Thank Ninoy for the holiday, I guess

The greatest “heroic” act Ninoy Aquino did was to die face down on the tarmac of the Manila International Airport. Other than that, he was all optics and hot air, reminiscent of the vice-president today.

He didn’t die for the Filipinos, he died for his ambition. And it paid off for his wife and son.

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Even his death was suspect. At the time, he was already dying from a heart condition. He refused to get treatment here, fearing Marcos’ “duplicity” which might get him killed through some medical “accident.”

And if he was indeed dying, then he was deemed better dead “assassinated” than dying from a heart attack. It’s good publicity.

There was no subsequent investigation on his death. The “investigations” all stopped abruptly and one Rolando Galman was pointed as gunman and Marcos as mastermind.

So here’s the thing: Marcos–let’s admit to it–was a brilliant man. Would it be really logical for someone like him to kill his most bitter political opponent at a time when the opposition is gaining ground and when he was gaining more and more enemies day-by-day?

I am no Marcos supporter, but really, things don’t add up.

Here’s some truth, though: Ninoy was no hero. Far from it. History is the ultimate judge and his purported legacy is being judged harshly.

Still, I guess we have to thank him for the one day holiday.

3 Replies to “Thank Ninoy for the holiday, I guess”

  1. Ninoy Aquino , aka “Marcial Bonifacio”, who was carrying a Malaysian passport , when he was assassinated was the ultimate political opportunist. He sold Sabah to the Malaysian, and founded the New Peoples’ Army…He was a commie financial and material supporter, and may have the ambition to be the “Kim Jung Il” of the Philippines.

    I am no conspiracy theorist; but Jose Maria Sison, the CPP/NPA Supremo, living a life of rich and famous in Amsterdam, Holland; may had ordered , Aquino’s assassination, to start the “communist revolution”….Ninoy Aquino, rode on the “communist tiger”, until he ended up inside the “communist tiger”…Rolando Galman, the alledged assassin, maybe one of the “hit man” of Jo Ma Sison…

    His wife, Cory Aquino, the oligarchs, and the liberation theology minded Roman Catholic Church clergy; put Ninoy Aquino, Jr., as one of our greatest heroes…they put many monuments of him ; named the International Airport, for him; and is the most “revered” heroes in our textbooks…

    We are all Suckers, to even think of this “political opportunist and commie lover”, as a hero….he is no Hero… !

    1. The name “Kim Jung Il”, should be : “Kim Il Sung”….sorry for the error…
      “To err is human, to forgive is divine”, as they say….

  2. Let’s celebrate August 22 as the National Anti-Dilawan Day as an observation to the death of Liberal Party & Yellow politics in our country that plagued it here for the past 35 years. And also let’s abolish the current & Kleptocratic 1987 Constitution & convert it to a federal/parliamentary form of gov’t.

    #NoToDilawan #YesToRevGov #YesToFederalism

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