Are we just gonna leave the Opposition to the Yellowtards to run?


I support the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. Finally, the Philippines has a truly badass leader — not another one of those prayerful pa-pious effect bleeding-heart pa-liberal idiots who had, over the last couple of decades, turned the Philippines into an emotard society of whiney spoiled brats tapping out their tantrums on their iPads everyday.

I mean, we’ve long pretended that the Philippines is a civilized nation. And so for years we tried to run it with civilized concepts — as if being civilized is even an aspiration of those warlords and oligarchs who are, really, the ones running the country. Do parents even raise their kids to be civilized? I recall GRP webmaster ‘benign0’ observe in a tweet how Filipinos (I would hope, unconsciously) teach their kids at an early age to be cheats, liars, money scammers, and superstitious nuts, and even dance in a lascivious manner. It’s a wonder certain congressmen want to lower the age of criminal liability in the Philippines to the age of nine. By the time the average Filipino kid is 10, he or she is already a worldly, jaded, and cynical adult in a child’s body thanks to Pinoy-style parenting!

I think this is the reason why the Yellow Voodoo philosophy of the Aquino-Cojuangco dynastic era appealed so much to Filipinos. In its heyday, Yellowism adherents in the Philippines found validation in the embrace of the Catholic-laced voodooism of that brand of “liberalism” Laban-spewing Aquinoists preached. Their childhood chatechetical superstitions, their yearning for Church-sanctioned thievery, their primitive quest for feudal battle for birthrights, and their need for divinity in their leaders drove them to sacrifice their thinking on the altar of blind faith.

Funny thing to observe following the ascent to power of Duterte: the leaders these Yellowtards worshipped in a flurry of frantic flapping all flocked to the new ruling party to create, within a couple of days, that so-called political “supermajority” we see today. Ang galing, ano? Even supposed “vice president” Leni Robredo now turns her back on the morass of superstitious bullshit that blazed (more like bankrolled to the tune of billions) a fraudulent trail for her to the vice presiency.

So, don’t look now, but the Yellowtards are now just a sad orphaned bunch of straggling “opposition” activists. Without a cadre of real leaders who find genuine pride in being associated with Yellowism, and with their only foothold into Malacanang, “vice president” Robredo, in a giddy girly spell following her all-smiles meeting with President Duterte, the Yellowtard opposition movement is in tatters. Even the “yellow media” — the collusion of big corporate media businesses — that broadcast Yellowist brainwaves over the Philippine ether have been cut out of their supply of Malacanang scoops.

Too bad. One of the things I find exciting about Philippine democracy is the existence of a worthy opposition to the incumbent. The Yellowtards may be fanatical and rabid, but they are nowhere near coming across as the cohesive force they once were — not with the lame way they brand themselves nowadays, not with the non-sequiturs (and off-the-mark points) they use to “debate” with the Forces of Reason, not with their obsolete Martial Law Crybabyism, and not with the less-than-easy-on-the-eyes ogres they employ to challenge Get Real Post‘s undisputed intellectual ascendancy.

You know what? I really truly hope the Opposition rises to the occassion and shape themselves into a modern and intelligent challenge to Duterte’s administration. They owe it to Philippine democracy. Rather than insult the Filipino democratic effort with their silly ululations, the Opposition should man-up and count as a true political force to reckon with, for a change.


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Except that a large section of the Liberal Party has now defected to the PDP-Laban, which is President Duterte’s party.

The LP had always been comfortable with PDP-L. Both parties produced two Aquino presidents, after all.

The real opposition is not the Liberal Party; it’s the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA):


When they judge you, yawn.
When they misunderstand you, smile.
When they underestimate you, laugh.
When they condemn you, ignore.
When they envy you, rejoice.
When they oppose you, prevail.

Corrupt media cause big problems in any society. If theu cover up the facts the people will never know the truth. Independant, unbiased media is crucial to the survival of any society. The media is about establishment and that’s why establishment politicians usually win. Even knowing that most people are ignorant morons, I am always a bit surprised when hear people recite redundant, BS soundbites they heard from some corrupt ‘news’ source. Before you know it, many people are saying the same thing. No individuality, no thought, just repetition of the establishment BS message. I am very surprised that Duterte… Read more »

People only get what they ask for when the giver benefits because of the giving(Charity is a tax write-down). Today, if you are incredibly LUCKY, you MIGHT get what you pay for.

Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

The Yellowtards are still there, being financed and directed by : Aquino, the Cojuangcos, the former cahoots of Aquino, the Chinese Triad Mafia, the Drug Lords, the Feudal Oligarchs,the rich Chekwas, Leni Rob redo, Mar Roxas, De Lima, etc… We are now like Mexico. Instead of the Mexican Drug cartels having a tight grip on these high government officials. It is the Chinese Triad Mafia, who controls them. Prosecuting those who have connection with this Chinese Triad Drug cartel is our only recourse to this problem…jailing them is a good solution…the military is even corrupted ! Kill the heads, and… Read more »
Chris Espiritu

Like it or not, the Liberal Party is going to the dogs, with the number of turncoats changing loyalties the same way they change clothes. Their number right now is too small that they can all fit inside a passenger jeep. So the the LP – Rest in Peace!

a yellow tard

what will happen to pnoy’s justices still sitting there if they junk the cases filed against him? will the people rise and do a citizen’s arrest?

Sean Akizuki
Just Sayin'

Though I agree with your statements about the Yellows, I also find it unfair that GRP never mentions about the rabid and fanatical Duterte keyboard warriors, who even harass and threaten to kill those with opposing opinions, and even insult fellow supporters who show any sign of minor disagreement with the president.


What I forgot to say is, despite a lot of politicos moving from the Liberal Party to PDP-Laban, it doesn’t mean the former party has been removed of its corrupt elements. Far from that. I’m pretty there are still those nasty puppeteers, with their strings on Robredo and more. Now they have people in the Senate as well as vice presidency.

And for the one who missed our posts critical of rabid Duterte supporters, just search for “balasubas supporters.”



…but GRP had written about rabid PRRD supporters…


Dick Gordon (sorry i don’t know his party name) is one worthy opposition. Leni & LP will do well to learn from him.

Daniel Desembrana
No worries. The people who support Duterte are more vigilant and critical than those who lost power – the yellows, the left and the cult of Uncle Sam. Why? Those people have nothing to stand on anymore. Duterte pulled the rug under them so to speak by addressing all the issues that plagued the country – imperialism, oligarchy, the Church, rebellion, colonial mentality, lack of jobs, you name it he already thought of it. It’s the people around him that every Filipino must worry about, member of his cabinet, economic chief, the AFP chief, police chief, etc, all the implementors… Read more »
Ngek Ngek

When the majority of the LP in the Lower House turned PDP-Laban and got presumably a concession from Alvarez that plunder be removed as one of the heinous crimes, would these corrupt lawmakers suddenly become saints, fit and proper to join DU30’s crusade for good governance ?

Propaganda Boy

Nacionalista Party instead of KBL.