Twerking On Noon-Time TV: Another Sermon

Let us all rise… Okay, let’s get a few things straight first. No, I am not a priest, reverend nor any kind of preacher. No, I’m not an expert on the Bible or any kind of religion, for that matter. No, I do not see myself as some kind of savior of the Philippines like […]

Our Obsession with Pinoy Big Brother and What It Says About Us

Well PBB or Pinoy Big Brother is all over the news now what with the MTRCB getting all riled up because of some discovered “scandals” in the show. Honestly, I don’t even know why this show continues to air and why people continue to watch it even though it’s quite clear to me that it […]

Lewd Vice Ganda billboards full of naked men offends Cebu morality police!

What was the management of ABS-CBN thinking posting this supposedly “lewd” billboard promoting Filipino gay celebrity Vice Ganda’s concert in Cebu? Well, if we go by the current politically-correct thinking, it was thinking normal thoughts. Encouraging homosexuals to “express their sexuality” is kinda the in thing nowadays, I heard. So I suppose we really cannot […]

Pinoy Big Brother – Political Edition!

Disclaimer: The following is another parody article. However, if it does turn out to be true, I’ll be very happy. Enjoy. After the success of the PBB or Pinoy Big Brother series, fans are anticipating something new from its developers that will hopefully refresh the franchise for the Filipino people. So far, there has been an edition for celebrities […]

The #Philippines has become Kaboboan Central under the no-results presidency of Noynoy Aquino

And so now Filipinos are calling for the ouster of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino. Well, some say it’s 5 years too late. But, you know, a year is still a lot of time to spread his trademark BS all over the Philippines. And buti sana if it’s just the same ha-ha BS. The massacre […]

The [Real] Media

Sa mahabang panahon nating nabubuhay sa mundo, konting panahon lang ang ginugugol natin sa mga magagandang nangyayari sa buhay natin. Parang wala lang. Masaya tayo, pero hindi tayo nag eenjoy. Marami tayong sagot pero hindi natin mahanap yung tanong. Umiibig tayo, nagmamahal, pero unti unti tayong nagiging buni sa mata ng mundo. Pag ibig. Hirap […]

ABS-CBN’s Forevermore Teleserye Contributes to Benguet Watershed Destruction

Here’s another thing that people have missed because of those fake environmentalists protesting the cutting of 60 trees in Luneta Hill, Baguio City… A VITAL watershed in Tuba, Benguet is being destroyed by development and the influx of thousands of tourists attracted by ABS-CBN’s Forevermore Teleserye that is being shot there.  But before that, let me […]

Sarah Geronimo and Kim Chiu star in mystery Disney ‘surprise project’

Philippine media have reported the release of Disney Asia’s “Disney Princesses Southeast Asia Calendar” supposedly after a promo run on Disney Asia’s Facebook Page that remains “unannounced”. According to an ABS-CBN report Filipino starlets, Sarah Geronimo and Kim Chiu have been selected to portray fairy tale characters Rapunzel and Mulan respectively. Photos of Geronimo and […]