A lamentation: Charice (Jake Zyrus), like Boracay, goes into classic Pinoy self-destruct mode

Are you a big fan of the LGBT community? If you don’t find anything wrong with a “man” without a male organ trying to take a leak on a male urinal, you probably need to get some professional counseling. The problem with the concept of unfettered freedom of expression is that people think that it’s fine to destroy yourself as long as you’re not directly harming anyone.

This will not be the typical discriminating, condescending, bashing post. I’m sure the international singing sensation, who since last year changed her name to Jake Zyrus, has been bombarded by enough flak by now – to the point she is probably on the brink of committing suicide. Instead, let’s dive into the underlying mechanism and disastrous outcome of sex-change decisions.

Charice!!! Only a few native home-grown Filipinos have ever achieved the status of getting so world-renowned to the level of becoming a household name across America, Europe and Asia, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Celine Dione, David Foster, and Andrea Bocelli. The only other Pinoys to gain such level of international recognition would be Pacquiao and Duterte. But then, to the shock of all her admiring fans, fellow artists, and mentors, she dropped the bombs and announced her “manhood”.

This sexuality-related self-destruct mode first begins with a lie: “I can be something beyond the clear boundaries of nature; and that by changing to become that something, I am being true to myself”. It’s best illustrated with this analogy: Imagine you had a car, which you believed was an airplane deep inside. Believing in it so much, you simply strapped some “wings” onto the fenders and drove it off a cliff. The problem though is that you can’t just make superficial changes and think you’ll get to fly across the sea.

Despite all the advice she got from her loved ones, Charice still went ahead with going all out to being true to herself: that she is a “man trapped in a woman’s body”. She has now completed breast removal (showing off her flat chest) and getting her testosterone shots to lower her voice and grow a mustache. But did she truly get the inner peace she had always longed for?

It’s been all downhill for her since then: losing so many hard-earned properties, becoming the object of ridicule and rejection, conflict with estranged family members, and her once promising career as a diva taking a nose dive – with that high-note-hitting voice people would go on a standing ovation for just getting flushed down the drain.

There is just something with Pinoys that gets them into this all too familiar trajectory. Upon reaching what could have been the pinnacle, they suddenly push a self-destruct button and go spiraling down into the open sea. It’s like the shock of watching the Challenger space shuttle explode in a great ball of fire. Why do many Pinoys have to throw away such promising potential?

The same thing is what we see happening to Boracay – a beach paradise now laid to waste by mismanagement and abuse, which only took a “dictator” to bring people to their senses in salvaging what’s left of its former glory and calling in emergency dispatch units to take it to its long overdue ICU.

In the political arena, it’s like after 6 years of high flying under the Duterte administration, people suddenly elect Bam Aquino in 2022 to undo all that a government with common sense worked hard to establish.

Filipinos and the Philippines as a nation have enormous potential, wealth and talent. It’s about time we begin to ask ourselves why we keep getting into self-destruct mode. We must begin to identify the lies, nip them at the bud, and become influencers to steer people away from self-destructive mindsets and behaviors.

Let’s face it; the LGBT lie is an outright obvious dysfunction, a type of social/psychological cancer that’s eating up many Filipinos, no different from terrorism, pollution, corruption, and narcotics. Face the logic: Saying “yes” to gay marriage is just one step closer to having “sex with your dog in the name of true love” legalized and accepted as normal. It’s not true that you’re not harming anyone: you are harming many young minds into believing (through your role modeling) that the LGBT life is a viable alternative.

We are seeing many professionals and potentially responsible parents announcing they are gay (even good-looking talented people), never going to have a normal family with children they can pass their heritage/genes to, and society trying to convince itself this is a positive move toward human evolution. Let’s not encourage our misguided friends by saying “I’m happy for you”, because it will never really be a happy ending for these people.

If you have an LGBT issue, it’s best to accept you have a dysfunction and get help and rehabilitation as soon as you can. If you need more convincing that it’s anything but good for you: just look (from their outward appearance) at what a big freak’n joke Caitlyn Jenner and BB Gandanghari turned out to be. Don’t become the next Fake Zyrus. Let’s all hope Charice will get back to her senses before all is lost.

End of lamentation.


Post Author: zaxx

Zealous revolutionary advocate of bringing back common sense for the common good in a land of dysfunctional and delusional zombies.