Filling the vacancy of President of the Philippines

When Human Resource (HR) Departments are trying to fill up a vacant position, they normally come out with a short list of qualifications. We are quite familiar with this. In a search for a technical sales job, for example, we normally see the following in an ad: male or female, 23 to 32 years old, […]

Ditch the old Aquino-vs-Marcos rhetoric: Time for the Philippines to move on!

I was in one of the high rise buildings in Ortigas and looking out of the window, could see that the volume of vehicles was again too much for the four-lane two-way traffic road. It was bumper-to-bumper traffic both ways. At one intersection, a gray Toyota Camry from the two-lane heading north was slowly attempting […]

Is The Philippines A Democratic Nation?

After Vincent here asked about whether or not the Philippines is a Catholic country, here’s another question I’d like to ask our supposedly “democratic” nation: Are we really a democracy? Well, we like to claim that we are. Given that we take a lot of cues from Big Brother America, we try our best to espouse the […]

The Filipino Obsession With Self-Destruction

Before I begin, I would like to apologize if my previous article, The Rape Of The Philippines: A Vicious Cycle, offended anyone. It was not my intention to trivialize rape nor create misleading ideas about it. I merely wanted to create a good metaphor for the kind of trouble the Philippines is in. Unfortunately, it seems […]

Cheer up Filipinos, the only way for the Philippines to go is up!

Very illuminating, all the comments I got from my previous article Pabebe Girl Power highlights Filipinos’ confusion: Are we individualists or collectivists?! 🙂 I do agree, it’s a double-edged sword this whole idea of self-expression. With the floodgates open thanks to social media, the idea that a small bunch of bureaucrats are the final authority […]

Gising Na MTRCB!

This is just a short translation of one of my previous articles about the MTRCB. Apparently, people want it translated since it seems that there are members of the esteemed Movie and Television Review and Classification Board who can’t even write proper English according to this here by my friend Dominic Alfred so I think I […]

To the Philippines’ Movie and Television Review and Classification Board: Get Real!

After my previous rants about the media, there are those who called me out on the fact that I can’t really blame everything on them. After all, the bottom line is that media companies are simply about making money and little else. Whether or not something is right or wrong, moral or immoral, good or […]

Moral Myopia: The Source Of All Bigotry

There have been many ideas and accusations being thrown around because of the word “bigotry”. In my latest article about my stance on gay marriage, there have been a disappointing number of commenters who not only failed to understand what was being said, but also failed to even think about what was being said. It has occurred […]