Noise barrages, prayer, and OA sentimentality won’t bring back ABS-CBN’s franchise to broadcast

All the members of ABS CBN fandom can come up with are ineffectual emo stunts and circuses that do nothing more than actually highlight what a flaccid community they are. A video posted an Instagram shows such people making noise (banging on some sort of metal surface) and lighting candles in what looks like some sort of vigil in front of the network’s head office building.

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On Twitter, a who’s-who of celebrities and public personalities wax sentiment over the “demise” of their “beloved” network. Glenda Gloria, “co-founder and managing editor” of “social news” site Rappler issues some words on Twitter despite claiming that there are none such that could be uttered…

No words. All because someone wants to take over that compound and establish a new 'oligarchy.' #CourageON #HoldtheLine #DefendPressFreedom

The big mystery here is around what exactly these “activists” hope to achieve. Actor and TV host Kim Atienza, for example, can only encourage people on Twitter to make a little noise and pray as ABS-CBN starts to lay off employees.

Retrenchment has begun. Tight hug mga kapamilya. Kaunting ingay at taimtim na dasal sa ating lahat. @ ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center

ABS-CBN News “journalist” Mike Navallo, for his part, seems to suggest in a tweet that vengeance will be forthcoming sometime in the future but stops short of any sort of useful specifics.

Isang matinding yakap, mga Kapamilya. Kung anuman ang nararamdaman niyo ngayon, damhin niyo lang. Ipunin ang mga resibo dahil balang araw, tayo naman ang magsasabi: 'And I will make sure that you will remember this episode of our times forever.' #IbalikAngABSCBN

Neither Atienza nor Navallo actually offer anything useful to the legions of wailing ABS-CBN fantards.

There really is only one pathway to fixing ABS-CBN’s problems. The biggest clue here is around who or what is in a position to determine whether or not it gets a new franchise to broadcast — none other than Congress. And how do the “right” people get membership in that powerful club? Why, none other way but by winning an election. The solution is therefore quite obvious. The Yellowtards need to win big in the next national elections in 2022. Only then will their “beloved” ABS-CBN get a shot at a new lease on the airwaves.

The Opposition need to re-learn an important democratic skill — winning elections. They won’t acquire that skill by sitting around banging a steel pan, lighting candles on a sidewalk, or praying.

3 Replies to “Noise barrages, prayer, and OA sentimentality won’t bring back ABS-CBN’s franchise to broadcast”

  1. Those YellowTard idiots, who are doing these :noise barrages; lighting candles; demonstrating on closure of ABS CBN; etc…will never bring back the ABS CBN…the TV network, will surely be closed, because its owners: the Lopez, thought themselves to be above the law…

    They prostituted their TV network to politicians , with ” evil political agendas”.and this is the result. They lied, committed scams and frauds, and evaded taxes due to the government…

    Cory Aquino and the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, allowed them to do these evil things; and “look the other way”, while they do their frauds and scams. They are also squatters…

    These idiots, who are demonstrating , should vent their anger to the Lopezes, who are the cause of their problems…The government is just protecting the rule of law !

  2. A new lease will likely only come with a new leash. If those “11,000” want their jobs back, then they should “fire the owner” and beg Dennis Uy or some other Midas-touch visionary Chinoy to buy the network.

    As for Yellows (without ABS-CBN) winning elections: that’s like hacking off Pacman’s left arm and asking him to win a rematch against Mayweather. They are simply better off joining the Paralympics version of Philippine politics.

    The Yellows have created enough “run like hell” trouble for the country; it’s time to give others a chance.

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