Is Philippine House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez saying extra-marital affairs are “normal”?

Current Speaker of the Philippine House of Representative Pantaleón Álvarez recently came under fire after his extramarital affair was exposed. To be precise, he copped some flak from some sectors of society, but not all. Apparently, it was an “open-secret” in Congress that Alvarez has a girlfriend, but for some “reason”, presumably because he is […]

Senator De Lima Vs. The Culture Of Self-Righteousness In The Philippines

Well ladies and gentlemen, the cat is now out of the bag and Senator De Lima now faces not just charges of fraud but also, apparently, adultery. Now, I’m going to admit that yes, I do dislike Senator Leila De Lima. I find her mishandling and misuse of “human rights” disgusting. I find the way […]

Homophobia In The Philippines And Why It Persists To This Day

Homosexuality is probably one of the most polarizing topics of today. Just mention the subject in a given community and you’re likely to end up with two large groups with one being pro-gay all the way and the other openly demonizing the other as hateful sinners. If you’re lucky, you might get one or two […]

Adultery Central: Should the Philippines ban hanky-panky website Ashley Madison?

I read recently that Ashley Madison is in town! Ashley Madison is a dating site for people interested in finding a partner for an extramarital affair. It is a popular dating website based in Canada and has been around for some years now. Well, like most internet businesses, it needs to expand. What better place […]