The sad reduction of Leni Robredo


Leni Robredo, the wife of the late Jesse Robredo, is emerging as one of the more seemingly popular choices to be Vice President for the coming National Elections. Whether she is fit for the post is another question entirely.

Several critics, some among them commentators here at GRP, have pointed out that she seems to be the right politician associated with the wrong party. Perhaps she could somehow be given the benefit of the doubt as to the lack of shady entities/cases linked to her, well maybe except this one.

You have got to wonder: what then, is Leni still doing with the Liberal Party (LP), a bunch of unscrupulous people?

I surmise that the reason she still sticks with them could be any or all of the following:

She could have been given an offer she couldn’t refuse (I will leave to the readers what that means), or;

There is a chance that she couldn’t care less anymore about Jesse Robredo’s death, or even possibly;

The LP’s “sweet words (panliligaw)” were enough to “sweep her off her feet.”

Nevertheless, watching Leni as part of the LP has been nothing but painful. It seemingly reduces her to a caricature that is, as we say in the vernacular, parang pilit (seems forced).

Leni has been reduced to a rehash of old Noynoy and Cory gimmicks

If you believe the “simple/humble Leni” narrative, then you fell for the same trick used with BS Aquino’s campaign last 2010. Congratulations!

Common sense, people: a person who has tell you explicitly that he/she is humble is most likely not so. Especially when that person has to make a publicity stunt out of taking a bus to appear “just like normal folk”.

Consequently, a person who insists that “he/she had no ambition to run” but does so anyway comes across as off-putting. It gives a perception of him/her as “falsely modest” or unable to stand by his/her principles strongly enough.

I am sure a lot of Filipinos can remember that BS Aquino was dubbed The Reluctant One back in 2010 because he supposedly didn’t really want to run for president, yet did so anyway. Now Leni followed the same script on two occasions: when she was being asked to be the LP Vice Presidential candidate, and once again, when the question of replacing the elected president comes up, should anything happen to him/her.

The question that that raises is: how can people expect you to do a good job if you yourself say that you are reluctant to take on it? If you’re reluctant, why should you be chosen over other more willing and possibly more competent candidates?

Then again, the Reluctant One spiel plays nicely into the hands of ordinary Filipinos. As a commentator in GRP pointed out, Filipinos punish people who seem overeager or carry their own weight (“nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko”). They prefer those who play “pakyeme (coy)” and people whom they can “force” things onto or “offer” them to. And it is extremely baffling.

Do try to remember how that Reluctant One turned out in office. Do we want another six years of that again?

Pious widow? And especially a Pious Widow who will defeat a Marcos? Oh, please. There is absolutely no correlation, much less causality between piety and the ability to do one’s job in government. And why, oh why, do you deserve my vote just because a family relative of yours died?

Do try to remember how that worked out with Cory Aquino, BS Aquino’s mom. I don’t anymore.

Leni has been reduced to just another attack/guard dog of the Liberal Party against its opponents

Filipinos generally praised Leni’s supposed performance during the last Vice Presidential debates. But upon closer scrutiny, all she could really do was attack fellow candidate Bongbong Marcos on Martial Law, a topic that should be considered hardly relevant to these elections. What is more relevant is the more recent atrocities that happened under BS Aquino’s term. I share fellow GRP writer Ilda’s sentiments: only when she openly criticizes BS Aquino’s presidency, will I admit she has balls.

Leni supported the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), a treaty considered unconstitutional, and which would have favored the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), an insurgent group. She also allegedly initially favored the increase in SSS pensions but was forced to defend BS Aquino after his veto of it early this year.

Leni has been reduced to Mar Roxas’s alalay

Mar Roxas is the kind of candidate who does not really need to be bashed by opponents in order for people to get put off to him. All he has to do is open his mouth, and he will put himself in harm’s way.

Enter Leni Robredo, his running mate, who will supposedly be a “gentler touch” to help attract votes.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. While Leni’s ratings and popularity went up, Mar’s stayed the same (he is still in fourth place, virtually dead last, kulelat). It became more and more common for people to say that “they will vote for Leni but not for Mar.” The original plan and intention of the Mar’s supporters and the LP has become nothing but rubbish!

Now Mar’s supporters are insisting that, “if you vote for Leni, vote for Mar too.” It supposedly “makes no sense to vote only for Leni. Only Mar will give Leni the responsibilities to be a great VP. They are a tandem.”

The implication, unintended or not, of that statement is simple: she can’t stand on her own merits, and is nothing without Mar.

Because Mar essentially has an anti-Midas touch (whatever he associates with turns to crap), the net effect of such a plea, to vote for them as a tandem, is not that his rating or perceived value is raised, but that Leni’s value is diminished. Besides, such a plea is futile, because people cannot and will not be stopped from voting the way they want, not while the President and Vice-President are elected separately.

I will go further and boldly say that if anyone other than Mar were to win the presidency, if she wins, the LP would find a way to use her to block and oppose the elected one to the absolute limit, and to quite possibly impeach him/her.


Is the reduction of Leni Robredo to what she has become, as stated above, a reflection of her or the LP?

Actually, it is both. It tells us that the LP is desperate to hold on to power and will do anything, even bend supposedly “immaculate” public servants just to get their way. It also tells us that Leni was unable to hold on to her original principles of “not being interested” in the face of whatever was thrown her way. This casts doubt on the quality of her character, and consequently, is something to consider when we’re thinking about whether we should vote her or not.

Either way, it tells us that nothing is bound to change in the coming elections regardless of who is elected.


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А вы, друзья, как ни садитесь, все в музыканты не годитесь. - But you, my friends, however you sit, not all as musicians fit.

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Unfortunately, piousness and assuming to be humble, will never solve our country’s problems. Leni Robredo has no good track records…as a Legislator. She has no plans to solve our country’s problems; she has no agendas to better things for our country. She supports the BBL Law, without understanding the implication this Law, will give to our country. Leni Robredo just want to run as a Vice President; because Aquino and Mar Roxas told her to run as Vice President. The girl has no backbone…”pasunod sunod lang siya kay Aquino”… We had Cory Aquino in the making again. The clueless housewife,… Read more »
Failipinos live in a country called the Failippines in which politics has replaced philosophy. They’d all like to vote for the best man/woman, but he’s/she’s never a candidate. Take the Failipino politicians: they’re a bunch of yo-yos. The presidency has always been a cross between a popularity contest and a high school debate, with an encyclopedia of clichés the first prize. Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. A Failipino politician is a man/woman with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward.… Read more »
That’s the evil called Liberal Party. They come out with a good slogan, they turn it into the most hypocritical statement. They claim decency, but their actions speak of unscrupulousness, underhandedness, depravity, laziness and uncaring. They claim good intention, but their good intentions kill people. Intention on Marwan was good, but they allowed the death of 44 of the best. Etc They try to save, but put more in danger and that is why we had Luneta, Yolanda, Mamasapano, Kidapawan. etc. They try to fix.things, but in the end, fuck up things the more like the MRT, LTO, NAIA etc.… Read more »

Well some people just love to brag about how humble they are.


All I can hear in this site to Leni is paninira… I think I need to stop reading this site na ,Ganda sana pero parang May politicians sa likod nito…goodluck to your site kaya pala di masyado kilala..hehe

hindi naman yung objective nito is siraan si Leni para wag sha iboto. The article is trying to make us understand the methodology of the yellow propaganda and how Leni is collaboratively working with them, and how she fits well with their plan by citing Cory as an example on how the propaganda has succeeded with their plans in the past. Voting for Leni means settling for mediocrity. Why settle for mediocrity if you can have a GREAT leader? and by the way, kaya din hindi tayo umuunlad dahil sa mentality ng maraming pinoy na ganyan. MEDIOCRE. kaya mahilig sa… Read more »

Consequently, a person who insists that “he/she had no ambition to run” but does so anyway comes across as off-putting. It gives a perception of him/her as “falsely modest” or unable to stand by his/her principles strongly enough. — Like what Duterte did? 😊✌🏻️


Still, Leni is the best choice for VP. we need to be more objective with our analysis, give facts and tangilbe basis, and not just baseless opinion like generalizing everyone in the government as unscrupulous, corrupt or doing nothing. Do more intensive research to discipline the mind.

Gener T. Mendoza

Leni is the breath of fresh air we need in this day and age..a new hope, a new beginning for public service in the country.

Gener T. Mendoza

Leni is the breath of fresh air we need in this day and age..simplicity, naturalness…a new hope and a new beginning for public service in the country.