“Pilipinas Got ‘Talent’ Not Pilipinas Got ‘Awa’!”: The Way It Should Be

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very rare day when I find myself concurring with members of our local media, many of whom I openly disdain. Indeed, as some of you probably know, I usually go out of my way just to bash the local media and their constituents. However, just recently, my apprentice called […]

“Natural” Talents and Pinoy Pride

I recently realized one thing about Filipino belief in Pinoy Pride. It is likely based on the idea of natural talents. Notice that Pinoy Pridists highlight Filipino “talents,” and imply that talent is always inborn. Also, notice what Yellow propagandist Edwin Lacierda said one time: that “The Filipino has an innate advantage when it comes […]

Finding True Talent in the Philippines

First off, before I begin, let me ask you dear readers what is your definition of the word “art”? Is art something beautiful? Or is it something that expresses a person’s passion? Would you say that art is something memorable that can be appreciated by multiple generations as the character Sasori from the Naruto anime likes to […]