Gay ‘rights’ and the big hoo-ha about Ping Lacson’s and Michael Sam’s sexual orientation

So, yeah, the gay thing. Philippine Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago makes a big deal about former Senator and Philippine National Police Chief Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson’s sexual orientation seemingly to save her ass which had been included in a list of alleged crooks. On the other side of the planet, there is on-going chatter about upcoming […]

Filipino TV Shows seem to Promote Dysfunction

Fellow blogger FallenAngel posted in GRP Shorts an opinion from a gay acquaintance about the TV series “My Husband’s Lover:” Having watched almost one month worth of episodes of ‎My Husbands Lover I can’t help but be disappointed. What I initially thought as groundbreaking television show was actually just another teleserye about adultery (which is […]

Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ concert banned in Indonesia

Islamic militants had managed to strike again, this time in Indonesia denying 50,000 fans the chance to see their favourite pop mega-star. Indonesia’s national police had denied a permit for Lady Gaga to perform in Jakarta after that city’s police had expressed concerns that it would not be able to guarantee security for the sold-out […]

What it means to have a healthy secular regard for gay people

The whole issue around the way society regards homosexuals seems to come down to a fundamental confusion between the way we personally feel about homosexuality (and certain sexual preferences that define the very term) and how we should be regarding a person who happens to be a homosexual. Personally, the idea of engaging in a […]