Remembering Elias’s Legacy

There’s one fact that we Filipinos cannot accept – we are being manufactured. We are being mass-produced by this elitist society and we are not aware of it. Why? Because we chose to ignore the rays of understanding that we could have if we took off the shadow of ignorance that conceals us from reality. Over […]

‘Tards And How They Are A Liability To Any Country

I think I’ve written several pieces about the prevalence of idolatry here in the Philippines but now comes the time for me to talk about its logical conclusion. The thing is, the biggest problem with Pinoy society is that we tend to pay more attention to a leader’s more personal issues than their overall agenda and […]

Rodrigo Duterte makes beneficiaries of tradition and status quo uncomfortable

After being so patient with the snail-paced “reform” initiatives supposedly pushed throughout the six-year term of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, liberal Filipinos are now raising a stink about the methods being emoloyed by current President Rodrigo Duterte to push real change. An overwhelming endorsement of Duterte’s different approach to instituting change during […]

Duterte is turning the Philippines back into a REAL southeast Asian country

Why the sudden interest of the foreign media in the Philippines? It is because they found a bogeyman in its current president, Rodrigo Duterte, to feast upon. Indeed, Duterte is living up to the smear that goes way back to the campaign leading up to the 2016 elections that he is the “Donald Trump of […]

My 3 Big Problems With Pinoy Mainstream Superheroes

Superheroes. They certainly are making a lot of money on the big screen these days, eh? After all, who doesn’t like them? I know few people who didn’t keep up with at least one superhero in their childhood. For me it was the likes of Spawn and Spider-Man and I found others who I became ingratiated with […]

Out of Touch: Over-reaction to the Official Gazette post on Marcos’s birthday

Once again, the issue of burying former President Ferdinand E. Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani has divided the nation. People on both sides of the issue have thrown tirades against each other. The anti-Marcos camp has been more aggressive, citing the so-called Marcos loot and human rights violations under the martial law era. […]

Philippines’ extrajudicial violence traces roots to Aquino admin according to The New York Times

A New York Times article has confirmed what some of us have been saying all along – that the root of the problem in the Philippines that the current government is facing today can be traced to former President Benigno Simeon Aquino. It is funny though how it had to take foreigners to validate what […]

The Real Pinoy Problem: Colonial Mentality Or Cultural Ignorance

There’s certainly been a lot of hullabaloo after President Rodrigo Duterte allegedly cursed American President Barrack Obama. As a matter of fact, there have been more than a few articles written about it as of late. There are those that say that President Rodrigo Duterte should learn some manners or at least some diplomatic tact and then […]