kareoke could only identify with.

          Besides as BongV is insinuating, if Wakee knew just HOW BIG Pac-man would become, he would have sold everything just to have the money to help promote Pacquiao regardless if he didn’t have the connections that arum or even dela hoya as a promoter has. But see with that initial risk, if you didn’t have a good trainer to turn pacquiao from his old style to what Freddie has coached him, do you think he would enjoy this kind of fame he has now?

          This has nothing to do with being fair. Because if Pinoys like you want it fair, they would have noticed what S. Korea and Singapore done, both young nations who have strived to be better than what the Philippines was in the 60’s to create an environment that invites the fairness you seek and the opportunities to grow. But instead, like you they hang on to useless inanity of accusing colonial mentality in its most archaic sense to things that don’t matter anymore. Such is what ignorance does to the common pinoy stricken with DA PINOY condition.


        it doesnt matter if wakee was “dumb” not to risk his fortune to bring manny all the way to las vegas frontline or if bieber was also discovered in youtube, or if youtube, where charice became a hit, was an int’l media outlet. the point is THERE WAS a pinoy who helped them as well reach their current status.

        perhaps salud just spent less on manny, but it was enough to provide manny a crack at world titles which made it easier for him to get noticed and be pushed further into mainstream

        charice rose to prominence after her performance in a korean show was uploaded by a Filipino in the intl media outlet “youtube” and got noticed which led to her invitation to appear in ellen and oprah. again, her uploaded video was the catalyst for her appearance in oprah. yes she performed in a korean show but it was in youtube where the peeps noticed her. had the filipino not uploaded it in youtube, there’s a big chance that oprah wouldnt have helped her coz she wouldnt know her in the first place. so its safe to assume that in charice’s success, credit should be given to oprah, ellen, the show researchers, that korean show and the Filipino who uploaded it, not just oprah the foreigner. claro?

        “Your mere ignorance is showing”; “but I can bet your a$$” ; and those earlier name callings on your previous posts – cant you make points or arguments without insulting others? being an alaskador, I can do better than this but I chose not too, you see, this site claims to bring the best out of pinoys, we criticise pinoy bad habits and its just awkward that while we criticise our compatriots over their epic fail habits, here we are throwing cheap shots at others, so what makes as different from them then?

        be profesional, hitting personal attacks or making rude comments may be understood as lack of a better arguments or a sign of shallowness

        1. “perhaps salud just spent less on manny, but it was enough to provide manny a crack at world titles which made it easier for him to get noticed and be pushed further into mainstream” – and that exactly is Exhibit #1 for MEDIOCRITY

        2. @enigma

          We’re giving you the points yet you continue ignoring it for what you feel is the truth. You continue harping about pinoy intervention yet me and BongV here are countering you that there is none, despite your silly attempts and your lack of evidence regarding that. And best yet every example you give points more to OUR points and NOT yours, such as charice rose to prominence after her performance in a korean show was uploaded by a Filipino. As much as you want to add random pinoy fanbase uploads to international media outlet ‘Youtube’, the point and I’m being even more fair than you to be honest, if the Korean tv show didn’t want Charice, someone else would be uploaded in that international media outlet and Oprah/Ellen would be bringing in someone else. So pretty much the people who are responsible for proliferating Charice’s name is technically the western media outlets who ultimately took her in and wanted to try give her a shot at her dreams. None of the Pinoys nor even the Korean tv show or the others she had appeared in could spread her out with such magnitude! So what is wrong saying it like that? Its the truth, as opposed your sugarcoated version of trying to include every other pinoy, including her family or the supposed pinoy (which you don’t even have a name) that uploaded her to youtube (which isn’t their bandwidth either) who supposedly had as much impact ‘promoting’ her than the western media outlets. If anything, you are butthurt over something you honestly can’t deal with.

          cant you make points or arguments without insulting others?

          Can you not get your balat sibuyas ruffled so easily and ADMIT to your ignorance while trying to accuse AP of what you perceive as theirs, with no proof at all whatsoever? I’m here to talk about facts so if you want to continue bringing this inane side argument about the manner of how the argument is presented, the weakest form of trying to rebut an argument, then really, go somewhere in a forum where they will wholeheartedly agree with your opinions. Because sadly I’m waiting for your best shot and I’m getting rather BORED when they go in circles. Says a lot about your supposed professionalism that you are trying to bring to the table, but you end up lambasting us for our lack of display for sympathy.

        3. @Engima

          Besides, not sticking to the points and making errant jabs at our inability to be nice (as you perceive) proves you wont’ and can’t defend your points since at least me and BongV has refuted them well enough that you can’t even think straight. But since I’m a nice sport, what do you make of two points that BongV above had regarding your issue?

          1. Is a good question, if you understand the ramifications. If the country’s promoters did the risking, as I have said, to put his name out and did the promotion ala Bob Arum, Oscar Dela Hoya’s companies, then without a shred of doubt the truth then would be that Pinoys HAD A HAND in bringing up THEIR FELLOW PINOY! Instead, even guys like Arnel Pineda (both) are also unknown until they got an opportunity from the international area and they come home TRIUMPHANT! If the opportunity was never there, they would be in the Philippines, still trying and may have to wait longer, for that chance and shot to break out into the mainstream. But one thing is for sure, the Philippines can’t help give them at an initial chance to make their dreams come true.

          2. Further reinforces the first statements as to why the Philippine is incapable of bringing up Manny or Charice, due to the ineptitude of ABS-CBN, companies who wouldn’t even want anything to do with them until they got recognized OVERSEAS and to what you and they perceive as ‘global’.

          These points and the ones I have made have completely trumped your idea that you keep running in circles about ACKNOWLEDGE THOSE PINOYS THAT HELPED MANNY/CHARICE AS WELL. They are in no better position than the guys they were helping, so how did they exactly help make the dreams of two come true?

          If this isn’t ignorance, then you have all the right to be offended because then we both know who is correct.

        4. mr BongV: as I have stated, what I am trying to tell you guys here is to acknowledge even the minuscule contribution of a pinoy to their fellow countrymen like manny or charice as I have noticed that aside from themselves, only foreigners get credit for whatever they have achieved. I am not arguing how big wakee salud offered to pacquiao so mediocre or not, the true question is: “was there a filipino who helped manny in some way achieve where he is now? Yes or No?”
          furthermore, if you believe that what wakee salud did is a form of mediocrity then I guess its safe to say that you acknowledge that salud did something right? how can you label something as “mediocre” when it never existed?

          jay: you always claim that you were able to refute all my arguments. a very Failipino trait…boastfulness. the same quality why japan,korea,singapore and viet nam surpassed us. too much complacency brought about by boastfulness. oh well.
          “if the Korean tv show didn’t want Charice, someone else would be uploaded in that international media outlet”; “supposed pinoy (which you don’t even have a name) that uploaded her to youtube”- read this, http://bolstablog.wordpress.com/2008/12/10/falsevoice/ somehow, it proves that a filipino spent some sweat to help out charice.

          “Can you not get your balat sibuyas ruffled so easily and ADMIT to your ignorance while trying to accuse AP of what you perceive as theirs” – Im not getting balat sinuyas. I am raising it as a form of concern, you see I got tired with so many filipinos bragging to much and too early about an achievement claimed by a filipino and too much noynoy stuff. what I wanted was a site who looks at things in an objective point of view. your stand on the adam carola issue and bongV’s noynoy truth o meter are things that made me look up to this site, however I noticed that comments are getting rude that it doesnt sound good to have those accusations of ignorance in an intellectual discussion. men are to act in a civilized manner. have you seen a UN gen assembly where delegates throw boogers at each other? no, because rude acts are considered a low-life scumbag’s folly

          “I’m waiting for your best shot and I’m getting rather BORED” – look, I am raising my points here in an attempt to provide some ideas in the same way that this site is doing as well, in the hopes of further shaping our minds. I am not posting nor negating statements just to compete. as they say, msg board flame wars are like special olympics, you may win it, but youre still a retard

          “they are in no better position than the guys they were helping, so how did they exactly help make the dreams of two come true” what an argument| you dont have to be the bigger fish to help someone, no matter how small you are you can make an impact. think: butterfly effect

        5. what an argument| you dont have to be the bigger fish to help someone, no matter how small you are you can make an impact. think: butterfly effect


          Catchy movie title, HORRIBLE way to support your argument there chief, if you are trying to use the proper idea of the definition as one of your strong basis for your argument. Has nothing to do with what you are claiming considering the points me and bongV had made constant to is that for any success to result in any field needs resources. The biggest resources Charice needs for hers is financial for exposure and of course time with a good professional (ala David Foster) so she sounds less like a kareoke star. Manny also needed financial resources to help promote himself as a fighter on a global scale as well as experience and tutelage from a trainer like Freddie Roach (or any of his caliber). The pinoys you keep putting up offered minimal to none or were borrowing resources that weren’t theirs or didn’t have enough to put them in a completely different level to achieve their dreams. In wakee’s case, He was only good enough to build him up as a champion at least on a local or national level. Fine goals for Pac-man, if he wanted to go as far as that. Then you would have your point there.

          See, your ignorance is stemming from your continued attempt to put even FALSEVOICE as a hefty contributor to Charice’s career, when the ‘sweat’ that you claim he puts up is pretty much already provided by Youtube’s bandwidth costs and nothing out of his pocket, except his own leisure time he wants to spend on. You don’t see bieber’s initial supporters who proliferated him across the web or the guy who initially wanted to sign him badly pulling what you are doing and trying to claim their smaller contribution had just as much impact to their stars’ careers NOW. Use some logic for once, instead of playing to your weak pango defense mechanisms and claiming this to be like some farcical flame war or something. YOU wanted to make the argument, YOU come up with the logical points that put the facts together as a solid truth. Instead you continue going in circles as if meandering on possibilities and now claiming those arguing with better points against you as mindless savages, lower than the ‘U.N. shooting boogers at each other’. The difference is AP is as mindful of the facts and logic as the U.N. and you are the little Pinoy who can’t pull a reasonable argument to save themselves and resorting to using allusions such as Failipino and horrid examples like countries besides Philippines are boastful and successful due to their complacency. Which is about the farthest thing from being objective that you wanted to see. How do you make it an intellectual discussion when you haven’t put up anything intelligent to substantiate your claims? It is also apparent with your statement of I am not posting nor negating statements just to compete. What are you trying to prove then?

          If anything, you are no better than the people trying to pull something that these individuals had a Filipino’s hand, and another, and another, and another to rightfully claim that the FILIPINO NATION indeed has a hand in their contributions (through your misplaced concept of the butterfly effect). Trying to single them out that they have as much contribution and impact as the foreigners who helped make them is making light of what it takes to be successful (and also points to your lack of knowledge in what it takes to succeed in any ambitious endeavors). How ironic considering these individuals who made it are worked harder for their own successes than most of the country you are insinuating had a small hand in it.

        6. di mo lang naintindihan kung anu anu pa sinabi mo. “The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location” ang isang maliit na bagay ay maaring mag resulta sa isang malaking bagay. falsevoice’s uploading of charice made her popular which opened the doors for her to be noticed. has falsevoice decided not to upload her performance passionately, peeps at youtube wouldnt know her.

          helping someone doesnt just involve finances. just because falsevoice didnt spend millions doesnt mean he should be deprived of acknowledgement. what he did was even bright- taking opportunity of the resources available

          “you continue going in circles”- am not, Iam giving you scenarios where pinoys helped manny/charice in some way and you ignore them by putting bieber into the topic, as well as discrediting falsevoice just because he didnt pay for whatever youtube paid for the bandwith costs and raising the issue that youtube is an intl media outlet. the hell, who cares if its intl? and who cares if we uploaders dont pay the bandwith costs? its youtube’s idea not to charge, fact is, they even earn revenue because the more you visit the page, the more they earn through page visits

          you seem to try to keep raising the standards of how pinoys should have helped manny/charice in order to gain acknowledgement in the way roach/arum/oprah had perhaps becase you cant accept that in some way these pinoys had a hand no matter how small which weakens your position

          I noticed you’ve been reacting to all posts I made, hmmm. I didnt know you were my fan here

        7. I think we no longer need to argue this matter within this article. your argument is already a different topic in my opinion… @enigma, based from what I got from benign0’s article, it points out that the inquirer editor is superficial in enumarting or its review on what we’ve achieved as Filipinos last year. Azkals, Pacman, Charice’s achievements are their own… Filipino cannot reflect to it as an achievement of a nation as what inquirer and yellow media is trying to show. This type of media presentations keeps ignorant people living in the dreamland. Achievements should be based on a collective progress of the country. We should reflect based from what our country targeted as a goal for the whole year… As an example, if you are in a company or corporate world, you check your progress against what you’ve targeted at the end of the year. Companies may recognize the achievements in extra-curricular activities such as sports event, contest they’ve participated etc., but these will have no impact in the growth of the business as a whole. It will not even increase the employees salary/bonus for the coming year. I hope you get the analogy and what the real message of this article is about.

        8. nothing to worry, I get what the article was about and I somewhat concur. my reaction was just to point out that while these individuals claimed such accolades based on their sole efforts, some not all, AP commenters tend to acknowledge as well the effort extended by some foreigners but ignoring the fact that in some way pinoys had also allotted some form of assistance to these individuals. believe me, Im sick as well hearing our compatriots overhyping something what I was just arguing is if we could acknowledge that while these foreigners, lets give the same treatment to our fellow pinoys

        9. ang isang maliit na bagay ay maaring mag resulta sa isang malaking bagay. falsevoice’s uploading of charice made her popular which opened the doors for her to be noticed.

          Pahiwatig na kung hindi na upload ni falsvoice ang mga videos ay hindi na mapapansin si Charice. Parang di mu alam na marami din na may mga kaibigan sa mga music exec at promoters na nakikinggan sa mga ibat ibang media outlets din sa mundo. Maski may nagawa ang Korean media outlet nga dahil sila pa ang pumayag ipakita si charice sa kanilang network at ang youtube dahil sila pa ang may resources kay si falsevoice na ay ginawa lang ay nag upload ng content.

          am not, Iam giving you scenarios where pinoys helped manny/charice in some way

          Contributed yes, but they didn’t fully help realize their dreams. I have pointed out that key difference yet you continue ignoring that while you harp about that these small people with small resources helped pass them along someone who is CAPABLE of putting them in the position to FULFILL THEIR DREAMS! If these small fries are your butterflies to your effect, which is small in amount, they aren’t capable of influencing any natural disaster. Meanwhile the foreigners that actually DID SOMETHING are akin to the force of mother nature, DIRECTLY influencing the cause and effect of the phenomena. This is nothing more than Da Pinoy trying to make mountains out of ant-hills kind of scenario.

          you seem to try to keep raising the standards of how pinoys should have helped manny/charice in order to gain acknowledgement in the way roach/arum/oprah had perhaps becase you cant accept that in some way these pinoys had a hand no matter how small which weakens your position

          Uh, that has always been THE STANDARD. You are the one trying to interpret it so you make it look like Manny’s or Charice’s ‘entourage’ or contributers/supporters had a huge hand in their success. Equatable to the foreigners that actually did something for them. YOU’RE the one ignoring the facts, the more obvious than not analogy between her and bieber (which for some reason you don’t get) and playing defensive due to your inability to bring an argument and convince the other side. Tough luck.

          I noticed you’ve been reacting to all posts I made, hmmm. I didnt know you were my fan here

          I was hoping I’d drop some knowledge. Sadly, like some posters that come and go they harp about their points, can’t back it up and leave in denial.

        10. “falsevoice na ay ginawa lang ay nag upload ng content.” – dont you get it? it was the youtube upload that was the catalyst for charice being noticed and did I say that we should discredit the korean show which invited charice to perform? backread please. and have you read the interview from the link I gave? this guy was passionate about supporting charice all the way so is it right to just consider his effort as so-so? he might not be as influential as oprah but crediting his efforts isnt bad afterall unless youre really a hater or whatever

          anyways, its useless to converse with people with closed minds so I guess there’s no need to further blabber here. some guy didnt get my point so let them be. I’ll rather converse my thoughts with more open minded people. see you in 4 years, lets see which ideology or thinking would best help elevate pinoys from their current predicament. good luck to both of us

          in fairness nung in-explain ko ang butterfly effect mukhang medyo naintindihan na

      3. may pa-butterfly effect pa nalalaman
        (yeah i know its late)


        Jay’s (and others that i’m too lazy to mention) point is simple:
        Manny/Charice/Askals/whatever recent Famous filipino didn’t become famous in their own country.
        they have to go overseas in order to make THEIR OWN name.
        you know why? LIMITED OPPORTUNITIES in our country.
        limited in fact that charice had to use youtube in order to become at least a product of a recent internet meme.
        the local entertainment industry had turned a blind eye on charice therefore she has to go overseas.
        when she turned famous overseas….boom. proud akong maging pinoy.


        pero wala eh puro superficial praises at minor contribution lang ang nagawa eh.

        therefore majority of their success lies on the foreign system.

  10. The editor even failed to cover our athletes participating in the 2010 SEA Games. They were the ones carrying the honor of our flag, because they were the real Philippine team, not like Pacquiao who only carries his own name, and then the Philippines just rides on him.

    So that’s the rule? Do not support our athletes who have little chances of winning and have no media exposure? For shame.

    1. That’s a good citation Chino. The SEA Games contingent never stood a chance against the onslaught of non-relevant content being thrown at us by Big Pinoy Media.

      1. The Asian Games were in 2010, the SEA Games are on odd-numbered years in between. And we did better in Guangzhou than in we did in Hiroshima 1994, which I mention because that’s when my dad started working for the Philippine Olympic Committee (left a couple years back primarily because of Peping C.) and I actually started paying attention to these sporting events. q;

        For the first time in recent years I actually assed myself to try to see the Asian Games this year but couldn’t find it on ANY FREAKING CHANNEL after the opening ceremonies. Not even on NBN.

        If at first you don’t succeed, give up and try something else. That, apparently, is how the media regards our sportspeople apart from those that punch people in the face for money. And I will maintain that it will be the ultimate fate of the Azkals, back to obscure/non-existence from whence they came after they lose the next time around.

      2. daaaang!…last olympic games, the flipland olympic squad was outnumbered 5 to 1 by coaches, asst coaches, water/towel boyz, asungots, barkadas, kainuman, kabits, etchastera, etc…

  11. Here’s one overdue “achievement”: the automated elections. But then of course they’ll like to forget about that because all of the work is done by the previous administration. In fact it’s not supposed to be successful because it was supposed to be rigged to perpetuate the power of the previous administration. It’s time for predictions, so I’ll make one myself: at the rate of failures we’re experiencing, we will see in the next national elections a revert to manual counting.

    1. Sadly, not even automated elections stopped local cheating interventions of it with the use of threats, paramilitary or shrewd actions. And an international committee of unbiased individuals oversaw all this.

  12. That is the best accounting the Filipinos can do.  Lookit, Ivy-tower of University of the Philippines is not ivy after all.  UP cannot even have the results posted on their site.  They directed parents to a “mirror image” (techie stuff parents cannot comprehend except the antipinoys) that is not workingese, that was January 1st ago.  It is January 4th and to avoid embarassment UPCAT took down their advisory that it was ready and eventually took down their site, too!!!!  LOOKIT, UP CANNOT EVEN GET AS SIMPLE AS RELEASING THE RESULTS OF UPCAT!!!! 
    I suggest they give the results to BongV and have it posted in Antipinoy.  !!!!  THAT IS THE REASON WHY THEY CANNOT EVEN DO SIMPLE ACCOUNTING OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS.  Cannot even try guilty Ampatuan.  BECAUSE UP produce idiots among idiots!!!!!!!

  13. daaaaaaang!…. pop singers, boxers, soccer players, and bilyaran tambays are flipland’s bestestest 2010 contribution to the world… hay naku, flips magaling lang kayo sa katangahan…

      1. I don’t mind OFWs, but the way the government panders them out is what makes them look bad. Especially since they can’t think of reasons to actually KEEP THEM IN the country.

      2. …. daaang!… my bad…. add: sexy gurlz and fedex brides… in demand from (a-z) afghanistan to zimbabwe… hey flips, mahiya naman kayo… you have brains, don’t you?… USE IT!… puro katangahan ang inyong ina-atupag!… you are an embarrassment to humanity…

  14. daaang! … flips have fcuked up priorities… while the rest of the world focus on promoting education to advance and inprove their economies, flips cut back on education and promote the likes of bata, fcukiao and charice pekpeko… ay sus ginoo… puro mga gung gongs!… kaya kayong mga flips, buti nga sa inyo!… bwi hi hi hi hi hi pwi!

  15. videoke and rice
    willie and shalani
    keep the masses entertained but not educated or informed.
    it maintains the 2 class society
    and irrespective of talent or hard work few move from one to the other.
    that is why we cannot compete with the innovation energy or progressiveness of our neighbours.
    the patriachs fight at all costs to maintain the status quo so no new blood or fresh thinking and noone to recognise and nurture talent

    1. if they aren’t willing to spill blood to get what they want and keep that way, why do they deserve it?

      Of course that was an extreme example but the people aren’t willing to stand up and at the very worst, join a riot that is staged like a coup.

  16. http://showbizandstyle.inquirer.net/entertainment/entertainment/view/20110105-312702/Fil-Am-takes-Fil-Ams-place-in-Spiderman
    ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! Flippinos are claiming two broadway spidermans as Flipppers when looking at their inheritance they came from Hong-kongs and parents of King-Kongs. Flippinos grasp anything floating to make them look goot because there is no other accomplishments abounded. ha!ha1ha@!ha! galing englsichtzes koh!!!
    So, therefore, Obama is not American basing on inquirer.net’s desefination of citizens around the world. HA!HA!HA!HA! I JUST LOVE THE INTELLIGENCE OF FLIPPINOS

  17. maybe p-noy will soon be claiming to be chinese.

    if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it is a chinese duck.

    ninoy must have adopted him from a chinaman.

  18. I’m tired of our countrymen saying “I am strong because I am a Filipino, I can win this because I am pinoy”. Should they cut this boastful crap maybe they can focus on doing their responsibilities more and not just whining about their bloodline because it doesn’t contribute on being productive at all. Take for example brandon vera (UFC mixed martial artist), he’s very proud of his Filipino bloodline, very promising before and 6 years ago, said that he will conquer two division belts in the UFC but got 3 straight loses in his last fights and even got booed at his latest for not showing his tenacity and resilience. we love bragging about our nationality but we’re not loving our country thru actions. we just love to brag…

    1. HA!HA!HA!HA!  Aw, c’mon.  Never heard of ethnic UFC or wrestler denegrate his country of origin.  Don’t believe that patriotic crap.  It is all ballshiite.

      1. I never believed his patriotic bullshit renato. and i agree that no one would do such a thing to his country, that’s why i think vera is a real crap when he was interviewed about his views as a Filipino. all “patriotic” brouhaha and that’s what our countrymen are doing all the time, pure saliva and no work.

    “The article “reviewed” the year that just passed and cited the “achievements” Filipinos can look back to with “pride”, all of which are products of the American Way — American-trained Manny Pacquiao and American-discovered Charice Pempengco were among the standout notables in this list”

    ” …which highlights the reality of the Azkal’s success — that their devoted supporters were a brave minority in a vast ocean of basketball-crazy morons.”

    The masses are so jologs. They support Manny Pacquaio, Charice Pempengco and basketball. Not us though, we’re more sophisticated than everyone else so we follow soccer. We knew about the Azkals before they were popular (implied meaning: those younghousband brothers are so cute). We’ve been soccer fans a long time even before the Azkals won (implied meaning: I started watching WC ’10 when I discovered that Torres guy from Spain is really cute)

    I’m a huge soccer fan and I’m glad that soccer’s finally getting attention in our country. I haven’t followed the Philippine national team since watching them get trashed by Indonesia 13-1 a few years back. What they have achieved is good but it’s not even a ripple in the global football scene. Saying that Filipinos should rally behind a team of mostly halfsies that can hardly even speak tagalog and coached by a foreigner over Manny Pacquaio, a Filipino who came from a situation most Filipinos can relate with, is just ridiculous.

    1. Exactly. The media has used the Azkals and perverted it in their own measure. Instead of promoting the classy team play and the spirit of the sport, they focus on the needless crap like the Younghusbands (IMO are overrated in every sense and for those who really watch the sport). Even Korina in her show uttered these guys should be looking into the world cup… niqqah please. Meanwhile, Japan and Korea have STARTERS that play in PL (the korean) and one in the Russian league.

      I still think what they did is better in a sense than the focused individual achievements like Manny and Charice. I’ve seen it all and one person can ultimately lift themselves and maybe a small group of people. You need a collective to lift islands and ultimately, a nation and its name.

      1. Yeah , they have, cause that’s what the media does. It’s not a Filipino thing, it’s a MEDIA thing. But that’s not the point.

        My point is, why is supporting Paquiao detrimental to our country’s success while supporting Azkals would be a harbringer of change? You can lecture me on how soccer is about teamwork all you want but at the end of the day it’s the TEAM’s teamwork that will let them win. You and I would have nothing to do with it just like we had nothing to do with Pacquiao and Pempengco’s achievements. From the looks of it you favor soccer simply because it’s the “classy” sport.

        Besides, what’s wrong with being proud of something you have no direct involvement with. Let’s say we’re watching a soccer game between Madrid and Barca. You support Madrid and they win. Would you, celebrating and bragging about it, make you a credit grabbing moron?

        I wonder, with all the media attention they’re getting, would you still be supporting the Azkals when you here tambays going “Azkals por the winz!”?

    2. Reality check:

      Azcals, Pacquaio, Pempengco are self-made.

      Filipinos by accident of birth.

      If there is any pride to be shared – its the pride that comes from the fruit of hardwork and dedication by any individual from ALL nationalities – NOT due to an accident of being born Filipino.

      1. I am perfectly aware of reality, dude. I’m aware that I’m proud of the Azkals and Pacquiao (can’t stand that pengpengco girl) because of mere association (ie. the accident of being Filipino). Geez, I wouldn’t even watched the Azkals if they weren’t Filipino. SEA is one of the weekest subcontinental fa’s.

        That doesn’t mean I see their successes as an indicative of our country’s success or our nation’s collective ability. It’s no different from an alumnus bragging about his school’s football team. If you find fault in that then that’s your deal. That does not make me a moron.

        And still, You haven’t answered why the obvious bias for soccer? C’mon, “Let’s Play Constitutional Football”? Don’t you think using basketball as an analogy would have sent a clearer message to the “basketball-crazy” morons?

      2. now you mention an alumnus bragging about his football team. let’s consider your metaphor –

        the school spent funds on the football team –
        * hired a football coach
        * provided training facilities
        * provided buses to take athletes to the games
        * came up with a program for success – and implemented it

        for short – the school was a team effort of the alumni, the school board, the fans, and the athlete – and these system makes the alumnus proud.

        now still using the same metaphor –

        the school DID NOT SPEND funds on the football team –
        * DID NOT hire a football coach
        * DID NOT provide training facilities
        * DID NOT provide buses to take athletes to the games
        * DID NOT come up with a program for success – NOR implement one

        and by some fluke – the school team won.

        If you are proud of a fluke – well, that’s YOU. Definitely NOT me. 🙂

        1. If you watched the game against Vietnam, it wasn’t exactly a fluke. Their strategy was actually sound. The team exploited their speed and size (which were the only things they had going for them) by parking the bus then breaking out for the counter-attack. It was actually very Mourinho-esque. 🙂

          The thing is, a sports fan would be proud of his “team” regardless of the overall effort of the program. They can admit that the team was lucky and would demand more from the management but that doesn’t mean the pride they feel for the efforts put forth by the team itself is misplaced. But that’s just me. I might just be an idiotic sports fan. I get to enjoy watching the games though. 🙂

          Still no answer on why the bias for soccer? Sorry for pestering you about this. It’s just that I love soccer and I think what you guys are doing it a disservice. The false notion that football is “pangmayaman” is the biggest reason it hasn’t caught on in the first place. You saying that Filipinos can’t appreciate soccer because they’re “basketball-crazy idiots” isn’t helping the cause. You’re just reinforcing the stereotype that soccer is only for the Filipino elite.

  20. I classify this blog as a self-hating, egoistic and race-deprecating – a common characteristic of Filipinos who are (or think they are) at the upper echelon of Philippine society. Did it not give you any pride to know that an american trained Filipino boxer holds 8 weight class title belts – a first in the history of the sport? Or a young Filipina from humble beginnings find success in mainstream American music – a first for the entire Asian race? Did the Azkals not invoke pride as they ascend to the semis? You criticize how successful Filipinos were trained by non-Filipinos using a foreign dialect…what an irony! Can we all be optimists instead and do ourselves a favor by doing things the right and ethical way? Lets move forward and stop the self-bashing.

    1. NO such thing as RACE – you are hereby classified as an IGNORANT OAF.

      Those individuals became Filipinos by accident – not by choice. Nothing to be proud about.

    2. self hating? How about not enough self-reflection. Egoistic? How about self-awareness. Race depreciating? Please, only sissies play the race card.

      Why would I show pride for Manny who did it all through his efforts? Or Charice who managed to accelerate her road to stardom through the avenues of technology and the West’s hunger for different avenues of entertainment? Fuck even the Azkals achieved something WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE FILIPINO GOVERNMENT that represents the body of national sports!

      Can you understand the issue before spouting out the same old arguments I’ve seen?

      1. Personally, I don’t feel “Pinoy” pride when I watch Pacquaio win. I feel HAPPY when he wins and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

        What’s wrong though, is how you hold Pacquiao and the Azkals to different standards. I once read an article here saying that supporters of Pacquiao are morons because he’s trained by americans, his achievements are his alone and success in sports is not indicative of a country’s success. But then, you publish and article saying that soccer is a harbringer of change and therefore should support it. What? All of the arguments you made against Pacquaio also apply to the Azkals (even more so, actually), so what makes them so different? Hmm… I’m guessing boxing is too “pang-masa” for your taste.

        It’s getting too obvious that you put out articles just to cater to the “i-have-a-blog-so-i’m-smarter-than-you” crowd who never really understood soccer but took it up so they can be anti-mainstream. Shit, I bet not have of the people who raved about your support of the Azkals know what an offside is.

        But hey, whatever makes you feel cool, I guess…

        1. So by your logic if your brother achieves success you shouldn’t be proud of him? After all your brothers by accident, right?

          There’s nothing moronic for people to feel pride for the success of someone they have affinity for. That’s just human nature. If anything it’s good that we have something to aspire to.

          Also, stop saying they’re being held to a same standard. Your practically sucking on football’s nuts. This line is from one of the articles here:

          “The “Azkals” have rightfully given Filipinos something to aspire to.”

          So Pacquiao’s success should not be inspirational but the Azkal’s are?

          The fact that Pacquiao is successful despite coming from our shithole of a country should even be more reason to be proud of him.

      2. Azcal and Pacquiao are held to the same standards. Azcals are self-made just like Pacquiao.

        Being born Filipino/(substitute any nationality) is just an accident.
        Taking pride for an accident of being born Filipino/ (substitute any nationality) – sounds ludicrous.

        Now if both weren’t self-made individuals or teams – and the Filipino nation by way of government invested big in these individuals – the Philippines (and Filipinos) can claim bragging rights.

        What’s wrong is claiming credit (greatness) because Pacquiao and the Azcals – have the same accident of being born Filipino, as the claimants – that’s MORONIC.


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