An Argument for a Binay Presidency

So, my former boss and good friend Ferdie were drinking beer last night at Eton Centris when talk eventually came around to the supposed inevitability of a Binay Presidency. One argument that is going around is that all candidates for the presidency are corrupt in one way or the other. That being the case, it […]

Black To The Future

In my previous post, you’ll see a picture of Darth Vader with the words, “Voting is pointless. It is useless to resist me. I am your leader now.” It’s really a reference to what some have been saying about Vice President Jejomar Binay and that is, mainly, that he will win… …some say “by default”, […]

MNLF head Nur Misuari is the Janet Lim Napoles of the Zamboanga crisis

The root issue in the on-going trouble down under in Mindanao is the way the Philippine government has traditionally cozied up to even the meanest and baddest terrorist and rebel groups “for the sake of peace”. Currently, it is the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) that is being painted as the bad guy, and rightly […]

Zamboanga crisis: MNLF leader Nur Misuari not only lost his cause, he also lost the plot

The current clashes between Philippine government troops and members of a Muslim rebel group in Zamboanga City of Mindanao despite the 2012 Framework Agreement should be a lesson to all especially President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino that one should never negotiate with terrorists. Obviously, the most recent peace agreement cooked up by the government with […]

Drug (Mules) Are Bad Mkay

  “Yeah, right. Selling dope always beats working.”   Tex in Midnight Express     I first encountered Midnight Express not by watching it on the big or small  screen but by the music. The eight minute instrumental “Chase” by Giorgio Moroder (Donna Summer’s producer) was a minor hit but had my admiration. I bought […]

Nancy Binay candidacy: Pinoy Political Success Is Relative

One child grows up to be Somebody that just loves to learn And another child grows up to be Somebody you’d just love to burn Mom loves the both of them You see it’s in the blood   Sly and the Family Stone. “Family Affair”   Dads will be dads and their little girls will […]

Nancy With The Laughing Face

  “I swear to goodness, you can’t resist her Sorry for you, she has no sister No angel could replace Nancy with the laughing face”   A song recorded by Francis Albert Sinatra         This is second time in a week that one tweet inspires a whole blog post. Full disclosure but […]