ABS-CBN inciting “people power” mass protests putting THOUSANDS at risk!

What are supporters and former employees of ABS-CBN thinking inciting mass protests over their execs’ failure to secure a franchise renewal? What do they hope to achieve? “People power” rallies are so 1980s. More recent ones failed to move people, what more one that is focused more on the plight of a media network and not much on an issue of national consequence that is relevant to the broader public?

More importantly, all these rallies and noise barrages being organised do nothing but snarl traffic in an already gridlocked metropolis and put hundreds of thousands of people at risk by further fuelling the spread of the COVID-19 virus on account of their gathering in large numbers. This is all thanks to a stubborn habit an Opposition led by rabid partisans loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) continues to apply to its “cause”.

ABS-CBN supporters gather in front of the network’s headquarters in Quezon City on Saturday as they gear up for a noise barrage in protest of the House’s decision to deny the network a franchise.
(Source: @ABSCBNnews)

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Even more disturbing is how they are emotionally-blackmailing contracted performers of ABS-CBN into joining these protests. Kapamilya starlet Angel Locsin, speaking before a crowd gathered in front of the corporate head office in Quezon City called out what she regards as apathetic colleagues, denouncing how they’d rather glam themselves on Instagram rather than join their mass action.

Angel Locsin to Kapamilya colleagues: “Ano magpapa-cute na lang kayo sa Instagram?”
(Source: @ABSCBNnews)

On cue, Netizens had started judging celebrities such as Sarah Geronimo just because they are moving on and focusing on making a living in a post-ABS-CBN world.

So Sarah Geronimo did a paid appearance while her colleagues are out there on the streets shouting. This is peak insensitivity.

And to what end?

What next after this circus?

Even now, the Opposition offer no pathway forward within the legal framework to further their dishonest “cause”. They are likely hoping to incite unrest and, very likely, are aiming to topple the Philippine government illegally. After all, the rejection of ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal was done observing all legal processes all within the remit of Congressional authority over this matter.

This just means that the next opportunity for ABS-CBN to make its case under a more “favourable” political environment can come only after a victory of the Opposition in the coming 2022 national elections. To achieve that, they will need to win that election, which means mounting a successful campaign on a platform that resonates with the broader Philippine public. Needless to say, they will also need a leader at least as charismatic as current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who remains overwhelmingly popular.

Unfortunately for the Opposition, they tick none of the above boxes, which is probably why they are betting their houses on these quaint ocho-ocho rallies. If they can’t come up with a plan for themselves, what more for an entire nation? At least Sarah Geronimo looks like she has a plan for a life outside of ABS-CBN. It’s time Filipinos see that as their inspiration to move on as well and focus on what is important and not on just another beaten relic of a misguided accidental “revolution”.

2 Replies to “ABS-CBN inciting “people power” mass protests putting THOUSANDS at risk!”

  1. The rallies and the noise barrages are being done by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis people; with the help of the commie frontline organizations….the ABS CBN people who lost their jobs, are just some few of them…

    Violation of the law, must apply to all….and the violators must face the consequences…

    They are still thinking of the 1986 EDSA coup d’ etat, by which Ramos, Enrile, Cardinal Sin and the U.S./ C.I.A. were involved in removing the late Pres. Marcos. ..They have not ‘moved on” from this thinking.
    Times change; situations change; the world has already “moved on”…. and why can’t you moved on ?

    Lay offs, bankruptcy, and company closures, are part of the corporate world risks…The only “job security” that you have , is your ability, to learn another trade…or use your common sense, to find another source of income…The ABS CBN TV network will surely be closed forever. There is no chance, it will come back…
    The opposition, with their “standard bearer”: Lugaw Robredo, cannot win any future election. She is “too dumb” to win one…The oligarchs made her win the 2016 VP election, in order to put a “dumb woman” as their Puppet, as President. The same way they put the “dumb housewife” : Cory Aqino as President…

    So, move on people…and accept that life is not fair !!!

  2. I am wondering if the Yellowtards (Aquino and Cojuangco) are in the picture. I remember that Noynoy has not been in friendly terms with the Lopez since the latter did not get any franchise renewal support from the former president in 2014.

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