Who Among the 2016 Candidates Will Hold BS Aquino Accountable After His Term?

Shortly after a popular uprising in 2001, Philippine President Joseph “Erap” Estrada was removed from his position and replaced by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who before that point was the Vice President. Under pursuit by Arroyo and the Supreme Court, Estrada was arrested for government plunder and found guilty after a lengthy trial, though Arroyo eventually pardoned him […]

Pnoy Dares Critics To Impeach Him

As of this writing, an article titled “PNoy challenges critics to impeach him” which appeared on the ABS-CBN News website can’t be opened and if you really want to bother with reading this latest Presidential brain-fart, you’d have to go to retrieve it from Google Cache. Given the run of things (a number of web-pages […]

The State of the Nation Address Is Useless and A Waste of Time as well as Money

Benigno’s Analysis of the Fourth State of the Nation Address of President Noynoy Aquino basically states that Presidential term launched by hazy goals has produced hazy results.  Following it up, what I am going to take a stab at is why this happens and will continue to happen every year unless something changes. Article VII Section […]