Step up in three steps!

Be a man.
Be a statesman.

With friends like these, who needs a real mandate?

A Yellow "Army"

Noynoy Aquino commands a cult following of Taliban-like Aquinoists.

A "supportive"
family network

Also known as the
infamously notorious

A "cooperative" media

Noynoy Aquino cannot do any wrong as far as his friends in Media are concerned!

Without emo
what would
Noynoy do?

Relying on "winnability" to win an election is a little like trying to drive a car just by cranking the starter; you'll roll for a little while, but eventually someone with some actual gas in their tank will catch up to you.
- us that you can influence with words and subtle persuasion skills rather than deferring to the perverted sense of entitlement that you continue exhibiting.

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Our Leaders (back)

Quotable Quotes from the leaders of the Yellow Army

Conrado de Quiros

The choice is between life and death. The choice is between the vista of hell and the glimpse of heaven. The choice is between Aquino and Villaroyo. [...] The choice is between Good and Evil.
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Jim Paredes

[The Philippines] sees in Noynoy a person who will most likely not sully the memory of his parent's legacy. He is honest. Let's start from there.
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Manuel L Quezon III

The broader the coalition, the longer and more complicated the consensus process required to arrive at a platform becomes.
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