Pinoy Ako Blog’s popularity with some academics at ADMU & UP proof of their mediocrity

Recently I sat back and watched while one of our former hecklers got a dose of her own medicine. I felt validated that I had proven again that the best defence against our detractors is patience and the discipline to allow them the time and space to dig their own graves. I always knew that […]

Weakness has CONSEQUENCES: Victims of bullying are NOT entitled to help

Do the weak deserve to be bullied? Of course not. But do the weak tend to be bullied? Yes they do. See the difference between the two ways the question is framed? The way a question is framed spells the difference between the two answers. Bullying is wrong and people should stand up to bullying. […]

Despite losing, Manny Pacquiao earned $10m while Jeff Horn earned only $500,000

So one shouldn’t really cry for Manny Pacquiao. After all, both Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn are professional athletes. They make money whether they win or lose. In fact, despite losing the bout, Pacquiao will take home far more money than Horn. According to the Bleacher Report Horn is guaranteed just $500,000 from the bout […]

How Dumb Duterte Supporters Are Demolishing Their Own Candidate

Now, before I begin, I’d like to share with you another story… And don’t worry, this isn’t based on the Bible. So, in case you’re one of those who are getting tired of my constant citing of the Good Book, here’s something else to enjoy. The following story tidbit is from the stick-figure webcomic called Order of […]

Pinoys Really Need To Develop Their Sense Of Humor

Okay, so I finally got to see the video wherein Mayor Duterte of Davao allegedly made fun of the tragic death of Jackie Hamill, the Australian missionary who was raped and killed in a prison back in 1989. I also heard more details of the tragedy and, from watching the video, hearing the man’s later statements and […]

Gamergate and the Culture of Online Shaming

Only recently I read up on the details of Gamergate, an incident where a spat between two ex-lovers in the gaming industry became a full-blown harassment campaign on the Internet. I will let other sites like Rationalwiki give the details about the incident. It came to my attention since a recent news report said that […]

The Obsession with Victimhood and Why It Will Never Get Us Anywhere

“Everybody’s got dead people! But it makes no excuse to letting everyone else around get killed along the way!” ~Rocket Raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy As I have mentioned in a previous article, I think that it is essentially our issues with being victims that has, time and time again, led us into ruin. While I certainly […]

Does the Philippines Need a Savior?

Okay ladies and gentlemen, here’s a big question for the Filipino people. Do we need a savior? Do we need an honest-to-God miracle to save us from our predicament? With the up and coming elections of 2016, it becomes a question of the utmost urgency because we know that the Philippines isn’t exactly in a […]