Filipinos are not safe while current VP Leni Robredo is in power

Women who use The Woman Card – the act of claiming they are being victimised because of their gender – so liberally are disappointing and do not help advance the real issues rational women are fighting for. One woman who quite often use The Woman Card is current Vice President Leni Robredo. She claims that today’s world is not safe for women anymore:

Attacks and harassment on social media, including threats of rape and bodily harm, are just as painful as attacks in real life. But on social media, we are a lot more vulnerable. Safety and protection are a lot more difficult to find in the digital arena.

While I don’t condone “threats of rape and bodily harm”, Robredo made it sound like it was only women who receive violent threats online. There are actually men from the pro-Duterte supporters who have received death threats from rabid Liberal Party supporters. One person who was publicly threatened on Facebook was public prosecutor Darwin Cañete.

Someone threatened to enter Cañete’s home and massacre his whole family recently. The troll even posted Cañete’s home address for everyone to see and yet Cañete did not cry foul and claim to be a victim of gender inequality. He just went straight to the process of prosecuting the troll who made the threats. That is not something we can say about Robredo. It seems all she does is complain about her critics online and cry foul that she is being unfairly persecuted. Never mind that she produced a video persecuting President Rodrigo Duterte and the members of the Philippine National Police for the world see in the hope that the European Union and United Nations would do something to topple the current government.

Robredo did not realise that there are also women in the police force and by maligning the agency, she inadvertently put everyone, including the female officers, in a bad light. There are women and men who work tirelessly and quietly, but Robredo lumped them all with the others who are supposedly rotting the system. It seems both men and women are not safe against Robredo’s speculative and reckless remarks. What’s unfair about this sorry situation is Robredo is the one crying foul after she received backlash from the public after she painted a very bad picture of the Philippines to the international community. She made it look like the country has become the wild, wild West – where people cannot walk the streets safely anymore. Her picture is far from the result of the latest survey that found that 82% of Filipinos feel safer with the ongoing Duterte government’s war on drugs.

Speaking of trolls, Robredo and her camp are very quiet about the woman troll who threatened to “plant” bombs during a pro-Duterte rally and who also planned to assassinate Duterte if the impeachment bid against him doesn’t succeed.

 “LYN Ouvrier threatened to bomb the Luneta on April 2, and swore to plot the assassination of President Rodrigo Duterte in the event that the impeachment complaint against him does not prosper. She thought she could get away with this.

She is dead wrong.

Lyn Ouvrier is not her true name. It is an alias that she uses as she inflicts her vitriol on Duterte supporters.

Lyn is also a certified Leni troll. In fact, she is even willing to commit a crime in her name. After all, only a loyal and committed follower would publicly state this in Facebook: “We are going to plant bombs at the Luneta Park on April 2nd, 2017 in order to protect the Vice President and disrupt the rally to be organized by fanatics of Duterte.”

It is strange that she can label supporters of the President as fanatics, without thinking that only fanatics would plant bombs in a rally to protect a public figure. In fact, people who would do so are not just fanatics, but are also terrorists.”

A woman terrorist is not good for women’s image, indeed. Robredo should be outraged. It shouldn’t matter that the troll is her supporter, what matters is Robredo should help fast-track her prosecution because the troll is willing to murder people for her ideology.

While Robredo is claiming that women are not safe in today’s world anymore, the truth is, Filipinos are not safe while Robredo is in power because she is using her position to destabilise the Philippines and she is inspiring her supporters to harm innocent people.

During a radio interview with commentator Ted Failon, Robredo admitted that she asked herself “What have I gotten myself into?” Damn…the public including her supporters should ask her why she ran for the Vice Presidency in the first place if she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Did she think it was going to be peachy being in the second most powerful position in the land? Did she expect everyone to agree with her views all the time? She must have been in a daze when she was campaigning – intoxicated by all the attention from the Liberal Party supporters who deluded themselves into believing she was the second Cory Aquino.

If only Robredo listened to her own daughters who begged her not to run for Vice President. They had more wisdom than her to foresee (in that instance) they would be embroiled in the bitterness of politics the higher up the food chain you go.  

In her attempts to blame others for her current woes, Robredo also admitted in the same interview with Failon that she sometimes blames her dead husband, former Department of Interior and Local Government Undersecretary Jesse Robredo, for the situation she is in. She said that if he hadn’t died, she would never have entered politics. She inadvertently admitted that her motivation is not to serve the people, but to continue the so-called “legacy” of her late husband. And you might ask, what legacy? There are people close to the Robredos who are coming out now saying that Jesse wasn’t as squeaky clean as his supporters claim him to be. But these are all loose talk by people who want to remain anonymous online. You also wonder why they didn’t come out with the “truth” prior to the election. That could have helped bring down Robredo to earth. Instead, we have to deal with a Vice President who is so delusional to think that she is the answer to the Philippines’ problems.

In another speech during the Belle du Jour Women’s Summit, Robredo encouraged women to “speak the truth all the time”. She should follow her own advice and stop lying to the people. She should start backing her claims with facts and stop denying her own statements when critics are calling her out for spreading false information. It is kinda depressing to watch Leni speak in public. She lacks charisma and wisdom. It’s hard to imagine how she got the VP post without foul play and it’s even harder to imagine her as the President just in case. The only thing going for her is her skill at playing the woman/victim card.

The fact is, Robredo is adding to the division in Philippine society. After releasing unsubstantiated claims, she would then spend a lot of time defending herself from critics like the time she denied that she said there were more than 7,000 victims of extra-judicial killings due to the war on drugs, which contradicts the PNP’s much lower figure of over 2,000. Robredo also insisted that she wrote a letter to the DILG and the PNP asking about the palit-ulo scheme — a letter that PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa denies he had received. The letter she showed the public did not even state she was inquiring about the palit-ulo scheme.

Instead of apologising for her errors, Robredo stubbornly sticks to her guns and denies them even when what she said was on record. It goes to show that she is more concerned about her image and her ego than serving the people. This is not just bad for the women she claims to represent; it is bad for the entire population of the Philippines.

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Post Author: Ilda

In life, things are not always what they seem.

23 thoughts on “Filipinos are not safe while current VP Leni Robredo is in power


    (March 30, 2017 - 9:51 pm)

    Hindi na tayo natututo 🙁
    Mahilig pa rin mag-uto sa mga taong mahilig manisi at playing victim.


    (March 31, 2017 - 2:18 am)

    Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, the “Naga Leaks” Queen, have yet to answer the allegations of corrupt practices, done by her husband, Jesse Robredo. There is a missing person, by the name of Emil Aguinaldo, whose whereabouts, is yet to be known. We don’t know, if this guy was murdered, or abducted by UFO Extra Terrestrials.

    People going to politics should know better. Your political enemies, will put your private life, in public view. Trolls in the internet will pester you like ubiquitous mosquitoes. Your life will turn upside down…You are a “game” to your political opponents…

    All Leni “The Bobo” Robredo does is: to play the victim card and the blame game. She allowed herself, to become a Puppet of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. If she would become President: the People pulling the “strings” behind her shadows, will be the ones running the Philippines. Not Her !

    And we all know that the “people behind he shadows” are rapacious plunderers. They stole the Hacienda Luisita , from the farmers. They stole the Mexican peso gold, from the First Philippine Republic. They stole thru: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, etc…they stole the Typhoon Yolanda Fund…they recently stole the gold reserve of the Philippines, and took their gold loot to Thailand !

    I would brand Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, like a “trap”, placed by these people, to bait us all, and take us, on a bumpy ride again ! Watch Out…Do not Bite !

    Niall R

    (March 31, 2017 - 3:12 am)

    Hyden – while I often find your comments over the top, on this occasion you have undersold yourself. Your political enemies will put your private life in public view, and you are fair game for them, but I wouldn’t be too certain of your political friends and allies either.


    (March 31, 2017 - 3:58 am)

    @Niall R:

    I do not have any political friends or allies. I am my own man. I comment, as what I see in the political arena; and what is in my mind…

    I promote what I know is good opinion/information, for the Filipino people, as all bloggers should do…

    If what I write/blog bothers you: do not read my blogs. If the truth bothers your conscience…discard the lies in your life; and live with the truth.

    If you cannot stand the Truth…it’s not my fault !

    salagintong bukid

    (March 31, 2017 - 4:26 am)

    the yellow dynasty is so good in fabricating things. character assasinations is their expertise. that’s what they did to Marcos. they will twist their crimes to the people and blame it to their oppositions. if the pilipinos really want a change now is the time. but if they’re going to a rally come april 2 and go home when the sun sets, just forget it they don’t want a change. just let the yellows rule again. what they the pilipinos didn’t know is that they can make a change in one day if they do so.

      Niall R

      (March 31, 2017 - 6:24 am)

      Hyden – if you compare your post with mine, the phrase you appear to take issue with is actually yours !!


    (March 31, 2017 - 4:53 am)

    I don’t get it. Robredo talks nonsense. So what? She’s a Filipino politician. When we hear something other than nonsense from a Filipino politician, perhaps someone can write an article about it.

    However, blaming her for the ongoing failure of the Duterte administration to do anything useful is a bit rich. Her ultimate duty, misguided as it might be, is to the country, not to the President. She is not there to bootlick, to varnish the truth, or to massage the egos of 100 million spoiled children. I imagine she does wholeheartedly regret running for VP. It’s like volunteering to be head toilet-cleaner in hell. Still, there she is, and as far as I can tell she’s attempting to make the best of a bad job.

    Of course, if there’s one thing Filipinos love to do, it’s shooting the messenger. Often literally. Robredo, so far, is the only person brave enough to point out that the Philippines is officially a failed state, that Duterte has no sensible plans for fixing it, and that it might benefit from external help. Heaven forbid that Filipinos should be forced to listen to the truth, eh? Off with her head!


      (March 31, 2017 - 1:24 pm)

      @Niall R:

      I do not compare my post to anybody…I do not care, how you interpret my post…

      I write to inform the readers…if they agree with me…

      If they do not agree with me..who cares !


        (March 31, 2017 - 11:09 pm)


        LOL! Leni is the failure, not the Duterte administration. Duterte is about action & reform, while Leni is about talk & disseminating falsehoods to destabilize the gov’t just because it does not belong to their Liberal Party. Nothing complicated there. It’s plain as daylight!


      (April 6, 2017 - 1:43 am)

      @ marius

      You must have been high on your delusions. Philippines already failed since back in 1986 when the oligarchs of Luzon had taken over and rewrote that damned constitution – mostly to benefit themselves only.

      As a Cebuano, we’ve felt long overdue our own autonomy where we could’ve long ago progress at our own pace had our taxes no longer go through the pockets of these sickos from the NCR region.

      Look at funding for infrastructure and other developments through the years – always concentrated in Manila where the rest languish in backwardness. We’re much better off cutting our ties with them so scumbag parties like the Aquinos no longer can have as much to take for his financial and influential gain and fuck other provinces over so much 😠.

      I can clearly hear why many vehemently both on-line and publicly would defend or empathize Duterte and his views knowing that majority of Filipinos have lived in undeveloped provinces so we only often had to force ourselves to chase opportunities at Manila and let our hands tied up by them over the last 70 more years since our independence.


    (March 31, 2017 - 8:04 am)

    Leni ‘The Bobo ” Robredo, is a Fake Vice President. She won the Vice Presidency thru: Hocus PCOS and SMARTMAGIC. Any person, who have knowledge of Information technology, would know that , there was fraud in the 2016 election.

    COMELEC Chairman Bautista, is already “singing like a canary”, about this 2016 election fraud.

    To tell people, that Leni ” The Bobo ” Robredo is brave is just a “pile of carabao shit”…she cannot even control, her husband’s womanizing…this was the reason, she was shown smiling in her photo, posing beside her husband’s casket…

    It is the first time, I have seen a smiling widow. And by the way: who was responsible for the death of Jesse Robredo ?

    Why was Aquino ordered, some documents removed, from his condominium, after his death ? Who profited from his death ?

    Brave enough to tell the truth ? My Ass !


      (March 31, 2017 - 11:39 pm)

      Felipe: name one single thing that the Duterte administration has actually done to put this country on the path to prosperity (or even normality). Just one. Please don’t mention ‘drugs’ or ‘drug dealers’.

      Hyden: your ‘carabao shit’ epithet is instructive. Carabao shit is extremely useful stuff, but I’ve not met one Filipino in a hundred who knows that. It’s fair to say, I think, that you could alleviate poverty (one of Duterte’s supposed aims) with carabao shit.

      If Duterte wants to get anywhere at all, he needs to address the fact that Filipinos, in the main, are ignorant, lazy, and financially incontinent. This doesn’t cost money. It requires admitting that Filipinos are ignorant, lazy, and financially incontinent, and deciding that it should be fixed.


        (April 6, 2017 - 1:54 am)

        Name one? How about a lot ! At Cebu, they’ve now installed many cctv cameras in shops and many robbers have been caught and arrested by law enforcers. This is just one good example.

        There are infrastructure related projects starting up which is not only in Cebu but in many provincial areas. You’re a fucking idiot if you haven’t known what things are already up to around the country that are actually generating productivity.
        Clearly, you willingly choose to be uninformed.


    (March 31, 2017 - 12:49 pm)

    “Attacks and harassment on social media, including threats of rape and bodily harm, are just as painful as attacks in real life.”

    IMHO this is one stupid statement.

    “Safety and protection are a lot more difficult to find in the digital arena.”

    It is the same in real life, unless you’re rich and powerful.


      (April 2, 2017 - 12:36 pm)


      If carabao shit is useful to you…you can have them….

      You blame the Filipinos, and not the opportunists politicians, like: Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drillon, etc…who stole from the National Treasury, thru DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, etc…

      Illegal Shabu Drugs proliferated under Aquino term. Because, his Justice Sec. Leila de Lima is a Drug Dealer.

      The late Jesse Robredo, the husband of Leni Robredo, was a drug dealer and illegal gambling operator…

      Mar Roxas stole the Typhoon Yolanda Funds. Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drillon, Leila de Lima, etc… stole the gold reserve of the Philippines…and placed their gold loots in Thailand.

      I do not believe that Filipinos are lazy, ignorant and financially incontinent. Most of us, became OFW, just to earn for our living, and float the bankrupt economy of our country….

      The leaders like Aquino, Leni Robredo, Mar Roxas, and their cahoots are the lazy ones. They are incompetent, thieves and plunderers !

    David Roxas

    (April 1, 2017 - 12:05 am)

    Leni Robredo is not the woman for the job. The world has always been a tough place for women. Especially Muslim women and tribal women who always partake of the backbreaking work. She can complain about online trolls when the practice of female circumcision is eliminated.

    Still though its not just her who is making the Philippines unsafe. Duterte is at war with himself over wether or not he should declare martial law. The thought is dancing around his head and he brings it up often enough that we had better stop asking “If” but rather “When”. Link


      (April 4, 2017 - 2:56 am)

      @hyden: here’s the thing. Filipinos are endlessly complaining about what they haven’t got, instead of working with what they have got. And the fact is, Filipinos have got a lot. They are, in fact, rich. They’re just so busy whining (and drinking, and gambling, and wasting their money on get-rich-quick schemes) that they don’t even realise it.

      Filipinos have lots of carabao shit. Now, how difficult would it be to use it? It’s not much, but it’s a start. Everyone has to start somewhere, and when you’re at the bottom of the heap, starting with the carabao shit is as good a place as any.

      Stop complaining about your thieving politicians. Those thieves are YOU. Do you honestly think that only politicians are thieves, while everyone else is pure as Mary herself? Don’t you think it’s odd that every single one of them is a self-serving crook? You actually believe that’s just coincidence? The politicians weren’t born politicians. Once upon a time, they were all just little Bong, going to school with all the other little kids, learning how to cheat and steal and evade work. It’s just that Bong got elected, and the other kids didn’t.

      As for OFWs: it’s not “most of you”. It’s about 5%. The other 95% aren’t allowed to leave (you do realise this country is one of the few that doesn’t allow its citizens to leave?), and they would be unemployable elsewhere if they were. There are no job openings in functioning countries for people who are capable only of standing around with a rusty gun prodding people in the kidneys.


    (April 1, 2017 - 12:30 pm)

    Everythin’ seems ter happen ter you (Maria Leonor “Leni” Santo Tomas Robredo), doesn’ it?


      (April 4, 2017 - 12:17 pm)


      You can have your carabao shit…

      That is telling them, boy…

      I have never stole Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drillon, Leila de Lima, etc… I don’t claim to be as pure as anybody. However, I earn my living with my sweat …

      Whatever, those politicians’ kids are doing are their business. If they are trained to be thieves, like Pnoy Aquino and the rest of his cahoots. So be it !


    (April 3, 2017 - 4:12 pm)

    To correct the author, EXACTLY WHICH LIAR ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE? In the current WAR on the poorest of Filipino’s(those that can not fight back, not the Oligarchs!)Robredo or the lying and thieving PNP ? The are both liars and FOS, SO? WHO R U GOING 2 BELIEVE THERE ILDUH? Try ‘Human Rights Watch’, They estimate the numbers to be more in line with what Robredo estimates and use the 7,000 figure as well, SO ARE THEY LIARS TOO ILDUH? A Non-Profit agency from outside the country that has nothing to gain?see what they say,


    it surely looks like the poorest of the poor Filipino’s are not safe with Duterte at the helm of the government, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE CURRENT STATE OF THE STATE LOOKS LIKE, just ask a Foreigner that lives in the country and doesn’t care what Duterte has to say, everyone knows he is FOS and Kow-Towing to the Oligarchs, if he were not….. they would be in jail.Which is where they belong, but no!!!


    (April 3, 2017 - 4:23 pm)

    After reading this article here:

    it is amazing that Duterte is still in power and that the PNP is the most dishonest Police Force in the World. HRW is a TRUSTED NON-PROFIT AGENCY and what they report is EXACTLY what Robredo is saying,YES…. EXACTLY WHAT ROBREDO IS SAYING ILDUH: the police are executing Filipino’s in Manila’s poorest neighborhoods by planting evidence on them and saying the suspect opened fire @ the police when the were confronted. SO, these are executions and they were ordered by Duterte himself before the election for the outgoing P-Noy admin.ANYONE THAT DOUBTS THIS IS A DENIER OF REALITY….see here,one more time….


      (April 6, 2017 - 2:02 am)

      Before Duterte was around, vigilantes around Cebu were rampant from 12 years ago. Stop shifting blame on Duterte. There have always been within police force ranks that have been involved in dirty deeds and because they don’t wish to get ratted on, kill their fellow cohorts of crimes to cover their shit up.

      You still need to answer for Robredo’s brother in law tied to drug cartels in the country through the leaks. I’m so sick of hypocrites like you shifting blame @ others because we all know you lot are deflecting from the actual truth.


    (May 11, 2017 - 6:37 pm)

    it’s more fitting to say that Women in politics are more corrupt than to say they’re not safe today.

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