How Filipinos can achieve more by doing less

If you’re still breathing, then congratulate yourself. You just made it to a very exciting time in Philippine history: 2017! Everyone loves the coming of a New Year: fresh, invigorating, like riding on cloud-9 filled with hope for better things to come. But what exactly does 2017 have in store for us?

Will we have a Rocky Radical 2017?

With our unpredictable new president, political grandmaster Rody Duterte, we should face 2017 bracing for further drastic changes, not discounting the possibilities of:

  1. the re-declaration of Martial Law
  2. a revolutionary government by leftists or a military junta
  3. the establishment of a federal capitalist democracy run by communists
  4. a people power revolution led by necro-politician Leni and narco-politician Leila
  5. the further political rise of Manny and Kris
  6. the formation of the anti-”new world order”: China-Russia-Philippines
  7. more killings, corruption hearings, terror attacks

New Year’s Resolutions Anyone?

It’s also a time for reflection on one’s life (vis-a-vis our milestones and goals) and listing up New Year’s resolutions. The only thing I have against this practice is that most items on the list barely survive the first 3 weeks of January.

Nevertheless, let’s try to do some reflection on the national scale:

The Secret to Progress in the Philippines: Do Nothing

This may be one of the most counter-intuitive ideas to ponder on as we face the new year. But if you try to analyze deeper, it’s true that INACTION can actually be a primary solution to most of the country’s woes.

I really like Elon Musk’s first-principles way of analyzing things by breaking things down to their fundamental basics. So if we were to classify Filipinos today; they’d fall under 3 basic categories:

  1. Filipinos who contribute to progress
  2. Filipinos who destroy the county
  3. Filipinos who stare at a screen all day watching stuff like Eat Bulaga

What if all those who destroy this country (polluting the environment, diverting public funds into their pockets, plotting terror attacks, peddling drugs, and organizing crime rings) could just be FROZEN by a magic zapping gun, then we might just get to Singapore-class first-world status much faster, wouldn’t we?

In other words, if Category-2 Filipinos simply DID NOTHING, the Philippines would be far better off than it is today. Take for example a man like Trillanes who plots a coup only to badly damage a hotel. The hotel incurs not only loss of income for several business days, but it will also needs to dish out cash to repair all the damage done to it’s building and to its reputation of being a haven of tranquility and rest.

It’s no wonder why only a handful of people are alarmed when a guy filled with tattoos is EJK-ed and left lying on the roadside. Could EJKs be the country’s natural “zapping gun”, a defense mechanism (like antibodies) of a  tired disgruntled worn-out populace?

Two Words Filipinos Must Learn: “No” and “Stop”

Remember the 10 commandments. Notice how 8 of the 10 commands start with “ Thou shalt NOT”. By simply stopping many of their activities, Filipinos could lead more productive and healthy lives.

Try saying “NO” to drugs, soft drinks, smoking, junk food, and bad company. Try to STOP playing those addicting time-wasting video games. Try NOT throwing that plastic bag full of garbage into the river.

Yes, “NO” is the answer. So let’s begin the new year with that strong imperative line that Duterte loves to dish out at this country’s fetters to progress… “STOP IT!

PS: To all the rebels who are still planning to torch the next bus or take down the next cell-site tower, think again before you get zapped into permanent FROZEN state.


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Zealous revolutionary advocate of bringing back common sense for the common good in a land of dysfunctional and delusional zombies.

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Robert Haighton

PS: To all the rebels who are still planning to torch the next bus or take down the next cell-site tower, think again before you get zapped into permanent FROZEN state.

People who plan things (write down the plan and incorporate everything to the smallest details), usually get away with it because they also plan an escape route, outsmarting all the others.

Filipinos can do more by doing smart…not doing less or more ! I wish there are some ways an Aura of a person, can be visible to me. Like , if the Aura is red, the person is bad. Auras, are small beams lights that comes out, from the body of a person…like what you see in the paintings of saints, in churches….the picture of the Virgin Mary, is surrounded by bright lights, which is the Aura…it indicates the mental stage/condition of a person… The theory of Aura is accepted in the Scientific world…but, its development , is still many… Read more »
salagintong bukid

declare martial law for the new year. it’s the only way to solve the crisis.


Sometimes it’s about less is more. It’s about the seed. Thinking about this gigantic tree that you think is so beautiful but it started with this just seed.


I often wrote Filipinos like to do nothing, so they don’t solve their problems. But indeed, Zaxx turned the idea around a good way. I did say before that Filipinos should stop a lot of wrong behaviors, and that can solve problems. Thus, Zaxx’s article jibes with mine.


Who is to say that activities and inactivities cannot be controlled? It’s no accident we call it currency…


I beg to agree. I like this page. Kung makakapagsalita lang sana ako ng fluent English gusto ko rin sanang makibahagi sa inyo. I hate Flipfag attitudes like Colonial mentality, victim card mentality, in denial mentality, Pinoy hypocrisy among others. When China goes through disaster I see pignoys comments and rants that goes like “Wow u deserve that and that’s karma”.. How stupid pinoy is. I think there should be a cultural revolution to fix everything

Zaxx mentions that it is a possibility that Martial law will re-appear. It is a fact that it could be very near to happening, and that doesn’t BOTHER FILIPINO’s? After throwing the Philippines Constitution under-the-bus (by denying ‘Due Process’ to all citizens) by declaring that it is OK to kill street-level drug dealers thereby leading to over 5,000 murders, murders effectively sanctioned by the state, it seems likely that Martial Law would be declared easily and with minimal discord among the populace.Is that what Filipino’s signed up for when they elected Duterte? It was not mentioned during the election campaign,… Read more »
salagintong bukid

go president duterte, crush the the yellow dynasty and its allies the liberal party.