The Idiocy of U.S. Militia and Pro-Gun Movements

I’ve recently done some reading on the militia and pro-gun movements in the U.S. I saw that it’s been heavily politicized, and a lot of shills are spreading myths about it. I also realize there’s a movement which also stretches out to other issues, such as bullying and racial issues. It’s also been heavily connected […]

Any sympathies for a jeepney driver shot in the head by a pedestrian he almost hit?

C’mon, admit it. It’s hard to feel sorry for that jeepney driver lying dead on the pavement with a hole in his head. I had just come across the story and found myself feeling a bit guilty about how I felt — or didn’t feel. Jeepney driver shot in the head by irate pedestrian […]

Should Filipinos actually seek “Greatness”?

One of the most fervent wishes of some Filipinos is that their country becomes a great country. Or, since the country was supposedly great years before, it should return to greatness. Of course, that’s a “great” thing isn’t it, if it happens? However, this idea of greatness for the country is very convoluted and even […]

Why Metro Manila’s horrific traffic will NEVER be ‘solved’

Just what we need. More requests for “patience” and “understanding”. That is what Malacanang beseeches Filipinos to show while the government pays lip service to the decades-long but fruitless effort to “solve” Metro Manila’s infamously hellish traffic. According to Malacanang mouthpiece Herminio Coloma Jr, the government puts foremost importance in the livelihood of Filipinos and […]

DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya’s epic MRT public relations fail

Not surprising. Political observers gave Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Secretary Jun Abaya a unanimous Fail in his most recent public relations stunt. Yesterday, the 28th August, Abaya stepped up to a self-imposed challenge to prove Manila’s decrepit Metro Rail Transit was “safe”. The MRT has been beleaguered by recent high-profile mishaps, among them […]

Senator Pia Cayetano: Some proper perspective is due the whole Torre de Manila brouhaha

While I find a bit justified the whole stink being raised around the way the Torre de Manila highrise condominiums being constructed in Manila by developer DMCI Homes is supposedly “ruining” the view of the Rizal Monument, I think we are missing the bigger picture. Metro Manila is an ugly city. And that ugliness did […]

Jeepneys remain a stark symbol of the Philippines’ utter failure to prosper

Coming up with a great product — an innovative one even — is just 20 percent of the job. You also need to develop systems to produce it and market it. That system is also known as the business enterprise. An example of a failure to complete the remaining 80 percent of the job is […]

The country we’ve made for ourselves: why we need an outsider’s perspective

The following is a copy of the Foreword I wrote for my friend Ben Kritz’s new book Same Planet, Different World: An Outsider’s Inside View of the Philippines. You can download the book from Amazon here onto Kindle or any of a variety of apps also supported by Amazon. We in our clique of the […]