Why I Think The Catholic Church In The Philippines Is Doing More Harm Than Good

The Catholic Church in the Philippines has become one of the largest institutions in our country. One can even say that it had a hand in the way our country came to be all those centuries ago when the Spanish first came to our shores. However, what I can’t help but notice is how the […]

To Be Truly “Penitent”…

Well, it’s Saturday and I’ve been quite busy for the past two days with my friends so I haven’t been able to post anything during those previous days. However, I’m back and, sorry to annoy my detractors out there, but I’ve returned to bust a few more dumb traditions and stupid beliefs that have been […]

Corruption, incompetence and foolishness under President Aquino exposed!

Why does God allow the corrupt and incompetent public servants to stay in power in the Philippines? I wish I had the chance to ask Pope Francis that question in person. But it would have probably confused him because the incumbent Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino, in his welcome speech to the Pontiff, insisted […]

Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Deadly Misinterpretations

Okay guys, I explained in a previous article how a lot of Pinoys get their values wrong. Now, let’s explore the opposite side of morality. Of course, being a predominantly “Christian” country, the idea of the seven deadly sins are shoved down our throats on a regular basis. Unfortunately, more often than not, a lot […]

Grimwald’s Inferno: My Take on Hell

Just before the year ended, my friends and I had a week of nothing but fun and tequila. During one of our sessions, I was asked about my take on religion. Being intoxicated at the time, I gave them my answer. For those who are curious, yes, I do hold religious beliefs. I am Roman […]

Hey GI, ten dollah, love ya long time…

I read with interest benign0’s recent piece Is the sex trade all Filipinos have to offer to visiting US troops?. It was quite an eye-opener for me. I realize now why this country is screwed. We not only have an inept government, we also have idiots leading the “activist” movements that are supposed to be […]

Anti-virus software is the hi-tech equivalent of Catholic dogma

Do you ever get the feeling that sellers of computer anti-virus software are themselves engaged in the development of the very same viruses that wreak havoc over the world of information systems? Who’s to know anyway? It sounds like the perfect business model: concoct a poison and its antidote in your lab, release the poison […]