Why Vice President Jejomar Binay remains popular

There’s been much hype spun around how today’s media technology supposedly greatly improves our ability to suss people out. But, really, all we seem to be getting is a thicker layer of show and an ever-thinning layer of real insiqht into things. Take the whole “debate” around the current crop of politicians and government officials […]

4 issues Philippine presidential candidates should address in the lead up to the 2016 election

Filipinos should be grateful to The New York Times for being instrumental in putting an end to talks around whether or not Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino should seek another term. The news site’s scathing editorial lambasting the President for hinting he would support the amendment of the 1987 Constitution to allow him to […]

Senator Bong Revilla might just become Philippine President in 2016

A lot of people are ‘shocked’ that embattled Philippine Senator Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr is still planning to run for President in 2016. After all, he is one of three Senators being charged by the Department of Justice in relation to the pork barrel scam. But, really, the premise behind his bid for the Philipppines’ […]

Newsflash! ‘Devout’ Christian ‘coerced’ to get naked on ‘Pinoy Big Brother’!

So the popular reality show Pinoy Big Brother is now the centre of some kind of controversy surrounding allegations that “housemate” Jayme Jalandoni (reportedly “a devout Christian”) in a recent episode was “coerced” into posing nude along with several other contestants. Understandably, Senator Pia Cayetano ought to be upset. After all she is “a staunch […]

Why Get Real Philippines Is A Positive Website

“That’s  a Negatory Good buddy. “   I am old enough to have briefly participated in the Manila CB radio scene when it was active. CB for you kiddies stands for Citizen’s Band.There might still be some form of it but chat rooms now fill that need. If I recall your typical CB radio had […]

Incompetence and corruption rule in the Philippines as evident in PNoy’s popularity and the continued rise of dynasties

Most Filipinos would rather stay in an abusive relationship than a healthy one. This is evident in the latest SWS survey result showing that most Filipinos are satisfied with Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino’s performance despite his government’s glaring incompetence and abuse of power. In fact, those who are dissatisfied and who are calling […]

Dynasties at the political fringe – for now: the crying Romualdezes and the bratty Binays

Mayor Alfred Romualdez’ recent crying episode at the Senate is nothing more than a sideshow of an entitled spoiled brat to deflect attention to his ineptitude. By his own admission, the entire organizational structure of the government in Tacloban was virtually wiped-out immediately after Typhoon Yolanda, so, for good business order (a concept the masses […]

Lessons learned following the Junjun Binay Dasma incident: Are gated communities even legal?

Now that the buzz was created, the Netizens stirred into an outrage fad, the subjects of the brouhaha forced into a pathetic response, and the “input” from the intelligentsia collated, comes the time to step back, take stock and reflect on what it all means. Very few people sympathise with Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay […]