3 Big Things That Will Happen Should A Duterte-Marcos Tandem Win The 2016 Election

Tension and excitement continues to rise as election day edges ever closer. Already, the LP is playing every hand it can to bring down the opposition but it’s quite clear that anything they do now simply amounts to shoveling sand against an oncoming tidal wave. Heck, President Aquino even claims that he’ll start another People […]

A Guide To Fighting Zombies And Cultists In The Yellow Apocalypse

Author’s Note: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is another spoof article this time done in the same vein as The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. It was suggested to me by my apprentice who believes that this is the perfect time to release something like this considering the very heated political debates raging between the various candidates. […]

Rodrigo Duterte represents the revolution that was denied the Filipino

Leading presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte is unstoppable. He does not only weather storms, he thrives in them. The latest witchhunt launched by disgruntled vice presidential candidate Antonio Trillanes (who consistently ranks near bottom in the many surveys taken so far) was a mere blip on his radar. Duterte’s fans remain adamant in their choice, and […]

3 Annoying Cliches From Pinoy Horror Shows And My Suggestions For Improvement

So now that I’ve tackled the subject of comedy in the Philippines, it’s time for me to tackle my favorite genre: Horror. In case you haven’t noticed, my works of fiction here on GRP The Santo Nino of Innocencia, Noon-Time Horror Show and Deep are all works of horror. This is because fear is a very […]

3 Pinoy Offensive Comedy Stereotypes That Need To Go

I remember writing an article about the way Pinoys need to change their comedy and this is more or less an extension or expansion of that article. See, besides annoying slapstick that seems more like cheap ripoffs of cartoon shows, Pinoy comedy is rife with stereotypes that would otherwise be deemed offensive in other countries […]

On Disabilities And The Need For Social Acceptance

Just recently, there’s been quite a reaction to the news regarding an autistic girl who was barred from a school trip because she was autistic. Reading up on the incident, I learned that what really happened was that one student refused to share a room with the poor girl because of her condition. Apparently, the other […]

Philippine Elections 2016 is not a vote for Duterte but a vote AGAINST Aquino

Indeed, everybody is shocked — just shocked! — by where this year’s presidential elections are headed. Rodrigo Duterte the crass, irreverent, and possibly murderous candidate who came out of left field from the Philippines’ deep south is leading the polls, handily beating the elegant Grace Poe, the debonaire Jejomar Binay, the prayerful Mar Roxas, and […]