Filipino hipsters unite around #CoronIsNotBikiniBottom to rail against Nickelodeon’s Palawan plans

The Philippines is not exactly among the most pristine tropical island destinations listed in most tourist brochures. Why? Because of a lot of things owing to Filipinos’ renowned Reverse Midas Touch syndrome.

Look no further than how Manila, the country’s premiere metropolis, is managed. Decrepit public utility buses and jeepneys belch toxic black smoke as they trawl Manila’s streets for passengers with criminal impunity. Vast tracts of squatter colonies deposit human and household waste on Manila’s waterways turning enormous areas of the city’s once pristine harbour into an open sewer. Piles of garbage loom over market places and other spots where Filipinos congregate thanks to the weak civic ethic that characterises the average Filipino.

But, hold on a minute! The latest outrage fad that the nation’s hipsters and fashionistas are raising a stink about trumps all of the above obvious problems that have, for decades, begged obvious solutions.

Viacom’s Viacom International Media Networks unit on Monday unveiled plans to develop an undersea Nickelodeon Resort and Attraction in the Philippines, which will mark the kids network brand’s first resort in Southeast Asia.

The attraction will be part of Coral World Park Undersea, a 400-hectare development in the Philippine province of Coron, Palawan that is expected to open in several steps starting in 2018 and is described as the world’s first undersea attraction.

Nickelodeon’s part of the resort is slated to open in 2020 and will consist of 70 hectares for accommodation and 30 hectares for the themed attraction. Inspired by some of Nickelodeon’s most popular properties, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dora the Explorer, it will advocate ocean protection.

On cue, the usual cabal of “millennial” activists have sprung into action. Leading the charge is a certain environmental group “Save Philippine Seas” which launched an online petition against the project. The ill-conceived framing of the issue is legendary and reflects the misguided thinking that has long characterised the Philippines’ “activist” cliques. “If you are sincere and serious about marine conservation,” the blurb in the petition goes, “the money allocated for the underwater theme park should be invested in marine protected areas, sustainable livelihoods for local communities, and environmental education programs…”.

Perhaps it is worth mentioning to Save Philippine Seas director Anna Oposa that Nickelodeon is a vast media corporation that owns multi-million-dollar entertainment assets such as the Sponge Bob Square Pants franchise and is engaged in the use of these assets to rake in hundreds of millions in royalties and box office takings. The job of advocating “ocean protection” simply does not rank high up in its list of priorities in much the same way that disseminating the truth constitutes the least of the strategic aims of the Philippines’ own ABS-CBN News and the Inquirer Group.

The key word here is consistency. If Filipino activists were truly consistent in their advocacies — they’d chuck as much of a stink over the country’s filthy jeepneys, squatter colonies, and household waste management methods to equal the shrill “activism” they mount against the likes of chi-chi stateside brands like Nickelodeon. Are they up to the challenge? Perhaps these millennials are too busy jumping onto the latest hashtag bandwagon to really carefully think through optimal use of their limited resources and apply a bit of adult perspective with regard to the lame quaintness of the fashion statements they try to pass off as “environmental activism”.


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You have a better conceived plan then than these hipsters, yes? If so, I would like to see it because I’ll jumped with the bandwagon if it means to knock the sense out of Nickelodeon.


Also this

“should be invested in marine protected areas, sustainable livelihoods for local communities, and environmental education programs…”

It’s the job of the local & national government and environmental groups. Why not petition them, too?

And what happened to our beloved Boracay? 10 years ago touted as the best island/beach in the World is now a filthy squalid pit. I always thought we’d look after this jewel as one of our best income sources (we haven’t got much else)? It really is a filthy sewage-ridden hell hole now. I visit family and friends regularly, my last visit being over New Year. I’m almost ashamed of what I saw – but I’ll let you have the lowlights: – Additional charges when entering at the port. Even an ‘environmental fee’ now. See the following comments to understand… Read more »

I saw in the news DENR opposed it. I believe there’s an approval process that includes DENR for these things. So if they want this project killed, that where you bark up. Not through an “online petition.”

By the way, how does an underwater park look like? Sounds to me like you need to go scuba diving for it.


The deforestation of our forests by the politically powerful oligarchs, is not being opposed by any group.

The Undersea World Theme Park will give jobs to people. The Philippine government, can put a contract on the company involved, to protect and nurture the marine life.

People need livelihoods, other then going OFW.

we can have the business, and protect the marine life , at the same time !


Because the “OLIGARCHS” are the ones whose gonna build resorts and their the ones who are gonna destroy it aswell…..


They don’t want any “Foreign Investors” in our country hence they hire these so called Activists to hinder them…..

Seryoso? Yung mga aktibista talaga ang patusin? Akala ko pa naman may kinalaman sa peligro sa kalikasan ang mababasa ko. Yung mga ni-raise mong isyu, Benigno, na sinasabi mong dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ng mga aktibista para sa kapakanan ng “consistency” ay dapat ina-address ng pampublikong sektor. Kung ang gusto mo ay iyakan ng kada aktibista ang maruming usok ng mga jeep, ang mga iskwater, ultimo ang itinapong basura sa harap ng bahay ng kung sinong ponsyo pilato, aba, ano naman kayang article ang maiisip mong isulat? Na patola ang mga aktibista? Lahat na lang ISYU sa kanila? Kung may… Read more »

I wonder what will be the hashtag for a recent news on the ash spread incident that happened in Bataan where a coal power plant which is owned by San Miguel Corp. and no one bothers it.

I guess that the daughter of an oligarch TV network who became a DENR secretary are too busy on investigating this controversial underwater theme park in Palawan. Sounds fishy isn’t it? :\

Other people may not be getting the real message here, so I’ll spoil it. They fear Coron being like another Boracay, messed up and dirty. But whose fault is it? Is it the foreigners? No, Nickelodeon or other foreign companies never really overdeveloped Boracay. It’s the Filipinos who themselves made it a mess. Similar can be said about prostitution to Americans. Sure, the American soldiers could be looking for sex, but doesn’t everyone look for it? It’s the prostitution houses that offer the services first. The American soldiers never started it, and aren’t the only demand for it. Benign0 highlights… Read more »
salagintong bukid

by the way, will a writ of amparo protects de lima from a heinous crime she committed, a death penalty?


Simply because Failipinos in the Failippines have the power to meddle or ‘manage’ or ‘exercise stewardship’ in every nook and cranny of the world does not mean that they have a right to do so. Even less, the obligation.


Latest I’ve seen on one’s wall is this. Nickelodeon explains that they’re building a theme park on land that’s undersea-themed, not and underwater theme park. Somehow, I think the protests are again a victim of knee-jerk, react without thinking behavior.


Activism used to be legit and people-driven back in the days.

Now, it’s been gentrified to oblivion


They’d probably take better care of the premises than the “indigenous” industries so why not?