Filipinos – is there a link between being emotional and being ‘free’?

Fellow GRP writer Ilda nailed it quite succinctly: Filipinos are overly emotional. Emotions are known to drive people to do irrational things, and Filipinos are no exception to this rule. Whenever people let their emotions guide their decision-making, they display a lack of ability to think things through logically. On the other hand, Filipinos pride […]

Filipinos are too emotional for their own good

Another global survey has confirmed what some of us have been suspecting all along: Filipinos are a very emotional people. American pollster company Gallup conducted a survey covering over 140 countries to compare how people feel about their lives and the Philippines came up as the most emotional of the lot. As usual, some Filipinos […]

Corona’s Trial: The Need to Understand What Justice Really Is

Given the interesting circumstances surrounding Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s very controversial impeachment trial, it is only normal that countless philosophical debates have been raised regarding this issue; the credibility of the courts, the efficacy of the Constitution, the morality of the defense and the prosecution, President Noynoy Aquino’s (PNoy’s) sincerity, and of course, […]