Chito Miranda proposes marriage to sweetheart and viral video co-star Neri Naig!

I had a good laugh at what a colleague of mine said when she heard the news that Pinoy rocker Chito Miranda was proposing marriage to sweetheart Neri Naig; “Ha? Paano yan? Everybody knows di na siya virgin…”

Lol! You don’t say. She was referring, of course, to the sensational viral sex video scandal that these lovebirds suffered some time back. I did write, at the time, that I’m not judging anybody…

…when we judge people who take videos of themselves having sex, we do so from the lens of our respective personal definitions of what having sex means. After all, there are such things as sex toys and other trinkets that help enhance the satisfaction one gets from the act. There are even condoms that are “ribbed” — presumably for her pleasure. Taking a video camera into the bedroom and turning it on, in effect, makes the device and what it is doing part of the act. It becomes, in essence, part of that couple’s experience of having sex much the same way as using a ribbed condom does. Some couples like using ribbed condoms, and some couples like using video recording devices in the bedroom (or, on the kitchen sink). Do we judge couples who used ribbed condoms as harshly or ridicule them as vehemently as we do those who use video recorders while making love?

Not surprisingly, Chito’s proposal is all captured on video, and it’s splashed all over the Net! This time, however, the Net upload bit was deliberate on their part. Romantic, if you ask me. All the world loves a lover and all the Net loves a video of an intimate moment…

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Seems to be a trend happening here. Anti-squatter activist Bianca Gonzalez who had her own engagement to basketballer JC Intal captured on video greeted the happy couple on Twitter; “@chitomirandajr Congratulations, Sir!! It really IS the year of loooove! Enjoy Cloud 9!!”

Don’t you just love happy endings? 😉

3 Replies to “Chito Miranda proposes marriage to sweetheart and viral video co-star Neri Naig!”

  1. This is like an effort to gain back his women fanbase, to prove that he really loved this girl after all. This guy has really lost the ‘rock n roll’ spirit. Sex scandals are rock!!(Bret Michaels, Tommy Lee) this is not.

  2. don’t know what to think, but I’m not impressed…it’s just a show…

    things that people do to redeem themselves.. may pinagkaiba ba to sa ibang show?

    not bilib with chito, dont like him or this lady..hmpp!!!

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