Do Filipinos require guns perpetually pointed at their heads?

The purpose of which, of course, is to keep them in line. If Filipinos had not devolved into a generally unruly group of people, I might not have even considered this thought. Now it becomes debatable. If you ask both the irate pedestrian and the jeepney driver he shot, you would get two different answers. […]

And The Rape Of The Common Filipino By The Yellow Horde Continues…

Ladies and gentlemen, I remember writing an article using rape as a metaphor which didn’t turn out too well. I don’t think I can apologize enough to the people I’ve offended through my misuse of the term “rape”. Unfortunately, with what’s been happening lately, I think I have to use it again and, this time at least, […]

The illusion of democracy in the Philippines masks the charade of feuding dynasties

They are fools and take us for the fools. It is US or THEM.  More like them versus us, really.  Outside that and between that is the truth.  But, truth does not matter. They prefer their truths, even if it is farthest from any truth, because they rule with their laws and dynasties.  We gave […]

Why potentially beneficial foreign ideas and influence have not worked in the Philippines

While writing “The hollowness and hypocrisy with which Filipinos regard foreign entities” (henceforth known as Hollowness) almost two months ago, it seems I had completely overlooked one striking manner in which they show such: When the Philippines is compared with another country in any category (response to typhoons is such an example), Filipinos are quick […]

Filling the vacancy of President of the Philippines

When Human Resource (HR) Departments are trying to fill up a vacant position, they normally come out with a short list of qualifications. We are quite familiar with this. In a search for a technical sales job, for example, we normally see the following in an ad: male or female, 23 to 32 years old, […]

Ditch the old Aquino-vs-Marcos rhetoric: Time for the Philippines to move on!

I was in one of the high rise buildings in Ortigas and looking out of the window, could see that the volume of vehicles was again too much for the four-lane two-way traffic road. It was bumper-to-bumper traffic both ways. At one intersection, a gray Toyota Camry from the two-lane heading north was slowly attempting […]

Is The Philippines A Democratic Nation?

After Vincent here asked about whether or not the Philippines is a Catholic country, here’s another question I’d like to ask our supposedly “democratic” nation: Are we really a democracy? Well, we like to claim that we are. Given that we take a lot of cues from Big Brother America, we try our best to espouse the […]

The Filipino Obsession With Self-Destruction

Before I begin, I would like to apologize if my previous article, The Rape Of The Philippines: A Vicious Cycle, offended anyone. It was not my intention to trivialize rape nor create misleading ideas about it. I merely wanted to create a good metaphor for the kind of trouble the Philippines is in. Unfortunately, it seems […]