The competitive advantage of Yellowtards over the pro-Duterte in media

The Duterte administration, one year into its term, remains terribly awful and inept at controlling the narrative. It still lacks its own public communications apparatus that it could use to bypass the other media stations. There’s PTV4, and the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), and yet so far both have proven ineffective.

Even if one doesn’t watch too much television, there is an easily discernible pattern that occurs in the communications of this administration:

1) Duterte or his spokespersons say something;
2) Hostile mainstream media stations distort or take out of context what was said;
3) Duterte administration is forced to clarify what was earlier said.

Unfortunately, for the Duterte administration, this has happened one too many times. And the consistent result is that, they’ve come out looking like chumps unnecessarily. In this day and age of short attention spans and lasting first impressions, clarifications after the fact are considered useless.

Essentially, because of media’s first to market advantage, the Duterte administration and its supporters are left tripping over their own feet while trying to catch up. Rather than deliver its message through its own messenger, the Duterte government is haplessly and helplessly reduced to relying on unfriendly mainstream media to do it for them. It is because of this that the hostile media is able to control what it shows to its consumers.

Pro-Duterte bloggers and social media personalities fare little different. Numerous as they may be, their voices collectively have little weight, and it’s become easy for Duterte’s critics to discredit them, because they’ve allowed the focus to be on them as the messenger, more than the message. In contrast, anti-Duterte blogs have remained anonymous, and have successfully baited pro-Duterte bloggers, numerous times, into wasting time rebutting the oftentimes preposterous – usually petty – assertions made in those blogs.

Viewed from another angle, during the recent Senate inquiry on “fake news”, Mocha Uson and Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto weren’t braver than the no-shows Rappler, Cocoy Dayao, or whoever the supposed owner of SilentNoMorePH and PinoyAkoBlog is. The two pro-Duterte bloggers were outwitted and outmaneuvered, consequently subject to a grilling by Liberal Party senators, and were unable to convince that their positions working with the government had no conflict of interest with their roles as “bloggers”.

Being brave (or showing bravado) doesn’t earn points in practical terms, being shrewd and knowing how to stay out of sticky situations does.

For a long time to come, Duterte’s government and supporters will have to rely on mainstream media – practically beg these media outfits – to convey their messages, and notice their shows of force and “uncovered scandals”. It is with this advantageous position that media can simply choose to ignore them. Or portray them in an unflattering light.

In short, they’ll never get the airtime they deserve.

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А вы, друзья, как ни садитесь, все в музыканты не годитесь. - But you, my friends, however you sit, not all as musicians fit.

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Definitely, they’ve been autistically screeching since the dawn of the Philippine internet in the early 2000s during Erap and Gloria Arroyo’s time, they practically established and mastered their long routine of making crappy and idiotic political propaganda pages with shitty and non-witty blogposts and “articles” and “true facts” that can anger the forgetful and gullible average Filipino. Duterte needs his entire communication and media arm to be saavy and direct with his message without the need to redo it, the Mainstream Media has been friends with their Liberal Yellow Party saviors for years, along with the Oligarchs. One last criticism… Read more »

Like I’ve said, one of the Duterte administration’s weaknesses is to treat mass media with hostility and not partner with it. They’re thus unable to use an effective public address tool. Though that probably reflects the sentiments of the people who voted him in.

The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, has the ABS-CBN, GMA,, Blog Watch, Inquirer, etc… Most were used for 30 years feeding disinformation to ignorant Filipinos. The Aquinos, grabbed power with the help of disinformation from the U.S./C.I.A., and from political opportunists, like Enrile and Ramos. On the issue of Blogging, I believe they are losing. I have tangled with many of the Aquino Cojuangco paid hacks and paid trolls. They sent viruses, malwares, script writers, etc… to my computer. Nothing worked on me. I am still here blogging. BenignO, the WebMaster is still here. Get Real Philippines is still here.… Read more »
Well as it appears, it’s like asking the competitor to do the marketing for you, then getting angry why their effort doesn’t translate to actual sales revenue. But where can you get brand recognition for free nowadays? Everyone’s using media (pro-Yellow or not) to their own advantage: Senate hearings provide free media mileage for grandstanding politicians beefing up their image for the next elections. So all we hear from Senate halls these days are hearings, investigations, citations for contempt… anything just to get their names and faces on mainstream or social media. Could it be that the Du30 brand simply… Read more »

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Max Alvarado

First thing this admin should do is fire Andanar and replace him with Bobi Tiglao.

If the Government really wants to get its message across to the people, they really must do so! Should they let third-party media to speculate or clarify things for them? The Government has all the machinery at its disposal. But how do you handle something of a case like the mysterious and unexplained death of Maj. Harim Gonzaga of the Presidential Security Group inside his office at Malacañang Park? In contrast to what the Government extended to UST student hazing victim Horacio Castillo, whose case even merited a Senate investigation, the Palace still has no definitive official finding about what… Read more »

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